Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No title needed. Yawn.

I sat here starring at a blank screen for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to write. I could pull out charts, but that would be kinda redundant and useless. I could pull up options, but thats now a complete disaster on premiums. I am going to be honest. I was away from my desk all day, and for the first time in months, I did not care what the 'price' was. It is simply an illusion now. And I'm not saying this because its gotten spanked either. If it was at $340, I would be saying the same thing-I have accepted the fact that the POS and POG is now an arbitrary number.

Sure some will come on here and say its not, and I'm wrong and this and that. I agree to that too. Some still trade in the paper game (as do I), but my mindset has shifted slightly now to the tune of complacency. This could because I am now about 70% physical and 30% paper.

So listen to me closely for those still fucking around trying to scalp $100 in this retarded, manipulated, clusterfuck: The more phyzz you stack, the more you stop caring. The less you stop looking at the Spot prices tick, by tick, by tick.

Just have faith that the buying will increase on lower prices. And everything will be A-okay. Buying phyzz here is like buying EOW (End of World) Insurance.

I hope you got it.

More to come later we are testing the new site now.


  1. Just an observation.... if you actually look at the US Trading Hours....Gold and Silver have been over $1600 and $30 during this recent beatdown.... and here we have a wave of people calling for sustained deflationary lows in gold/silver..... hmmmm. Are TPTB really ready to burst the physical/paper spread? I think not.

    Gold has not traded below $1600 except for a few minutes during US hours, and silver has not traded below $30 neither (during normal US Market hours). It is almost as if they don't want people pricing in these lower levels... but they still want the lows on the charts.......

    As we speak gold/silver paper are moving back below 1600 and 30... in the afterhours..... the real question will be.... are we back above 1600 and $30 by open tomorrow in the US Markets??? If so.... you can be sure these prices are not here to stay.... if not, down we go.

    Just saying.....

    1584 and 28 are what I am eying....

  2. I agree SGS. I am also at about 70/30 phyzz to paper. But I have to say to all that Paper silver is going lower. Probably another major fuckdown in light of the delayed CFTC meeting to 10/18/2011. I am calling for $23/24 silver and am shorting to those levels. They have to cover those shorts and they aren't finished. At best they prob covered about half with the latest flushout. One more shabang (prob. in Oct.) to 1)cover the rest and 2) scare the fuck out of everybody that buys paper silver. You heard it here first...

  3. copper is the only commodity testing its low as I write this. Maybe some bank consortium is trying to create lower lows, Maybe the asians are getting the fuck out of copper right now. Its called DR. COPPER

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  5. I'm gonna liquidate my brokerage account as of today. Besides the lack of time, I've had enough of this extremely retarded violatile market. Only thin I'm going to do is two things:

    - Invest into real estate and rent 'em out for a monthly cash flow (cheap ones do exist, you need to shop around). Considering in recessions people are renting instead of buying, this might be beneficial in the very near future.

    - Get silver and gold, damn the prices.

    - Have a few bucks in some balanced mutual fund because GICs are too low and I don't have the time for constant daytrading. While most mutual funds are questionable, the BMO ETF Balanced fund is surprisingly decent. Despite all this crap of things going up and down, the fund only lost 0.07% in YTD. If you invested a year ago, you would still have made 3%. Not bad considering every other mutual fund or ETF I have seen has been in the red, some of them being over 20% (including one of Sprott's mutual funds). Don't have time for play around in the market at the time being, although I really wished I grabbed Riocan a year ago.

  6. And apparently I forgot how to count to three. Awesome.

  7. Lol how are those 'OVERSIZEDDDD' gld calls SGS?

    Anyway, to the poster above, yes real estate is the way to go. Father has been doing this all his life and never invested in a stock once. Says gold is nice but would never it buy it at these levels.
    Go figure.

  8. I think they are knocking copper down as part of the FED's mandate that "inflation expectations are lowering" bullshit......The Bernanke spoke today at cleaveland....

    "If inflation falls too low or inflation expectations fall too low that would be something we have to respond to because we do not want deflation" (in reference to more easing) -- Ben Bernanke

    What he is really saying is this.

    What's that boys???? Another round of artificially created deflation to scare the shit out of the public??? Perfect, with a new round of controlled deflation we can roll out the inflation to counteract it!!! -- Central Banker

  9. oooooohh we might be fucked early, just a possibility I see that the cabal may take advantage of hong kong being closed due to a hurricane, and sell metals. They are known for disaster exploitation.

  10. scott j has his thinking cap on on straight, now we're problem solving on this blog!!!

  11. SGS.. I know exactly how you feel. We are all burnt out by this fucking bullshit. I got phyzz, majors and juniors. Time to let the market come to us.
    To the Comex and the US govt.....go fuck yourselves. Your day is coming.

  12. If people are in it for the long term then why the grim outlook? Surely the drops in price are opportinities to stock up? There will be plenty more volatile times ahead until things find some kind of balance.

  13. When I come home from the bar tonight I'm definitely going to check out the spot price and if they do do a raid tonight thanks to the typhoon, I'm going to make my second purchase of the day.

    I'm torn between waiting for the spot price to come down big time in a general investment crash and buying physical at today's prices. APMEX is my usual dealer and they are really starting to run out of stock off everything.

    An easy way to check their inventory without inspecting the element is simply to type in a big number in the quantity box. As soon as you type too many 0s a box pops up and say, "Sorry, we only have X in stock." By this I was able to see that they are really low in much of what they have in stock still. I like the Mexican silver since thats the direction I'll go if SHTF and they are running out of everything cheap there. Only 95 olympicos left, and the 5 peso coins are at 180, 192, and 18.

    Ebay is really as close to a real "free market" as we have for metals these days and it is impossible to get anything silver anywhere close to spot now there. At some point the commercial dealers will bring their prices in line with what people are going to be willing to pay.

    The endgame may be nearer than we think.

    By the way, check out my recent article on liquidating my IRAs to buy more gold and silver:

  14. Coolstorybro: "Lol how are those 'OVERSIZEDDDD' gld calls SGS?"

    Posted by silvergoldsilver at 9:18 AM sept 27th.

    "This is a gap up day, I will be taking money off the table on open from all my positions as they MAY try and fill the gap down. If they rally from the beginning I will keep and see how the afternoon squeeze plays out"

    I made money on those GLD calls. Idiot.

    I am assuming you are a BAC troll since you just started posting 3 days ago. Ya keep telling people to invest in Real estate. See you in a year jackfuck.

  15. DEFLATION is a fucking MYTH.

    If you type it, you're supporting the same team that bitch slapped The Precious down this last week. It's nonsense to prop USD up.

    Oh, and stop all the BITCHING. We're here to share ideas and for camaraderie in a world where everyone we know is misinformed, ignorant, and misguided.

  16. I've been 100% in phyzz for 3 years now. Only trades I've made in 3 years are when I was playing the S/G ratio or unwinding a large bar. I make two runs weekly to the local pawn shop where the owner sells me all the silver and gold coins that come in at spot. Been buying that way for over a year now. Don't care what price is and he let's me put it on plastic if I don't have the funds. I know gambling is fun but you know the game is rigged, why put yourself through it?

  17. Welcome to my world SGS... I never worry about price because I own 0% paper. All my money is in phyzz. So it sits in my safe all cozy waiting for my grand children or SHTF.. I could careless about this drop in price. It's good for phyzzites, we can buy more.

  18. I just paid for an education in AGQ, POOF I could have bought a shiny roll of phyzzzzz. FOOKMI

  19. Yes:

    Diabolitio283 said...
    DEFLATION is a fucking MYTH.

  20. diabolitio283 The US government will prop USD up with military force for as long as it can. We have the largest military budget, and the most devastating weaponry. We will actively deploy our military to destroy any currencies that are deemed as a threat. You can count on this because we have been doing that for a hundred years with hundreds of examples and the current president is sold out. Silver and gold won't crash due to deflation, in the long run they will actually go up double or triple during deflation as other country's people lose their currencies first and buy pm's, but in the intermediate term, deflation fears have catalyzed a selloff in pm's that requires a stock meltdown to complete.