Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to Unload Physical Silver?

While I sit here observing EE's attempt at financial destruction, I was perusing through my site stats and noticed one keyword entry..."How do I unload physical Silver?" As we move forward into new highs very soon, this new found fiat fortune will entice weak hands to give back their physical that the JP morgue desperately needs. As I said in my video's if you are buying physical to have a realized capital gain of $11, then you should have never bought in the first place. I have a list of junior mining companies if you need to flip silver.

Here's how this is going to play out in the short term. The morgue is will need physical, and clearly, by the end of March, that may serve to be as a 'monumental' problem for them. Result. Settle for cash and push spot prices higher TO ENTICE people to sell their physical back to the open market. I hope everyone is starting to think about their exit price and strategy, because its even more important than the price you bought it at.

On a brighter note, Blythe's usual 8:30 raid was reversed with some trigger happy buyers. I'm trying to call in, but no PM's returned from insiders. Make no mistake, Blythe is watching you.

UPDATE WARNING: Ben is talking now, expect movements in PM's as he says, "QE is not being stopped and unemployment is getting better as we have a self sustaining economy now as I buy another 7 Bill in POMO today"

Okay he just said inflation is fine, but oversees inflation is because of demand. Turn off the TV... it will just infuriate you.


  1. my exit price is when gold and silver trade at 1 to 1.. MAYBE. will have to what is going on at that time. I think we may see silver and gold trade at 2 ounces of gold to 1 ounce of silver. Anyone selling his physical silver before a 1000.00 an ounce silver price is crazy.

  2. I will sell enough to pay off my small amt of debt which is a very tiny % of my holdings. The rest will be saved to trade for other needed commodites, investment commodites or a new currency thats solid and backed by someting. Open to insight and revision ideas but that seems to be where i stand at the moment. I dont EVER see trading it for FRN'S except for the 100 ozs or so to pay off all my familys debts.

  3. I'm thinking to start around 1.5....I spoke to the guys at CMI last time around....who explained that it's not the dealers who decide when to stop buying back, it's the wholesalers. So, it's a question of selling before they decide the price is too high for them to buy back.
    This all makes me very nervous as I am not very experienced at all this, nor am I am a good trader in general. I would love to trade the general markets to make some cash age 60 on disability, this is scary stuff, but necessary. Still have way too many dollars in spite of being about 11% in on gold and silver physical.

  4. Partsmartauto.... Don't pay off your debt.. You will get to pay them off in massively inflated dollars in the near future... Don't give up pm's to clear debts.

    SGS.. When will you put out the text version of the silver bears... There is a few lines in part 3 that I can't understand.... He says garbled words followed by " I heard it could come down in weeks". Other bear "days". Driving me nuts to figure out what he says first!

    Eat shit EE/BM

  5. Text will be out Sunday for all videos, Friday part 4 launch around dinner time.

  6. SGS, why should I be planning an exit strategy now when I don't plan to cash out for probably another couple years? How do we know if say we cash out at 200 dollar an ounce, it won't go to 1000 and then all profit will have been wiped out by inflation. It's a hard call to make...but i think it will be YEARS before we are thinking about dumping physical. JPM will run this show as long as they can. And with a bank as big as they are, they can easy push this out a little longer.

    I dont think we need to worry about an exit strategy. Before long silver will find a base of 50, then 100...then who knows what's next. It will never DEVALUE because the USD has ZERO CHANCE of deflating....

  7. At least this early into the game I am saying....I bet the masses won't catch onto until 2012.

  8. "Okay he just said inflation is fine, but oversees inflation is because of demand. Turn off the TV... it will just infuriate you." So true. You'd think the BDI was screaming to new highs based on the Bernanksters comments, but's flirting with triple digits. You can't trust one word this guys says.

    Regarding silver: buying it is one of the few ways your average citizen can divest himself from the Ponzi-fiat-corporate nightmare that has fallen upon us. Economically and morally, buying silver makes sense.

    1st visit to your site BTW. Great job.

  9. BTW why do you refer to Blythe as s/he? Because he could have had a sex change or that might be a wig???

  10. Hi guys! I'm writing from Poland, where actually only few people what's really going on in economics. I'm mainly invested in silver and continue to buy physically step by step bullion coins (Wiener Phlis)as there's no other choice... The fiat-NWO-toilet paper money has no future and will collapse. The question is only when it happens! SGS: thanks a lot for this informative blog. I will go on to "inform" everyone I met here and tell him to invest in silver and gold. I want to see JPM morgue going down as the Titanic!!!!!!!!

  11. Always have an exit strategy. Things change. And things change fast. Long time before I sell, but always have an overnight plan B...The bernank is nuts, no idea what he is going to do. He thinks he can raise rates to 'quell' inflation, and that wont effect the housing market. This is borderline lunacy. I will touch on this in tonights commentary as I think he just had a Freudian slip...

  12. This video says that there are 100 million oz hedged last month...

  13. Took 900oz off the market today

  14. Well, selling before the dips and then bying them might earn you some dollars to stack on physical. If it works you screw the morgue twice. For this one might use just SLV.
    Never did this though ...

    Must say the calls of SGS and Turd are great and it is worth to give it a try.
    I think of uploading at 35-36 and buy back around 30. Think there will be more of the january like events to come even if i beleive the direction is north.

    thank you SGS!!! great info. I check your site on a daily basis!

  15. At some point the restrained rocket ship amed SILVER will be lifting off it's pad to discover it's true free market value in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars per ounce. Those playing the market timing game to make 5-15% on swings are making peanuts compared to lost value if you are not on the rocket when lift off happens.

    Best to buy and hold. You cannot time the market. Apologies to SGS if he disagrees with me.

  16. In general you're right Jack, but dude, the world is not perfect. The banksters are not to be underestimated. I suppose they will try to buy them as much time as they can and they have lots of means for doing so. They can buy governments, can buy the right news, manipulate people, pass the right bills. Think you have to be more flexible and stack on slowly physical while watching closely their moves.
    Still they are just people - they don't care about their banks. They care about their wallets.
    I suppose when the moment for the hyperinflation comes they will know it and will prepare accordingly. This might mean they will drive silver down by shorting, will personally stack on physical and let the banks burn (or socialize the losses) when the price explodes. Might be some other exit strategy ... you never know. It is good to think of early signs for the comming wave.

  17. Jack,

    I disagree with you somewhat.

    As an example, if JPM can work its devil magic and cover March calls with silver and/or fiat and there is no default. Then everyone settling for cash will sell and use the money for the additional money for the next delivery month. If this happens many will take profits and jump back in a few weeks later.

    The problem is recognizing the default or no default. Because I agree with you, you do not want to miss the ship when it sets sail.

  18. Jack,

    I hold physical silver. But I also trade paper. Silver just moved roughly 15pct from 26.50 to 30.50. During that move I made a 700pct return on my options. I'll plow those proceeds back into physical. You are the one missing out sir.

  19. On the contrary i find my day is not complete unless i am screaming at the talking heads and throwin shit at the idiot box.


    good man play the phoney market all you can i do the same with PM stocks i skim the profits and buy physical. my financial advisor said i should put it into an RRSP...HAH yeah no. id rather buy hookers and blow with it than dump it into a fuckin RRSP at least that way i would have something to show for it.

  20. There will be profit taking following a 17% rise in 2 weeks. It looks like silver could just take off, but profit taking will run the price down a bit. The real fun will start in March...


  21. Oddzon:

    This may not play out like that if many want physical. It will be impossible.

    Even today, the 83 contracts remained resolute and wanted physical and there was no oz available.

  22. I'm planning on accumulating 1,000 to 2,000 oz in the next year or two then one of the things I might try to do is when I can get a decent house for 500-800 oz maybe do a trade there and have a mortgage free home which will then probably allow me to purchase more physical. But I will always hold some physical though, if depression were to hit I would be able to do trades and have a higher chance of survival with real money in my possession.

  23. why would anybody sell to receive frn's?

    who would you sell ur 100z bars to?
    apmex, ebay, pawn shop, coin shop

    are we selling for cash?

    tax liabilities?

    would love further discussion on this

  24. "I have a list of junior mining companies if you need to flip silver."

    i'm very interested in viewing this list, SGS can you please post?

    also great comments, i agree with jack as well as oddzone and the other comments playing both paper and physical sides of silver, to have paper gains to help aid in purchase of physical.

    would also love to see further discussion on this topic of tax liabilities upon unload to better understand what my exit strategy should be.

    great comments from everyone, please keep them coming!

  25. Its under "the list of three" article a few days back.