Thursday, September 1, 2011

What does honesty have to do with finding $150,000 by your broccoli and giving it to the police...? Isnt that Stupidity?

Nothing much going on other than, I feel, as I have navigated the 2007-2008 markets with 14 hour/days starring at a 6 panel of monitors, that we are about to cross the river Styx again, and you better have your silver token to get across.

I want to show you a good reason why it is that I believe we are about to enter a zone of turbulence for equities, not necessarily the PM's:

What this shows us is that the central banks of the EU are sacred shitless and are placing their reserves into the hands of the Federal Reserve. Now if that doesnt tell you how rigged this ponzi is, I don't know what will.

If my memory serves me right, and my gut tells me it is, this feels like Bear (NOT Lehman) again, and we should have a collapse of something soon that will send LIBOR into the stratosphere that will then create the Lehman effect. Will it be a French Bank? Who cares. There is too much irrational exuberance sloshing around. And I pray to baby Jesus that it hits Canada hard for no other reason to say, "I told you so." Yup I'm that guy. So prepare a little more if you will to the down side (equities) as this bounce will be short lived as the bank stocks such as MStanley are struggling to tread water right now like its 2008 all over again. Something is coming. The bank equity movements are telling us this in plain view.

Where this will take us with the paper price of the PM's, I'm not 100% yet, but I just keep buying the dips, store it away in my private vaults and wait for the day I can trade it for a large parcel of land by a river, so I can fish when I want to away from all the insanity and corruption that surrounds me.

I stumbled upon a story today that really bothered me. I want to go through it step by step, and then I would like everyone to bounce their own head off the table, punch the first person that you see in the mouth, double pump chest kick them after they get up, and just say one name after you get your frustrations out of you because I warn you, you are about to get really, really really frustrated from, "Wayne Sabaj."

The story is Click here.... Read it now then come back here, to help me get though this without punching my screen in.

Okay now that everyone has had the opportunity for manslaughter, I would like to go through it.

1. The 49-year-old, who is living with his dad, did not exactly jump for joy.
Reason: "I could really use this money." But with this money comes trouble. He explained, "With my luck, it would be bank robbery and I'd get caught and say I'd robbed a bank." Well motherfucker, the first thing I would do would be to turn on your local station and check to see if any bank was robbed.

2. If nobody comes forward to legitimately claim the cash, there may be a happy ending for the man tending his garden: Police will help figure out if Sabaj can keep the money. The carpenter has retained an attorney just in case.

So this unemployed idiot, now has hired some schmuck that will suck $20,000 out of him REGARDLESS if he gets the money and hes waiting for the POLICE to let him know if he can keep the money. Right because drug dealers show up at the police headquarters asking for their $150,000 cash back.

3. "Then there was the concern that whoever left the money behind would be back, and that's a problem the Sabaj men would rather have solved by the police."

Either way, you are fucked now "Wayne."

Congratulations on being an honest sheep, brainwashed moron. Let me break down what I would have done.

1. I would have taken both bags into my house.
2. I would have taken $7K and went down to the ammo and gun shop and bought enough firepower to shoot back.
3. I would have went down to the coin shop and ordered 3100 ounces of pure silver maples.
4. I would get back to the house, order a pizza, and search for Florida properties for sale for next to nothing.
5. Once I found one, I would buy one on a loan and move.

But that's just me. I guess that's not why I'm 49, unemployed, and living with my dad.

Please proceed to bounce your head off your table again, and pretend you never came across this post when you wake up with a half concussion tomorrow morning.


  1. i'm from chicago, i heard about the story, and i said the same thing as you sgs.

    if the guy was so worried about his safety, than get a gun and be ready to unload! I swear to you, there is something in the water here in chicago.

  2. PM blog writers remind me of horse betters. 150 reasons why their horse didn't win. 100 reasons why every horse in the race just might win. Is it any wonder that most of them are scratching their ass for a buck? Pick a fuckin opinion and stick with it for a change.

  3. "Pick a fuckin opinion and stick with it for a change. " Is this pointed to me?

    Disclosure: I'm really LONG physical metal. LOL

  4. This is proof that the sheep want to lose! You asked this question a few weeks ago. And now you know exactly why he is unemployed and living at home at age 49! I wonder how well his garden did this year?

  5. Aside from being a poor idiot he's now a stupid idiot who will pay the premium. The media will do the gene pool a favor by announcing the return of the money. A gansta will quietly cut his air way after reclaiming his property ensuring he never procreates. Loose-loose proposition and a dead poor stupid idiot, and a win-win for the gene pool.

  6. Chappy says there are current investigation on the naked shorting of miner shares.

    look at the 53 minute mark! Good stuff!

  7. So in this post you say "it's 2008 all over again."

    Less than a week ago you responded to a comment I left on TF's blog with, "what does 2008 have anything to do with today?" in reference to a comment I left comparing events in 2011 to 2008.

    Must be nice to flip-flop between views whenever it's suitable to your own blog's interests without your readers seeing how you hop the fence.

    So which is it: is 2011 shaping up to possibly be a repeat of 2008 or not?

  8. @SGS,

    I hope we would all have the good sense to fucking cop that shit and tell no one. We were poor as a kid and were taught to work hard for our things, but if you saw a lady drop some cash at the store give it back, but if you saw a guy in a Benz drop it , it yours lol. I still have that attitude today.

    Oh and this from ZH;

    Massive Wave Of Lawsuits To Be Filed By The US Against America's Biggest Banks As Soon As Tomorrow

    Did I say I love September, its my birthday month you know :) and Ledbedders too

  9. @ Justin,

    We, or should I say some of us hang out at both blogs, and within this community we all share and no one takes credit and claims exclusive ownership!

    So STFU!

  10. @ Justin,

    How many ppl did you get after you on that whole Ag to 18$. Things are different everyone needed liquidity, so everything was sold off, but now Ag, Au are is strong hands! Not going to be a repeat!

  11. My SDS call are looking better and better :)

  12. malcolm, go read justin's blogger profile. Definite pillow biter. He has a fucking pet rock. LMAO

  13. Here's the lit fuse...

  14. So the fact that the markets are behaving as they did in 2008 is of no relevance when comparing silver charts, even though silver has followed it's path in 2008 identically so far, month for month. I didn't magically pull that rabbit out of my ass, just simply shared a more detailed observation of the charts that was brought up by another Turd reader that went unnoticed.

    If the hands holding these paper shares are so strong, why didn't they pony up the extra $ for the raised margin requirements in silver in May and gold last month? You would think that if their hands were so strong they would have wanted those paper PM's regardless of the raised margin requirements, but they didn't, they dropped that shit like a bad habit instead of selling their AAPL and NFLX in exchange for their "metals". What makes you think they won't do the same thing in the event of another full blown, across-the-board market tank similar to 2008?

    Whether we like it or not, the price of our physical is dictated by these supposed "strong hands" you put your faith in who own the paper shares. If they are stacking paper shares, they aren't strong hands. They are capitalists looking to profit from the rise in metals during the fast-track rally being pumped by CNBC and every other douchebag with the ability to start a blog filled with PM advertisements.

    The real strong hands are doing just as we are, stacking the physical acquired from independent dealers which isn't reflected in Kitco prices. Unfortunately for us, we get fucked by the paper holders when they freak out. Another market crash will cause them to freak out again just as in 2008 and our battered and beaten Dollar will get the rally it needs to save it, just as in 2008. But, hey, if you want to keep believing that "this time will be different", that's your business. I love physical just as much as the next guy, but to think we won't see some short-term pain in the event of a market crash is moronic.

    I simply pointed out the fact that SGS, just one week ago, mocked me for claiming 2011 looks a lot like 2008, and now he says today looks just like 2008. And as expected, the loyal follows here who have no idea who this guy is or his motives attack anyone who calls him out on his bullshit or has an opposing viewpoint to the herd mentality that nothing will ever be able to crash the metals. Looks like there are many different kinds of sheep who can be herded in any direction they are pointed in. My pet rock apparently has a better head on its shoulders than most of you and I obviously can tell the difference between humorous sarcasm in someones profile and sincerity, unlike Tom H apparently. Nice comeback guy, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep after biting my pillow now because that really stung. (and yes, that was more sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on it).

  15. First you say:
    " I can fish when I want to away from all the insanity and corruption that surrounds me."

    Then you castigate an honest man?

  16. Justin:
    "Must be nice to flip-flop between views whenever it's suitable to your own blog's interests without your readers seeing how you hop the fence."

    My blogs interest...hopping the fence? Sometimes I dont clarify the words I choose.

    And hold the fuckin train, read my comment here please, I'm responding to the comment that said Sub $18 silver and correlating it to the comment of the 2008 POS and what it has to do with today's action.

    So, exactly, what does 2008 have anything to do with SUB $18 SILVER for 2011?

    Flip flop?

    I have said the OPPOSITE of 2008 which is new highs for PM's! Maybe the same sell off for equities!

    "What makes you think they won't do the same thing in the event of another full blown, across-the-board market tank similar to 2008?"

    I dont, but I have already placed my bets ;) and I cant loose, for if my triggers are hit, it will automatically buy puts, and shorts and all kinds of things to protect a downward spiral.

    "I simply pointed out the fact that SGS, just one week ago, mocked me for claiming 2011 looks a lot like 2008, and now he says today looks just like 2008"

    No no no....dont put words in my mouth. EQUITIES look like 2008, GOLD AND SILVER DO NOT. You need to do some homework pal, the pm's do not look ANYTHING like 2008. No fucking clue what charts of gold you are looking at.

    Any further question please do ask instead of irrational stupidity.

    And take the pic off your avatar for christ sake teenage girls do that.

  17. "Then you castigate an honest man?"

    Read title, what does honesty have to DO WITH FINDING A BAG OF MONEY IN YOUR GARDEN AND HANDING IT OVER THE THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!???


  18. @Justin,

    You make good points! But the essence on our current situation is in reality quite different. The small time traders were priced out of the market in May, but the current BOS or strong hands are sovereign nations and billionaires not wall street price chasers. That is the major difference, and now that we are on the cusp of major disruption of the PM manipulation, I feel that the events of 2008 will not repeat for PM's. Now, I dont not discount that chance that there could be a dip, sure but anything lower that 33.00 is highly doubtful. But I tell you what, I see major market disturbance in the next 3 weeks, if we havent seen a $18 Ag by then will you promise to go away? And if we do I will come on this blog or Turds and proclaim your wisdom!

  19. Fuck it state your position Justin. You short silver?

    Simple Yes or No. If no, not sure why you are on here.

    Lets start seeing who wins and loses here solely based on you seeing $18 silver or my $75 silver by New years day.

  20. oh forgot there was no paper printing in 08!

  21. @ SGS,
    Gold and silver look nothing like 2008? I could have sworn the charts I shared on Turd's blog show silver performing EXACTLY like it did leading up to the crash in 2008. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. A two year old could see the similarities in each chart shown here. It appears as though equities AND the metals are repeating their patterns so far, no? I hope they buck the trend and go the opposite way, but keeping those charts in the back of my mind isn't going to do myself or anyone else any harm, regardless of how ugly the similarity is. Well, unless you're a 24/7 permabull who refuses to believe that the metals can fall just as easily as they rise, whether it's natural, collateral damage in an equities sell-off or even margin hike induced.

    Again, I didn't make the charts nor once have I claimed that silver is going to $18. I merely shared a noticed pattern that obviously is no more accurate or inaccurate than claims that silver is going to $100 or Tinka is going to $2.00.

    I'm long physical while day-trading paper shares and miners, good enough for you? I can find indicators to swing me in either direction whether it be bull or bear, which is why I'm not hardcore either side. "Stack the physical and make money off the paper volatility" is the name of my game for now and it works. Why should I fuck that up by picking just one side and sticking with it? This is obviously a day-to-day market right now, trying to pretend I know what is going to happen months from now isn't something I do or ever will.

    I kinda write my blog for friends and family vice strangers and ad clicks, so it makes sense that I use my own picture instead of a bird. But thanks for thinking you have any influence on what picture I use. I'll take it under full consideration and make note of any other personal habits that resemble those of a teenage girl and try to change my ways to better suit your taste. Maybe I'll see if I can find a picture of a Fucktron and use that. That sound good to you?

  22. SGS and Justin are proof that no one has a clue what's going to happen. I'll stick with the guys who have made millions and are older than 50. The people on KWN know the deal. I will agree with Justin that this blog changes it's position like a whore.

  23. God, I hope we see $18 silver by New Years. Load up! That would be a sucker rally in the dollar fer sher, just like 2008. For holders of physical, these Blythe-induced meltdowns are like fucking Groupons for us...

  24. No need to hate on Justin, it's always good to question what you know in order to stay sharp. However, I don't think the PM's would behave anything like 2008.

  25. Given the fact that this is now a physical race instead of a "price" race, I think circumstances are a bit different this time. No artificially lowering the price on physical... or else your supply goes dry like POOF.

    Onwards we go, but there will definitely be some sharp COMEX drops in the price in the coming month(s), to give people plenty of gut checks in the upward ascent of gold... or should I say the downward descent of the dollar's days.

    But it is always good to keep the mind open.

  26. I would have taken the money and given it straight to charity.
    Anything that is a lucky find should go to charity.

    Oh, the charity is the "Keep GeorgeSilver out of The Poor-House" charity.

    I would then by Silver and Gold and stash it out of sight.
    Then I would collect all of the garden refuse and build a large bonfire over the spot where I found the money being careful to leave a few burnt Dollar bills amongst the ashes.

  27. Justin - comparing the price of stocks and silver 2008 and 2011 is one story.

    But there ARE MAJOR BIGTIME differences between 2008 and 2011.

    I'll give you a hint: 2008 there was a last defence wall, which to a high degree was still trustworthy. There were almost no doubts about that defence wall.
    2011 the last defence wall has gotten major cracks and everybody (except obviously you, because of just starring at the charts) can see it.

    And a second hint for you: Checkout the differences for Gold and CHF between 2008/2009 and 2011. Also checkout the ratios of how gold:stocks or chf:stocks behaved in 2008/2009 and now. That should make you thinking hard!

    To understand what is going on out there - you need to look at all major market components - not just at silver. That in the end will help to understand what silver will do.

    And finally: the role of silver is changing too. Not the same as 2008/2009 anymore.

  28. I particularly like the part where he finds one bag, but doesn't check for others. So the police find the second one. And they get to count it first.

    OK, so the guy's a philanthropist. He generously gave the cops a really good laugh. Oh, and the money.

    My head hurts.

  29. How long has Pretcher (however you spell his name) been wrong?

  30. "equities AND the metals are repeating their patterns so far, no?"

    No. Gold HAS bucked the trend and will pull silver along with it this time, your charts and comments will be meaningless in 2 months. If I'm wrong you know where to find me.

    We see $75 before will will see $18.

    They did not ramp up the printing presses till AFTER the crises. This time they are on auto roll.

    May the best man win.

  31. $75 before $18, but I just don't see it before 12/31/11.