Sunday, June 5, 2011

what will Americans do for a substitute currency once the U.S. dollar has “greater value” as toilet paper than as money? The answer is “no one knows.”

"As I have written frequently, U.S. interest rates are permanently frozen at 0%, because this deadbeat economy is so totally insolvent that even a 1% increase in interest rates would instantly send the U.S. economy into a deflationary death-spiral. With $60 trillion in current public and private debt, a 1% increase in U.S. interest rates would drain an extra $600 billion in interest payments out of the U.S. economy – every year."

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  1. I assume most people will go crazy without their "money". Lead will most likely be circulated for a while. Well, actually I'm sure most of it will be gifted to people. After that, a return to sound money of gold and silver.

  2. @Herward heheheheheh beat me to it.

  3. i wouldnt wipe my ass with a dollar bill. those things are filthy!