Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100% of Commodiites Green BUT.....

Crude +1
ICE +.089
Nat gas +.48
gasoline +1.44
Gold +1.03
Platimun +1.16
copper +.064
corn +.22
wheat +.29
soybean +.78
hogs +.30
cotton +1.82
sugar + 2.85
Lumber LUMBER is even fucking green .41

SILVER -3.43 %

Welcome to the big leagues.


  1. btfd, indeed. It's on sale. We should be loving Blythe today, unless you had to sell some for beans and rice...

  2. the fact of the matter is that silver is neither money nor a safe haven. It's just a piece of metal. If the past several days haven't made that clear to you, I don't know what possibly could.

    Gold is money. Silver is not. End of story.


  3. lol
    I think we all called this one yesterday.
    I hope silver drops steep, same with oil, I'm looking to buy some cheap calls because this fall will be pretty interesting.

  4. Brian. You are right. That doesnt say anything about all cmods green and silver red. Please do explain in your infinite wisdom.

  5. @sgs, silver just playing catch up given the large declines the others posted previously

  6. If that's the case Brian, What the fuck are you doing on a silver site.

  7. I want to buy this dip. Could a kind soul provide an opinion to wait until $36, or get in now?

  8. I take part of the blame. I left Blythe a lovely credit defalt swap "you killed 40,000 elderly pensioners" blog. CS b*tch can rot in hell!

  9. As much as we may wish it were otherwise, Brian is correct. It hit me last night that in fact, Silver is the Fiat of the Gold Standard. It was never money, just the raw material used to "create" money. Like paper is the raw material of the US dollar now. It was a useless byproduct of the mining industry but someone realized they could leverage their gold by stamping some nice pictures on their silver. Viola! Suddenly they had 17 times as much currency to circulate. Not money, just metal.

  10. @Brian, have you considered stand up comedy?

    Are you intentionally misleading people or do you genuinely believe the gibberish you're expounding?

    People, does anyone have a quantitative idea about what is involved in shorting physical silver. One word: "unreal".

    Do you know how many entities are affected by the price of silver? This is a big game and needs ultra stable hands, not whiners and moaners.

    Good luck!

  11. Here come all the "silver is not money its useless' comments.

    Bring them on...

    Lets see what happens at 2:15, this will give you your entry

  12. Brian - According to the constitution - both SILVER and gold are the only things considered money. In fact, they defined the dollar in terms of silver.

  13. @SGS, @Brian: Brian is right in the sense that silver is currently viewed by much of the world though a dual prism of industrial and precious metal.

    I think all of us expect that to change as fiat loses credibility.

    For now, we seize on the market's mistaken view of silver to buy more.

    We know where it will be in 10 years. It's just a matter of how quickly the market re-orients itself.

  14. @SGS: Whether silver is money is a linguistic argument. The sheeple are taught that money is green paper.

    The question is whether silver is a store of value. Of course it is.

    In fact, I'd argue that to call silver money is to insult silver.

    Like most of the nastiest arguments I see here, this is among good people who mean well but can't agree how to define the terms they are arguing about.

    so please SGS don't call silver money. I know what you mean when you say it. But let's just call silver a store of value, stop using the workd money altogether and just call it fiat.

  15. SGS, do you think this weakness in metals means no QE3 today?

    The Asians seem to think it's coming.

  16. So Au down 50$ from its overnights highs. Ag is in the red down 4%. Why because?

    A.They cant have Ag higher than JPM stock, which is collateral for their short positions
    B. They know that the FOMC meeting will be positive for PMs
    C.The haters/cocksucker/disinformationlist/JPM-Blyth pantie riders need something to do as their mouths get tired!

  17. The market is acting like Bernanke is gonna ramp up the print presses. Thoughts?


    We see that Mr. O'Flanagan is in here to push in the knife. Of course he has no idea of what he is talking about. If he were in Indian, he would realize those 1+ billion Indians think silver is money.

    As I wrote before 40 years of Amnesia in the current FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM is no excuse. Silver has been money and will continue to be money. You cannot take in a Krugerrand and buy a loaf of bread. Its like taking in a $1,000 Fed note (if there was one) and asking for change.

    Mr. O'Flanagan does not realize that investors are now buying more in Dollars in silver than they are in gold


    GOLD = 23,500 X $1660 = $390.1 million
    SILVER = 1,039,000 X $40.13 = $416.9 million

    Again...no Govt Mint is producing Copper Eagles, Copper Maples, Copper Phil Harmonics and etc. Just gold and silver.

    We can't blame Mr. O'Flanagan for putting forth nonsense as he is guility of what most Americans thought of Residential Real Estate in the 2002-2007 period. Real Estate was grossly overvalued...but apprasisers, banks and mortgage companies still all gave a GREEN LIGHT to this insanity.

    Well, today we have the REVERSE with silver. The INSANITY says its "NOT MONEY". We have to wait a bit longer for the INSANTIY to pop as it did in Real Estate in 2008.

    The reason why silver is not well over $100 is due to the Public's Amnesia fed by mainstream and the FED. The KNEEJERK reaction to get into US Treasuries on a downgrade is symptomatic of these insanity.

    Lastly, Mr. O'Flanagan's bearish comments on silver are quite silly when in a short period, worrying about the price of gold or silver will be the least of his worries when armed thugs come in his house looking for food when the supply chain system collapses.

    Mr. O' Flanagan...will offer them FIAT NOTES...which they will laugh uncontrollably. As a true man...he will then offer up his wife so he can keep his skin and his FIAT NOTES.

    Funny how stoopid many have become.

  19. Brian,

    My ancestral lineage per DNA tracing goes back to the first group of people to leave Asia. From Africa we migrated west into the Yellow River Valley of present day China. Chinese history reveals that my ancestors were the first to settle in the valley. Our word for money is, “silver.”

    After the Vietnam War, the US left SE Asia with its tail between its legs. Those of us that sided with the US were abandoned and left to rot. My family used the last of our sliver bars to bribe UN human trafficker to safety.

    So take your one hundred years of manipulated silver “tradition” and shove it up your ass. Silver will always be money to us.

  20. Forget the crap about Silver is or isn't money.
    Forget worrying about it's position on a graph.

    The only thing you need to know is it's "manipulated"

    Anything that is "manipulated" must be outrageously valuable.

    Hang onto your Silver and keep the faith.

  21. So when does the blogspot.com disappear so we have less trolls and spambots.

    Tho 1 dillema for me, it's kinda philosophical, if we love our country, and the rights in the constitution why would we ban trolls ? that have a "diffrent opinion"

    Oh well !

    Enjoy tonight !

  22. My apologies for the "silver is not money comment". I'm just trying to explain why silver is going down while gold is going up. It's not manipulation - just normal long commodity liquidation that always happens when the economy tanks and traders get risk averse. Rightly or wrongly, traders view silver mostly as a commodity. Great inflation hedge, but not a viable asset for when TSHF. In the long-run, they may be wrong but right now it is what they think it is.

  23. "It's not manipulation - just normal long commodity liquidation that always happens when the economy tanks and traders get risk averse."

    Please explain why all the other "commodities" are up?

  24. they're not, Malcolm. Oil is down 6% this week. Silver is down 2.3% this week.

  25. Brian,

    Keep posting I'm beginning to like you. Like you because you take a different side of the story that most of us are on, and its good once in a while to see another markets point of view.

    You said it was a great inflation hedge. china has run away inflation (6.5%) printed last night, would you care to comment on its recent decline overnight if so is the case, or are we looking at this too short term?

  26. some education for" silver not money"



    Brian...did you read any of my prior post. You need to learn wisdom...and not the crap traders say today. Terms like RISK ADVERSE, HEDGE, DIVERSIFY and etc will be totally meaningless in a few years.

    In a few years, only REAL MEN will walk the landscape, and not the shallow spines up in wall street. There is not one without a yellow spine up in wall street.

    And...if silver is heading down...why is Plat and Palladium going up??....if silver is being traded like an industrial metal?

    Read ZERO HEDGE post on the MARKET IS BROKEN....indeed it is. The USS TITANIC IS SINKING and traders are still trying to make a buck instead of saving their skins.

    Really hilarious...

  28. I think the sell-off in silver overnight and today is traders looking at their screens and saying "wtf, silver is up this week and oil and copper have plummeted. Let's sell some silver and buy oil, copper, other commodities". I'm surprised gold is still up as I thought that would be sold too, but a 2.1% decline in USD/CHF tells me sovereign risk is still on the front burner.

    I appreciate the comment SGS, and actually have a lot of respect for what you've done with this blog. You certainly make it entertaining.

  29. Brian,

    You are wrong! After all of the margin hikes, there are no Ag traders, they were blow out. The Ag market consist of strong hands that dont need to sell to cover or are on margin because it is essentially a cash market!

    But I give it to you, you try!

  30. Silver = money
    Fiat = currency

    Use a dictionary to learn the difference between "money" and "currency" as they are not synonyms.

  31. Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of it...nuff said

  32. Silver has been money for the last 2-3 thousand years. You expect me to believe that they had it all wrong? LOL

  33. it's interesting to see the difference(indifference) in the comments between regular posters here on SGS and Brian. Brian is looking at this investment from a much more cerebral perspective while we, whom are heavily invested and are watching this market manipulated day in and day out, are more emotional and are pissed that slv ain't (yet) getting its just dessert... we all know it will and when it does, it's going to be H U G E. i suppose we all need to remember that manipulations NEVER last..... just hang in there and manage the emotions....

  34. Thank you all for very insightful comments. Even Brian. Yes most of us have already made up our minds, and the problem is, you filter all data to fit your own mindset, and gloss over data "critical" to your own viewpoint. It's clear that silver is currently not accorded the same "monetary" status by the real world, at this time, that gold is. Otherwise, silver would not be $38 while gold spiked up to $1750ish. Nonetheless, it is a finite commodity, and fiat currencies are infinite. Long term, silver prices must go up in terms of US dollars. My mortgage is in US dollars so that is a good thing!

  35. freakazoid333 said...

    Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of it...nuff said

    Lmao, now that shit is funny, I don't care who you are...

  36. Brian, agreed the general market currently views Silver with far less regard than Gold, but a) they are sheep b) they are wrong and c) I don't care because it gives me more time to accumulate. But to say it isn't manipulated. Please, open your eyes. There is so much good information out there to make it quite obvious this is the case. I pity you for not seeing this.

  37. First you need to define your terms Brian. Second, you need to study monetary history. Third, you need to learn to think critically, logically, rationally, and outside the matrix and or box. This is not about subjective opinion in here. It's about the the facts which are supported by the evidence and analyzed with scrupulous logic and reason from which we derive our conclusions. The truth is the result which will ultimately win out in the end. Mark my words. Silver is money and has been for thousands of years and continues to be so in the minds of those who can still think and reason rationally and independently.