Saturday, June 18, 2011

SGS's Saturday night observations

Just got back from a wedding. Had several pathetically interesting conversations with clueless morons pretending to be the next big swinging dick. Telling me this stock, and that stock. Right. I acted like I didnt even know what the DOW was and you should have heard these imbeciles.

The only conversation worth noting was that of which included a Chinese man 4 years fresh in Canada working at a hospital. His words were exactly, "Yes, I mean I came from a communist country and we knew it. We knew what was expected. We were told. Canada is a communist cover-up. There is nothing different about Canada other than your have more choices and you can have more than one child." Agreed.

Staying on the topic of Chinese people, and remember I hate everyone, so dont be hate spamming me later. My street is very close to a very large University. Most are turning into students rentals around me. But interesting to note, is that ALL my new neighbors are Chinese. ALL of them. Three houses for sale across the street, three bought over asking price ALL by Chinese people. So either they made a shit ton of money in the Chinese market, or I am slowly going to die a pathetic lifestyle soon and may need to force myself to learn Mandarin. Its gets better. Another house went up for sale 4 doors down. Open house today was from 2-4. I decided for shits and gigs to go through it. Waste of time. 13 Asians in there. Sold in an hour.

The Great Canadian Bubble has arrived. I might be putting mine up for sale for some ridiculous number hoping some Asian takes it. I'll rent for now.

Anyone else experiencing this...?


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  2. Yes to all--actually. And I hate you too.

  3. in hong kong, the chinese bring in RMB by the boat to buy multimillion dollar apartments. skyrocketing real estate prices are the norm. the chinese are cashing out their fraudcaps to safe harbors.

    isnt immigration nice? plenty of rich chinese people would love to get out of their country and spend their ill-gotten gains on anything they can find - and they will even compete with each other on ridiculousness. the more one pays, the better - most expensive house wins, quality is too subjective.

  4. WU: its been a while. Thanks for coming out.

  5. Go to the if you want to read on what chinese ppl will pay for a house in Vancouver. I have lived here all my life no one speaks englrish,its a joke this city is full of bullshit. 1.6 mil for a shithole, there is even a game called crackshack or mansion its to do with the housing bubble in vancouver.Even condos' and apt, have lines up for presale all chinese everytime, I FUCKING HATE EVERYONE, hope this bubble blows up in the real estate pumpers like Cam good. SGS keep up the good work.

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  7. SGS, you should read charles hugh smith's latest article on the obvious yet absurd volume of embezzlement from all levels of Chinese mainland bureaucrats. Absurd even to a young chinese like me.

    That's where the hot money is coming from. CAN RE market will burn soon.

    SGS keep up the great work from here in Mississauga ON, reading the amazing Mary Croft piece.

  8. Better bone up on your wushu and yer kung-pao chicken makin' skeelz.

    Beyond that, I always got along good with Asians. They don't bitch or complain much and seem to be able to get the job done with minimal hassle. As long as you're their intellectual equal they usually treat you pretty good.

    Plus they love steak and north American booty. Hey there's an idea; titty-bar steak-house!!

  9. @agThug: "As long as you're their intellectual equal they usually treat you pretty good."

    Nailed it on the head bro. I can't stand talking to white people with lower SAT scores than me. Fucking makes me wanna off myself.

    Just kidding.

    I respect those who respect the phyzz.

  10. @PaidInGold I'm ok within 10-15% either way. Hell I'll tolerate even lower if they're entertaining.

  11. All I can say is, you haven't seen nothing until you take a trip to where I live, Vancouver. The Asian invasion over here is just ridiculous. And the problem isn't just that these rich Chinese are driving up housing prices. The big problem is that most of these immigrants are not assimilating. When you see store signs in Chinese and no english, when you see Chinese immigrants who have been here 20 years and still speak through a translator, you know you have a problem.

    Being white myself I now feel like a minority. Vancouver and surrounding cities are no longer a part of Canada, they are simply Chinese colonies. One of my Chinese friends even told me that they have their own name for Vancouver. They have freakin renamed the city. I can't stand it anymore. I'm looking to move as I don't want my kids growing up feeling that they are outsiders in their own country.

  12. From a pure housing perspective, China has recently brought in more laws and regulations in an attempt to curb speculation in their real estate bubble. This is causing Chinese speculators to spill into Canada as our real estate sector looks like one of the more stable alternatives worldwide. Unfortunately our gov't isn't doing anything about it, and like a virus China's real estate bubble is has infected Canada and is spreading.

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  14. for someone who likes to look at all sides of everything, I have heard some distressing things about bob chapman ... Vyzygoth calls him total scum, and seems he left his clients holding bag on some scam ten years ago; also seems he is served with some type of papers for default etc ... anyhow, I have always believed in him but now hearing some shady things, he is on more than anyone on so many stations each week ... also, I found this post a year ago by someone called LESTER, it's pretty interesting


    What does Chapman provide on all the radio shows he's on?

    Not much. Basically he just bullshits with the hosts and gives conjecture. Touts up all the money he's made for people, but in the face of collapse, does that really count for much??? Is it even halfway true?

    Nobody "makes money" anymore; not in the markets. Everything there is manipulated to the Nth degree. All the commodities are driven up and down in chart-painting excercises and fleece those looking for table tidbits.

    Anybody who had several million to invest, much less "invested" has been plundered.

    Chapman has never discussed the deliberateness of it all.

    15yrs ago, you could still get a 5-6% rate of interest on a 1yr CD. Banks used to pay interest to acquire money to loan out at 2% higher or better rates. Then the fed decided to arrange the float for banks directly and all of a sudden, banks no longer needed "your money" so by 1998 they were paying 1.5% or less for CDs.

    Why? So all the gampa and granny money would have to go to the stock market.... There it went. In time for the Tech Collapse and then the 9-11 collapse and every major correction ever since.

    Yet, Chapman thinks the gold windo closing was a bad thing?

    Anyone and everyone in the financial sector is out to rob you. That is the lesson of the past 15 yrs.

    Your money isn't what is at risk, your life is what is at risk... The money will collapse, but if you've remained a cog in the societal money-compensated wheel; you will collapse with it.

    Does Chapman see this? He never says so.
    He is a tout.
    Everything is dire, but always a couple years away...

    Tomorrow, I love ya, You're always a day away....

    Jones has no clue what to do. Chapman won't tell you if he has one or not...

    How close is everything? Just realize that the ramp up is really happening right now. Listening to these Bozos rather than taking action, formulating your own plan; just puts you out in the middle of the killing zone.

    You gotta get out of the line of fire, and working a plan of your own for how you will stay Warm, Dry, Hydrated, Fed, and Able To Defend Your Loved Ones & Your Stuff...

    The pukes at Genesis won't even mention where you could find a clue... They won't let their guests breathe a word one about this, if they even had a clue themselves...

    Chapman is just another life-long gamer for TPTB. If he mattered on any level, he would have been dealt with. Jones the same.

    As long as you are listening to others, and not taking action on your own; you are controlled and not going to be a factor.

    If you understand what you need to do for your family and can add more to help others when the time comes, you are the biggest danger to TPTB.

    This is what Genesis, Chapman, Jones, QuayleTard, and all the others won't tell you; the how tos and what to considers. They don't know, because they aren't doing anything for themselves.

  15. Its nice to see the other people in Vancouver complain, thought I was the only one.
    When I filled out my government papers I checked the "minority" box.. Fuck me I live in Burnaby, 1 outa 20 isnt asian.

  16. @ SGS,

    Same exact thing going on in my neighborhood in the Philly burbs. SAME exact thing you're talking about here.. only difference.. my hood turned/has turned Indian.


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  18. Asian covers alot but really its basically all chinese. They all speak their native language, they don't try to learn the culture , they try to completely change it. I'm a fucking canadian who is of japanese descent. 2nd generation, every aunt , uncle, cousin i have can barely speak or write japanese they are canadians. At this point vancouver is hongcover, or Richman (Richmond). FUCK THE GOV'T this is utter bullshit, people born here don't have a chance to own shit. Everyday i read some idiot payed 1.6 mil for something that isn't even worth 200k its screwing everyone over. This city is gutted, look at the benz, bimmer, audi, and anything high end, every single one is owned by some rich chinese and its' awesome because they have enough money and try to run into you. I use to drive a 5 tonne truck, you would be amazed at the assholes who will cut you off and wave their hand in their air like that is a sorry. The lowermainland is a shit show, I hope that I can leave this city someday when the SHTF and go to salt spring island with my wife (who is white not canadian and hates the gov't of the states , the establishment etc, she use to not hate any race because she wasn't exposed to other races other then white, now coming here its changed , and stereotypes do hold water, *yes its true japs are dirty pervs, *heard stories from a instructor at school , that he fixed a car that had the gas pedal painted green, and the brake painted red, and yes she was straight from china, back in the day some dude was selling drivers liscenses for 5k a pop during the 90s' he made piles of cash got caught but couldn't figure out which people paid him off)
    @ victory report
    we have a city called surrey where everybody is pretty much east indian.
    I might be the asian but im a canadian, the true minority in the lowermainland is anybody who speaks english and is born here.I hate to say it but immigration of the last decade has FUBAR'd this city. I made more friends in Michigan in 1 year then the 6-7 years since being back.
    I want out of this city, too bad everywhere else with work is also bad , if there was decent paying jobs out in Hope ,or something i would have already left.

  19. SGS--I love doing that at parties, too, esp. asking the "experts" what they think of gold and silver...the responses are hilarious and keep me in the faith, lol.

  20. The problem in Europe is the Moroccans/North Africans.
    Check this super mild shit out. Just kids but the big guy is giving the little girl flying kicks at the end.
    This is how Moroccan guys like to think they can treat European chicks.
    We get a lot of them on scooters bag snatching from girls.

    Heres 3 robbing a jewellers from last week

    And this is how Germans deal with scumbags.

    Europe will be allright eventually.


  21. Well said MUFC and treez. I don't have a problem with first generation Asians. They consider themselves Canadians and act accordingly. It's the f*($%ing Chinese immigrants that are the problem, especially the older ones. They are the ones spitting on sidewalks, driving like dicks, refusing to speak English.

  22. Sydney, Australia is the same folks.

    Gonna immigrate there and then conquer that muthafuckin island.

  23. I'm in Toronto and we have similar pockets of immigrant real estate wars. I'll be selling my house soon and moving out west for work. I'm so ecstatic, because of the positive Vancouver comments and I'm a Bruins fan.

  24. @ijhill
    Where else do you have transit workers showing people how to line up, lets take a wild guess, its the FOB (Fresh off the boat). They cut off people in line ups all the time, they just push through the most disorderly shit ever. Its the same with their driving style . You can't drive if you can't line up without crashing into people. So damn rude, my wife never understood why I would bitch so much about the chinese immigrants here, until she moved here. You can read the Vancouver Metro people bitch about it, also without being racist, kinda like who buys a mercedes, bimmer, or audi must be a moron because for that high cost of a vehicle none of the turning signals ever work.