Saturday, July 23, 2011

Open thread till 5 pm

Waiting for some info to come is still 40 here (105 F) so I need to enjoy this while it lasts before winter hits again in about a week. Be back later.


  1. Why would I not include the humidex? You idiot. If you had any fucking clue about weather, which you probably dont, you would know the south western ontario has a higher humidity then Florida. Eat my shit. It's 40 here right now.

    Dupe you on silver/gold/tinka? Idiot. My viewers have gained over 100% on both of those and some have gained 300-500% on Tinka. Only the slect few who bought at .72, like pikers would, complain now. Idiot.

    Your days are numbered here WU, when my site kicks in, your IP will be eliminated forever, and you will be that moron we will all be refereing to and laughing at.

    Go back to your crude oil barrels in your barn, and turn off the movie "Twister" in the backround. Idiot.

  2. "Today's tragic events were merely the outburst of deranged and very much troubled Loughner, McVey-like psychophath. And nothing more."
    Tyler Durden

    7/22 7+2+2=11
    9/11 9+1+1=11
    3602 3+6+2=11 (Days since 9/11/01)

    dead blabbermouth-

    Who could forget the sons of Satan?
    Uday and Qusay Hussein

    King David Hotel Bombing

    another day, another psy-op. move along.

  3. I've been thinking about some background music for your commentary SGS something like this maybe.

    Being a big Megadeth fan, I was searching for the video for you and found this version...right down my alley. Also been thinking about price discovery. Every time I go buy phyzz, both places, they always check comex price before I pay. How will these folks know how to price what metal "if any is left in their cases" without the comex price discovery mechanism? Would love to hear anyones thoughts about price discovery scenarios after a comex bust.


    OldFordTrk Unit

  4. "and turn off the movie "Twister" in the backround. Idiot."


  5. Oh yeah, 65th anniversary of KD Hotel too-

    Alex's take-


    It will take a few days to put together my new guest post on the "REAL COST OF MINING SILVER". Unfortunately, the investing public has been led to believe that the so called "CASH COSTS" are the true cost in producing silver. This is the in reality the furthest from the truth.

    For example...looking at Coeur de Alene's 2010 From 10-K we find what the real production costs are for some of their mines. I will just pick one silver and one gold mine.


    2010 Silver Cash Cost oz = $4.10
    2010 Silver Total Production cost = $19.66

    This mine produced 5.9 million ounces of silver in 2010 at 3.7 ounces per ton. Even though it is in Mexico, and we have a decent ore grade, its true total production cost is almost $20 an ounce...not the very deceptive $4.10 cash cost an ounce.


    2010 Gold cash cost oz = $988.63
    2010 Total Production cost = $1,393.95

    This mine only produced 43,000 ounces of gold at a ore grade of 0.19 ounces of gold per ton, but we see the total production costs are much higher than the cash costs. If gold fell below $1,400, the company would start losing money.

    Cash Costs are really a waste of time. I will get into it in more detail in my post. You will see that the real production cost when we factor in exploration, financing of the mine and other aspects, is probably upwards of $25-$30 an ounce. This is a ball park figure that averages in all the mines in the world...not just the huge mines with high ore grades.

  7. 58% of all gold bought this year came from china and india

  8. Thanks SRSrocco. Very interesting. Don't most companies work on a minimum 100% mark up (or more likely 200%+!!!) on their products.

    With this in mind shouldn't gold be at $2800 minimum!

    Keep stacking.

    @WU, you are a cock. Why would you argue about SGS stating the temperature where he lives! I couldn't give a fuck either way. You've got way too much time on your hands.

    Go and have a wank (if you can find it), much more enjoyable.

  9. Noted by Bix Weir:

    Jamie Dimon

    "I don't think just because someone's underwater they say I don't have to stay there. But they're supposed to pay the mortgage, and we should teach the American people, you're supposed to meet your obligations, not run from them. Because you have a mortgage doesn't mean you should run away as it goes down."

    Got $390 million to bailout his insolvent peice of shit JPM, the hypocrisy.

    Form a disorderly queue behind me. This guy needs to be physically ruined.

  10. finally, you say something everyone will agree with.


    Well if the markets collapse again a.k.a. 2008 and silver gets cut in half again, WU becomes Nostradamus.

    There is no way the US does not raise the debt limit, next week could be fun!

  12. I dont predict 5 margin calls on Silver in 8 days. You should have had your stop set at .55 with an immediate PUT on SLV. I guess you are telling me Greg Mccaoch and Dines Letter full of shit too? Or maybe that the President elect almost ban all of Peru's mines? Learn how to trade and fuck off now. Garry, sell the fucking stock and fuck off I'm sick our your amateur shit. its at .55 cents monday SELL TINKA YOU IDIOT GET OUT ITS GOING TO ZERO. Clear enough for you? You sound like weather unit.

  13. as per jim willie

    JPMorgan sidesteps rules to become COMEX vault operator, as inventory levels are in doubt. Rules do not apply to the syndicate dons. Rumors fly that COMEX silver inventory might be about 1/3 of advertised levels. Meanwhile, the SLV exchange traded fund managed by JPMorgan is believed to be illicitly satisfying COMEX short positions. Rumors fly that SLV inventory might be about 1/3 of advertised levels. At least there is symmetry amidst the smoke.

  14. dan,

    is that on golden jackass?

  15. can you all stop bickering and talk about some real positive commentary.
    The greeks are the first western country to have it citizens going out and buying gold an silver en mass. They are doing this to transfer money from bank accounts which are being seized for decades of nonpayment. My friend's relatives live in croatia, and talking to them on skype yesterday, they said lots of people over there are going crazy over gold. Croatia is a hundred fifty miles northwest of greece. Also there are two large new markets for PM's in China. The pan asian and the hkme.
    I called interactive brokers and they said I can buy a mini silver or gold contract through the hong kong mercantile exchange with them. The silver mini contract just started trading friday.

  16. @sgs

    could you comment on the new hk exchange and the trading of silver futures there

  17. Dude does anyone in the world realize that joran van der sloot main suspect in aruba natalie halloway murder was paid $25,000 last year in a sting operation by the fbi, but wasn't "stung" instad allowed to leave the country and was caught 5 days later leaving the dead body of a peruvian presidential candidate's daughter in his hotel room. REALLY? peruvian presidential candidate's daughter after being paid $25 grand by the fbi??? There are millions of people for a serial killer to prey on in peru, what are the freaking chances?

  18. I just read the wikipedia article on joran van der sloot that's where I got that info, its kind of ridiculous

  19. Umm B,

    There are no deleted comments, that I can see.

    And secondly I'm not defending SGS or anyone else, but you must taker responsibility for you own actions.

    And finally why do you come here?

  20. I do believe SGS is honest because of his way of proceed. I didn't nuy Tinka or Lulu puts, but I find his info valuable. My actions are my responsibility.

  21. Penny stocks carry risk, thats why they're penny stocks, any investor understands that, and doesn't pick his stocks from one information source. Also there are operating risks beyond anyone's control. 4 out of 5 resource penny stocks will fail. Even a good stock picker has failures. None of you would be getting any info if sgs was a perfect stock picker, cause he would become so rich he probably wouldn't be bothered with telling you anything.

  22. I havent ever lost a dime paying attention to SGS because I myself know that it is VERY FUCKING STUPID to assume one guy is gonna have all the answers. The Stock Market is a worldwide Las Vegas, more loosers than winners, but when you win, you win BIG.

    Fuck everybody talkin shit bout SGS. You dont like his advise, go stick your dick in a light socket you fucking pansies. Dude puts in massive amounts of time to help a few of us out, and me for one am very grateful that he has been doing this for us.

  23. "SGS, you're a TK.V pump and dumping motherfucker!"

    B: I am now deleting most of your posts as they are pointless. Its funny how these fucknobs we not saying a FUCKING peep from .15-.73. This is why I am going into .com mode, these trolls/faggots will be eliminated.

    And yes, go back to the bears videos alone, and you should have made $20/oz on your phyzz.

    I done defending myself. I will just delete posts now, so keep wasting your should just go back to masterbating.

  24. SGS said: "Eat my shit. It's 40 here right now."

    @SGS: LOL. I come here as much for the entertainment as the information. Thanks for both.

    I am due to take possession on another 10kg of silver bullion, and another 10kg due in 3 weeks time. All up, 30kg, which should be plenty to buy a house or two here in the land of OZ once the property bubble craps itself and the SHTF otherwise. Been waiting a long time for this.

  25. I'm removing my own posts because they are altered here and constructed to fit some other agenda.

    Good luck with your lousy PHYZZ nonsense. The US DOLLAR will rule!