Monday, June 13, 2011

Another morning bash, whats new...

Looks like we will be range bound for a while. $32-37 silver until the collapse and re institution of the printing presses.

Look forward to seeing some Comex fraud data later, see if we are under the 28 million yet.

Go enjoy the sun, if its sunny.


  1. reporting CME ( chicago mechantile exchange ) is selling two of it's building... Could it really be defaulting ?

  2. Lol love your bottom trendline, your going to keep adjusting lower even though it's already broken down?


    I can't stomach watching these MANIPULATED markets anymore. To hear good gold and silver analysts talking about the big TAKE DOWN in silver as a P-R-O-P-E-R response to a parabolic move stirs up even more acid in my gut.

    What took place the very week silver hit $49, was a huge orchestrated takedown by the Comex, Exchanges, Bullion Banks and US Govt.

    When I hear that it was SPECULATIVE MONEY that made the price of silver hit $50 and it was due to the P-R-O-P-E-R requirements of the Comex to raise margins to COOL DOWN the speculatve frenzy....still more bile makes it way up my esophagus.


    April 5th price of silver = $39.30
    April 5th COT REPORT = 89,827 Commercial Shorts

    April 25th price of silver = $46.86
    April 26th COT REPORT = 78,297 Commercial Shorts

    Difference in Silver Price April 5th to 26th = +$7.56
    Difference in Commercial Shorts = -11,530

    ONE WEEK LATER......

    April 28th high of silver = $48.42
    May 3rd Price of silver = $41.50
    May 3rd COT Report = 73,202 Commercial Shorts

    Difference in Price April 26- May 3 = -$6.92
    Difference in Commercial Shorts = -5,094

    Here we can see that between April 5th and April 26th the price of silver from low to high was an increase of $7.56. Normally in the past as the price of silver increased, the commercial shorts increased their positions. Here we find the exact opposite....they liquidated 11,530 contracts on a $7.56 increase!!

    Now...the following week as the margin hikes began as silver hit a high of $48.42 and closed at $41.50 on May 3rd....the end of the Cot Report, the Commercials only liquidated 5,094 contracts.

    What took place was a HUGE SHORT COVERING SQUEEZE during the month of April as the big commercials actually liquidated shorts as the price moved higher. It was not SPECULATIVE BUYING...but COMMERCIAL SHORT COVERING...which means they were buying back their postions to close out their shorts.

    Just think about that for a minute....11,530 contracts liquidated on a $7.56 price move higher, and 5,094 contracts liquidated on a $6.92 move lower. The Commercials liquidated less than half of the number of shorts as the price moved lower than they did as the price moved higher.

    This is why I can't listen to most of the GARBAGE from ANAL-ISTS today about where silver is heading.

    More to come about other interesting trends....

  4. lol SGS

    Silver is revisiting 200DMA, no doubts about that.
    Even in a strong market, it was breaking down. What do you think happens when the current summer global margin call wipes out all asset classes some 20% lower. An over-extended Silver will drop even lower.

    Im holding Tinka cause its money i was prepared to lose, but i sincerely doubt itll ever go back above $.50

  5. srs,

    why is it surprising the MSM and sheep "baaaah" these things?

    people buy 9/11 cover-up official story; that we went to the moon; that Nurse Nayirah spoke the truth; that the holocaust is what Oskar Schinldler and Spielberg says it was; that history teachers in almost every HS in the usa have never heard of the the USS Liberty (I have asked many and their eyes fog) ... So metals can be manipulated anyway those in control want.

  6. @ Everyone,

    Why is the TSX getting obliterated even worse than the DJIA? This makes no sense to me. Why are the Canadian markets doing so much worse than the US?

  7. Colin....I agree with what you are saying. Although it is frustrating as all hell to hear it from MSM...I understand that's what you get from that avenue.

    But...I am talking about Gold and Silver Analysts that should know better. Only a few of the smart ones, ERIC SPROTT, JAMES TURK, GATA, JIM WILLIE, HARVEY ORGAN, GENE ARENSBERG and a few other s stated publically that it was a TAKEDOWN. The rest who I still think are the good guys, said it was NECESSARY.

    That is my point...MSM is a waste of time, but the Gold and Silver Bugs should know better.

    Anyhow...that's my take

  8. srs,

    yeah i hear ya my man, wasnt trying to be a wise guy etc, just that these psychos have it all leveraged their way and I will be shocked in end if stacking makes much of a diff, even tho I have my share bc owning the $$$ makes even less sense ... In the end these bastards can pull our strings anyway they want until we jerk the direction they tug ... only thing that could change it is Robispierre's device that lopped 300,000 heads

  9. Does anyone know any news regarding ecu silver mining? I would love to know the motivation behind the volume today.