Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Who?


  1. The last segment about welfare is awesome.

  2. A gallon of gas for a dime. Freakin awesome.

  3. I love Ron Paul, but he comes across as a mad/crazy/super smart uncle type, compared to the rest of the smooth BS artists!

    I would love him to be President, but the sheep have been brainwashed to require a sun bed loving Ken Doll idiot bank puppet!

  4. To crash the country and re-set it's zero-point much more quickly, why not just cut to the CHASE (pun intended) and INSTALL Jamie Dimon as the U.S. President.

    None of this dicking around with Perry vs. Romney crap, no voting (since there isn't any anyway)...just outright install a bankster President! Hah!....

  5. @ Garry,

    Pray to whomever you pray to that people wake the fuck up!I'm dead fucking serious!

    When Bush was selected I knew it we were fucked and I cant lie I smoked the hopium with Barry, and I knew Billy was a dick.

    But now, we really need a statesman, a patriot and a constitutionalists, because we are up against the NWO! They would just assume have us paying carbon taxes and living in government housing and not being able to leave the country! Hummm, sounds like E. Germany, only with slightly better cars.

  6. @ Garry,

    Paul's lack of rhetorical polish is no worse than Bush Jr.'s. Americans got sold up the river by the loquacious Obama. I do hope that the next election cycle will be determined by the substance of political ideals, and less by polished speeches and shiny public image - I think there's a good segment of the electorate that feels burned by the failure of Obama to live up to the hype. The appeal of Paul across the political spectrum is the fact that he is driven by the strength of his conviction, not by the moneyed interests and TPTB. Paul's status as the 'crazy old uncle' and political heretic just might work to his advantage in an election filled with the sleekly designed, but empty suits of Obama/Perry/Romney/Bachman. He could make a heck of a lot of noise in spite of being silenced by big media.

  7. @ Malcom

    The fact that Paul not only has appeal amongst the libertarian wing of the GOP, but also appeals to those on the left who want to see an end to the unfunded wars should be room for encouragement. Just like a whole mess of GOP faithful bit on Obama, we might see a good portion of the left jump ranks to Paul if he can get past the primaries

  8. @jed.

    Agreed! As I left coast liberal, YEAH I SAID IT! But let me clarify, I dont believe in nanny government, extended welfare, but I believe that government has a role to equal out the paying field, but it has no role in ones personally life, meaning, moral laws have no place in free society!

    Having said that RP is making inroads in the progressive media!

    I have donated to his money bomb, I just might put a sticker on my car!

  9. @ Malcom,

    As a fellow left-coaster, I find that news heartwarming! I realize there are some fundamental ideological gaps between liberals and libertarians, but there is also a lot of continuity in our convictions. I'd take the liberal Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over just about any Republican out there. The electorate is far less likely to get burned by an ideologically driven candidate who is a known quantity than they are by a bought and paid for panderer. There's plenty of room on the Paul bandwagon, and we welcome all comers!

  10. I like this format a lot better. Much more coherent without all that noise in between from the idiots on the stage.

    If Ron Paul were President I'd actually tune in to hear his statements to the press. Can you imagine if he had that kind of pulpit to use to preach the message of freedom?

  11. I contributed $100 to Ron Paul's campaign. I'll send him more if he makes it past the Republican nomination. Its important for the welfare of our country to get Ron Paul elected.

  12. This is a list of US Presidents by their former occupations.

    We like lawyers more than any other type.

    Maybe it's time we add a physician to the roster.

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  14. Brian Williams is an embarrassment to the human gene pool and should be removed. It really is no wonder that the american public is so stupid with people like this puss bag speaking to them on a nightly basis. Ron Paul is the only qualified candidate worthy of the office of the presidency. Will he be elected, of course not....

  15. The local afternoon radio talk show played the dime = gallon of gas clip. For the next 5 minutes they went on an on about how dumb that statement was and how off his rocker RP is. They have no idea that the joke is on them when the SHTF.

  16. I would vote for Paul even though I don't agree with him that we just need to get gov't out of the way and let the free market work. The psychopaths and their rise to power would have to be both understood and acted against for any hope of any system working - read 'Political Ponerology'. Paul is a straight shooter and I like him for that and not being a tool of the PTB. One of the few left in Congress.

    SGS, A question - I've read your stance on Israel and the Israeli influence. Have you read 'The Controversy of Zion' by Douglas Reed? Worth your time if you haven't.

    Also, want to thank those that commented not to sell into the low thirties when it started to look like 2008 again earlier this summer. I owe this blog some and will donate in the near future.

  17. @goboy9 not before someone like Ron Paul has a change to break Brian Williams' nose in the other direction. After all, we must be fair and balanced.

  18. Look people, send Paul all the dollars you want. The powers will be laughing. At this point in time, if Paul gets the nomination, it will not be because we, as a people of the USA, have woken up to the corruption that surrounds us, but rather that Paul is a lightening rod for dissent and Obama will landslide into another term. I realize that most of the readership was not cognizant in the 1950's & 60's but today pales to the anarchy that was festering under the surface in the '50's and made its way to the forefront in the '60's.

    To me, it's shocking the amount of complacency today among the middle class as they march towards obscurity. Where are the protests? In the '30's the Bonus Marchers took on the Fed together with the America firsters who tried to stymie FDR's plans for entry into WW2. Yes, the '50's were a time of complacency, but when push came to shove the populace remembered the freedoms they "supposedly" fought for in WW2 and in the '60's all hell broke loose.

    Is today like that? Hell no! Teenagers are volunteering for 4+ years in empire maintenance and a possible maiming/death in exchange for a wage and some benefits. Funny thing I heard today: Israel is a recipient of US largesse, but that largesse is script, exchangeable for military hardware, i.e., Israel is a proxy for US military fomentation in the middle east. As we, the middle class of North America, march like lemmings off a cliff.

    This will not end well.

    PS: Talking w/my mother today. Forget a silver US dime denominated in gasoline. Back in the day, 6 loaves of "good" bread used to sell for $0.25 US. At $5.00 a loaf for "real" bread nowadays, silver is still vastly undervalued as $0.25 in pre '65 coinage will only buy 3 loaves.

  19. What could possibly be wrong with a president that wants an end to the FED, a return to sound money, and removal of special interest mandates. Hell, without the ability to print and spend without end where would we be today? Some of his thoughts are very different from acceptable norms. Yet he always falls back to the Constitution, and the Individual. And Responsibility.
    Hey, I have to go and hide under the couch. They are warning of eminent TERROR attacks. The Bernank is prowling.

  20. I have a question for any here that may want to respond. Today's candle on the HUI. Could that potentially be an "abandoned baby" ? I know that we need tomorrows candle to know for certain, but I see the same candle in HL,GG,NEM, others. SGS, or anyone?

  21. Dennis: Abandon baby lol havnt heard that in years. It is more like a doji or spinning top to me. An area of consolidation or short term top, but look at AUY, that doji did dick yesturday.

    Gold has a lot of wierd candles and gaps right now, I am staying away...more concentrated on silver.

  22. Thanks, and agreed on weird! Watching hui in particular in b/o mode I believe. I try to trade for fiat to accumulate. Sometimes a thought hits my head I can't shake, and don't have knowledge to resolve. So I phone a friend!

  23. Gary said "I would love him to be President"

    Do you live in a caucus state? Find out. If you do, you can make it happen by attending your caucus for Ron Paul. Free and just a couple hours on one night. Join a nearby group for Ron Paul and find out how to make it happen.

    flaunt said "If Ron Paul were President"
    Please make it happen. A local group can help you get active and be useful.

    Petedivine said "if he makes it past the Republican nomination."
    Congrats on putting your money where your mouth is. If you or relatives live in a caucus state, learn the rules, get registered R, and GET TO CAUCUS!

    Jon said "if Paul gets the nomination".
    You can make it happen by getting yourself or relatives to caucus. If you live in a caucus state.
    When we go to caucus and make it to our state GOP convention, we will get Ron Paul through to the nomination.

  24. As corney as it sounds, Ron Paul and his desire for the Constitution to be followed is A New Hope. Thats all we have.