Thursday, September 1, 2011

optionsExpress raises SVM (silvercorp) Margin

Well, its gets easier and easier to point fingers at the manipulation game doesn't it? I mean SVM?? So are the shorts about to get annihilated? I give this stock 2 months before shit hits the fan.

"option xpress raises margin on svm
This email is to notify you that the margin requirements on SVM have been changed to:

Stock Requirement: 60%
Naked Option Requirement: 50%
Portfolio Margin Theoretical Range: 40%
If your account is not currently using margin, the only impact this change will have is in an increase or reduction in overall buying power. If your account is already using margin or is short uncovered options, this change may result in a margin call, if so you will receive a separate e-mail notification.
If you have any further questions or concerns please reply to this e-mail, or you please contact us through Live Help for further assistance.

Fred E. Cadena, Vice President, Margin

optionsXpress, Inc. (Member SIPC) and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. "


  1. Cool, I just reloaded on SVM this morning. Thanks for all your work, SGS, great blog

  2. ....and just so I can lament somewhere..... and give you all some fat finger is costing me dearly. On Monday, by mistake, i bought 10,000 shares of ATC, instead of 1000. I was planning on keeping my powder dry... I, subsequently, offloaded some at cost, but this fat finger is costing me thousands! Damn! I hope this isn't TMI, but I hope you're all having a good laugh - heh

  3. Raphio:

    I once hit the long key on LEhman on the way down for 50,000K shares instead of short key.


    Never did it again.

  4. Ouch... Yeah measure twice, cut once, as the carpenters say... and if this is Thursday, this actually happened on Tuesday - no wonder, I don't even know what day it is! I live in BC, so I have to get up at 5:30ish to catch the 6:30 TSX open - lack of sleep is making Raphio a dull boy

  5. I am not a trader but I am trying to better understand what traders do as I do know that it has a direct impact on the value of my phyzz. If I understand this article correctly JPM and HSBC will no longer be able to short SVM, is that right? Or if they do, it will cost them a lot of fiat in order to do so. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Basically a raised margin call means "you need more CASH to short/buy on margin"

    Margin is just a fancier word for "loan" in the stock market.

  7. Besides SVM, what other miners are looking like a good buy?

  8. @ bobby

    USSIF - no debt, lots of cash, just reported financials 8/15 and they were great, looking to get on AMEX, Sprott owns 12%, volume has been heavy over the past few days, go long!!

  9. Well.... First Interactivebroker... Then Charles schwab ( Optionexpress )...
    I hate TDAmeritrade....

    What's left ? scottrade ? If so, I need to open an account with them.

  10. "I give this stock 2 months before shit hits the fan."

    As in it will go up or will it go down?

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  12. OT - Goldman Sachs promises not to robo-sign mortgage docs and break state laws. I'd love to be above the law then I could bribe anyone I choose and go golfing in the afternoon! What about pencil whipping mortgages after issuance and hiring temps to forge signatures - is this illegal too? Nah, can't be b/c I'm above the law and jails are made for the middle class.

    """As part of the deal, the Goldman subsidiary said it will stop the practice of robo-signing mortgage paperwork. The practice, which involved signing mortgage affidavits without reviewing the loan documents and notarizing them in a way that violates state law, led to a temporary halt to most mortgage foreclosures in the fall of 2010."""

  13. "I give this stock 2 months before shit hits the fan."

    As in it will go up or will it go down?


    I take it he means "up" as the massive amount of shorts on this stock has their margin raised aswell and might be forced to cover.

    But "shit hit the fan" is a peculiar wording for goin' up, unless you are a short i guess.

  14. This may be premature but I think that the market has finally busted a nut!

  15. LOL these fucking banks/analysts/wall street firms with their predictions are so ridiculous...

    SocGen Lowers NFP Forecast From 67k to 9k

    So one can assume that NFP is going to come in weak, not negative, but now "better than expected." Oh what a fucking farce... Short any pop in S&P on the bullshit short-lived reaction tomorrow. You saw what today's bullshit "not the end of the world" ISM number did. Suckered in longs up to 1230 and then got busy crushing them to tears.

  16. Banks just started selling off hard! JPM, BK, etc...
    The News UNIT

  17. Goldman Cuts Its NFP Forecast From 50K To 25K

  18. the S&P is really struggling to go up here, and there isn't going to be continuous "not bad" news to keep the ticker up

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  20. theres also another hurricane cat 3 threat now 10 days from landsfall out into the atlantic. Maybe if we have relentless storms, the dow will revert to fair value at 4,500

  21. That would be fine with me... We need some fucking rain where I live! And I mean RAIN. 2-3 days straight of torrential downpours would be about right.

  22. @silverelvis & @raphio thanks for both of your recommendations, very much appreciated and will heavily look into both of them right now.

  23. Wynter Benton calls for miner options...

  24. UXK is a pure silver play stock, but is getting shorted by the big boys, too...Holding up better than most of the miners, too.

    Here is a little something in support of what many of you here are saying, especially SGS, from THE TELEGRAPH website yesterday:

    Market crash 'could hit within weeks', warn bankers
    A more severe crash than the one triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be on the way, according to alarm signals in the credit markets.


    Looks like things are heating up in the silver markets. Most of the good analysts are forecasting big moves in gold and silver this month. I got my money on $50 silver this month alone.


    1.9 million WITHDRAWAL
    830,000 million DEPOSIT

    TOTAL 1,131,587 WITHDRAWAL for 9/1/11

    REGISTERED (DEALER) = 32,078,652
    ELIGIBLE (CUSTOMER) = 72,259,389
    = 104,338041

    As we can see the REGISTERED Dealer inventory has fallen some 1.5 million ounces since last week. Again, 32 million ounces is chump change. Eric Sprott says over 500 institutions can by all of this up in one transaction.

    Peru's mines ministry reports July gold output up, silver, copper, zinc yield down

    However, zinc production plummeted 22.72%, silver production declined 8.27%, and copper output dropped 5.66%, all during July of this year.

    Cumulative silver production for the first seven months of this year dropped 9.91% from 2,128,247 kilograms (68,424,729 troy ounces) from January to July 2010 to 1,917,428 kilograms (61,646,741 ounces).

    Looks like Peru will decline at least 10-15% this year. Mexico will more than likely increase enough this year to offset Peru's decline.

    2011 will more than likely show higher Global Silver Production over 2010. But this will probably be the Peak...or no later than 2012. This will be the subject of my next long article.

    Even though there are some big projects coming online, they will not offset the HYPERINFLATIONARY COLLAPSE that will destroy BASE METAL Mining which accounts for 70% of silver production.


    Pascua Lama is located at the border of Chile and Argentina. It is projected to be in production by end of 2013. By 2015-2016 it will be producing 800,000-850,000 ounces of gold and 35 million ounces of silver PER FRICKEN YEAR!! That is unbelievable.

    This one mine will be producing more than the entire United States will produce in 2011. Yes, it will be a great deal of silver, but the decline of BASE METAL MINING will collapse the overall global production of silver. According to my research, my forecast is a peak in Global Silver Production in either 2011 or 2012.

    Once we head into a HYPERINFLATIONARY DEPRESSION...the world will never return like it was before. Mark my words.


    The World is DISINTEGRATING before our eyes. FUKUSHIMA is pumping out more RADIATION today than it was in the beginning. All 3 reactors have melted down. Any MAIN STREAM MEDIA talk of TEPCO decomissioning pure BULLSH*T. A high level Japanese minister said that by two years, it will be LIGHTS OUT FOR JAPAN.

    GULF OIL SPILL is leaking again, and some say, it might just open up all over again. BK LIM who has been one of the TOP WEBSITES on the Gulf Oil SPill since the beginning believes the worst is yet to come.


    I believe the modern world of ours will come crashing down much quicker than most are prepared. Moving to the country and getting away from the ZOMBIES in the city might not be enough.

    Once the system will the JUST IN TIME INVENTORY SYSTEM as well as the functioning of the GRID. If the Grid goes down, so will the hundreds of NUKE PLANTS in the USA. Mike Ruppert and Colin Campbell have warned about this years ago.

    If we watch just how LOUSY the TEPCO and the Japanese Govt has handled Fukushima....we are really screwed here in the United States when our Nuke Plants start going down.

    I am not going to wait for that to happen.


    You know the old saying "WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS...STAYS IN VEGAS". Well, whatever happens in the Northern Hemisphere stays in the northern Hemisphere. Radiation, Ocean pollution or whatever stays in each corresponding hemisphere.

    95% of the world Population is in the Northern well as 95% of Nuke plants and pollution.

    Going to be visiting some countries down in the southern hemisphere this winter. Argentina, New Zealand and Tasmania Island are our three to decide from.


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  28. We've been looking ar Chile and New Zealand for sometime! Good luck!

  29. lol!

    dude you got beef with me! You and your shitty nick!
    I put kids like you in a permanent sleep!

  30. what do you guys or gals think..
    1/2oz silver dragons for $29 each
    or the Apmex 1/2 dollar for $23?
    I bought a silver tiger for $26 last year now its selling for $100 should have bought a couple of rolls of those bitchez. I just wondering if those Dragons will increase in price like the Tiger did.

  31. @nig4life: I'll say it...FUCK OFF. You are an angry cancer. You bring nothing to this blog except anger because you are a broke motherfucker.

  32. QE3 - September 21, 2011

  33. @nitsuj: I buy mostly generic, but that is just me.

  34. SRSRocco, I would value you posting your evaluations of these countries as you visit them.

    Only 4 nations are without a Rothschilds Central Bank, Iran; N. Korea; Sudan; Cuba.

    Add Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to countries that didn't have Rothchild banks that became occupied because of it.

  35. @nig4life,

    Just so we are clear, I dont want you to get the idea that you mean a winds fart to me. You understand?

  36. @malcolm: you already spent too much time on him, that angry, broke nig4life. Fuck sake, he says how angry he is just by his handle.

  37. Besides BRK-A, BAC, all sorts of railroads and now ABAT does anyone have a list of stocks that Warren Buffett is targeting?
    Is Warren Buffett buying more stocks?


    (Kitco News) - The U.S. Mint sold more ounces of gold and silver bullion coins in August than it previously had since January. Total sales of American Eagle gold coins rose to 112,000 ounces in August, the Mint’s Web site shows. This is up 73.6% from 64,500 in July and the most since 133,500 ounces were sold in January. Further, the figure represents a 170% rise from the same month in 2010. However, figures for the year to date are down from last year. Sales during the first eight months of 2011 totaled 752,500 ounces, compared to 866,500 ounces in the same period a year ago. Meanwhile, U.S. Mint silver-coin sales rose to 3,679,500 ounces in August, also the most since January, when sales totaled 6,422,000. The August total was up 24% from 2,968,000 ounces in July and up 50% from the same month in 2010. Year-to-date figures show sales of 28,951,000 ounces, up from 23,600,500 in the same period of 2010.

  39. LOL!

    @Ledbedder, these kids today, what can you do? LOL

    I think is this case, they should not be seen or heard!

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  41. Wynter Benton is on the JPM board talking about Miners and SVM:

    We have The Morgue on the run now.

    So far in the first two days of Sept deliveries, there has been a total of 723 contracts served (173 yesterday and 550 for Friday). Yet there are still 2418 contracts that remain to be delivered. Of course a number of these contracts will not stand for delivery (taking the cash settlement instead), but if the last two days are any indications, few of these contracts will accept cash settlement now. So far, there has been less than 70 contracts lost to cash settlement. If these numbers hold up, about 2200 contracts will actually stand for deliveries in addition to the 723 contracts that have been sent down. Compare this number to the previous 2 delivery months of May and July (around 1600 contracts delivered for both months total) and you can see the problem that The Morgue has now.

    On another note, some readers find the 'body bag' reference disturbing. This reference was from our previous colleagues (option pit traders) who casaully refer to other traders who "blew up", "got carried out", and "went home in a body bag" as a form of taunts for their bad trades. In this age of hyper-sensitivity (and with that whole McCrudden thing and the SEC), we feel it is bests to disavow this reference and set the record straight once and for all. The "body bag" reference is to the the high number of short contracts in the Silver pit and does not refer to the threat of anyone in general or in particular.

    Be that as it may, from now on, we will end our communication with the following line

    ....... do da, do da.......
    The following reply to the question of what to do with the miners come from a few traders within our group. It is not the advice from The Leader or the group in general.

    These traders believe that that best way to play the miners is to 'go for the kill'. For example, the SVM Dec11 strike 12 is going for 80 cents. The 52 week high on SVM is 16.32. If SVM returns to its 52 week high than these contracts should be worth at least $4.50. Similar option plays can be had for Paas currently $32+ with a 52 week high of 43, and similarly with CDE and other mining stocks. You should wait until the HUI index breaks 610 on strong volume and put on these trades.

    The difficulty lies in the fact that even if silver breaks $50, these miners may not be at their 52 week highs. But worry not, once silver breaks $50, The Leader has something special to demonstrate to Blythe and the Morgue. Of that you can be sure. So the advice is to buy OTM options for December or later with a price target of at least 52 week highs on the miners.

  42. Wynter has been very vocal as of late. Initially i was suspicious of the whole thing but some of their communica were spot one and they seem to have insider information. But, like everything else on the internet take it with a grain of salt.

  43. @highrise408 LOL you are hilarious bro. Obviously Weather Unit got fired from his air traffic control job for a reason - nobody could fucking stand him. Now he has nothing better to do but troll SGS's site with his garbage.

  44. zero hedge just posted that high frequency traders must hand over secret proprietary computer algorithms that tell the robot when to scalp a half penny out of a security. ZH says this is the end of High frequency trading, meaning tomorrow, all the big banks can take another 10% off projections for each other's 2012 revenue

  45. the last part is my prediction not ZH. but now in bank trading desks will now only have government insider collusion and brokerage frontrunning left as a way to make trading profit (they suck at real trading)

  46. Chappy says there are current investigation on the naked shorting of miner shares.

    look at the 53 minute mark! Good stuff!