Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Martensen interviews Sprott on why physical gold and silver...full audio here- MUST listen

Click here for entire audio...


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  2. $40.00 Silver by end of next week. I have nothing to support that statement. Just sayin... looks like the bottom was last week, and we will be seeing $60 silver by years end. Paper silver that is...

  3. I am listening as I type.

    It strikes my ken that the person interviewing Sprott is tossing softballs and Eric is whacking them over the fence with Ruthian force.

    I reckon Sprott says what he says because he considers it to his ultimate advantage to say it. Doesn't mean he's wrong or duplicitous. It is more that the person he's talking to is either naive or complicit.

  4. Good review of Sprotts funds + a great Q and A and speech by Sprott himself afterwards about silver.