Thursday, September 8, 2011

Embry on JPM Morgan and its trapped silver shorts

From KWN:

"I’ve been buying gold shares, I mean this is no different than the smash that we had a couple weeks ago when they (the cartel) took it from $1,900 to $1,700. One of the reasons for the takedown is they know what’s coming."
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  1. Embry is a class act, love this guy !!

    Staying solid and buying calls into the rumor panic turned out to be the right thing to do in SVM.


    This is in response to SGS's "TURTLE POST". Today I find a great deal of people and investors are looking at life in NANO-SECONDS, MINUTES and DAYS instead of YEARS.

    Hardly anyone, especially those on WALL STREET invest, rather they trade their lives away day in and day out....looking for profits in little moves up and down. The days of investing in a company are over. Today we are left with living in the MOMENT and throwing away the future.

    FAST MONEY on CNBC is typical of the investing public today. In one stock one day then out the next. This is for sure a picture of an end of a society and empire.

    I realize when SGS puts one of my guest posts on the EROI or declining ore grades, very little in the way of debate, rebuttle or questioning goes on in the comment section. Instead it's all about the movement of Silver-Gold today or that minute.

    Believe you me....I am not complaining. I understand the mentality of those I am putting forth these posts. It is nice though when I get emails from my articles from people all over the world giving me their opinion. In my frist article, believe it or not, Hugo Salinas Price responded....all I can say is WHAT A FRICKEN THRILL.

    Unfortunately, my PEAK SILVER article did not get much response from those who I am targeting the most....the GOLD and SILVER ANALYSTS such as the one who is the subject of this post that SGS has put out.

    I truly believe we will see a PEAK IN GLOBAL SILVER PRODUCTION by either 2011-2012....and that is if we have the Hyperinflationary Depression, which I believe is coming. Again, this will be in my next article.

    I enjoy this blog more than most....not only do I get to see clips of GEORGE CARLIN, but where else do we get great comments from conspiracy minded folks like myself.


  3. sgs, question...
    with the us mint pricing uncirculated ase at you think this price represents their future cost or do you think their price represents one that does not want your with 2011 eagles available for 47-52 dollars all day long why would you pay 60.00? for the same thing from them..?


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  6. @freddie607- numismatic (of or relating to currency: monetary) of nature and a rarer, harder to acquire mintage, just like the coveted Perth Mint Dragons going for twice spot. I personally think the ASE proofs were a better deal @$59.00 if you were to purchase them at the initial Mint release date.


  7. @SRS

    Although I'm a futures day trader, and actually more often a scalper, it's articles by you and the guys on KWN and blogs like this that make a tremendous impact on my overall mindset for trading. It's true that when I'm working I look at the market paradigm on a scale of seconds, but it's the macro view that has the strongest influence on which direction I am most comfortable trading, and also how I use my fiat profits once I take them out of that realm, (I invest it in the phyzz for the long haul).

  8. FYI...

    Shalom speaks at 1pm EST today.

    Oblahblah speaks @ 7pm EST tonight.

  9. Everyone go vote for Ron Paul. Again, he is kicking the crap out of everybody, but the MSM can only talk about Shit Romney and Dick Fairy.

  10. here we go agian another margin hike on svm

    optionsXpress strives to allow our customers the most flexibility when trading on leverage. Occasionally it becomes necessary to adjust our requirements on equity positions to account for changes in volatility, market capitalization, trading volume or other market factors.

    This email is to notify you that the margin requirements on SVM have been changed to:

    Stock Requirement: 70%
    Naked Option Requirement: 60%
    Portfolio Margin Theoretical Range: 50%
    If your account is not currently using margin, the only impact this change will have is in an increase or reduction in overall buying power. If your account is already using margin or is short uncovered options, this change may result in a margin call, if so you will receive a separate e-mail notification.
    If you have any further questions or concerns please reply to this e-mail, or you please contact us through Live Help for further assistance.


    Fred E. Cadena, Vice President, Margin

  11. At the end of the Seeking Alpha article:

    The short interest has been rising for Silvercorp the last few months, reaching its peak on September 2nd at about 23 million shares.

    However, now that it (the false allegations) is all out in the open, Silvercorp had an excuse to go balls-out and write the extensive 95 page report of full transparency. Since it had published the report, about 4 million short shares have been covered.

    HAHAHA...glad I picked up a few more Jan. 2012 calls at the $15 strike. Should be good for at least a double!

  12. @SRS: I swing trade mostly, but I do read every post you put on this blog. I appreciate the energy you put into it.

  13. I am a little surprised they aren't smashing the metals down today & juicing the stock market up with Barry's speech about 7 hours away. Maybe the people that know better than he (of course, that includes just about everyone, including my 11 yr. old nephew)realize he's just an empty suit. And the "yes we can" high has worn off.

  14. @silver beast- he he he, yep. Just got an ominous warning from e-trade about their right to raise margins.

  15. Here is a post from the author, Adam Gefvert, of the seeking alpha article on SVM answering a question about the short players involved and what he expects:

    "The high amount of short sellers are from all kinds of players and hedge funds that are jumping on weakness. The Sino-forest was a such a big deal, that many investors are fed up with Chinese companies. I don't think it's necessary to know who exactly is shorting the stock, it's clear the reasons why.

    If Silvercorp turns out to be a fraud, it drops 60% or more. If it turns out it's a legitimate company, it just goes up a little bit and the short seller will just take a small loss. With so much upside and so little downside, shorting isn't a bad gamble.

    So now that it's established that the Company isn't a fraud, expect to see a lot of short covering. In fact, a short squeeze could push the stock to above $10 easily."

  16. yeah ac, i am aware of that ...but your logic is giving the mint as the declarers of num. value... down the road the next batch of 2011 ase that will be sold to the retail buyer for 60.00 from the mint will sell for the same price as early issues to dealers,{unless rated and put in plastic}. that are being sold today for 48-52 dollars everywhere. so if you want to try again go ahead...

  17. freddi607- the 2011 ASE uncirculated coins will be sold with certificate of authenticity and in sealed cointainers inside a blue velvet case...


  18. and ac, i may own a few proofs. also the us mint is not operated as a "for maximum profit " business. there pricing is dictated by a formula, not "what the market will bear". so under this understanding please refer back to the original question

  19. Doubled my investment in 3 days on SVM January calls. Thanks SGS.

  20. @Mike S: do you have a target for where CH12 is going before the next leg up?

  21. Led,
    As I have continually stated I am buying all breaks. Monday's USDA should give me a chance to fill out my long exposure. Epic is coming!

    THis just appeared at Seeking Alpha.

  22. the gap fill seems to obvious and I believe we will overshot if we get there. $7.00 corn is a critical level for buyers and I would imagine support will be found down there. At my target a $.50 pullback is a rounding error. I'm looking for a monster Q4/Q1

  23. So some jackwagon makes an anonymous allegation against SVM, and it makes alot of waves. Meanwhile, Alfred Little submits evidence to NASDAQ/the SEC proving fraud by DEER and HRBN, and... nothing.

    I'm not really surprised; at this point I'd say it's the mission of the establishment to destroy metals. But dammit my HRBN puts are dying on the vine.

    Also the markets in general have gone off the reservation. Horrible unemployment numbers? IN THE GREEN BABY!

  24. Has anyone seen this anti-gold propaganda on CNN today? LOL! Check it out...

  25. @Dr.Nick

    I wouldn't say that is anti-gold, because he does raise a point: The value of Gold is what people perceive it as, thus it is viotile.

    What I don't agree with is only 5% of the portfolio. Too small IMHO, but it's nice that he talked about asset allocation. I've been doing this for a while, although more along the lines of stocks around precious metals (buy some gold, sell it, buy SVM, sell it, buy whatever). I'm pretty much avoiding anything retail or financial right now, and mainly focused on the PMs.