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  1. Permanently out of business?? No more gold?? COMEX is next?

  2. 2nd position HZU 5.73 silver $28.29

  3. please check your platforms....can anyone buy PUTS on SLV and SLW for sept 30 OMT?

  4. SGS so you think a rip is coming in Oct then?

  5. dont laugh...using etrade...big ZERO. Only ITM's

  6. What is the implication of this news?

    London Gold Exchange
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    London Gold Exchange is a digital currency exchanger founded in 2001. The London Gold Exchange is owned by LGE International LTD., an offshore company registered in Belize, with offices in London, England and Hong Kong. London Gold Exchange operate 2 franchises, one in the UK and one 'International' which covers everywhere other than the UK. The UK administration office in Central London, with staff based in locations around the UK. The International administration office is in Hong Kong, with staff also operating from mainland China. Technical staff also operate from locations in Australia.

    London Gold Exchange currently buy and sell the following digital currencies:

    * c-gold
    * Liberty Reserve
    * Pecunix
    * v-money

    London Gold Exchange's fees for exchanging fiat currency into digital currency, range from zero percent to six percent.[1]

    Fees for exchanging digital currency back to fiat currency range from zero percent to eight percent.[2]

  7. Things are getting interesting I guess ;)

  8. SLV Out of the money are available at IB

  9. SGS, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

  10. SGS
    SLV P 30SEP11 27.00 US 0.10 5.00
    crazy spread..

  11. @ingots Master...

    I've got IB. Nothing but in the money for Sep 30 '11. Beyond that there are OTM

  12. Looks like the Rothschilds used to be seated on the London Gold Exchange............... and sold their position to the UN/IMF (unconfirmed but what I am initially reading)......

    This is not a small deal..... something is up here. Let's dig up some information..... I will link when I find a good source of information.

    The fact that few of us know what this is means it is very important..... imo

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  14. SGS maybe do an article on recent gold silver margin increases. Lots of confusion about why these are happening, people assume it happens as the price goes up, and now get mindfucked when there are margin increases on the down.

  15. They are referring to the weekly options.

  16. oh we're talking about speciall added options expirations. I always thought those interim added options expirations were garbage since they were added in 08. yeah there's too much risk there for market makers, so they took it off the table and BROKE CONTRACT LAW

  17. All I can say is between 1974 - 1976 we had similar moves, albeit over a 2 year span, not a 3 day span! Is the time span that makes this absurd!

  18. i really don't know what i'm talking about with the weekly options, but I always thought they were garbage with superthin volumes in most stocks

  19. More on the London Gold Exchange:

    Who are we?

    The London Gold Exchange is the World’s largest and most established trader of Digital Currency (also known as e-currency, digital gold and silver or e-money). We are a reputable independent international business with offices in Europe and Asia/Pacific.

    What do we do?

    We are a licensed and accredited Digital Currency Exchange Provider (or Market Maker). Our service gives you a quick, easy and most importantly, safe method to get DC in or out of your account. We have years of e-commerce experience and pride ourselves on our superb customer service.

    Working out of Europe and Asia/Pacific gives us a world wide presence with time zone coverage to enable a 24hour operation.

    Our aim is to give people easy access to the gold and silver economy and allow our customers to benefit from the new e-commerce revolution that is the future of money.

  20. on the phone with optionsxpress rite now
    "i have no idea why we are not making a market on these options, one moment please, let me get on the phone to someone for you"

  21. ICE exchange is experiencing broad ranged technical difficulties in delivering out of the money quotes on slv and many stocks also, he said an alert was just posted about that in his office

  22. So is this good or bad for silver. Sounds bad. Puts mean bets on it to go down, correct? Please help those of us who are more ignorant to suss this out.

  23. Maybe this is the beginning of the paper/digital gold/silver collapse?? Fingers crossed!!!

  24. dude I have no idea, but I think we have reached a level of support here in price, based on the trading activity. A good thing for silver holders is that "premiums over spot on physical" such as eagles and maples actually increased as the spot price went down. If it holds above 27 for a few days, it might stabilize

  25. GLD Ponzi Scheme going down soon?????????

    These revelations should provide a “new filter” through which Rothschild exiting the gold market back in 2004 begins to make a little more sense:

    “LONDON, April 14, 2004 (Reuters) - NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd., the London-based unit of investment bank Rothschild [ROT.UL], will withdraw from trading commodities, including gold, in London as it reviews its operations, it said on Wednesday.”

    Interestingly, GATA’s Bill Murphy speculated about this back in 2004;

    “Why is Rothschild leaving the gold business at this time my colleagues and I conjectured today? Just a guess on my part, but suspect:”



    Coincidentally [or perhaps, not?], GLD Began Trading 11/12/2004

    In light of what has occurred – regarding the Gold ETF, GLD – after reviewing their prospectus yet again, it becomes pretty clear that GLD was established to purposefully deflect investment dollars away from legitimate gold pursuits and to create a stealth, cesspool / catch-all, slush-fund and a likely destination for many of these “salted tungsten bars” where they would never see the light of day – hidden behind the following legalese “shield” from the law:

  26. Yeah I just noticed the same thing, lets hope silver finds support here for while, then starts the slow slog back up the hill. What a fucked up few days these have been, just imagine when things start to get really interesting!!

  27. Just called the VBCE to ask about stock on 10oz bars of silver. They said they have a "good supply"

  28. OMFG I have parkinsons now after 3 trading days, that seemed like 3 weeks

  29. Hi everybody,

    Since this morning at 8h30, 16432 Silver Eagles have left Apmex's inventory, for approximately $500k of business.

    Bubble? People are buying.

    Here you can see a log of Silver Ealges inventory every 5 minutes on
    Mon Sep 26 08:30:03 EDT 2011,68259
    Mon Sep 26 08:35:03 EDT 2011,68232
    Mon Sep 26 08:40:04 EDT 2011,67722
    Mon Sep 26 08:45:03 EDT 2011,67087
    Mon Sep 26 08:50:03 EDT 2011,66827
    Mon Sep 26 08:55:03 EDT 2011,66627
    Mon Sep 26 09:00:03 EDT 2011,66467
    Mon Sep 26 09:05:04 EDT 2011,66306
    Mon Sep 26 09:10:03 EDT 2011,65980
    Mon Sep 26 09:15:03 EDT 2011,65840
    Mon Sep 26 09:20:03 EDT 2011,65055
    Mon Sep 26 09:25:04 EDT 2011,65035
    Mon Sep 26 09:30:03 EDT 2011,65012
    Mon Sep 26 09:35:03 EDT 2011,64149
    Mon Sep 26 09:40:04 EDT 2011,64039
    Mon Sep 26 09:45:04 EDT 2011,63879
    Mon Sep 26 09:50:03 EDT 2011,63373
    Mon Sep 26 09:55:03 EDT 2011,63324
    Mon Sep 26 10:00:04 EDT 2011,62706
    Mon Sep 26 10:05:03 EDT 2011,60194
    Mon Sep 26 10:10:03 EDT 2011,59890
    Mon Sep 26 10:15:03 EDT 2011,57863
    Mon Sep 26 10:20:04 EDT 2011,57203
    Mon Sep 26 10:25:03 EDT 2011,56993
    Mon Sep 26 10:30:03 EDT 2011,56882
    Mon Sep 26 10:35:03 EDT 2011,56459
    Mon Sep 26 10:40:03 EDT 2011,56163
    Mon Sep 26 10:45:04 EDT 2011,55046
    Mon Sep 26 10:50:03 EDT 2011,54606
    Mon Sep 26 10:55:03 EDT 2011,54493
    Mon Sep 26 11:00:03 EDT 2011,53253
    Mon Sep 26 11:05:04 EDT 2011,52398
    Mon Sep 26 11:10:03 EDT 2011,52107
    Mon Sep 26 11:15:03 EDT 2011,51997
    Mon Sep 26 11:20:03 EDT 2011,51827

  30. @mrktwtchr I believe it...I'm one of the people who've been buying...the prices are a gift...

  31. Don't sound the trumpets of relief just yet guys ... from a technical standpoint, (since fundamentals be fuckin' damned), the charts are looking like an In-Neck or On-Neck bearish continuation pattern is forming...let's hope that she pushes through and creates a piercing pattern.. but there may be more downside yet. Just stay hedged in all this turbulence. The most important lesson I've learned (and am still learning) in trading is that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME. Thus .. even the most prescient preconceptions of what should happen can lead you astray.. objective is to make money. And why make money? Why to subsidize phyz stackage of course.

  32. By purposefully blocking OTM SLV strikes, does that not prevent us commonfolk from profiting on the continuing decline silver may see over the next few days/weeks to this 12-14 area that some say is crucial for JPM to exit their shorts? Considering that most people who would be doing this would be turning their profits into physical purchases it makes sense that they'd want to prevent anyone from doing so?

  33. Gainesville coin is posting a message saying there is huge delay on phone and web orders...

  34. @ solidgoldbubble

    You can simply buy OCT or DEC ITM or OTM puts on SLV and SLW if you want to capture any downside move .. I use ThinkorSwim and there is plenty to choose from .. not everything is a conspiracy theory .. and I'm not accusing you of such, just stating that fact.

    In fact .. there's a near 40k OI on the 37 OCT put... yikes.

  35. Another Schiff comedy classic "Silver did not take the stairs up and the elevator down, it missed the elevator and fell down the shaft"

  36. No SLVs on thinkorswim either.

    Was on the phone with Northwest Territorial Mint when they opened at 8am CT this morning. According to the rep, I was #2 and there was already a 45 minute wait. He said demand was MASSIVE! Consider that's 6am for those on the West Coast where many wouldn't even be up yet.

  37. Jamie Dimon Explodes During Private Meeting At The IMF Conference, Says Anti-American Regulations Will Kill Recovery

    "Lloyd Blankfein had to step in." LOL

  38. @ScottJ +1000, I smelled a rat when Rothschild withdrew from gold trading, that was the 'WTF!?' moment of the year, it made no sense at all.

    Now it may.

  39. OMG, Why am I buying gold? This video just opened my eyes. You MUST LISTEN to the reporter very carefully. Gold is NOT backed by anything HELLLLLP!

  40. been buyin' teh dips, and, Damn my ass hurts. Blythe got herself a new strap-on...a big new strap-on...

  41. From what I can tell, silver is having a hard time staying below 30. How long would it need to stay at this support to continue back up?

  42. Just one question.. is london gold exchange what the name implies? is it an equivalent to comex or to shangai? it doesnt look like that to whats the big deal? trading virtual currencies? i dont know maybe im wrong i didnt read much its just at first glimpse...but whats the big deal about it...

  43. A subscriber sent me a link to the London Gold Exchange which closed their doors PERMANENTLY today. Here's the link:

    At first I thought they might be related to the London Metal Exchange but they are not. Just similar names. Here's the description of the London Gold Exchange from Wikipedia:

    "London Gold Exchange is a digital currency exchanger founded in 2001. The London Gold Exchange is owned by LGE International LTD., an offshore company registered in Belize, with offices in London, England and Hong Kong. London Gold Exchange operate 2 franchises, one in the UK and one 'International' which covers everywhere other than the UK. The UK administration office in Central London, with staff based in locations around the UK. The International administration office is in Hong Kong, with staff also operating from mainland China. Technical staff also operate from locations in Australia."

    Yes. This was a DIGITAL gold exchange playing in the gold DERIVATIVE markets. From other articles the London Gold Exchange claimed to be the LARGEST e-gold exchange in the world.


    This surely can't be good news for their customers or the COUNTER PARTIES on the other end of these paper/electronic gold derivative transactions. The ripple effect of an implosion of gold and silver derivatives will set off the long awaited "Weapon of Mass Financial Destruction". I doubt this will be big enough to start the crash but it is definitely a sign of things to come.

    Then again, there is not much difference between an e-DIGITAL market and the COMEX market as both are just electronic derivatives of gold and silver. It's possible that September will be the largest volume month for COMEX silver in history... meaning north of 3,000,000 contracts traded representing over 15 Billion Ounces of SILVER! To add some context there's only about 30M ounces of physical silver available for delivery in the COMEX warehouses which represents a 500-1 ratio of paper trades against physical silver available for delivery in the month...and this is how the price is set for physical commodities in this age of paper Ponzi Schemes.

    I know it is difficult to ride out these slams but this IS the end game so...


    Obviously, it looks like we are going to have to EARN the future rewards on our physical gold and silver investment once again. So be it!

    We saw it coming long ago and IF you survive another few months with your METAL IN HAND then you will be one of the ONLY investors in the world to have preserved their wealth after the CRASH.

    Keep and eye out for the END of the THIRD quarter as there should be MANY surprises in OCTOBER.

    For those of you sweating this one just pop this in your mouth!

    Your Silver Pacifier

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

  44. Good question Daniel. So far I've seen a lot of speculation and wikipedia quotations, but not much in the way of hard facts. Do we even have any idea what kind of business they have been doing? Let's get to the numbers.


    I normally check the gold and silver eagle sales at the US MINT every few days. Up until about WED of last week the total silver eagle sales were 1,400,000. When they did update the figures from Monday to Wednesday they only increased about 70,000. This weekend I checked and they moved up substancially to 2.3 million or an increase of 900,000 in just a few days.

    Furthermore, I look forward to see what the SLV silver inventory will be today. Check out the following:

    MAY 2 = 354 million
    May 4 = 334 million (drop of 20 million oz)

    This is when silver got taken down from $48-$39 in 2 days.

    SEPT 21 = 317 million
    SEPT 23 = 317 million

    Last week we had another $9 move in 2 days but NO REDUCTION IN SLV INVENTORY???

    Anyhow....the world financial markets are imploding and I watched that trader on BBC that ZeroHedge mentioned. He says the markets are going to implode and everyone is getting into 30 year Treasuries and dollars....LOLOL.

    That's the SAFEHAVEN??

    What a night aye?

  46. Fuckin' fuck.

    Second time in line today. As soon as I see my dealer, the fuck ratio drops to today's low.

    Let's try my luck again!

  47. Weather Unit, are you saying not to buy gold/silver and to put your money and trust in US dollars? Treasury Bonds? Euros? Francs? Purina Dog Food? Where?

    Not that you care but it's not that we give a shit about a shiny metal .. it's that thousands of years of economic law has always landed on gold/silver being the free market's choice for a reliable and tangible medium of exchange for goods and services ... are you suggesting that the US dollar can be printed at will ad infinitum without consequence?

  48. Bernakster got his wish! If ppl are buying treasuries, then the FED doesnt need to print.

  49. OK, I found the reason for the take down, its Jacques Cousteau!

  50. "Kabooomskie"

    Is SGS..a polack?

  51. Is that $150 million of now about $90 million, ha

  52. holy balls .. now THAT's a hammer formation on the futures .. Thor would be proud.

  53. Truths1981: Do you as Matt Drudge, CNN, and CTV why they post certain news? I guess your IQ must be in the negatives because you can't figure out I post news. News comes from many sources. Go ask them--don't ask me.

    Most of your pals here lack the same though process. You might ponder that for a moment.

    Now go keep buying that PHYZZ and get some TKRFF right away too.

  54. I have to say....I don't know any of you on the blog personally, but its nice to know there are like minded people in a sea of sheep.

    It looks like we are indeed at the end game with this Fiat Currency-Fractional Reserve-Compound Interest System. This ponzi scheme was allowed to go on for quite along time due to the fact the global oil supply could grow with it.

    Well that is now over. For those who don't believe in PEAK OIL...there is nothing I can say to convince except to say just stay alive for a few more years and it will become apparent.

    The peaking of OIL and the Falling EROI -energy returned on invested is destroying the current Fiat Monetary System.

    If we do have a severe collapse by 2012....GLOBAL SILVER PRODUCTION will peak and that will be the end of it. We will probably see at least a 20-30% decline in global silver production by 2014-15....maybe even more.

    Even after this huge takedown....this will be the cheapest silver one can obtain.

    Happy trading

  55. Marc Faber said today 1100$ level for gold is possible short-term. Where do you think silver could bottom?

  56. I like how silver was taken down to $26 this morning, wish I was around to get in on that.

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  58. It's cool, breezy rainy day here in the GPNW!

    I feel like sleeping, I have seen this movie before and know the plot, the characters, and even the dialog but I cant remember the ending maybe I should set my timer to 10 mins before its over!

  59. For Malcolm and anyone else in Seattle:

    I called both West Seattle Coin & Northgate Rare Coins & Precious Metals this morning.

    West Seattle Coin has plenty of generic 1 oz. silver rounds at $1.60 over spot.

    NRC&PM didn't have ANY silver in stock and isn't expecting any for one to two weeks!

  60. With money going into Treasuries, I wonder if China is selling their Trillion dollar worth of Treausry notes and bonds. If they don't reduce their holding now, I am not sure they will ever have any chance in doing so. Several Chinese economic analysts had repeatly calling for the reduction of US dollar and Treaury holding. In fact, Chinese gov official had verbally attacked the US dollar being a reserve currency. Now, with US treasury being an hot item and precise metals and other metals are beaten down. If I were the Chinese official, I would reduce the treasury and buy precise metals, industrial commodity and oil. This would align with what they had been saying all along.

  61. @SRS Rocco

    Have you entertained the theory that while we may be at a Peak Oil situation, the presumption that fossils decomposition is the source for oil, or whatever crap they spew these days? Doesn't it make more sense that the supply/origination of oil has been distorted to create a supply and demand market, one in which they can control and use to their benefit in a multitude of ways.

    Regardless, I think the whole energy industry is bullshit as it is. Just the same as the medicine industry... any type of innovation that could revolutionize the world and free the common man, would not be allowed to be released. Instead, we must live in their system of oppressing technology, full of IPADS and other useless shit, in which they can shape and learn the publics movements.....

    Yawn... this stuff really is surreal.

  62. Looks like Ag companies are truly disconnecting from the Comex price.
    Silver price today is US$35.00 per oz

  63. GreenTrivial: You are how rumors get started. Go listen to Marc Faber again.

  64. @WU: Looks like I hit a nerve. Firstly, empty bottles of Prozac don't refill themselves. Second, way to skirt my questions and replace any meaningful answers with mindless accusations. Unless you're under Blankfein's office desk right now, your crystal ball suggestions (I'm sorry, "news") have the same cracks as any of ours.

  65. @SRSrocco:

    It would be interesting to see some analysis on how Peak Oil is driving the markets today. You get knuckleheads like The Weather Unit that aren't accounting for this major factor in the ceiling on global stock markets. It's a perfect storm as far as I see it: Peak Oil combined with Sovereign Debt, mixed in with a Monetary Crisis, and a dash of Bank Insolvency and we have an unmistakable recipe for disaster and socio-economic meltdown.

    Throw that in with declining ore quality globally, as commodities peak, and silver is a bad investment? Doubt it. Those in the know will keep stacking, and preferably on the cheap. I could care less if we are looking at blatant manipulation, because there will come a time when manipulation is either no longer possible, or meaningless as real purchasing power is relegated to true stores of value.

  66. Mark,

    Im out of cash, I bought 3 day in the downturn! I would liquidate some of my miners if they werent in the L category.


    "egardless, I think the whole energy industry is bullshit as it is. Just the same as the medicine industry... any type of innovation that could revolutionize the world and free the common man, would not be allowed to be released'


  67. Yousif....I have written blog pieces in different blogs on peak oil but no articles on websites. I have written an artile titled:

    "Peak Silver and Mining by a Falling EROI"

    You can find that article at the link above. I have spent a great deal of time reading many engineers and geologists on the OilDrum and in other sites.

    The world global supply of oil has hit a plateau over the past 5 years...even with record high prices. All 3 big oil companies proven reserves have declined substancially since 2000 in the USA and 2 of the 3 have dropped ZEROHEDGE if they will publish this sort of material.

    The world contracts from here.....Growth is dead, so owning gold and silver will be some of the best stores of wealth anyone can find. Treasuries and Bonds will implode due to the fact there will not be the availiable cheap energy to burn to produce stuff to back the Bonds and Treasuries of the world.

  68. somehow that last comment got butchered. What is missing is this. I am working on a new PEAK SILVER UPDATE that will be published on SGS website, Market Oracle, Goldseek, Silver Seek, hopefully Financial Sense and I got my fingers crossed that ZEROHEDGE might publish it as well.

    I have another article that explains the collapse of the US Empire and world econmies by a falling EROI.

  69. @WU: Make up your mind, you are worse than the talking heads at trying to create fear for attention: A quick recap of the last 24 hours:

    $28.94 and dropping quite rapidly. The raid is on! More rising margin requirements this week.

    Closing in on the TEENS soon!


    The News UNIT
    September 26, 2011 12:12 AM

    $28.65 sorry
    September 26, 2011 12:13 AM

    $28.56 sorry.

    I keep having typo errors here.
    September 26, 2011 12:17 AM

    $28.47 sorry
    September 26, 2011 12:18 AM

    You guys were right I'm a real dumb ass for selling out. I'm such a loser and I admit it now. Thanks for pointing all that out.
    September 26, 2011 12:19 AM

    $28.23 oops
    September 26, 2011 12:20 AM


    That just looks like it's going down to me but I only have half the picture here. I should be buying with both hands.
    September 26, 2011 12:22 AM

    **Personal note, what the fuck, buy bonds are you serious? Get bent for suggesting such a stupid idea**


    I meant to say $28.10


    Enough now Highrise is loading up here.
    September 26, 2011 12:26 AM
    Will it hit $27.00 ?

    Just give it about 20 minutes here. Maybe less.
    September 26, 2011 12:28 AM
    Highrise you are one tough dude I don't want to mess with. I just shudder every time I see my address.

    But how do you feel when you see:

    $28.02 ?
    September 26, 2011 12:30 AM
    Keep stackin' boyz! No wait!...Not just yet:

    Another dip coming here soon...

    September 26, 2011 12:31 AM


    And then today I see:

    Buy Gold:
    Marc Faber Says Buy Gold
    September 26, 2011 12:38 PM


    Please do yourself a favor and just stop, nobody here cares. Believe it or not, people are discussing real things here and don't care about your website. That is why the discussion isn't happening on your website.

    Just had to mention it. Go home troll/immature attention seeker.... there are bigger problems going on in the world than driving traffic to your website and creating fear.

  70. @ Scott J,

    On face value there could be something to your argument about the origination of oil. However, the only other viable option to the prevailing theory of fossilized algae cooked under the pressure of miles of rock is abiogenic theory. However, this theory has many additional problems.

    If abiogenic oil is true then companies like Shell and Chevron, among others would not be dumping billions into the development of algae fuels. BP wouldn't be drilling under a mile of ocean, and offshore Brazilian reserves wouldn't even be newsworthy if Peak Oil wasn't the prevailing reality in global energy. They know about the reality of peak oil, and are gearing future investments into alternatives. If anything official estimates on global oil reserves are inflated. Big oil is at the mercy of supply and demand, and they know it.

    NATO wouldn't have been so jumpy with their trigger finger when it comes to Lybia if this weren't the case, and the US wouldn't have taken such imperialistic foreign policy stances in the Middle East if the production and transport of fossil fuel wasn't such a dire situation, and so necessary to keep the American machine running. Once the iron-clad realities of Peak Oil hit the game is over, because there is no viable alternative that can replace the economic production capacities of cheap, easy oil.

  71. Looks like we are holding at $1600 and $30 for the last few hours. If this keeps up, then we may have put in at least a temporary base/hit the elevator shafts floor!

  72. He never said bonds, my bad. Misread in a quick attempt to recap his chatter, evident that not much time was taken in doing so. Apologies.

    And interesting Jedpaschall, I just find it hard to believe these things as truth in such an age of deceit. Guess we will find out soon enough.

  73. If China is dumping treasuries that would be extremely bad news for the dollar. What if one day they announce, "We no longer hold trillions of dollars of T-bills and are now going to back the Remninbi with gold." That would be the economic version of Pearl Harbor.

  74. Check EndlessMountain... his 26.32 fib level seems to be accurate

  75. SGS,

    Just bought some rounds of Silver Malpes.

    Your promotioncal code allowed me to get 1 extra silver coin.

    U own!

  76. If I were China I'd be really pissed right now.

    I'd be pissed that the US is running up excessive debt levels and spinning it all as business as usual.

    I'd be pissed that the western central banks are printing from heaven to earth trying to bail out the same speculators who lost on the housing bubble, who have again lost on the greek/euro carry-trade fiasco.

    I'd be pissed that just two years ago these same clowns were accusing China of being the bad guy for currency manipulation.

    I'd be pissed that these clowns are now accusing China of hoarding rare earth and precious metals, instead of choking on yet another trillion in western paper.

    I'd be pissed when someone like Timmy has the gall to land in China and smugly say their investments in treasuries are 'safe'.

    I'd be pissed when Ben openly admits they are going to distort the treasury markets and thereby alter investment scenarios for foreign holders of that same debt.

    I'm no fan of the Chinese for any number of reasons. I'm just saying I'd understand why they're pissed.

    Paper Tiger, meet Paper Eagle.

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  78. @mrktwtchr, We are now up to 31,000 ASE's sold today. :)


    Orders 9.30-5 Only
    Due to the current volatile markets and an extremely high number of orders we will only accept new orders between 9.30 am and 5 pm until further notice. We have done this so that we can maintain our usual high level of service.

    First they say not taking orders over the weekend, now only taking orders while there's someone in the office ready to press the panic button and shut down the whole site next time there's a 15% intraday fuckjob. That's the next stage for all this - dealers refusing to take orders for extended periods of time. It's coming, surely.

  80. Taking off as we head to the end of 4 PM trading. Well, WU, let me be the 1st to rub it in on you- today, your gloom and doom FAILS.

  81. Thorfinnr, I highly doubt WU cares whether he is right or wrong. For him, it seems the only thing that matters is frequency. It's kind of like Paris Hilton, she doesn't care if you see her sucking cock in a porn video or at one of those gay ass hollywood award shows that the sheep can't get enough of, as long as you see her. That's what her make up is, as is that of the Weather Douche.

  82. apparently, london gold exchange neither traded gold, nor is located in london... thus is irrelevant.

    zerohedge for more.

  83. Offtopic but SVM's afternoon stiffy just poked me in the side.

    watching that $7 put volume shows me the shorts are still holding strong tho.

  84. Perfect On-Neck formation as suggested earlier. This is typically a bearish continuation pattern so hedge up before the close if you have any losing paper positions.

  85. maradv said...
    apparently, london gold exchange neither traded gold, nor is located in london... thus is irrelevant. why is it on a big HEADLINE ON THIS SITE? Is somebody being objective or simply trying to scare you with disinformation?? I am all pro commodities...but you cant write that kind of nonsense...

  86. How is the london gold exchange not being in London anymore make this story not relevant. You do realize at one point it was a predominate player in London....And you do realize that someone in Hong Kong had to buy this from the owners of the London exchange..... connect the dots friends.

    This is far from a non-event, your scope of the situation is just not wide enough.... I am not saying I know what is exactly going on, but I can tell you this is not a small event. You think that this going bust during the paper implosion and the start of the great physical race and currency bonanza is not a big deal? What is a big deal then... I would like to know.

  87. "On face value there could be something to your argument about the origination of oil. However, the only other viable option to the prevailing theory of fossilized algae cooked under the pressure of miles of rock is abiogenic theory."


    I wrote a bunch of posts on LATOC about this in the past. Abiotic people often have their head in the sand, just like those that promote a cold fusion style dues ex machina solution.

    Fact of the matter is that depleted fields are staying depleted from a production perspective. If we found out that abiotic fields can 100% refill a field like a big self charging batter of a million years does it really matter? We emptied the world supply at a rate that looks almost exponential when charted. The Abiotic refill process looks nothing like this, so it's simply not going to help.

    If it was 10,000 times faster, and refilled ghawar in 100 years, at todays extraction rates were capped, we would still not have it filling fast enough to make it sustainable.

    So, it really doesn't matter if aboitic oil is fact or not as depeted fields from the first half of the century are not coming back to life.

  88. I don't get this story? To me it looks like an over leveraged bucketshop?

    Don't let the name fool you. I once nearly traded with Saxobank, until I found out they used the name bank, but had no banking licence (in 2007 anyway). What in a name?

  89. you have to check this shit out?.. is it true? or BS?
    7 million ounces of silver found

  90. @ Fourth,


    Good point. In which case the peak oil models are still in play. But, what I don't understand is how abiotic proponents deal with organic fuel sources, especially the up and coming algae fuels that have similar ester structure to crude oil. Anyway, probably is of little consequence to the current discussion.

    I came across the peak oil movement long before I got into PM's, and frankly PM's have been the 'silver lining' to the brewing macroeconomic disaster on the horizon over energy.