Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bad Blythe Bad Blythe, wutcha gunna do, wutcha gunna do when they come for you...Bad Blythe Bad Blythe

27.36 million oz remains in the customer inventory. You know I'll keep it short and tidy tonight. When the masses were selling into the $35's I was buying. When the masses were selling into Tinka at .35 I was buying.

RULE #1 of investing: Sell when You can, not when you have to.

I learned this the hard way longways back. When everything is going your way and you cant possibly loose-sell 80% immediately. Keep the other 20% for shits and gigs.

I'm assuming people sold when they HAD to (needed money, fear, most likely both) at $33 or .33 cents on Tinka.

Let this be a lesson. My crew and I have been around these fuckers for a very long time. Its an easy game. You just have to know how to play their game, and cancel out all the other noobie, retail, sheep noise, and step in to buy when every that thinks they know what they are talking about says its going to zero.

At any time from $50 to $31 was I selling? No. Did I buy PUTS to insure against not selling the phyzz-obviously.

Expect some more margins hikes soon, some more lies of inventory out of the crimex, and more noise as this parade gets tired, the lies will become bigger and the manipulation will become even more blatant, as we entering the 5 inning of the game now with QE3 hinted today on the verge of the EU collapse.

But know this. You better start looking at reality because its coming like a fright train straight for us, and this time, we will not be able to step off the track and let this pass. People that are now saying, "this too will pass" have no fucking clue what is going on. They have been listening to people their entire lives that are going nowhere, making sure they are going nowhere with you.

Get your shit in order. Our time is approaching again.


  1. clean'em load'em stack'em prepare to use'em....phyzz,food,arms...GOD bless this once proud republic...

  2. Why dont they hold diamonds? LOLOLOL take a look at the bernak's face, holy fuck! hahahahah


    Sorry MR SGS for the big ugly link
    first time i saw a bears video was around November/December last year.
    a part i took to hear was when you said something like:
    Forget the price. Watch the Open Interest.


    I like how Ben's answer as to, 'why gold, why not diamonds'..

  4. whatcha gonna do when they come for goo.

  5. What would happen if R.Paul had 6 minutes instead of 5 min? The country is going to hell in a hand basket and all people get is a couple minutes to make a point? Why bother? The whole process is a joke! How can one even suggest this forum is significant or important especially when nobody cares!

  6. "How can one even suggest this forum is significant or important especially when nobody cares"

    Buck. Sounds like you either missed the boat, again, or you are frusterated by trying to tell others about our intell on the world. Stop wasting your time. I stopped long ago. Drop the bricks you are carrying around. Thank me later.

  7. The Pump and Dump on Mega Precious Metals is at fever pitch. This thing is going to dive, but the pumping just wont stop. Would love to short it, but who knows how far they can pump this thing!

  8. Garry,

    I know right! If that shit was worth anything the market would have said so!

    The fucking name sounds like a scam.

  9. Am I the only one that wants to beat this guys face?

  10. SGS, i think buckeneer may have meant the "forum" of the BerSkank and the committee..not this place forum.

  11. I only started purchasing Silver in March of this year. So my cost average is very high 38 and change. If it was not for you and turd, I would have had a hard time with the gut check.

    I injured my spinal cord in 2002, and there was nobody to collect money from. So money is extremely tight.

    In other words thank you for all your hard work and effort. I am not sure I would have survived the gut check without you two.