Monday, September 26, 2011

Long GLD Calls

Oct 22 $165 strike. Already up a boat load. Candle formation suggest a daily bottom. Be careful, Blythe is capable of anything. Good luck, and LET THEM PRINT TILL THE COWS COME HOME.

Technically, the chart is 150 times better looking then SLV right now as that has been manipulated into oblivion and I cant find anything on it other then to wait it out and see what else she has up her sleeve.

REPEAT: WARNING: Silver could go to $20 tomorrow or $40. This is a psychotic manipulated fuck fest-join us for some fun!


  1. Silver eagles on apmex:

    09-26-2011 20:53:20 === 37348
    09-26-2011 20:55:05 === 37315
    09-26-2011 21:09:21 === 36514
    09-26-2011 21:24:35 === 36215
    09-26-2011 21:25:21 === 36215
    09-26-2011 21:37:42 === 35528
    09-26-2011 21:47:38 === 35276
    09-26-2011 21:53:02 === 35276
    09-26-2011 21:54:03 === 35216
    09-26-2011 22:00:03 === 34996

    They are disappearing...

  2. COMEX expiry is done, time to breathe again...I

  3. Don't you mean "what else she has up her (wizard's) sleeve"?

  4. Garjek, how do you see the inventory?

  5. Re: London Gold Exchange

    How is the london gold exchange not being in London anymore make this story not relevant. You do realize at one point it was a predominate player in London....And you do realize that someone in Hong Kong had to buy this from the owners of the London exchange..... connect the dots friends.

    This is far from a non-event, your scope of the situation is just not wide enough.... I am not saying I know what is exactly going on, but I can't believe this is a small event. You think that this going bust during the paper implosion and the start of the great physical race and currency bonanza is not a big deal? What is a big deal then... I would like to know.

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  7. @Mark

    if you open lets say the american eagle on apmex and you open the source code of the page and search for "onkeydown="updatebuttonKeyDownmoz"
    and you will get a string like this: (event,this, 'ctl10_ctl00_btnAddToCart', 34801
    where 34801 is your inventory number.

    Now I spent 10 minutes of my time writing a script that reads that data and prints it into a text file every 10 minutes.

    I will post daily updates.

  8. I have some flaws in what I said up there, but my point stands in the fact that people are citing Wikipedia for something they have never heard about until today. I call shenanigans. Even Tyler... surprising. Something so unknown that it is irrelevant, or possibly unknown because it is not suppose to be known.

    Similar to the likings of the the ESF financing all of these black-ops (too be fair I have never heard of this as well.)

    Something's fishy with this situation.... and the fact that China is involved, really stinks. It seems the Rothschilds are in Hong Kong these days....

    Something may be here, or it may not be. But I definitely think it warrants more research.

  9. If anyone wants to do any digging is always a great place to start.

    It looks like just an online payment service, last few months they have been reducing their 'transaction Fred's to lure more people into their accounts.

  10. @Garjek I applied that same technique to Gainesville Coins because I was curious as to how many Lunar silver one ounce coins they had available. This raises a question though since it appears they had 158,364 coins and are now down to 140,462, is this correct? How would they have been able to secure so many if there are only supposed to be 300,000 minted?

  11. @ aclelland

    Thanks for the link, maybe it is just nothing. That just looks like a lame digital ponzi scheme.

    Can't be too vigilant in these days.

    I'd rather stretch the mind to possible falsities and come back to the conclusion that it is nothing... than come to the conclusion that it is nothing without stretching the mind of the possibilities....

    If that makes sense :)

  12. $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $ $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20!!!

  13. "Why are you long JPM?"

    I have been doing some data collecting and their is some interesting correlative data between the JPM share price and silver. And, if the EU prints, JPM will be the first to hit its MA and I will be OUT!

  14. Tightening the Noose: France Bans Cash Sales of Gold/Silver over $600

  15. Thanks. Keep us posted, if you don't mind:

    Rich said...

    Hey bud. Take a look at trend line support for SI on the weekly interval. Right on the 200 weekly ema @ 23.20. I think between there and around 23.70 could show us a potential support area, then the weekly 150 ma at 22.15, then the 200 weekly ma @ 20.50.

    Back above $30 on strong volume and I'd like to think we're done, but I've never seen a market as fucked with as this one so I have much less confidence in a statement like that.
    September 26, 2011 10:17 AM

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  17. Bankers Drink Champagne on Balcony While Protesters Occupy Wall St

    Bankers sippin champagne at last part of clip.

  18. Garjek, I am with reefman. Would love to keep tabs on supply levels of physical metals. Shoot me an email with that Javascript if you wouldn't mind:

    In other news, Manassas, Virginia is short on gold & silver. Stopped by two pawn shops on the way home (Manassas Pawn & Dixie Pawn) and was met with little luck.

    Dixie had silver at one point but had been cleaned out earlier in the day (woman bought $1600 of "flatware")

    The guy at Manassas pawn said that he probably wouldn't sell any silver to me even if he had any. (He was a bit of a jerk about it..not sure if I was insulting him by asking)

    Both sellers only sell what they have pawned in to them, so it isn't as though they are experiencing shortages from suppliers...folks just aren't selling their bullion like they used to OR it is getting snatched up super fast.

  19. Question... What do you guys make of the huge OI on the Dec 11 and Jan 2013 $65 AGQ PUTS 33,000+ on each of them

  20. I got one word for everyone to remember: GAPS

  21. Vancouver, BC Silver update:
    VBCE downtown is their only location that has a stack of phyzz.. i was there today and saw at least 8 people buying and 1 person selling.
    Also phoned VBCE Richmond and Granville and they are still dry of phyzz.
    Keep stacking your shiny bricks !

  22. @Ledbedder,

    My nerves are already shot! GAPS in SI?

  23. On a side note, please tell how the hell Perry became the front runner? Paul has been winning all the straw polls and the debates!!!!

    With gold around the $1,600 level and silver trading near $30, today King World News interviewed Sean Boyd, CEO of $11 billion Agnico Eagle. When asked what he sees happening with the global crisis, the price of gold and the
    mining sector, Boyd responded, “We sort of sit back here in the business of producing gold, looking out at the financial landscape and we continue to tell ourselves that nothing has really changed here. The fundamental issues globally still have not been addressed and our theory all along has been that the only way out of this debt mess is to print our way out of it.”

    “The other floor in the price of gold from an industry perspective is the, ‘All in cost.’ Costs to produce are close to $1,100 across the board in the industry. So when you add a little bit of profit or return to that you are in the $1,500 range, that’s what we got close to this morning, with some overreaction in the market. I think we are right around the bottom here.


    Anyone see this!!!!

  25. iShares SLV adds 2.7 Million oz after a 24% Drop in Price

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the SLV silver inventory declined 20 million ounces when silver was taken down from May 2nd to May 4th on a $9 price just 2 days.

    I have been watching the SLV and on SEP 21 when we had the begining of the takedown, we had the following:

    SLV Inventory

    SEP 21 = 318 million
    SEP 22 = 317 million
    SEP 23 = 317 million
    SEP 26 = 320 million

    Yes, there was a measily 1 million ounce decline on the 21st but the real price damage took place on the 22nd & 23rd. How interesting there was an actual ADDITION 3 million ounces....2.7 mil to be exact after a huge 24% decline.

    Believe me you....I don't put much faith in the SLV inventories....but to see a huge drop in price and an addition of 3 million ounces is quite odd.

  26. @malcolm: yes, and you know I'm not talking about the ones to the upside (well, not yet, but they are there). Happy pre-Birthday :)

  27. You can only get one, but its at spot with free shipping...

    Or gold @ spot for $10 shipping...limit one as well.

  28. @malcolm: they could be filled tonight...they aren't that far down, but will need filled all the same. I mean, that was one helluva comeback today, it needs a little breather, believe it or not.

  29. @The Doc: wow, talk about blatant, in your face, here is a middle finger (stinky) right under your nose, we rule the world MF'ers. Thanks for the post. I am officially done being surprised.

  30. Highrise, thanks man, I just bought one of those. I never bought gold before, it felt kind of good.

  31. @SGS and Everyone... You gotta hear this guy... this went out live.

    Trader: The Market is Toast, Goldman Sachs Rules World

  32. @HR408: already did. I believe he is correct. Although, getting into U.S. Treasuries and the dollar? HUH?

  33. @Tom H - I fuckin hate gold. I have some, but I really dont like it. I dont know why, I just hate it. Its ugly.I'll buy it when I can, but Im 95% silver to gold. Glad you got one though. Spread that link like wildfire.

    @Led - Yea... I guess on a trading perspective it might be good, like if you wanna sit in front of 20 screens and trade million dollar contracts every 24 seconds, but not to hold. The dollar is dead. Treasuries are garbage. I think he is stupid for saying, "Im trying to help people out". He should have said "GO BUY ALL THE FUCKING SILVER AND GOLD BULLION YOU CAN RIGHT NOW!"

  34. Led, that was my reaction too. Here is this knight in shining armor doing what no one else has the balls to do, calling out GS and telling the truth about governments, and then he fucks the whole thing up by telling people to buy treasuries. It's almost like Brady coming out of the gates on fire and with seemingless effort, marches to a 21-0 lead, and then throw's four interceptions and loses the game. WTF?

  35. Oh man highrise, you ruined it. This is just like the other day when I ordered 10 cougars only to see SGS tweet ( I hate that fucking word) that they were designed by a blind, retarded boy. Come on man, I got my first 1/10th ounce of gold. YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  36. Appreciate all the posters tech analysis and insight!!!!!!!!

    For my part, I bot more phz. Nothing has changed! We're all going to hell in a hand basket and those who have "wealth" will prosper. PHZ IS WEALTH.

    I have 2 positions in 2X BULL ETF (HZU) @ ~ $6 (Silver ~ $31). This shit's going to go back to $40 me thinks.


  37. Copied this off the Golden Truth from Wil. His one sentence sums it all up
    "Gold must be mined, produced, refined. It is HARD money to work for. Paper promises are EASY to make, EASY to break."

  38. Tom, nice work. I couldn't pass up that deal either. I'm about 90% Ag with various Suisse Au cards. Just wanted to get my hands on that eaglet.

    Other than that, I'm with highrise. You can't really fondle it like silver, and it's nothing like the feeling you get when you dump a few tubes of ASEs out on the carpet. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  39. EP, I play with my silver too; ALOT!


    "It is not immediately clear at this juncture who was selling or why - but in placing such a huge order into the market when the least number of market participants were active tells you that they were out for dramatic effect.

    Anyone looking to offload significant amounts of metal at the best possible price would have done so when both London and New York were both open - this would have ensured they would have hit the market when it was most liquid and ensured they got the best price for their sale.

    Clearly finessing gold into the market was not their motive - they wanted a statement."

    Ross Norman, Sharps Fixley

  41. Already rolled 20 oz of Au into Ag. Dealer going to try to do me another 10oz for a monsterbox tomorrow as long as the ratio stays above 50. Knock it down more bitchez, I have more!

  42. Don't sweat it TOM & EP. I use my Engelhard 10oz bars like Lincoln Logs to reconstruct the Stone Henge when I get bored also.

  43. Highrise - thanks for that! cant wait for package to arrive.

  44. SVM watch : the $7 Oct puts

    Volume was only 1100 or so yesterday, this morning already 11,000 traded but OI only down 5000 from 31k yesterday.

    price / vol / OI
    7.00 11258 26119