Monday, June 13, 2011

SLV videos data compiling commenced....

I will be adding audio to these videos soon. This is what they will look like. All you have to follow is the T/S on here. Keep track of how many red prints go off and their size and frequency as opposed to green prints.

While the red prints get stronger, the bids thin out. Nice and easy. Down we go.


  1. SGS....interesting chart video of the Bids. Look forward to the audio. Here is some more interesting data on the SLV vs GLD.

    Ishares Silver Trust $ 33.75
    SLV -1.50
    Short Interest (Shares Short) 33,194,700
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 0.6
    Short Interest - Prior 29,075,200
    Short % Increase / Decrease 14.17

    Spdr Gold Trust $ 147.43
    GLD -1.81
    Short Interest (Shares Short) 23,040,500
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 1.8
    Short Interest - Prior 25,303,900
    Short % Increase / Decrease -8.94

    Here we see an INCREASE of 4 million short positions on the SLV in the month MAY, coming out in the beginning of JUNE SHORT REPORT. Whereas GLD has had the opposite or a DECREASE of 2.3 million short positions.

    This is interesting as this may give us an idea of where silver will be heading in the next several weeks.


    Even though silver production increased in 2010 over 2009, there were some trends I think silver investors would find interesting. Anyhow...I will put that out in an hour or so.

  3. Sorry...make that tomorrow for the update. Just got a phone call and have to leave town in a few hours on business.

    Time to be in PHYSICAL

  4. just have to laugh: USD, gold and silver all crushed today; I mean, really, when did this happen in past when $ went down so badly? ... all rigged by the rule makers

  5. "As we speak, the U.S. government is desperately trying to create a 2008-type scenario (i.e. falling stocks, commodities, interest rates, and economic data) to build the political ammunition to enable the commencement of QE3 (which will occur with or without public support and with or without public disclosure, by the way). Remember, the decisive Fed meeting is scheduled for June 22nd, just 10 days away, and so the attacks on Precious Metals will likely only intensify this week."

    Ranting Andy: Offtake Agreements and Physical Demand

  6. "When such operations occur, particularly premeditated destruction such as the May 1st SUNDAY NIGHT PAPER SILVER MASSACRE, PM investors can lose great sums of money in paper investments such as GLD, SLV, and even large PM mining shares. That money will never return, so even when gold and silver reach new record levels (which they always do), many investors will not be on board due to earlier sales based on either fear or margin calls. That is what the Cartel is attempting to do, i.e. get as many PM bulls out of the market while simultaneously stealing their money. This actions collectively kill sentiment, enabling their paper game to continue on another day"

    Ranting Andy: Offtake Agreements and Physical Demand

  7. Lol SGS

    Youre watching the T&S for SLV, knowing full well it tracks the SI_F contract - so tell me what the sense is in doing this? Who cares what kind of bids and offers go off at these levels. Price action is the only thing that matters. And the price action is WEAK. Very reluctant to go long ever since the dead cat bounce to $39s/$40. Now looking back for 200DMA around $30.

    Not saying the longs are wrong in the longer term - but i do hope you longs stick through the storm that is currently happening in silver and other asset classes.

  8. LOL @ Head - I think you are dead-on. What good does charting and TA do when you're tracking a derivative investment (SLV derives from price of silver). it's the tail wagging the dog my friend.

  9. Head:

    I am documenting the HFT sell manipulation. Price action? Whats your interpretation of price action...? DO the bid/ask not determine the price action?

    The violent moves on the T/S leaves blue prints of the manipulation. But catching the bids dissapear on recording proves stuff.

    It seems to me you do not know how to reap the tape, or maybe have any idea what Im trying to look for as a whole here.

  10. Head: "Price action is the only thing that matters" please explain this what this is to you so I can further understand your logic here.

  11. for those curious about HAARP....

  12. Larry Summers calling for more stimulus, lol: Growth first, deficit next:

  13. I guess the bottom line is the banks and comex/cme have demonstrated the system is rigged, they can do what ever they want when ever they want and there is no oversight. The question is how long will the longs stay in a rigged market?

    I'm seeing sales in physical, and the Sprott premium start to fall and now at 12%... I guess there's ample physical available now. Thoughts? Is this puppy dead until QE3, will it bounce back at QE, or is it time to sell any buy phyz gold?

  14. From -

    (Kitco News) -- Nomura Global Economics does not anticipate a third round of quantitative easing but expects monetary policy to remain on hold into early 2013. The Fed’s second round of QE last year was “an appropriate policy response” as deflation risks were rising, even though it proved to be “no panacea,” Nomura says. The housing and labor markets remain weak; still, Nomura does not expect more QE. “Deflation risks have abated, making it difficult for the Fed to justify another round of long-term asset purchases,” Nomura says. Any further QE would probably find strong dissent within the Fed itself, plus add to criticism from both Congress and overseas, especially emerging markets. “In our view, it is prudent to expect the Fed to stay on hold for longer. Just two months ago, markets expected multiple rate hikes in 2012; now, they hardly expect one. We continue to forecast the first hike in Q1 2013.”

    Early hype, or the truth for once? Either way, we're fucked. Have a beer, smoke a joint, skull fuck your lady, and get ready to lube up your butthole, this summer is gonna be a fun one.

  15. what do you guys make of this rather huge AGQ volume?
    360.00 AGQ111217C00360000 6.10 5.80 5.00 6.00 1,425 42
    That traded 1425 with an OI of 42

  16. Deflation risk has not abated. If there is no QE, then I would bet my last dollar on deflation.

  17. the only paper worth anything is ....mining stocks...TBTB will take everyone's funny money no matter where you put it so buy mining stocks for the metal mined and buy physical g and s..if you keep funny money you ill just use it to wipe your ass...seems to me that a rigged paper game is not in our favor...hard assets are..good luck

  18. QE3 A CERTAINTY as per jim willie

    Ultimately, the wretched condition of the USEconomy, the US banks, the US households, and the USGovt guarantees continuation of Quantitative Easing. The USFed and USDept Treasury are actively pursuing a Scorched Earth program to send the financial markets downward, even as the laundry list of horrendous USEconomic statistics reads endlessly. Details on the degradation of the USEconomy can be found in the June Hat Trick Letter report. The next round might be renamed Global QE. Watch the Japanese Yen, whose exchange rate is back over 125 in a sudden upward thrust, fully forecasted by the Jackass in April. They are selling USTBond assets to raise cash for reconstruction and to cover trade deficits. If another G-7 Meeting is hastily convened, they will coordinate USTBond purchases again. Call it Global QE, a far more powerful Quantitative Easing initiative with greater commodity price impact on a global scale. Expect it.

    Basically, QE2 was a failure, so it will be repeated.
    The QE2 provided demand for USTreasury auctions, when most foreign creditors went on a buyer's strike. So QE will be repeated.
    The housing market has resumed its downward path, with frightening declines to the bank balance sheets. So QE will be repeated.
    The big US banks remain insolvent, loaded down by a mountain of one million REO homes in inventory. Buyers of mortgage bonds have disappeared. So QE will be repeated.
    The USGovt deficit picture is a full blown nightmare. Rather than see market mechanisms kick into gear, with higher interest rates imposed, the leaders will continue on the hyper monetary inflation path. So QE will be repeated.
    Talk of the risk trade counter to the USDollar ending is nonsense. Weimar has met Wall Street, the syndicate handlers of the USGovt and US security agencies. The Printing Pre$$ with US nameplate cannot be stopped. So QE will be repeated.
    The Gold & Silver prices will move up hard, as soon as the light bulb goes on that QE3 is imminent without interruption. One must be a total moron not to anticipate its immediate installation. To decide not to continue QE would force failures upon major US banks.
    The USFed is all bluff with no good cards in their poker hand. They will wait for stocks to be a little cheaper and both sides of the USCongress to beg for QE3.
    Inflation is all the US banking leadership knows. Left with poor or limited policy options, they will inflate more. Struggling with national insolvency, they will inflate more. Unable to load on vast stimulus packages, they will simply rely upon basic run-of-the-mill inflation. The USFed Chairman should be called the Secretary of Inflation, in a perfect world. Inflation is all they know. They will inflate until the USEconomy is a burned crisp and the US banking system is a charred ruin. The USDollar is halfway complete with a death spiral. GOLD & SILVER PRICES WILL RESPOND WITH A MOONSHOT. The FOREX market is not the domain of fools.

  19. Gold/XAU : shit
    Gold/Silver : Shit
    XAU : Shit
    Silver : Shit
    Gold : Shit
    PSLV : Shit
    PHYS : Shit
    AGQ : Shit
    TKRFF : Shit

    Did I leave anything out?

  20. Porter Stansberry has stated (in a nutshell): they will act like QE 2 is the end of the stimulation (re: manipulation). That will send the dollar up, and just about everything else down. As rates rise and the burden to pay back the debts gets too much (cause of rising interest rates), they will then have "no choice" because of a big correction in the market. He feels by early fall (at the latest), look for a substantial correction. I just got the info. yesterday and only read it once, so I am going off my memory. I will re-read later this afternoon, and if I got it wrong, I will re-post.

    @Garry Lindsay: yep, sums it up right!

  21. on another note to everyones surprise the dying dinosour media is censoring ron paul .. again...

    ahh good times .. good calm reassuring...