Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crises of Confidence-You better man the life boats, LOL


  1. The problem with lifeboats, just like on the Titanic, is there are not enough of them. And the rush for everyone to get on them makes that problem worse.
    The pace of collapse is quickening as the ship is listing quite heavily. This whole unwinding has occurred at a much faster rate than I expected, and I am thinking the pace will increase. All you really have to do is note what the banks and money centers(wealthy) are doing and realize the deleveraging into REAL money with assets. What we all want to do is hold as much real money as possible and remove ourselves from this PONZI system.

  2. ok we been hearing this for years now, wind the tape for the 1000th time; but gold and silver been stuck in neutral or dropping for 2 months.... It's funny how the END is always a year or two away so the 10 metals experts can keep selling their wares ... we will see what happens, more games I suppose ... the USA was bankrupt in the 30s