Saturday, August 13, 2011

COT report update, QE3 possibly already commenced

Okay, obviously this week has been one for the records books as the Bears 7 video said it would be. Maybe not to the death and murder tune, but a few bankers, as you are about to see got smoked this week in Gold.

Gold COT report:

Large specs have sold off 32,586 long contracts and as of Tuesday the 9th, have added 11,016 short to their pile. (Dumb.)

And for the real players, the Commercials such as the Morgue: They ADDED 8,458 long, and COVERED a ridiculous massive sum of 29,970 contracts.

So, going into next week, I suspect the new large spec shorts will be squeezed like lemons if we test $1800 again. This may be confirmed by the fact that Gold did not sell off as much as they wanted it too this week. So if the price ticks up, watch for another strong move past $1800, and onto $1870.

As for the Silver COT report:

the large and small specs are useless and been wiped out from the May 1st 53 margins hikes.

The commercials is what we need to focus on:

They added 5,953 Long and COVERED 3294 contracts.

If anyone is confused by this report, I will spell it out for you.

The big banks like the morgue and HSBC just covered an insane amount of shorts, and have added more long. This is encouraging.

I have received an email from a dedicated blogger informing me of the fact that "Berscmucknanke" may already be printing. Lets take a look.

According to the data on the Federal Reserve webpage found at Click here for entire data... The Fed may already be surreptitiously flooding the system with printed money. M1 is growing at annual rate of 23% and M2 is growing at an annual rate of 16%.

These are incredibly steep increases from what we had three months ago, when QE2 wound down. This growth is shockingly high, and almost hard to believe, so if someone can confirm its validity please do so.

It also seems that the growth in M1 and M2 is coming from leakage from excess reserves. Required reserves (which banks must set aside to backstop loans that they make)- are growing incredibly strongly in the past two months Click here for entire data...

If anyone can explain these anomalies, please do so as the Jackson Hole QE3 debate grows like an erection by the minute...


  1. when you say "printing" would be curious to know if this includes just the computer screen or actual tangible? only 4% of the world's currency exits in physical form, the rest is zeroes and ones.

  2. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome! The Fed truly is a one trick pony and the trick is on us. Bastards!

  3. Guys, I'm sorry to say this will be my last comment on the site. I'm selling my computer to buy several 1 oz numismatic coins ($275 each).

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  5. @Diabolitio - Damn son... you must have a really good computer to be able to buy several coins @ $275 each... dont do it yo... coins wont give you that special feeling like a live webcam girl will.

  6. Buy this with your PHYZZ profits:

  7. Here's some motivation for ya'll to pick up some more HEAVY METAL this weekend. (might wanna mute it as there's no talent in the video)

    The hood is strapped for days, get your weight up.

    BTW, what kind of shotgun is that with the circular, tommy gun-type cartridge? I'm imagining it's illegal, but I want to know more as mine only holds six rounds...

  8. @Paid - The only shotgun I've seen like that is the AA12... check it out here...

    Actually, you will probably enjoy every one of this guys vids.. hes fuckin nuts.

  9. Good lookin', HR. This cat is nuts, but I like it.

    "Don't try this at home. I am a professional Russian."


    The AA12 is hot. I asked my dealer if he can get em, but you already know California's bitch ass gun laws...


    BTW. The type of property that this Russian is filming on. It'd be great to rent a place out like that. I don't mind living in the boonies as long as I have high speed internet.

    How much would a property like that rent out for? Where can you find properties like that?

    Have patience for a young city slicker like me, I don't much outside of metropolitan areas...

  10. Sitting here listening to Al Korelin report, this fool says you should only have 10% of your portfolio allocated to physical PM's. Idiot!

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  12. WTF!


    Being out of the general stock market, I can sit back and laugh. Sure Ag gives me fits at times, but it cant just go *POOF* lol. An I know my PM shares will catch up soon, I think lol.

    As an aside, is anyone worried about the coming solar storm, solar flare that could wipe out all electronics as well as Elenin?

  13. @Ledbetter

    Why give up your PM's for a car when you can have both?

  14. If a solar storm hit Diabolitio will not be effected no computer and all. Now that is playing it safe! I feel the same way about being out of the market. I remember watching my 401k get cut in half, poof, back in 2008. I'm in a much better place today. They are pissing big time in the deep end of the pool right now with the money pumps. It will work its way down to us in time. Anyone heard anymore about Bank of America trying to raise more capitial? They dumped a bunch of shit onto Fannie Mae (taxpayer) this week. Sign of desperation if you ask me.

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  16. @Ledbedder,

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry man :)


    from the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman...

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  19. Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? - Confucius

  20. Seriously, the way you pose it was just fucking funny.

    I feel your pain! When people spell my name Malcom or Malcomb, or Malcome after seeing it, I correct them. But, I just that people are trained, they see your name, nick and are just normalized.

    BTW is that Yellow Led Bedder from Pear Jam?

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  23. beater stick! LOL I call it a Louisville Slugger!

  24. John Embry to James Turk:

    "I don't know if it will happen this week or this month, but when the miner's catch up, they'll double. And the speculative ones could go up 300% - 500%."


  25. Someone please shoot silverjournall.

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  28. I'm goona get off here and get a drink(s)

    Sorry about your loss! I know how you feel :(.

  29. @PaidInGold

    That's a Saiga-12 with a drum. They're around $600 unconverted (without pistol grip). You can mod the shit out of em, so long as you don't live in Kalifornia. Sorry bro.

  30. @Eternal Pessimist:
    Got two of them in my safe. Sweet! Happy to be in the Republic and not in Kommiefornia!

  31. @Falcon15

    Nice! Just finished converting and drilling the ports on mine. I don't know which is more fun, shooting it or tweaking it.

    Got the S308 too. Gonna have to flip a coin to decide which one to grab after they stop sending out welfare checks and food stamps.

    Imagine this..... Everywhere. Get ready!

    Good luck out there

  32. Good lookin', Eternal Pessimist. Thanks for BOTH video links.

    I was shocked to find out that the food stamp joint is from Aug. 11 of this year...

    Cue to the bitch at 0:30. Incredible. What nerve! Her rant starts at 0:40. I wish I were there to tell her, "Your kids won't go hungry if your ass got a job."

    I have worked all my life.

    I am against welfare.

    There are too many gat damn people on this earth.

    If children go hungry, so be it.

    It's survival of the fittest.

    No one deserves a free ride.

  33. Anal-ists are going to destroy $trillions of public's investments

    I used to listen to that clown Bob Brinker. You folks know whom I am talking about? He has that weekly show called MONEY TALK. He's big on TIPS. That moron is going to cost $billions of losses from his listeners.

    I can't even watch CNBC anymore unless we have days when the fan is hitting the sh#t.

    I really miss George Carlin.

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  35. SRS: I worked at Schwab in 2001 when Brinker told his listeners to buy the Nasdaq when it fell from 5000 to 3000. People bought huge amounts only to watch it fall to 1600. Very sad.