Monday, August 29, 2011

LOL, Monday Spin, LOL Enjoy.


  1. Perth Mint calling you out bro:

    No Truth In “Chinese” Rumour

    August 29 2011

    Topics [ silver bullion coins Australian Koala Australian Kookaburra Year of the Dragon ]

    Posted By Ron Currie


    Anyone who read the following post on ‘silvergoldsilver’ and was alarmed enough to email The Perth Mint has no cause for concern.


    There is no truth to this claim at all.

    In reference to the 1oz Dragon silver bullion coins, dealers in Australia and our main overseas markets of Europe and America who have supported the Australian Lunar Series II over the past four years have been allocated coins. The numbers they will receive is directly related to the quantity of coins they have taken in previous years of this 12-year Series.

    We have stocks of 2012 Australian Kookaburra 1oz silver bullion coins (500,000 mintage) which we are supplying to dealers as they are ordered.

    There is no mintage limit to 2012 Australian Koala 1oz silver bullion coins, which will be launched on 1 November 2011 and be offered for sale until the end of 2012.

  2. LOL!!!

    @SGS, where the fuck did you find this guy! LOL

    "A big fraternity of dick riders" lol

  3. I used to subscribe to CoryC until he spent everyday beating up on SGTBull. Sure you don't like him. Its fine to make his point, and he has a good point, but to just harp on SGT being Bullshit for instance, is retarded and childish.

  4. BTW Cory, Andrew McGuire already came out and is real.

  5. So this guy has a website or something?

    Sound like he has a beef with SGTbull, any reason why?

    I mean fuck I like a good expletive every now and then but damn this guy bets me, SGS and who ever else on the blog together!

  6. Reminds me of when my dog used to chase his tail.

  7. Ledbedder said...
    Looking at 40.255 +/-
    August 28, 2011 8:39 PM

    Actual low was 40.35. Was trading around 41.22, for gain (at the low) of $4,350. I can live with that.

  8. Who is this guy? Cory? Like a 12-year-old girl's tweeney bopper crush Cory?

    Ask the hard questions eh?

    Like, "Hey Bill Murphy, you were on the ground floor of the real money counter-culture and have devoted a great deal of your life to exposing the fraud and corruption in our current monetary system, but fuck you, and have you ever thought about fucking any of your wife's close friends?"

    "Yeah. That's right Bill Murphy. You aint gettin to softballs from me. drrrrrrrrrrr!"

  9. WOW, he had a lot of good dick jokes second only to the movie weird science. All time best dick jokes!
    I agree with him except...developing...the manipulation dicks me when they drop the price from 50 to 33 and put the fuck on my options or mining shares. So it's rigged fine but don't put a rolling pin to my nut sack and expect me to smile.

  10. For any of you doubters, I can assure you Andy Maguire is a real person. I have personally communicated with him and in real time he demonstrated the daily take down in silver on several occasions.

    Any is also partners with Paul Coghlan and they operate a real time trading site @

    This Cory dude is a total tool although I agree with him on a few minor points, 1. Gold and Silver are great investments as a hedge against fiat (Agreed) 2. Most people trade paper for the profit not for taking deliver (Agreed) OTOH, I happen to know first hand that certain longs have stood fro delivery and were paid 75% premium to spot for silver in order to relinquish their contract demand. This is NOT Bullshit its fact.

  11. Thanks for posting SGS! There are things in his video I could take the other side of, but then that would look like I cared.

  12. I guess this Dick Head doesn't believe when it comes out in the CFTC hearings that Precious Metal are treated like Fractionated Banking, And for every physical Troy ounce, there are a hundred pieces of paper ! Demand for the Physical is out stripping supply ! What a Jackass !

  13. Look at all the comments on Cory's video. Talk about a clinic in sucking cock! His followers go down to the base and choke on his cock, loving every inch. They should get a room. Here's my video response to Cory...

    37, bitchez!

  14. Looked like the Morgue was trying to CYA today on a low volume, easily manipulated market. There was a nice gentle slope down for silver to counter the blatant manipulation that took place on the 24th and 25th. 'See. No manipulation here. It's after expiry and silver really IS going down.' Funny that my PSLV had an enormous spike in volume right when it hit the low for the day. Oh, must be coincidence. I was hoping to cash in on a tag-along short sell myself when I saw things were down after Asian and European trading, but these folks are slick, slick, slick. Bet you it will be up, up and up tomorrow. They don't want anyone from outside the loop to start reading their game.

  15. SGS,

    Noticed that PAAS has issued a normal course issue bid. Wonder if they're going the route of SVM to combat the manipulation of their stock value.

  16. This guy is certifiably mentally ill. He has some sexual hang up which is clearly manifest from his dress and speech. This in turn affects severely his critical thinking skills and ability to articulate clear, rational, and fact based arguments and conclusions. Subtract all of the profanity and listen to only the audio, and you come away with not one shred of new information that would affect your understanding of neither the markets nor the central point he is trying to make. There is no credibility whatsoever in this morons display of ignorance. Laugh because sadly there really are ignorant stupid people like this in great quantities in this world.

  17. Corey does have a valid point as long as it has an agreeable value people will trade anything.

    1. Carbon credits are created out of thin air with no underlying commodity.

    2. Platinum is 10x times rarer than gold but it is currently trading around the same price.

  18. So nobody is manipulating Silver and nobody ever takes delivery of wheat.

    I wonder where bread comes from?

    Anyone that has to swear to get their point across is showing signs of low intelligence and lack of self-confidence.

  19. Some hilarious jerk off which gets messy in the middle lol. Please though "snowballing"? some things I just do not need to know...makes me want to barf.

  20. Excellent queef laden circular logic with just enough dirt lumpage mixed in with wrong facts to make a stellar dog shit souffle.

    What are the futures contracts looking like for brains these days? I'll never take delivery on it (since no one ever takes delivery of any commodity in a futrues contract sense, they only do it TO MAKE MONEY DUH!), but I figure I may as well make some money..

  21. He claims that the banks short the PM's to make money and not to own any physical at all. Only to trade for a profit but not to own the underlying. He's wrong...

    Here's the way i see it:
    The banks have the ability through the government to get bailed out if anything goes wrong. Oldest international bankers trick in the book: Socialize the losses and privatize the gains.

    The actual owner's of the banks take all the profits they make from their immoral fractional reserve lending scheme to buy up all the physical gold and silver for their PERSONAL accounts. They then use their own business (the banks) to short contracts/shares to keep the price lower for them to buy the physs at low prices and also to keep the price low so the public interest stays out of it.

    They know that their business will will get bailed out by the people of the US if they show massive losses on their balance sheets. Sure their isn't any physs on the banks balance sheets but what about the personal balance sheets of the banks owners??