Friday, July 22, 2011

NIA's Gro (Agria) not really growing


    DE NA DA

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  3. Hi everybody, first post here.

    I've been buying gold/silver when it was 800$/18$ and accumulating more since then.

    Thank you SGS for posting your axis pro videos. They are very insightful for me, and I am sure for a lot of other users. These videos help us understand the mechanics of the market.

    If I want to learn more information about the technicalities of level II market, bid/ask and all the stuff that you are talking about in these videos, what would you suggest? Would you suggest reading books on market microstructure?


  4. This is boring shit, what happened to the Bear videos?!

  5. Bears vid out next week I think. Yes it was boring...I should have made $10-20K.

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  7. Is blogspot having another comment hiccup issue or what? Comments are disappearing again it seems.

    What an absolute crock of BS the market was this week.

    I want to pupu on some LULU.

    Can't wait till the pullback point because by then it'll be a breeze!

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  9. WU

    need a lil GREEN DAY? he wont show up today, folks :)

  10. SRSRocco, I don't know if you saw this, but thought you might find it interesting.

  11. What about the "pump and dump" games surrounding HMI.V or FAU.V that SGS played?

    Time to wake up folks!

  12. I showed up Colin. I answered SGS's question about the weather and got deleted. I show up and get deleted so you probably won't see this either. No big deal.

    Sold some PHYZZ today. Off it goes. Going to buy back in lower.

  13. B: Pump and dumps go up then down, niether of those went up.

    WU: the days are ticking down where my new site will delete your IP permanently, and the days where I waste my time replying to your pointless comments will end. You didnt sell shit. You have no phyzz, and dont use the term, "PHYZZ" without my prior written consent. Loser.

  14. So far, as of today, for this YTD, the only one that has not dumped in Tinka. But SGS has stated, Tinka is his only real long hold! Who knows what will happen with APE. Do not trust anybody but yourself, but so far SGS is not in the pump and dump category and he does not charge $1000 for the pleasure either! Also, he does warn of the risks and why you could loose it all etc... Penny stocks should be play things ( money you can loose ), unless you know some inside info that is not publicly available.

  15. If nothing else, this blog gives me a good chuckle and lightens my days while avoiding life's crap etc....

    Schiff, Keiser, Celente, Rogers, Faber, SGS and his bloggers, here's to you!

  16. I have PHYZZ and I have CRUDE OIL too in a big barn. Instead of buying UCO I get physical delivery of crude oil too. Went to Wal Mart also and loaded up on coffee beans, cocoa, sugar, steaks, and instead of chopping down telephone poles I went to Home Depot and bought a truck load of copper ground rods also. I'm all set with PHYZZ now when SHTF.

    Those of you who think the US DOLLAR will collapse can keep dreaming...developing...

  17. WU: With a potential default looming, you sell your physical? Do you really think that was a smart move seeing how long delivery can take to reacquire? In this game of musical chairs, you don't want to be the only one standing when the music stops...but then again I guess someone has to be the loser.

  18. One day we're gonna find out WU is really undercover Mossad.

  19. I know you put a trash can below my comments, and I don't know why? Regardless, I wanted to note something I have seen on tinka's chart that may be helpful to this blog.
    If you draw a trend line across the declining highs (early April, and late May), you will see that this line has been met and price fell away from that point.
    Also if you draw a trend line along the bottoms of recent run through the month of July, you see the intersection of those two lines. There is no way to know with certainty, but this line should be a nice b/o signal.
    21ema cross of 50dma(Thursday) gives strength to this possibility.
    Looks like about .57-.58.
    With strength in Silver, I would (Hope)to see a run to the highs at least.I would think that would throw the indicators into overbought territory(RSI,MAcd,slosto,-All on a daily basis.) The weekly would just be getting started. Ie turning upward.
    Your Blog, My thoughts. Good luck to any in Tinka.

  20. WU,

    you are so deluded it's comical, tho I am beginning to think you are just conducting a psyop exp.

    You did come in but why didnt you denigrate the metals upturn ... yeah and I bet your barn is full of horseshit not phyzz ...

    its all good, I find you no more than a trifle on a Petri dish :)

  21. to clear up the trash can that confuses some of you = its your opp. to delete your own comments, its has nothing to do with sgs censoring anyone

  22. Thanks Colin, though I am certain some are!

  23. SGS, how come when silver drops I lose at poker and when silver goes up I win?
    Will I win on Pokerstars tonight?
    Should I perhaps direct this question at the Weather Unit?
    Best, have a good weekend.

  24. Hey SGS,
    Not to be busting your balls, but what's up with Tinka? My other jr miners are close to and above 50%, Tinka just +16%. You bailing?

  25. WU: you are an idiot for holding crude (which you dont) as you will need to find a refinery to do anythign with it. You are an idiot.

  26. Jon: Waiting for drill results. Remember I am in at .15 cents so I really dont care for now.

  27. TOM H....I just looked at that article. Ironic it was written by Bob Moriarty. It was his article back in 2008 which help inspire me to write my Peak Silver Article.

    Bob can claim there is 100 million ounces of silver in Columbia, and he can even claim there is million of TONS...that's right millions of TONS of gold in the oceans in the world. But...and I say "BUT" what can be economically mined is a different story.

    Let me highlight a portion of that article:

    Sunward with its 43-101 resource of 3.7 million ounces of gold is located to the north of Colombia Crest. B2 gold just drilled 1.1 g/t over 380 meters at their Quebradona property just to the south.

    You will find in that highlighted portion of his article the 1.1 g/t of gold. CASE CLOSED. Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's we had the following:


    BRAZIL = 20-25 g/t
    USA = 15 g/t
    SOUTH AFRICA = 15-20 g/t
    AUSTRALIA = 15-25 g/t

    Today we are down to 1-1.5 g/t gold. Bob Moriarty has no clue about PEAK OIL and the FALLING EROI.

    The United States mined so much silver in the late 1800's and early 1900's its amazing. I would say we peaked in silver production in the 1940-50 period.

    I am not saying Global Gold production can not grow for a few more years, but there will not be decades of growth ahead of us.

    Hardly anyone realizes that the IEA - International Energy Agency has a 9% Global Oil Decline rate. We need to find 4 SAUDI ARABIAS within the next 15 years to keep production FLAT....FLAT not growing mind you.

    Furthermore, their projections are for conventional global crude production to decline from 68 mbd to 18 by 2030. And I doubt it will be that high.

    Its game over. Bob Moriarty is a nice fella, but he is clueless about are most precious metal analysts.