Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Session was good for silver. We still hover above the trend line. We are being attacked early in the day. Just keep an eye on that trendline, if it fails, you can scrap the entire short term theory lined out yesterday, and start protecting with PUTS.

Apparently Europe is saved today, Moodys downgrades the french Banks, as the EU markets rallies. DO NOT TRADE THIS LUNACY, or go opposite of what you think you want to trade. LOL.


  1. SVM down another 3% since open. I do not believe the BS being said about SVM.. they have cash and they have few debts. Still, I will sit this out for now...

  2. these headlines dictate the markets not the fundamentals and we are barely breaking even. Its giving me a damn headache and I'm going long on EEP, EPV and possibly UUP (USD%).

  3. China is trying to buy`n extract trade concessions from EU, but EU won`t hear of it as it would damage their own growth long term.
    EU knows it`s poisonous money and by the looks of things, EU doesn`t want to be saved by China.

  4. China is patient and savvy; it will play the EU like it plays America. China may eventually buy some Italy bonds, at much better yields than now, and get other concessions too as the EU becomes desperate. Time is on the side of China. So China can eventually get what it wants, and the EU will just get to kick the can a little further.

    The eurobond concept is dead. Nationalism in individual EU states is rising, poisoning any potential for EU federalism.

    Last alternative is that the ECB papers over it all, which Germany vigorously opposes because of its Weimar experience in the 1920s.

    Cannot get agreement among all 17 nations on anything.

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.