Friday, September 23, 2011

You cant Print Physical Metal

Word on the street is that the negative feedback loop is full gear. I cant understand why they just dont start covering their shorts and get this over with already, days like today are not helping them.

The big argument of the day was this was a liquidation events. For the rooks, this means that a hedge fund, got smoked in another asset class, had his margin call because of the loss, and now turned to the only other asset that is till positive and sells it, very very quickly.

Today's event, in my opinion may have been both. I am still waiting for the data, but it looks like in the COMEX their was an inordinate amount of SHORTING. Not SELLING of Long Positions. So for those of you in manipulation denial, you are WRONG.

Silver was already liquidated in May via 5 margin hikes. This was already done.

Now the argument is- was the GOLD trade liquidated? More likely than silver, 100%. This is where people are getting very very confused. Add the fact in that a rumored Margin Hike was in, and you have the Blythe Green light go to pound this thing down 27% in 2 days with relentless SHORT SELLING. NOT SELLING. Clearly a HUGE difference. FIND ME ANOTHER COMMODITY THAT LOST EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO 27% in 2 days.

There are no weak hands left in silver. No one has the necessity to sell it. Again, this already happened in May. The leaves were already shaken.

This brings me full circle to the negative feedback loop created by the same people who short it. The lower silver goes, the more PHYSICAL people are buying. Thus, get ready for more and more and more of this. Down to $25, up to $40, back down to $38, up to $50, back down to $42, up to $75, back down to $45. And each time its gets smoked by 25% in 2 days it will have these three things in common:

a. The majority of the selling happens at 3 am EST when the LBMA opens, which has ZERO liquidity.
b. This selling happens in a COMEX expiration week.
c. The Morgue owned CME hikes margins.

But what happens when on these so called shake outs, they are actually making it easier for China, India, Russia ETC and the rest of the world to buy the fucking dip (physical)?

Just got off the phone with my dealer today, and two others now. They had their busiest days in VOLUME and SALES ever recorded. Usually they say down days like this are dead since everyone is scared.

Good for fucking you America. Finally you are catching on.

Picture has nothing to do with anything, just enjoy it.


  1. trading in a few oz of Au for Ag ASEs tomorrow. aint ballin like SGS with monster boxes :P.

  2. SGS

    What is going on with "the best news of the day," I'm sure we all could use some?

    A few Americans get it but most people have zero clue what is unfolding and what we are in for. Everyone still lives in a bubble and believes everything is going to be fine like it always has because we are America and we will always be number 1 like we have always been. I used to live in Canada but I feel zero patriotism towards either since both have been co-opted by the NWO. Sadly it has been a downhill decline in the U.S since 1913, the people from that generation truly let us down.

  3. BrotherJohn

  4. Here's an honest and sincere question:

    If TPTB have all this influence and ability, couldn't they devise a way to transition from this obviously flawed monetary system to yet another paper based system in the name of global emergency stability measures? Be that whatever it would be .. i.e. revaluation of the dollar into some new fiat at an absurd conversion rate constituting as theft to any rational bystander .. I mean .. if they make all the rules as it stands, what's to stop them from making up a bunch of new ones, positioning themselves for the move, and then pulling the rug from under us for another 40 year run of slow social wealth decay?

    Just a curiousity of mine .. not trying to noob it up too much in here, just trying to learn. I'm a stacker myself and kicking my own ass for being short on cash at the moment as xmas came 3 months early this year...

    27% in 48 hours ... fuck me sideways.

  5. @Truths1981

    It's easy to win when the deck is stacked.
    As my friend Charlie says, "Winning!".

  6. crush em , fuck em, spit em out...NWO here we the masses enjoy yet another football season....CFTC needs to be hounded daily...these regulators are bought and paid for...even Bart,I will get things done...just another POS ...

  7. Two good 2008 Mike Maloney videos on the shenanigans back then. It's worth reviewing.

  8. The Phyzzz holders are winning this WAR, and Yes it's a War.. We can't look at the day to day battles and take it personal.. Look at them as opportunities! You have to know, you've done your all your homework, taken the Phyzzz and hold it! Fiat is on it's last dying legs.. We are now, fighting a Wounded Animal! It's on it's last legs.. She could of Died today, if she didn't drive the price down from her Derivatives ! My Stacker Friends, you still have Every ounce, and most likely some coming in from the Fire Sales.. So be Joyful in from this Battle.. Were Long term Holders.. And Sleep Well, counting the Shiny like Sheep ;)

  9. The past few stacked blog posts and all of the whining. C'mon quit being a bunch of pussies.
    If you do not see this as opportunity you are being led to the butcher.
    Stack. My buddy just called me to ask, "Is this the time?" The time has been there all along. Unless you have the reserves to buy 10 monster boxes that does not matter. Buy what you can afford. UP down up down, You buy to hold for end game. Not to make a quick buck. If that is your game, fuck off and go get some starbucks and jack yourself in a corner, cause' you just do not get it. Shot my load on 2 tubes of buffs and 5 ASE's just for icing. Fuck off moronic whiners. Cash out and go to hell. Bla bla bla..... Not rich, but not blind
    P.S. my wife reamed me for silver also....said I, shut up longgggg term. You want instant, gratification buy a dildo. THis is classic manipulation....I like to get kissed before I get fucked. Long way to go, hold tight and be strong. Otherwise kill yourself.
    Jack D got me tonight...sorry... common man here.

  10. BM: tell your crony cocksucking smegama eating flamers that I am about to bag a celeb that is going to expose the silver manipulation. If this celeb goes on national TV, do you know how much money will be pouring into physical? huh? Billions. All. At. Once.


  11. @bflowers1

    Nice speech to rally the troops. But we make the rules. Every time you think you're close to victory, we will beat you down. Our naked short position has improved and the beatings will continue. You are on the wrong side of this war.
    Join the dark side. Auntie Blythe Wants You!

  12. @SGS

    Do you really believe that celeb will take that chance. Lincoln & JFK took it and the results speak for themselves.

  13. I'd like to get Blythe in a naked short position! She's dead sexy!

  14. Just found a dude on eBay who has a 60 Money Back Guarantee on his bullion... Hell Yea!

  15. Blythe I don't think joining the dark side worked out that well in the end of that movie.. as I seem to recall they all got their asses kicked by a bunch of talking bears.


    How fricken interesting. We here from SGS that dealers had their best volume sales ever as the price declines over $10 in two days. You might think this would close in the Backwardation.


    Backwardation is when the most recent futures month price is higher than the one furthest away. For example:

    SEPT 2011 = $30.00
    DEC 2013 = $29.50

    This shows a backwardation of $0.50. Why is this significant. In the futures markets normally we have CONTANGO. Which means the opposite. This would be contango:

    SEPT 2011 = $29.50
    DEC 2013 = $30.00

    Contango is normal because the further we go from the spot month or the closest futures month, the higher price is due to fees like insurance and storage. You can't expect the exchange to hold your metal for nothing for two years.

    For the past 6 months or more, silver has been in Backwardation. Today it is in backwardation at $1.41 from SEPT 11 to JAN 16...that is JAN 2016.

    SEP 11 = 30.051
    DEC 12 = 30.076
    DEC 13 = 29.762
    DEC 14 = 29.377
    DEC 15 = 28.867
    JUL 16 = 28.642

    This means SIGNIFICANT TIGHTNESS in the market as the traders would rather pay more in the spot current month than wait for delivery in the further months.

    I checked Copper, Gold, Platinum and Palladium...and all showed CONTANGO in their futures markets. Silver is the only one in backwardation and in extreme backwardation at that.

    If you smell the air and have an ITALIAN NOSE like me you can smell something FISHY THIS WAY BLOWS. Things will get very interesting in the next several weeks.

    Hope you got your PHYSICAL METAL.

  17. Blythe,,, You Can't Print Physical ! When it's gone, your in an Orange Jump Suit !

  18. @Miner Mischief

    Finally...some humor out of a silverbug.

    Just remember Blythe carries a big light sabre.

    Blythe is like Rickie Henderson speaking in the 3rd person.

  19. here = hear in the prior post.

    I type so fricken fast I don't spell or grammer check...but you get DA FRICKEN PINT...


  21. @SRS

    What can we expect to come of this

  22. SRSrocco I'm an automotive Tech, I Fix things.. And I am pretty basic in speech to help my customers understand me.. I like the way you explain things.. Love the Titanic Pic in my head.. lol

  23. Dear Silver Bugs,

    I must confess, I too am a silver phyzz stacker. My mission here was to see how you defend your position and to get a few laughs.

    No need to get so emotional when someone bashes your thinking. When the end game arrives...he who holds the phyzzz shall be the victor.

  24. BTW, Blythe, Most Girls do Want Me! I'm a Hot, Sexy, 50yr old male! I competition Country Dance! But what they like the most, is my Sexy Brains! I'm already on the Dark Side! I will be in eternal Hell with you! So you won't get away from me that damn EASY! I will Torment you for Eternity! With Millions of my Friends! You should know, You drove us to It!

  25. @bflowers1

    Well we can dose se doe with the devil then.
    Just don't step on my feet. Now that's a challenge.

  26. BlytheMasters I really thought you were one of us, but you were a little heavy on some people today.. Playing Devil's Advocate is one thing, but in the heat of a battle, shaking weak hands out. just isn't Cool.. Were here to help each other, and save others.. Humor is Humor, but you need to do some apologizing ! You shook a few people today, under a lot of heat! We are already in a Real War.. We need up lifting and some humor, just let people in on the joke!

  27. Lol, Not Square Dance ! And I've Never stepped on a ladies foot ;)

  28. @bflowers1

    Point taken and apology issued.
    No attack was meant to be personal.
    People need to lighten up and be happy with THEIR decision and not freak out when challenged. No need to rip into challengers...they are already on the wrong side of this fight and will be hurting when Epic days arrive.


    I think the WHEELS totally come off the Global Economies and we have severe disruptions in Banking, Finance, Commerce and the beginning break down in the Supply Chain System.

    I REPEAT: Once the Dollar dies, and the system crashes...even on a supposed Gold standard...the RESET button never fixes the problem. It's game over and we never come back from this one.

    In time, huge restaurant and retail chains just close their doors...DRY UP AND BLOW AWAY never to return.

    Housing will never return....never. Commerical real estate will be just as worse. TRIPLE NET LEASE the way most of the Strip Malls and many commercial buildings have been occupied will go the way of the DINOSAUR. That system was a PONZI SCHEME that could only survive on cheap oil.

    All I can say is this.....The Brontosaurus in the living room is the FALLING EROI. Those who think we will have GROWTH once again when the Banks are finally liquidated and we have a FAIR TAX so to speak...need to get a CATSCAN.

    GROWTH IS's's Dead. From here on out, we live local and hope like Hell we shut down the NUKE PLANTS before they kill us all when the Grid goes down.

    Until then....Happy Trading.

  30. BlytheMasters I recognized you earlier today, because my father was from the school of Negative reinforcement.. So I grew up under it.. And in my heart, knew you would come clean.. Because you let us know, how evil you were.. Great stuff, BTW !

  31. @SRS

    Thanks! Nice post.


    I do believe Ms. Masters will one day be wearing an orange jump suit. She is pure evil.

  32. When the Grid goes down, has been what I've been trying to prepare my family, friends and neighbors for.. It won't be Pretty! Long pitcher pump, sixteen feet from water.. Stored the regular stuff.. But I do have a lot of DVD's , and solar

  33. okay are we all friends again?

    Goddammit who gives a rats ass i ain't on this board to make kissies.

    Backwardation stuff is interesting tho.

    Anyone watch TED Spreads (aka the 'panic line')? Not spiking yet.. but getting elevated.. spikes always correlate to Big Bad Wolf events.

  34. Hey Ms. Blythe. Not sure if you have picked it up from my earlier posts, but I have a fetish for older English women whom enjoy amateur horseback riding and have all their teeth. Don't worry, I can overlook the big feet if you ever happen to be around Manassas, VA...


    Remember this before you go to bed. The Grid supplies electricity:

    To the Gas pumps to pump gas
    To the city water pumps to pump water
    To the city sewage pumps to pump waste
    To the Transportation system which controls the Signal Lights and train switching stations
    To the Computer Networks that control the internet
    To Air traffic controllers that control air traffic

    so on and so forth....

    Lastly, when we turn into a Banana republic and the world will ask for something real in exchange for oil instead of green monopoly money we will lose upwards of 3-6+ million barrels a day of oil imports.

    All that wonderful COAL that we supposedly have here in the great US of A is transported more than 50% by COAL TRUCKS (that get about 4-6 mpg diesel) from the mines to pick up stations or electric generating plants. What you think of DEM APPLES? If there are fuel shortages, how in the LIVING HADES are we going to transport COAL...AYE?

    Pleasant dreams....

  36. Thanks for the hook up sgs @ sgb just picked up a tube of pandas never thought I'd see them under $50 per oz! Thank you Blythe!

  37. Miner Mischief I'm with you, what black swan event will happen this weekend.. So much shit going on, it just isn't funny anymore.. I believe the COMEX #'s to be bloated anyways.. Shit is going down fast, and they need to distract the sheep... Too many are waking up.. This Shit show was over the top today.. They should of just drove silver down to keep them selves from blowing up,and moved on.. But they Didn't! Too much Damn Ego! They just brought in new buyers..And the Resolve of the rest, they just Pissed OFF!

  38. The reason why TPTB didn't forsee the Silver Liberation Army kicking their ass was because we buy the f*cking dip every f*cking time.

    Since at least the beginning of the Cold War, TPTB have relied on artificial intelligence to analyze data, forecast trends, and execute their agenda. ( I will get more into this later when SGS launches the forums)

    Their A.I. did NOT predict investors demanding phyzz REGARDLESS OF PRICE. The algorithms predicted that cocksmacking silver down 27% would scare the weak hands, and everybody would hightail out of silver for it being to volatile, when the volatility is completely fabricated by JPM/CME/COMEX software.

    We don't give a sh*t what price they smack it down to (it makes it cheaper to buy phyzz), and we don't care about numbers on a screen. We want the phyzz stacked as high as we can, and we want the COMEX vaults as empty as they can.

    Their soulless A.I. was completely blindsided because we buy phyzz for political and spiritual reasons, not because we want make more federal reserve notes like 99.999% of other investors do.

  39. Just a quick survey.

    1. Did anyone sell physical Silver in the last week?
    2. Did anyone sell physical Silver in the last month?
    3. Is anyone thinking of selling physical Silver in the next 6 months?
    4. Did anyone buy physical Silver in the last 6 months?

    I think I can guess the answers

    1. No
    2. No
    3. No
    4. Yes, lots.

    Maybe SGS you should ask your many readers. It might prove an interesting survey.

  40. If TPTB have all this influence and ability, couldn't they devise a way to transition from this obviously flawed monetary system to yet another paper based system in the name of global emergency stability measures?

    THEY WILL TRY, all the signs are there. I'll give a guess here: the U.S. Dollar will be so much lower than today. Inflation will be in the 20-40% range. They will propose a "new" dollar to ssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee us. Remember this post.

  41. Hope this isn't bullshit:

    BM: tell your crony cocksucking smegama eating flamers that I am about to bag a celeb that is going to expose the silver manipulation. If this celeb goes on national TV, do you know how much money will be pouring into physical? huh? Billions. All. At. Once.


  42. @SRS: you have any good news--LOL. I only laugh because I agree with a very large portion of your post from 12:45 am. You have all those freeze dried Big Macs, don't you? No worries!

  43. bflowers1 said...
    SRSrocco I'm an automotive Tech, I Fix things

    If you do honest work, you'll make more money in the next 10 years then you did in the last 10. And if you train all of those kids and grandkids...PEP BOYS--watch out!!

  44. @SRS: I got a Cannondale pre "Made In China" A nice handgun, and am looking for a well bred, large boned all black German Shepard. What more can I do?

  45. There are multiple reasons I come to this blog, and one of them is humor. There are alot of funny folks here, and here is another post that made me laugh, and I thank you:

    Bust-out a quit being a fucking tease if you're going to bring it up! You've got your pallet of Monster Boxes so give the minnows a little love! ;)

  46. I'm ready to take the you want to burn the flame, go ahead. But, like I said, I don't hate anyone except the NWO. Even though he posted a few minutes after me (and could have just copied), I will give a hat tip to WU, who in the face of being called every name in the book, he posted this:

    The Weather UNIT said...
    $29.99 SALE soon.
    September 23, 2011 7:47 AM

    I said this minutes BEFORE:

    Ledbedder said...
    There is a gap on the weekly chart at $29.992. Guess that makes it more bearish than WU.
    September 23, 2011 7:44 AM

    Three minutes before.

    @WU: Any chance you can stop being so sarcastic and digging a stick in the side of this thread?

  47. Actually I posted that 29.99 on my blog before I posted it here. I chose that price because SALE PRICE's are usually 29.99 on a price tag hence the term "SALE".

    But since then I deleted that because it's the one where I always use KITCO's live silver and gold charts. I treat is as an update type post and I take them down to free up space later after things change.

    I try to do my blog like I report severe weather. Try to be timely in nature and find things that are relevant and newsworthy. I also do my best to be accurate but I can't help the hazards that come with posting various opinions and information.

    And to top it off I'm thinking SILVER could actually get a further takedown to $10 and below. I really don't think it looks too well for bullion right now.

    If I owned alot of silver and was ahead here I would get out and keep a small core position. There's no way I would add yet.

    Last time in May the same crap went on with Turk, Sprott, the CME, shorts, etc. At best you will see a sideways pattern stuck in say the $20's for a long duration.

    Obviously there are people that claim to know better and they are here too. So let them boast about it. I don't mind reading

    I think there are a couple of guys that are worth listening to in great detail. They seem to be throwing out nuggets for savvy people who pay attention. They are:
    Marc Faber, and Jim Rogers

    I'm content with posting my various findings on The News UNIT.

  48. I hate being broke. I want to buy more so bad right now. All I could grab was 2 maples today. sucks being poor.

  49. @foo: you are stacking. Keep it up.

  50. @WU: I don't care what they say.

    They seem to be throwing out nuggets for savvy people who pay attention. They are:
    Marc Faber, and Jim Rogers

  51. There are really two things people most don't think:

    1) You can't print physical metal (that's true).
    Thats the reason we see such huge declines in silver.

    2)But some well informed people need the chance to order cheap silver for themselves - like yesterday. You should ask yourself how the delivery will be (see the first sentence or the headline): "physically".

    For those of us who understand german. A german page with only the main important short economy and gold & silver news:

  52. BRO: WTF said...
    There are really two things people most don't think:

    1) You can't print physical metal (that's true).
    Thats the reason we see such huge declines in silver.

    2)But some well informed people need the chance to order cheap silver for themselves - like yesterday. You should ask yourself how the delivery will be (see the first sentence or the headline): "physically".

    For those of us who understand german. A german page with only the main important short economy and gold & silver news:
    September 24, 2011 5:51 AM

  53. all my gurus are saying silver will has a much better chance of going to 22 before it goes to 40 just due to the spiral selloff nature of whats happening. I'm going to buy a few ounces then wait to buy lots of phyzz

  54. BM: tell your crony cocksucking smegama eating flamers that I am about to bag a celeb that is going to expose the silver manipulation. If this celeb goes on national TV, do you know how much money will be pouring into physical? huh? Billions. All. At. Once.

    I hope it is someone like Chuck Norris, whom keeps a pillow under his gun, and not one of the light in the loafers hollywood pickle smoochers.

  55. Can anyone share some insights about what will happen with Asian demand for silver, now that the Asian heavyweights (China and India) are heading for a downturn? Won't this cause LOWER commodity prices in the short and medium term?

  56. I am a little confused. Please help me understand. What is going to happen to the Comex this tuesday? Noob here...

    thank you for the explanations!

  57. We are fighting the central banks here. They do not want to go down without a fight, this is how they are covering their tracks for massive liquidity operations to commence soon. They do not care if they ruin people who are doing nothing more than trying to protect themselves from their blatant theft by dilution. These are the totalitarian tactics of tyrants that wish to stay in control of you.

  58. SGS -

    What is to keep Blythe from turning the silver market into an ‘entirely’ paper market? This would be easy to do by raising margins so that there is very little to no leverage. This would drive traders out of the paper PM markets because high leverage is why they trade. JPM could care less as they would easily control the price of silver through their illegal paper markets.

    Before you answer, remember… This is the same group of people that when the Hunt brothers ‘supposedly’ cornered the silver market they made it illegal to buy silver and all that was legal were liquidation orders.

    In other words, those who hold silver and gold are not only up against the world’s largest banks but we are also up against the world governments. This combined cartel will do everything including things that are immoral and illegal so they can continue to pillage and rape and drive the price of PMs down.

    You can also see that we should not trust JPM by reading this article that James Turk and John Rubino wrote titled, “Can We Trust Silver ETF?”

    So… is it possible that silver will never seek it’s fair market value until the banks and governments implode?

    All help and answers are greatly appreciated!!

  59. Ledbedder I'm getting some of my boys and son in laws into building wood gasifiers.. A couple of son in laws worked for me while they were in High school. I will start training my oldest boy next year. Four son in laws, all have jobs at the moment, our economy in Wichita Kansas is better than most.. Kind of thinking we will have some energy problems.. I plan on converting a old truck to this system in the next few months..

    What this world will be lacking after the collapse, is local leadership. People knowing whats going on and why.. People with plans to provide water to the people around you.. That creates friends and protection..

    I have one son in law that is in his last year of Medical school, he thinks I'm a little out there, but bought two hundred ounces of silver this Well, with the help of my daughter who knows, I'm pretty much always right.. All my grown kids have very useful skills to make this a better world.. And all the grown ones are Stacking the Phyzz and my folks as well..

    To the Too Stupid to understand out there, We stack the Phyzzzzzz.. Not to be Rich, but to Protect ourselves.. There's not that damn many ounces out there to stack, and if your waiting on some spot "Paper" price you think you will buy in at.. Your just Fucked and plan on being somebody else's dinner.. I looked around this morning, and it is Flying off the Shelves !

    To the poor on this site as far as Fiat,I'm sure I come in the poorest. I will go to the coin shop to buy one ounce.. Tack on postage, you get a better deal at Any coin shop for small purchases .. My coin shop Knows me very well, and knocks off a dollar.. I usually beat Any Bullion Dealers price.. I'm not bragging, get to know them.. Raising nine kids is Very Expensive! Almost ten grand kids as well..

  60. Gold is possibly to go down towards the 200 dma.
    And will likely draw silver along.
    Based on a sustained dollar rally and selloff in Eurusd and stocks. So one is well advised to be careful next few weeks - and maybe even next 2 months. Of course with ups and downs in between.

    Thereafter everything will reverse again. For minimum another half year or so.

    BTW: In Europe we neither have a gold nor a silver shortage.

  61. Graceland Juniors Update

    Sat AM. Sep 24, 2011

    1. GoldLion's calculations on the COT report (covers only thru tues) are giving him massive buy signals. He covered off his paper bullion shorts against his physical longs around $1650-1680 today. I'll add that the action since Tuesday arguably makes the COT report the most bullish since the lows of 2008, and perhaps even more bullish.
    2. For you juniors investors, in was just another week of nonsense, courtesy of the levered hedge funds holding naked and illegal short positions across the juniors board. It's important to understand that all this likely is, right here at 1700-1900, is what Jim Sinclair has called his 2nd major battle royale (1st was at $1000). It started at $1764, and it is really the battle for $2000.
    3. Personally, I don't see it as a battle at all in the traditional sense of the word. What it is, is a battle by the banksters to keep everyone of size out of gold, other than themselves. He who has the most gold, makes the rules. The banksters make the rules because they have the most gold, but few understand...
    4. I understand that it feels just like 2008. There's no question the banksters did a magnificent job of sending the gold community down "2008 memory lane". Kudos to the scum bags, for their victory.
    5. Try to remember that I bought all the way to zero (we never got there) in 2008, and what is happening here is more likely a "pretend 2008" than anything resembling the real thing.
    6. But even if it is real, I've already bought juniors stock all the way to zero in 2008, so those telling me how horrible things are now are not really affecting me any more than an annoying poodle biting at my ankle; this is powderpuff time compared to what I endured on the real buy to zero in the real 2008.
    7. Get back on the spaceship. Don't take this crap from your dollarbug opponents. You've already endured the real 2008. Enduring a fake one should be child's play.
    8. In the juniors fight, massive drawdowns are the norm, not the exception. Your opponent is not bound by rules, so you have to endure some serious kicks in the financial teeth before this rocket blasts off.
    9. One thing I want to mention to all juniors investors, particularly on a day like today. Yes, most of you like to gamble, which is why you invest (often heavily) in juniors. Consider all that you've endured in the juniors gulag.
    10. If you can endure all this, then holding gold bullion should be the ultimate child's play for YOU. Don't underestimate the power of holding gold bullion. Make it a hobby to add to your holdings. If you lived 2008 holding juniors, nothing bullion ever does in price, for the rest of your life, on the downside, should cause any fear whatsoever.
    11. The opportunity for gold juniors is enormous. The hedge fund illegal and naked short position should have ended by now, would have ended by now, could have ended by now, but didn't. The battle goes on.
    12. The first big HSR support for gold comes in at $1577. We're at the end of big HSR now on the GDXJ weekly chart. Click HERE NOW to view it.

    Wrap-up: There isn't as much to say about juniors on a daily basis as there is in Graceland Updates, where I cover the major markets, the crisis, and economic themes. Still, I think I can now commit to a 12 point JWO (Juniors Written Update) most days.

  62. Iraqi Oil
    America's new strategic petroleum reserve

    Iraq has Earth's second biggest and the largest unexplored fields

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. @highrise408

    more clues please? why?what?where?when?

  65. @Scott - lets just say that there is a little dream I have been meaning to chase lately.


    APMEX has 957 5 oz America The Beautiful coins left.

    They sold out of all but one type since last night.

  66. You and I need to speak ("talk"):

    Commodity World News said...
    who was the guy leveraging himself to corn and bragging about it constantly the past month on this blog in the midst of a deflationary banking crisis?? I was shaking my head every time he posted, like what planet is he from??? corn is only down 10%, but when oil breaks 70 that trade will fall apart
    September 23, 2011 9:49 PM

    In all fairness, he said he'd scale in. I'm hoping he got the fuck out. Mike S. is deep pockets, so I believe he had the powder to buy the full contract

  67. Put on your hat as a PHYZZ lover and this song is as funny as hell:

  68. @Led - I thought you were gonna post this one...

    Lets Get Physical!

  69. - great video I just watched on ZH.

  70. @HR408: Listening to my boy Michael Buble.

  71. @HR408: 6 days left. Don't do it bro. I am a fucking computer retard, but if SGS's site can easily upload charts, i'll give you a peak into my world. That is $$$

  72. chappy had a pretty good 10 minute jag on the ultimate gatekeeper AJ, on friday ... he says shit will blow over by weds and it will all come back in a couple weeks, ha, yeah right!