Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Just a few housekeepers before I start with todays jargon:

1. Some weeks I am on the road, hence I dont respond to anyone, other weeks I am at the desk all week. Dont think I ignore. I'm trying to balance all this in a manner that pleases everyone. The new site should accommodate this as everyone can help each other in my absences.

2. Site is very very close to launch, I would suspect tomorrow at some point.

3. If I go missing for a few hours that means I am on the road, but usually tweet, so make sure you add me to your tweet feed.

4. Holy Jesus over 1000 I hate Blythes on the article below this one! March 22nd cant come any sooner!

News that caught my attention today is Click here for ...the Canadian Mint has projected this years MAPLES ONLY sales in silver to be 30% HIGHER than last years as its on pace for another record. Gold is tracking similar demand from last years sales.

So here we are again, going back to the basics, back to what really matters. The PHYZZ and this shows me that we are on a trajectory that the COMEX, LBMA, and all the other crony fraud vessels will not be able to replicate and just pull out of their ass when they need it.

All eyez will be on Shalom Bernanke tomorrow. Again the citizens of the United States have given this man God-like power, but do not have the balls to take it back from this private corporation. So what this means, is that the fate of your country, children, and future lay in the hands of this man (and the men behind the curtain that tell him what to do I know blah blah blah) but lets just blame him for now its much easier this way.

Honestly, last time was a non event, I really do think this time will be the event. I will go on the record to say there will be no money printing tomorrow. We need more pain for that - just take a quick glance at Netflix chart, and you will see what will happen with now printing.

Ben needs to divert more attention away from the USA's failed policies and degenerate government. We need WAY more capitulation. Seeing as how banks stocks behaved today, they are already sniffing a down draft.

I could be totally wrong (which I hope I am) and we could have some twist or QE announcement.

If you are looking for an answer as to where I think the metals are going...I dont know. I am flat all positions expect my Jan SLV $40 Call and Tinka.

If you think you can trade tomorrow, I wish you luck around the 2:15 time slot. Sit back, relax let the market tell us where we are going short term.

If we sell off in Gold and Silver I will be allocating more portfolio % into PHYZZ on any dip that comes.

I will back later, have to jump on the call for the site now. Be back later.


  1. Markets are going to go apeshit no matter what happens tomorrow. It'll be a violent one-way move to the upside or the downside. I'll wait for some early indicators, before going balls deep in QQQ options. Should be fun!

  2. i think chances are better than even for a selloff in all assets tomorrow. Copper chart (the bellweather) is looking the worst it has ever looked. and why did the bellweather fall the most out of any high volume commodity today?

  3. The market has already swallowed two huge helpings of QE and it did nothing. I'm expecting nothing as always from Benochio. Just quiver lipped nonsense. I'm totally on board that the BIG announcement has to be a surprise to give Owebottom something to the effect that his jobs bill saved the market and Earth from the Krugman alien attack.

  4. Hmm.. dont you have a 'shitload' of SVM calls?
    Bit outta the money now, huh chief.

  5. Why are we listening to what Ben *says*?

    What he is doing is the opposite. Oldest game in the book.

    US M2 supply (St Louis Fed Reserve) is up by $546 billion since June 5, 2011.

    It hasn't risen by this much, this fast since the last announced QE in the middle of the declared recession.

  6. SVM Jan calls $15 strike as well. Yes those are a right off for now still hold them.

  7. Printing 'money'? Isn't that what happens every time a bank lends you currency that it doesn't have? Interest rates are now at a historical low, at least for the pig boiz, so printing must be at a historical high. When you can borrow money for two years for free, even Trashuries guarantee a positive return. The only way this whole Ponzi mess doesn't crash immediately is the usual way-the little peeps can't borrow for free and therefore lose. Again.

  8. It all depends on how many "NOTS" there are. He is NOT NOT going to print. or... he is NOT NOT NOT going to print... or he is NOT NOT NOT NOT going to print.

    The contrairian move is to NOT NOT out guess how many NOTS there might NOT be. NOT!

    I say he is going to print because that is NOT something you can do with metals - it is the only ace in the hole he has left.

  9. I dont give a fuck anymore. I got silver, gold, guns, and food. What Me Worry?

    Fuck Obama, Fuck Bernanke, Fuck Blythe, Fuck Dimon.

    Fuck em all.

    Fucking Fuckers.


  10. Attention everyone... Sell your Gold now at the top and invest in quality companies like Microsoft.

    LOL....How much are they paying these guys to post wall street puff pieces on Seeking Alpha?


  11. http://www.prisonplanet.com/secret-recordings-emerge-over-operation-fast-and-furious-and-the-atfs-conspiracy-to-put-more-guns-into-the-hands-of-mexican-drug-gangs.html
    Here's a little conspiracy porn to keep you guys feeling piqued for tomorrow

  12. Sell gold and buy AAPL, you have to kidding me.

  13. LOLZ


  14. So how many record years of maple and ase sales must we endure before we start having shortages? If the silver market is that small and industry is increasingly consumption of the silver metal we should be able to calculate when demand out strips supply. Anyone ran the numbers to try and figure this out? I picked up 36 ounces today and another 100 tomorrow. I'm actually swapping gold for silver. I think the S/G ratio is going to run back up to the 30s again soon, but its just a gut feeling.

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  16. Seriously?


    You gotta be fucking kidding me. What a bunch of sheep. Fuck. Its a 1 oz 2012 Silver Dragon Proof. Mintage is 5000. You can buy last year's 2011 Year of the Rabbit Proof for $150 on Apmex. Same mintage. Fuck.

  17. Ok... So lookin at eBay 2012 Dragons, I see that most, if not all recently listed auctions/buy it now arrangements that are within the US are stating "In Hand, Not A Pre Sale".

    The Dragons have arrived.

    APMEX will release these VERY soon. They will run about $55 tops at current silver prices.

  18. SeekingAlpha is a conspiracy.


  19. @highrise408,

    I my quest and desperation for the 2012 Lunar Dragon, I pre ordered from ebay.

    This is from the seller"Greetings,
    I dont know why ebay says November as that is not part our my description. Ebay interfers with our auctions and our description is clear. We will receive these in October. This is our 14th year on ebay and our 40th in rare coins and we have seen alot of changes on ebay in the last year. These should be released and shipped to us in about 15 days from Australia and we will ship as soon as we receive them. It depends on customs and how fast there delivery is.I believe these will be very rare due to the quantity the USA will receive. We do not hold up orders. Regards, RARECO"

    Good luck, oh I paid 145.00 for it! Just so you know. It went off at 87 at Perth.

  20. Highrise

    "APMEX will release these VERY soon. They will run about $55 tops"

    I seriously doubt it! From what I understand the US is only receiving get this, 15,000 coins. Apmex is first come first serve, with no limit!

  21. I traded most of my gold for silver a while back at 41 to 1.. Think your on the right path Ol'FordTrk ! I believe Demand has been out stripping supply for some time now.. Roughly ten billion ounces above ground fifteen years ago, and roughly one billion ounces above ground now.. But who knows for sure..

    From my understanding roughly 1 to 2% of the Population own any substantial amount of the PM's.. And since TPTB, have kept Silver so Dirt cheap for So long it will help the little guys like me..It's Rarer than Gold and also Needed ! I've seen other peoples thoughts on when to start trading out of silver and into gold.. My beliefs are that one day Silver will trade higher than gold.. There's five times more of it out there, and for the most part, it is just hoarded.. What happens when 5% of the people start collecting PM'S.. They will find out that they were Very Late to the Dance ! The Precious metal banks will be so far behind, I think that system will Implode ! By the time you have received your PM's, they will have Trippled or more at that point..

    I stay very Fiat Poor,, I like a sale on the Metals, but I was buying when they were fifty dollars an ounce as well.. I don't know when the thing all blows up.. Ponzi's work till they don't! I've done my own homework over the last year and a half, and I know that Nothing on Planet earth has been more Manipulated than Silver in the Last Fifty Years !

  22. bflowers1,

    Well said! At least 50:1 manipulation, could be 100:1, depleting above ground stock piles, no major new finds, associated with base metals.

    Silver will run, it's like a good Scotch, it great that you own it just give it some time and will everybody appreciate it more!

  23. Tks bflowers. I'm in the process of unwinding some larger Au bars and converting them to 1oz silver. I've found out that liquidity can be an issue with Au. Now I'm going 1oz and fractional Au only, but I think silver will really excell when TSHTF because of better liquidity. That alone will also drive the ratio lower than 1 simply because Au will be beyond the reach of the masses.

  24. malcolm I Like Scotch ! :)

    Ol'FordTrk Yea, my dad was collecting 100 oz bars when he could buy them for four to five hundred dollars apiece.. He does have a lot of the smaller stuff as well.. So really in the big scheme of things, nothing to really worry about in his case.. But during Germany's Hyper inflation, could you imagine, only having big chunks of either silver or gold ! That's why I've also picked on the Junk Silver.. Why spend a Troy ounce of Silver, when a Dime would of done the job !

  25. When the bank runs begin in America, I'm taking my Wheel barrel to the bank.. I'm withdrawing all my money in Change ! lol All Metals have a Value, and Spend as well.. Maybe a pain in the ass, but who cares, But Paper has NONE !

  26. I had a fun day, I'm an Automotive tech. . With my own business.. I've been playing around in Wood Gasifiers for a bit.. I had a Good customer come in this morning that owns a machine shop.. He is down to working three days a week.. I showed him what I am doing, and he got very excited.. So were working out a deal, that might help him to gear up, to building them for me.. So I might be getting a new partner.. I already have two sold to farmers..lol

  27. @highrise408: replace Caspar Gomez and the Diaz Brothers with The Bernak and the Federal Reserve...