Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Auguest 2nd, 2010

Guess Who???

"THE devastation wrought by the great recession is still all too real for millions of Americans who lost their jobs, businesses and homes. The scars of the crisis are fresh, and every new economic report brings another wave of anxiety. That uncertainty is understandable, but a review of recent data on the American economy shows that we are on a path back to growth.

The recession that began in late 2007 was extraordinarily severe, but the actions we took at its height to stimulate the economy helped arrest the freefall, preventing an even deeper collapse and putting the economy on the road to recovery.

From the start, President Obama made clear that recovery from a crisis of this magnitude would not come quickly and that the recovery would not follow a straight line. We saw that this past spring, when the European fiscal crisis posed a serious challenge to the markets and to business confidence, dampening investment and the rate of growth here. "

Guess FIRST in the comments then click the link below LOL.

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  1. "A bit dated don't you think?"

    Its to show stupidity over time.

  2. 13 months later and we are deeper down the hole.

    Silver closed at $18.30 an ounce on August 2, 2010. Gold closed at $1,182.90

    I remember waiting for a dip down to $17 around that time period, and it never came, even to this day.

    Exactly 1 year ago today silver went over $20 and its never gone below that since!

  3. Great rant!


  4. Shows what a bunck of lying fucksticks Turbo Timmay and his brownish douchsack of a boss are...

  5. Just for the record, Anyone waiting for Bart Chilton to right the wrongs of the Bullion Bankers and their nasty tricks is in for a rude awakening. The games will not end with his statement/testimony. Stack weakness, sell strength, BTFD and play the game, we ARE NOT in the 4th quarter.

  6. OK, this is classic! I am Slattery!


  7. It`s nice to show these statements few years later because people have the real life experience to compare `em with and shows what a bunch of hogwash they were even if spoken with most seriousness and seemingly full blown candor.

    Had similar blast from the past piece with ninja guru Jedi Master Dr. Doom and his epic failed prediction on gold price. http://juicygrabs.blogspot.com/2011/09/is-media-worshipping-fake-gurus-nouriel.html

  8. Sounds like Obama. I guess obama and geithner share the same speech writer. Maybe they also share the same speeches, lol.

  9. Also, a good FrontLine blast from the past


  10. My best guess would be Timothy F. Geithner, also known as the Chief-refueling officer, who refuels the inkt-cartridges with soylent green for our Chief Printing Officer the Bernanke.

  11. slightly off topic, but does anyone know if Chavez got his gold back ?

  12. Urgh. I got half way through that link and couldn't read any more. The neurolinguistic programming techniques were making me feel sick.


    There, I said it. Feel better now.

  13. Yes, Chavez got his gold back. Probably because he is uniquely positioned to have made a lot of noise otherwise.