Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benjamin Lies again, Silver COMEX warehouse a debacle



-more covering by institutions
-48, 500 oz removed from all vaults
-1,123, 900 oz still standing in Feb.
-2.12 tonnes withdrawn from GLD today (bullish) friends helping friends with physical


-Blythe unable to shake the longs
-OI remains the same=bankers could NOT find oz's to satisfy longs
-CRIMEX warehouses juggling metal in and out faster than a Jarvis whore
-SLV sheds nothing again...this is getting very interesting indeed

I would like to elaborate on The Ben Bernanks reality TV show today before said, Fed Payrolled Congress. The one question that caught my attention after looking at that hermit/gerbil quiver for 2 hours, was from some younger guy if I recall, he asked if the stimulus was helping the housing market, which after all was the main cause of this shit, right? What hit me as a Freudian slip sort of, was when Ben said, repeatedly, "we will just raise rates." What is interesting to note, is that they cant raise rates, EVER- well, unless there is massive inflation that will push asset prices higher...but nonetheless, how in Jesus' name, are they going to pay the $1-3 Trillion in INTEREST on the Debt? I'm confident to say this. There is no solution other then the "RESET" button. Houston we have a problem looming like a mother fucker. So where to go from here? More on that in Part 4.

I am doing extensive research on SLV tonight, I need to talk with a few people first before I unleash a rath upon the blogospere.(Maybe some recorded calls to..?"


Major Orange Bank failure commences, Ireland doggy paddling for air, Portugal will remain EU's #1 armpit, CISCO=LEH chart on dead day, Ben on TV again-great performance you duche sac, corn limit up again, and YES EGYPT IS BURNING.



  1. Yes Ben is a flippin' liar but what really chafes is the fact that none of the bought-and-paid-for cowards in DC will call him on it.

    Major Orange Bank?

  2. SGS:

    Found via ZH. Have been digging the posts and have been sharing the blog. Thanks.

    Oh, what is the likely reality for JPM in March? Let's say they bust, how would such a thing playout?


  3. So in Australia, our mint had no 1oz and 2oz (lunar) coins (last friday), and today they delete 10oz bars off their website as well. We pay roughly $40 a 1oz coin and they are out.btw

    Its been almost a week waiting on a buy of 2oz coins. Bizzare. Normally its next day after settlement. Whats even more odd is that Perth Mint pulls from mines in Western Australia. So shortages can only occur if internationally people are clearing them out.

    The last 10oz bars I got from there were trade ins, they had a acid test spot on them! If you check their forums/blogs people are unhappy because there has been a heap of silver loaned out of unallocated accounts.

    Plot thickens.

  4. I was going to play options in SLV for the month of March, about $500. I then decided to say fuck that Im taking that cash and buy me a roll of Silver Eagles

  5. I believe it was Harvey who says a 1% interest rate rise will quickly destroy the banks and the economy because of derivative exposure. Yup, reset.

    It's all slowly falling apart.

  6. Like a coin dealer I know says "There's always a buyer." Make sure you watch the peak and sell before the flood of silver hits the market. Although I think Hu maybe waiting to scoop it all up to back the new Chinese world reserve note.

  7. I would think a reset has to be in the works, there is no way they can allow Gentle Ben to hibernate in his cave while everything implodes around him.

    The only thing I do not understand is....What is a Jarvis whore?

  8. There is no good time to sell pm's .... What will you sell tthem for???? Gentle bens toilet paper. No thanks. Perhapsin future when they are exchangeable for an appropriate amount of goods,,,,, but that day is way off in the distance.

  9. What happened? Silver back under 30.

  10. I've bought 2x250gr silver bars and 12x1oz Coins (4 Cannadian mapples, 4 US Liberty and 4 Mexico Libertad) for 900€ (There's 18% taxes here ins spain). Do you think it is a good deal?
    Anyone knows where to buy it cheaper from spain?

    We don't trust USD nor EUR (because is backed by USD and controlled by central bankers). I've been buying bitcoins too. In a few weeks thay have gone from 0.40 USD to 1.10 USD.

    SGS do you think bitcoins are a save investment?

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  11. First of all thanks for all the info you are giving us, your blog and your videos are great and your advice objective and rare to find.
    I'm a small investor from spain and since this week I'm checking the stocks you reccomended (thanks again!!)

    I've been sahring your youtube channel and blog with the people I know....just hope they wake up to reality...

    For Timon: as Mr silvergoldsilver says, the important thing is to have the silver.

    The place where I found the best prices is www.monedasdeinversió, they have used coins with price changing according to silver quote and you can also buy and order new coins, lingots etc., and if you want to sell they buy. Other places I've been to are a bunch of f****s that try to take advantage of all clients. Anyway if you find something better please tell us!

    thanks again!! Hoping to see your new video soon!

  12. thank you TKR
    That web has coins at 25 € with taxes. The one I bought from was 27 € PLUS taxes (32). I Think I will buy from yours from now on.