Friday, June 24, 2011

Billy PIMCO tweet

Have a good weekend see you tomorrow.


  1. Soooo who is surprised by this? Everything must go down before Bernanke can announce QE3 and ESPECIALLY commodities - oil, gold and silver. We are just starting a mini 2008.

    Hope everyone loaded up on puts and is counting their weeks profits today...lots more to come! :-)

  2. House refuses to give Obama power to continue in Libya

  3. Just wondering if anybody bought phyzzzzzzzz today, or if you're waiting til the end of QE2 to see what happens the first few weeks of July. Your answers will influence my actions.... sorta.

  4. Usgs silver update.

    Well it looks like the folks at the usgs may be manipulating silver production figures.

    I know...I should have realized this, but I didn't think the paper geologists would fudge lousy production reports.

    I plan on putting a guest post together in the next day or so that sgs might include in one of his updates.

  5. SGS, you should start a thread for the Canadian housing bubble.

    I'm curious to get different opinions on it.

  6. I bought about €750 worth of US Silver Eagles and Austrian Philharmonics yesterday, and then bought another 10 more Eagles today on the price dip. Thats pretty much my monthly powder I have to burn right there for metal (I bought my main silver hord back at the beginning of 2009 and have been stacking monthly ever since).

    For me, I buy when I have the cash, and I don´t really give a crap what the fiat price is. Sure, if a dip occurs and I still have some paper leftover, I´ll take advantage of the situation. I don´t wait because you never know how long the phyzz is going to be available. Now, if your someone who wants to load your jeep up with some serious monster boxes all at once, I can understand wanting to wait. Just be aware, if you do wait hoping for a nasty market selloff thinking spot is going to tank and you´ll get more phyzz for the buck, you may be entering the market at the same time thousands of others are looking for safe havens to park their cash.

    Paper silver may be dirt cheap, but the physical premiums you´ll be paying for physical silver may be astronomical...and then you better hope that phyzz is even available to buy.

    It´s a crap shoot, but I´d rather have the phyzz ASAP rather than waiting.

  7. I live in Los Angeles.

    3 private PM dealers on my phone last week.

    Today? 2 no longer selling, and 1 of them added a minimum of a dollar over spot on his junk silver.

    Good enough to say it's a smoke signal?

  8. Get a load of this:

  9. Hey Paid, if you travel a little north (Ventura County) there's Conejo Valley Stamp and Coin. They seem to have a good stock of silver and gold, and I got a decent price over spot on Libertads and Eagles. Red day buy today! Check them out and see what you think.

  10. @highrise: got some more maples today.

  11. @d40b...

    Thanks for the suggestion, broham.

    I think I might go with for now. They are .19 cents over spot per ounce with their junk silver.

    That's the lowest out there.

    Fuck the rounds. I need the dimes to give to USC grads to polish the staff when it's getting cloudy!

  12. Just to put a smile on the face of anyone stateside who is worrying about cost over spot, the cheapest price here in the UK is £35.40 Inc VAT. That's $57.34!
    don't worry about the price, just buy when you have paper. I would love to buy right now, but nothing to use :(
    good luck all as Greece is going down and we'll all follow soon.

  13. I'm waiting to see what happens in early July. The amount of silver I can afford to buy at a time is less than 1% of what I have anyways. It takes a LOT of buying to affect my holdings size. I'd rather be paying down the supplies I bought when Fukushima Daiichi nuked itself.


  14. PainInGold,

    Get yourself some STRONG clippers - you're probably going to be paying one student a quarter of ONE DIME (cut to quarter pieces) to polish that for a WEEK.


    P.S. - previous word verification was retyr - I wish I could fucking do that so I can figure out what else to do. I want to get out of the big cities and figure out where to go next.

  15. Julian,

    How come you can´t just buy from a german or austrian PM dealer online? Even though you don´t have the euro, we are still one big happy clusterfrack able to buy and sell to each other with ease. Gold here is tax free. Silver coins is 7%. Silver bullion and rounds get slapped with 19% (and

  16. My dealer's website went into "scheduled" maintenance yesterday.

    Lucky "coincidence". I can't get to them by phone. I can't buy Phyzz.

    I think the COMEX is beginning to irritate everyone. Not just us!

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  18. gave you Bataan and GenMac with WU ...

    also, julian, robby noel said Eagles were $70 in africa when he was there.

  19. @6a1db...

    Are you telling me that I've gotten even more head locked up in the bag than I've thought all along??? By 4 to 6 times more!?!?!

    WOOO HOOO!!!

    Last night in a Koreatown bar, the whole bar was full of sheep. Oblivious to what the fuck just went down this week in the world... So many skimpy dresses, so many skillless whores with polisci degrees...

    Can't wait.