Saturday, June 18, 2011

OTC SIlver/Gold banned July 15th blah blah blah

Noise, noise, noise. Who cares. Eventually they will ban ALL silver/gold trading. Spot will eventually go to zero, while street price of phyzz will have no price on it. WAKE UP! If you dont have physical by now you are dumb. If we go down in "spot" price here and you can manage to get some in your hands, congrats. Moving forward I am slowly withdrawing whats left in fiat (trading account) and turning in for PHYZZ.

The COT report is fine, made sense with silver flat lining all week.

End game nearing.

Get your shit together.

Good luck.


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  2. Liquidating what exactly? Are you still holding miners like tinka?

  3. Paidingold:
    As I understand it will only effect the trades for the fx with xau and xag, which are the pairs of gold and silver in the foreign exchange market. It is only in the U.S. and won't/shouldn't have any effect on slv or gld.

  4. @Spencer: don't you get the larger picture? RESTRICTION. Sit down slave and shut up. There is no "only" cause the elites don't play by the "only" Tiny, tiny, tiny step by step do they take away. Next it will be SLV and GLD

  5. Meh - I don't know. I think if they can cobble together another rescue package for Greece, they might just be able to put this thing off for one more year. It's not uncommon for governments to forbid transactions in metals during inflations and most americans might simply ignore a ban on trading PMs.

  6. @Ledbedder: Couldn't agree more with you. just trying to clarify for paidingold. The only thing I disagree with you on is that we are way past the "sit down and shut up" phase. The sheeple are so brainwashed that they beg for the restriction and law of tptb, we are/have succumbed at our own will. Prepare.

  7. As long as they have McDonalds and TV peace will be maintained.

    95% of the people think gold and silver is for jewelery or old pirates doubloons. Not too swift and have a memory of about 6 months.

    I fully expect the elites plans to succeed, with the odd delay.

    Whats going to happen is the masses will simply be given fake everything. Fake money, fake jobs, fake news, fake food (irradiated), fake hope, fake history. Anything real, will be for the elite of society only. Real money (Gold/Silver), real jobs, real food, etc.

    This is just the start, they always start small.
    This E.Coli in Europe is the start of a push for mandated food irradiation.
    This ban on OTC PM's is a start.

  8. For those of us who have slim knowledge, wouldn't this cause a "run" on physical gold/silver? Man, I'm confused.

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  10. Holy fucking shit! Will the ETFs be worthless now?
    Is that what they really want? Strenghtens the dollar eh?

    In other news: 'The Ring of fire' is exploding!

    It can strike anywhere! I know I always yak about quakes, but this time it is most extraordinary^3

    Be prepared, from Japan to Australia, and Chile to California

  11. "Will the ETFs be worthless now?"

    No. Does not pertain to them. But in time, yes, they will be worthless.

  12. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here ever doubt the purity of American silver eagles ? Or maples or philharmonics ?

    Has anyone ever done any purity test on them ?

    I don't know how typically people does it. But I know in the electronics world, there is a spectrometer test that will reveal all atomic composition of the test subject. I thought about doing it but I just don't know how much it may be.

    People has been talking buying physical everyday. But what if you are buying something that is not up to it's advertisement ?! You know there are tungsten gold bars, why not something that is not 99.9 % silver ? Could it be 98% or even 89%... How can you tell ?

    For those who bought silver eagles, it is minted by a monopoly "appointed" by crooks.

  13. All ETF's and spot of Gold and Silver will get destroyed on Sunday night/Monday.

    This is going to be the ultimate bloodbath.

    Fuck, I was about to get out of PSLV and PHYS on Friday afternoon!

    Fuck, fuck fuck!

  14. Here's an article from 2010

  15. Garry...

    Maybe not... maybe they will run it up super high until the last day...

    every piece of shit has more than one side

  16. Maybe they just timed the report to help promote the Silver Viral Project's launch today and get people to get into the phyzz?
    Take silver viral.
    The Silver Viral Project is accepting members now.

  17. @Coconutrumplus

    Great Video

  18. Forgive me but Im not understanding what I am reading. They are going to destroy the value of gold and silver? What purpose does this serve?

  19. JP Morgan, and other Privately Owned Banks that make up the "Federal" Reserve could drive the price of gold & silver down, get everyone to freak out and sell physical gold and silver. The Banks then buy it at a reduced cost while they simultaneously devalue the currency (Dollar). In a year of two physical gold will be $3K/ounce or more. Corrupt? You decide.