Tuesday, August 9, 2011

knock knock

Who's there?


Silver who?

Silver I get manipulated, beaten, and fucked constantly even when my big bad ass brother goes to $1800 overnight and even when Oil has a $5 reversal and even when we think the ben bernanke is going to QE3 us and even when the financial system is going to collapse and even when cocoa and CBOT wheat went green....fuck it.

Someone should ask if JPM's Gold outlook is $2500 what is their silver outlook.

The rains came last night, my patience is being tested.


  1. It is like being in line at the checkout and all the other lines seem to be moving more quickly, Have faith that they will not close the lane just as you get to the register!

  2. Silver is gonna rocketship soon, no need to get impatient. Silver represents the achilles heel of the financial system b/c while the "market" (hft algos) may try and convince people that it is not a monetary metal, the price explosion when the over-leveraged paper game blows up in the faces of the currency masters will tell the story. Most people are still busy trying to figure out if gold is "tradition" or money. It seems that question is being answered, and silver will be soon to follow. Gold usually leads silver and then silver explodes to the upside in no time at all.

    Keep up the good work,
    Scott J

  3. Silver is such a good whore, she sits there and takes up the "exit only" from the drooling short fat pimps in white Nikes who think this game will go on for eternity.

    Gold tickled 1764, the end is neigh!!!

    I listened to an Obama clip on CBC radio yesterday. Why does no one with financial clout challenge the man on prime time? Why does Obama think his soon to be $17 Trillion debt deserves a Quadruple A (AAAA)? Why is it that when Benji speaks Congressman only have 5 minutes (WTF?)? Why doesn't he face a panel of 3 top finance experts for 2 hours on national TV? Why is the US system set up to allow such a serious subject just a superficial head fake? No wonder the US is doomed - Nobody will force the crooks to explain themselves in front national TV! Unbelievable!

  4. @sgs..the idleness of silver bewilders me...when is it gonna rocket..seems like the rains have come but they are raining upon deserts!!

  5. http://thenewsunit.blogspot.com/2011/08/beware-of-hirelings-such-as-mr-sgs.html

    Why wont this idiot just die?

    Keep up the good work SGS,

  6. Ted Butler said, "The monthly Bank Participation Report, also as of Tuesday and published on Friday, confirmed that JPMorgan had increased its net short position in COMEX silver futures by roughly 3,000 contracts over the past month. I would estimate that JPM is now net short 20,000 to 21,000 contracts (100 to 105 million ounces). JPMorgan’s net silver short position on the COMEX is significantly lower than peak levels over the past few years, although it has grown very recently. There is no question that the overall reduction in JPMorgan’s concentrated short position coincides with and, to a large extent, explains the dramatic increase in the price of silver over the past few years. It is clear to me that JPM wants out of its concentrated silver short position and is staging a strategic retreat. Like an army retreating from a losing battle, there is no practical option of sudden disengagement for JPMorgan in silver. Just as a retreating army would be mowed down if it tried to haphazardly run away from the battlefield, if JPMorgan rushed to buy back its remaining silver short position, the price would explode. I would contend that this is further proof that JPMorgan has manipulated the price of silver. That JPM short covering to date has resulted in silver doubling and tripling in price is obvious; that they must still sell additional amounts from time to time to keep from having the price of silver explode is also obvious."

  7. The public is too involved in silver. When all these people including those on this site finally throw in the towel on silver, twill be the time to buy and hold. However, silver is all over every website everywhere...too many people think they will get rich owning silver. It's not that easy. Playing the gold/silver ratio to rise over the past months has been the way to go as every here and all there mothers everywhere had silver going to a 100 by next year. Come on..you really think making money is that easy? Sheep

  8. Never fear. Watch this


    Excellent analysis of the latest Silver price

  9. @ Buck, exactly, no politician ever has to answer any real questions from real people. I used to waste my time writing to my Congressmen. Not once, in all the letters I wrote, did the response ever come even remotely close to answering the question I had posed in the first place. As a matter of fact, the form letter responses from Congress are a fucking condescending joke. Their fraud is so in your face and they don't ever get asked a real question.

    I watched a piece on my local news this morning about how "Cash for Gold" shops are booming and it was basically a sales piece to get sheeple to go turn in their gold. The fucking loser store owner said, " this is aabout an ounce of gold here. Now this is 14 and 18k but if it was pure gold, you would get about $1650."

    So help me get this straight, if you were holding something other than what you are holding, then I might get maybe about $1650. Why not tell me the value of what you are holding dickhead? I can look on the computer and find the spot price retard. But who brings .999 bullion to the cash for gold shop?

    At the end, the commentator says, "now remember before you go sell all your gold, some experts say it could still go up another 25%."

    25% huh? You mean today you piece of shit? What a fucking joke the news is.

  10. I'm resigned. Silver may or may not explode to the upside. But it's going to retain value. In 10 years, we know what we want to have buried in our backyards (hint: not green paper). So this may play out very slowly. Who cares? Do you sleep better knowing you have PHYZZ? I do. The experts tel us "Don't fight the trend." Well, the trend is on our side. We don't collect PHYZZ to get rich quick. We collect PHYZZ to have something left when the house comes down.

  11. Crusso the public doesnt own shit

  12. Crusso, who said making money on silver was easy? However, I will come out and say that I started buying when it was 18 and bought most of my stash around 20-22. As I sit here today writing this, it seems to me that the crapload of money I have made on silver has been pretty fucking easy.....I'm just sayin'...

  13. For some reason, I sense that

    WU = DanSheep = Victory Report.

    It is getting annoying.

  14. i just dont understand how someone is so obsessed with trolling

  15. Looks like silver price has a date with JPM share price today.

  16. I seem to recall that this is typical PM behavior in the hours up into the FOMC. Push both down (I see gold down off the highs now) to manage expectations and to contain the explosion afterwards.

  17. off to the coin store. It's like Christmas!

  18. Im not that dirty troll WU. Dont worry. Perhaps I shouldnt have posted that link. There is method in what he does on this blogspot, but it will never work. He admires this blogspot, so created his own. In order to gain hits he tries to discredit SGS,and bring you guys over to his. Problem is his blog is shit and he knows F-ALL. Its evident has some serious psychological problems. I suggest he sell us his silver and put the funds towards a neuroleptic treatment to get him the help he needs..

  19. Silver is behaving like a typical shorted commodity - not considered money under the SLV. Once the shorts latch on and make money they tend to sit there for months and years milking every penny. Just look at the peanut brained a-holes on the Yahoo SLV board taunting longs. Same idiots have been there for months if not years. Pathetic POS. No question SLV has a huge naked short following - the question is how are they removed? Repetitive pimple squeeze or what?

  20. check this out http://m.post1.org/live-silver-prices/

  21. Hold Your Silver and turn the computer off.
    And turn it on in the 20's

  22. When silver hits $48 all my purchases will be in the money (yeah, I was chasing strength). But with early purchases at $4, my PHYZZ averages to $24, so I'm not crying. Just bought on Friday before S&P announced. Jeez, if I had waited until yesterday ... but who knew?

    @SGS: maybe when you set up forums you can split the futures traders off from the PHYZZ stackers. They are dying as the rest of us are buying. I think that's what leads to some of the nasty knife-fights in the comments.

    A thought for readers: Consider buying both junk silver as well as silver bars/rounds. If Mike Lee's bill passes then silver coin appreciation will not be Federally taxed. OTOH it is easier to move non-monetary PMs out of the country b/c only "currency" has to be declared. Diversify and survive.

  23. Keep stacking phyzz.

    I love the current manipulation, because silver is on a fire sale right now.

    I laugh at the noobs who freak out because silver is "volatile", and quit after holding it for ONLY a couple of months.

    From 2001 to 2011, even with all of the manipulations against it, Silver went from $4 to $40, a 1000% increase! Flipping real estate in the mid-00s and tech stocks in the late-90's didn't see those kind of returns.

    Silver is only for the hardcore and not the weaklings who stare at day-to-day swiggles.

    (for noobs) Stop having brokeman's thinking by going day to day, month to month, quarter to quarter; and start having a richman's mentality of looking year to year, decade to decade. Silver is King in these terms.

    While my peers are clowning around with college degrees, 401ks, mutual funds, and falsely thinking a mortgage is an asset (instead of being an expense), I'm stacking phyzz.

    Phyzz is much better than debt or losses.

  24. "Silver is such a good whore...."

    Yeah, she´s a good one too. I´ve been buying her ass for the last few years now. She´s getting more and more expensive over time. To think, I used to be able to buy her like an all day fucky-fucky thai girl for 13 bucks a pop. Now she won´t blow me for under 38.