Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sell Gold, Buy Apple

I promised myself I was wasn't going to do it, but I had to bring this article up. Just read it.
Click here for entire article ...

Sooooooo....I beg one question: If we are heading into a recession (super depression) would you rather long Iphone 5 or the metal that has been around for 5000 years (yes I use 5K as my default fuck off)?

So lets put this one away for now, b/c if Mr. Shalom doesn't twist and shout tomorrow, this guy is going to look like a complete idiot and by the looks of that shooting star candle today it might have already put in a top.

And I got news for you pal, if S.Jobs passes away, this stock will resemble the Netflix chart Bear x3.

I'm surprised dunkin donuts isnt on the list of "safe havens" too.

I feel repulsed right now.


  1. SGS, interesting article on zerohedge. stating that shalom needs to free up the shadow banking systems "credit money" so in short his decision has been made? Not sure what kinda of fiat dildo he's gonna pull out of his ass tmw. All's I know stack that phyzz whenever you can.


  2. The only way Dunkin Donuts goes down is if the police force ends and goes away!

  3. I'm tired of feeling repulsed at stuff like this. I don't want to play this dumb game anymore...

  4. He will print. The USD Index is already showing it.

  5. Long post here .. looking for some advice. So I've been doing my best to explain our economic situation and the benefits of converting fiat to gold/silver to both family and friends, and as expected, I've run into mostly resistance. I've directed them to check out Mike Maloney's book on Investing in Gold and Silver, along with feeding them evidence abound from ZeroHedge, King World News, Jim Sinclair, and many other reputable sources trumpeting the lone voices of reason. Still... resistance. Thus far their counterpoints have been:

    1. "I believe too much in the potential of this country."
    2. "You won't see what you're expecting to happen in your lifetime."
    3. "You're just parroting what you read online - you need to formulate your own opinion and stop just reading articles and websites that validate your stance."

    Need I go on ad nauseum...

    Another point of resistance I get ALOT is that there is too much "conflict of interest" in those that tout the necessity to own gold and silver.. i.e. Mike Maloney is educating folks in hopes of attracting them to his GoldSilver.com business ... James Turk and Eric Sprott are always creating buzz to plug away at their GoldMoney.com and attract people to the Sprott enterprise of investment products .. I was even told Gerald Celente is simply selling sensationalism to sell subscriptions to his journal. Truth be damned, they think I'm blinded by the prospect of riches through a wealth transfer that may or may not happen and that these guys are gladly taking my money pushing doom and gloom.

    Need some recommendations as to how to show my family and friends that I don't give a shit where they buy the damn gold and silver from, that they just need to do it and soon ... any advice or suggested rebuttals to these assertions or statements?

    It's a no brainer to me but I need to find the words to paint the picture that when someone is trying to sell you a life preserver as the titanic goes down, concerning oneself with the sellers profit motive, while always worth questioning, may take a backseat? I dunno .. thoughts?

  6. Truths1981,

    First off ask yourself this do you like pain?
    Do you like talking to brick walls?
    Can you recognize zombies (no offense to your peps)? I'm just saying. Because if you enjoy any of those things then by all means try to "rationalize" with them. If none of those things appeal to you, the do your best to save yourself knowing that you will need to save others.

    Unfortunately most people are followers and not leaders!

  7. There is no question that he will print. NONE AT ALL. That's the MAGIC that fiat money has and for sure he will use it. If he defaults then gold will go to the mooooooooon! If he prints then gold will go to the mooooooooon!CATCH 22. CHECK MATE YOU FUCKER!

  8. And the distance from the earth to the moon is NOT measured in US dollars! Gold going to the moon would be that it drops to $800/oz while dow drops to 600. THAT, my friends, is GOLD GOING TO THE MOON!

  9. @ Truths- just let them see you put your money where your mouth is and be the example you want them to follow. Give silver rounds as gifts, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc. and just walk the walk. My dad is now coming around after I've been stacking for 3 years now. We have had some good discussions, he has read some of my books and I thought he was coming over to our side. He started buying silver but thinks gold is too expensive. He hasn't taken the red pill yet, but he is thinking about it.

    If there is on stock on the list I might want to owe it would be Phillips Morris. All those pics of the great depression...they didn't have food but they had smokes!

  10. I hear ya malcolm ... at this point, I'm simply telling them "hey, I hope you're right. You do what you feel is best and I'll do what I feel is best." Cause if I'm right? Shit stained fans everywhere...

  11. Truths1981,

    I had a co-worker, we left that company about 6 months apart. I cashed out all my shares and 401k, went phyzz and shares, up over 150%, to be honest I stopped counting, anyway, I told him in 08, 09,10, and this year, to get out of the market and go in to PM's. Well the company missed earning, stock tanked from 35 to 9, 60% loss, I asked him if he still had the stock he said yes! I gave up! My relatives just dont get, my f'ing sister bought a brand new car and her company is laying off! I quit!

  12. You have a better chance of convincing the bum on the street than you do family!

  13. Truths..It's print or die! Either way it will be heads we win, tails we win.
    Let them digest that for awhile.

  14. Truth1981: STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPtrying to convince people. Stop. Stop. Stop. It leads you into a dark corner, and when you turn around from that dark corner, its then you start questioning the validity of our mission here.

    Just stop. Now. Put your head down, go to work, keep stacking your phyzz, and keep telling them they are right.

    its a much easier plan, TRUST ME.

  15. You know, it just hit me, when I read this article my vision was going to the coin dealer and selling my gold. Then sending my fiat to the broker to buy stock. This guy is selling GLD! Not GOLD! Big difference! I had rather hold stocks than GLD too. You gotta take the blue pill before you read it!

  16. @Truths1981,

    Help them to understand what money is. History of money. Who owns the money.
    Here are a random few.
    Links from these pages may also help them build understanding. Peace.





  17. I need some guidance here. My brother in-law is a firefighter in New Jersey. His house price has tanked but he still has a good pension scheme. I worry about whether he's ever going to see it; he's 42. What should he do with the money that he can access? Has anyone had any experience with this situation? Any help appreciated.

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  19. Thankfully today there is some good media out to counter this nonsense:


  20. Truths1981, sgs is right. You're family are the hardest people to convince. mainly because family members won't respect you. Sure they love you and you do them. its just they won't see in you in that perspective. They ve seen you grow up all your life. Fortunately I was able to get my old man on board, but he just didn't believe in holding to many $ so there was a good foundation to work with. Should get easier though as things get progressively worse.

  21. Our own personal "One Trick Pony" Ben!
    What's Ben going to do tomorrow?
    He will amaze! He will astound!
    Watch and see:


    Magic only works when the eye is deceived.

  22. felix said...
    @Ledbedder - Ok, I got the calcualations, low / high / and 50% retrace. And, I followed your progress on the SIZ11 chart. Stooopid question: How do you know where "start" and "end" are located?

    I am ass-u-me-ing that the "end" is where the price changes direction? Yes?

    Soooo... where do you "start" i.e. How did you know to watch the chart from 39.255? 39.255 looked like a bottom? Do you wait for extremes?
    September 20, 2011 6:27 PM

    Where to start and where to end comes from experience (re: technical analysis). If I am looking to go long, two 5 minute green bars are usually enough and vice versa for a short. But, go with the daily trend. Take a look at corn. Clearly (right now), in a down trend. Newbies should only try a swing trade to the downside. Let the up days happen & look at another market that is trending. Hope this helps.

  23. I haven't seen all these markets be soooooo quite overnight. Uncle Benny must get a chub watching this knowing his words are the cause (I think I would too--HA HA)

  24. Cocoa is EXTREMELY oversold. This market is known for its volatile moves.


    I don't know if this has been brought up on this blog, but SGTbull07 does some damn good videos on silver. Over the past two weeks he has been getting nasty attacks on his youtube website from many different bloggers.

    Anyone who leaves a comment on his youtube website also leaves their IP ADDRESS. SGTbull07 did some investigative research and found out the many of the different names had IP ADDRESSES that came from BANK OF AMERICA.

    Sound silly...CHeck out the 7 minute youtube video:


    Furthermore, this is ironic how it coincides over the past few weeks with the takedown of SILVERCORP (SVM)by some lousy written inside scoop by ALFRED LITTLE. I would imagine a great deal of the naked shorting are being done by the MAFIA and Wall Street Criminal Syndicates.

    Also great interview SGS with Harvey Organ. Looks like there is a concentrated effort to control the price of silver. Gold is not the focus today...it's silver. When silver finally gets out of the STARTING GATE and moves up substancially higher, it will CONFIRM GOLD as a monetary metal. This can not be allowed by the Central Banks.

    Time is running out for the PAPER MASTERS.

  26. Just been watching the latest BrotherJohnF video. Always entertaining. Lots of discussion what has happened with charts as usual followed by the summing-up:-

    "We are looking for a smack-down that may or may not come"

    Which goes to prove charts in a rigged market are a waste of time.

    Entertaining but a waste of time.

  27. Who the hell is buying the long bond if not Shlomo? England?

  28. Thanks for all the comments ... I'll be taking your collective advice and toning down on the preaching. I've been stacking since '07 at $15 an ounce and have been doing my best to lead by example .. The irony is that they at times reach out to try and "save" me! "You're putting all your eggs in one basket! You need to diversify" .. which is flat out hilarious coming from them as they are 95% invested in dollar-denominated assets at the moment... but yeah, time will play out the way it does. I'm continuing to buy "insurance".

  29. Truths1981, for diversification, may I suggest some Platinum (Pt). It's also a precious metal, used for jewelry, and for some industrial uses. Rick Rule (legend in the resource sector) says a shortage in Pt is coming. Check out a recent KWN interview at the 3:40 mark:


  30. T1981,
    I have selectively told a few people what I've been doing for the past 8 years and no one, repeat NO ONE, has taken my advice. I've given up on everyone but my BIL because, a) he's rationale and a thinker & b) because I love my sister and don't want to see them destitute, but my BIL just refuses to get into PM's even after he's seen my almost 1,000% gains.

    But as they say, denial isn't just a river in Egypt. Just remember to be kind to them if our worst fears play out because they will feel ashamed and foolish in your presence and no one likes a smart ass.

  31. also a catch 22 in that the more people you try to convince the more people ultimately know what you have to take, its a sad situation but loose lips sink ships and i tend to keep things as quiet as possible, even my one friend who is completely on board with all of my ideology does not know i stack, sure we mention gold and silver as investments and such but i've never fully disclosed any holdings or strategy

  32. I guess I must be unique among people here. My family, while initially resistant, is slowly coming around, and I've managed to get almost everyone in my group of friends (10 different people!) to buy at least a couple ounces of gold and silver. At this point the only argument I hear in my circles now is "Do we expect the USD to eventually recover and look for a sell point to cash out, or do we hold expecting the apocalypse?"

  33. A friend of mine wanted to buy physical, and asked me what the best investment is. At the time (a few months ago), it was gold, so she bought some physical gold. A friend of hers said it was a bad investment; better to buy gob'ment bonds. I told her to do the math: a 10 year note that gets you 2%, but after taking inflation adjustments, you lose money. I almost feel sorry for the mathematically challenged out there.

  34. @truths....karma is a funny thing. Just worry about your own. You said your peace, but they won't listen. You can't wake someone up who doesn't want to be. They need to learn the lessons of life on their own terms and deal with the consequences.

    I live in a typical nice suburban neighborhood, but I have 1000 sq ft of gardens, small orchard and two greenhouses. I built a chicken coup for my 13 chickens. My neighbors think I'm nuts, but I've come to realize that it's not my job to save them. That's their job. They are totally oblivious to what's happening around them like the majority of people are.

    If they come to me and ask for help, I will gladly do so, but I gave up preaching years ago. Lead silently by example. The rest of the chips will fall where they may.

    Just remember....you came to know of the information available on this site and others not by accident. Do something with that info or not, but when the universe sends you a big fat clue you should pay attention.

  35. @Ledbedder - Thank you. So, when you say it is easy (you did say that, didn't you?) there is a huge caveat attached to it :-D :-D :-D

  36. @SRSrocco - thanx for bringing this conspiracy to our attention! Cheers.

  37. probably a good place to post but the best thing next to stacking (and maybe more important)you should be doing is storing water...and I don't mean a few measly bottles. You need to secure a plan for long term water source. I went to the ready store online and got a 30gal barrell, 2 5gal barrel and another 3,5 collapsable travel containers along with a water filter that will filter anytype of water and make it safe...all for about $250, way less than what i normally shell out for a silver purchase, we have a lake by our house but if you are further from a source to filter you are going to want to have more barrels