Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Years From now...we will have a story to tell...

After speaking with people that trade billions of dollars a day in the PM's, and then making a video out of it, Bears Part 6, and then having a 20% pullback, and what looks like after tonight's DUAL margin hikes, will be an interesting next 2 trading days, I have re instituted that smile on my face, that I once had when the price of silver went from $15-50.

I'm happy. You know why. Because soon enough, the sheep will be flushed out of this trade, and the big boys are going to come in (might even be by friday) and collect an EPIC amount of physical that the world will be astonished at. We will look back at this week, and point with our fingers and say, "Thats the week they lost control, right there that week!"

The Cot report is bogus, the metals reports are bogus, everything is fabricated to what JPM wants it to be.

Now some fuckflammers will come on here and say shit like, "conspiracy guys always have to twist the story to make it sound like their theory puke puke blah blah blah" and its these same assholes that are having their house foreclosed on, $100,000 in CC debt, and moved back in with their parents who are about to move out because they are now being foreclosed on too.

I can go on , and on...

But lets slow the fuck down here. If you are to listen to anything please listen closely at what I'm about to say. In the movie the 'knock around guys' Vin diesel tells the guy '500.' Apparently 500 street fights is what you need in order to 'know' how to fight or be respected.

Now in the trading world, its 500,000 individual trades, not by bot, box or algo, by the click of your mouse-this is when you have arrived, when everything 'clicks' and its like the end of the matrix movie when duchsac sees all the code streaming down...I have been here before my friends trust me, its not the end of the world. I have tried to guide you in any way I can, and guess what...its no different than 2008. I remember trading AIG on the day it traded over 1 billion shares (I still have a video of it I may post it for shits and gigs) and thinking to myself, this is it, this is Rome falling.

Its all a game. The world is a game to be played, and we are at the mercy of the big boys.

So where do we go from here? It depends on how many weak hands were shaken out on the previous 27 margins hikes this week. If some smaller guys are left, tomorrow they will pitch out and the capitulation will continue I have been hearing some interesting trading desks talk about an enormous position at $37.50. So...let it be know right here, right now, if we close under that, it will be ugly.

If you are looking for guidance for the price of silver...honestly I made close to 100 trades today flip flopping back and forth testing this $38 level (SLV)...and with the margin increases coming tomorrow and the 9th, well, boys and girls for the first time ever, I'll say it, we brought knives to a gun fight-they do hold the upper hand here and I have no idea where this is headed by friday- too many surprises from JP owned CME. I mean, is the price not under control by now...? it down 25 fucking percent in 2 days...this isnt keeping the market orderly its making even more DISorderly-no conspiracy? If one doenst think that silver is too big to fail by now, I would urge you to seek immediate psychological and brain hemorrhaging attention-you have to have a "I am fully retarded" hall pass in order to be exempt from believing that this is not a controlled event in the most desperate of times. Why didnt the CME raise margin on Netflix? LOL fuck it.


We can still defeat them. At these insanely lower prices (and might go lower-dont shoot the messenger here - $32 may not be out of the question as they will probably increase the margin to 100%- meaning if you want to trade silver you will have to use all your own money) go out and buy more physical. Thats all I can say. This will cripple them. And tell anyone if they are thinking to sell their physical back, they will be making the biggest mistake in the history of the financial ponzi game.

Heres the equation I am using right now that is not too complicated, where we can all win. Buy the PUTS to protect your physical long, and buy phyzz starting at anything under $35 or if you feel comfortable, start picking away right now...

Years from now, when we are sitting back and wondering how this all started, I will light a cigar, put my kid on my knee, pull out a maple, overlook the sunset over the fiery blowing wheat, and tell him a story about a blog that (hopefully) changed thousands of people's lives for the better.

Goodnight, I have to take an advil after watching Phily get fuckin tuned again.



    heres another chapman talking about metals today

  2. Thanks for everything SGS. My cash is dry and ready to fire on more phyzz! :) I've all ready thanked you in the usual way. All the best!

  3. The Bankster Cabal known as Comex (with the fraud tacitly allowed by traitorous CFTC Commisioners Dunn OMalia Gensler and Sommers) is bigger than us traders, but now it is stepping into the shadows of the Central Banks of the rest of the world ie. Mex, China, India, Russia, Middle East.

    They can push their paper around, but as the US$ crashes, available silver will get sucked up by their monstrous US$ holdings.

    No doubt these Central Banks noticed the request from Treasury for a 2 trillion debt limit hike, 1.5 X GDP ect.

    We are 6 miles from the River, and our troup is in tatters but now every other Central Bank in the world is falling in behind us. DB, GS, JPM, Jeffrey Christian and their CFTC hand puppets are waving around posters of silver, and its time to throw torches onto their paper silver and for the world to be done with their monetary plague once and for all.

  4. sgs,

    have you read Gladwell's OUTLIERS? He has an awesome chapter akin to what you are talking about called, THE 10000 HOUR RULE

    excerpt from article:

    The most obvious candidate for memification in Outliers is a little gem Gladwell calls the 10,000-Hour Rule. Studies suggest that the key to success in any field has nothing to do with talent. It's simply practice, 10,000 hours of it — 20 hours a week for 10 years.

  5. well, get yer' phyical. I honestly think Ben B's speech was a tipping point and the beginning of the end for the dollar.

  6. "The world is a game to be played, and we are at the mercy of the big boys."
    THIS, conspiracies or not.

    I might fall into the fuckflammer category sometimes but I'd say the case for manipulation here is pretty damn strong. And I haven't seen/heard anyone anywhere even attempt to deny it.

    I'm happy about it too. This presents a huge opportunity in both directions if you aren't dealing with margin obstacles. Must be awful for anyone who jumped in at the deep end late in the game to live through this though.

    Forget Netflix. Where's the fuckin hike in margins for crude? Guess that speculation ain't that big a concern after all. Assholes.

  7. zepster... please tell me this scenario isn't realistic.

    Example… is the conversation with the “Kingdom” of Saudi Arabia.

    KSA – we can no longer sell you oil for your crappy dollars.
    USA – We have found evidence that the KSA has been harboring terrorists…as such we now will bomb and invade them to free their people from this evil dictatorship. Now we control the oil wells and will sell it to ourselves with our crappy dollars.

    who is going to stop this anytime soon? Trust me I'm not defending it. I'm trying to see if it is realistic for the $ to die in our life time.

  8. Great post, SGS. I'm inspired! I'm set to buy physical at $35, $30 and even $25 if it gets there. Can't buy much at a time, but every ounce counts.

    Thanks a ton for the blog. You've help me and countless others understand this insane market.

    Best, -JPDG

  9. Fuckflammin SGS is priceless...

  10. Flyboys got run up and down the ice bro; if only we'd five with Richie's heart..

  11. JFrancis: you are right on, no fuckflammer staus for you, not even close..

    Gladwells 10,000 hour rule eh? Try 25,000 hours in front of 4 monitors and several smashed keyboards...if fact, my old trading desk would have a box full of new keyboards. You always knew when shit went wrong as guys would literally snap them in half, walk over casually to the box, unwrap the cellophane, plug it back in, and abng out a $10,000 day. LOL

  12. @jfrancis i asked my broker the same question. here is what he said:

    That’s what happens in markets that fluctuate $10,000-$15,000+ in one day’s trading. Oil, cotton and wheat don’t come close to that kind of volatility. It makes sense…companies and the exchange just want the money in the customer’s account. They shouldn’t be trading if they can’t meet full margin requirements. Leverage works both ways, and when markets are as volatile as silver has been of late, you never know what’s going to happen.

    anyone want to argue against it?

  13. Kiyosaki has some good stuff on here ...

  14. I hear ya on the 10K, rule, try this: coaching basketball for 39 years year round :) (not to mention, taping, watching, scouting games) started at 16.

  15. I took 2 Valtrex, 3 Adderall, 6 Xanax, 80 MG of Oxycontin, and a Propecia for no apparent reason at all. If Blyght ruins my high again I'm going to draw a bath, fill it with Mr Bubbles, turn on some Katy Perry, and pretend I'm the Dull Care of Osama as I sink below the water line.

  16. @2pac4ya - Well, I doubt we're gonna invade Saudi Arabia anytime. It looks to be me like countries around the world are aware of the fed's plan to debase the dollar and are putting together cooperative currency deals. At some point in time they are probably gonna say "enough" and start dumping dollar assets. Probably won't tomorrow, but soon enough. Our bond market may make the decision easier for them. Besides the desire too cool the metals, I think TPTB wanted to convince people that there are better investments than such volatile things as gold and silver :)

  17. Still holding strong, watching trends, haven't sold a nickel.

    Meanwhile "middle Earth" buys shit they cannot afford, stands in unemployment lines, gets raped at the pump and checkout lane and the madness will only escalate.

    The new dawn of 2013 will show the world who prepared with hard assets and safety from the unknown. It's a fantastic ride, don't let the little bumps deter you.

  18. @2pac: "They shouldn’t be trading if they can’t meet full margin requirements"

    I agree with that sentiment. Too bad it doesn't apply to TBTF. Would be curious to see the counter to your broker's volatility explanation. Makes sense but in this case I smell a big dead fish.

    Plus there seems to be a lot more to the problem than margin hikes though, which I don't quite have my head around so I won't go there.

  19. @ Zepster... well, there is no doubt that Russia and China are done trading with each other in US dollars. i agree with you that other countries are fed up. china especially. however, china still need us for a variety of different reasons. one of those reasons being food. i would love to see this all unravel tomorrow and begin to re build. but the avg american would rather want their 55' hdtv than have true freedom.

  20. Holy shit 100 trades today?? Did you actually make money? Your broker must love you.

  21. Anyone in US interested in signing petitions to Obama to investigate the CFTC position limits issue ?

    This is election year! We can put catchy title as "SCAM ongoing impacting US financial backbone. "

    Let's see what Obama going to do for his re-election bid

  22. @Jfrancis... trust me there is a lot I don't have my head wrapped around... but I'm digging and trying to figure it out. i stay out of that shit anyway so it doesn't affect me. i have physical and if it crashes and the dollar remains the world reserve currency then so be it... I'm sure there will be ample opps in my life time to cash in again. however, we are cashing in sooner rather than later on this silver position. then off to the next thing.

  23. @coconutrumplus - and who funded Obama?


    Jim Sinclair was one of the top gold traders during the 1970-1980 period. Below is his whole each word carefully as it might also give us some idea of what is instore:

    Silver Being Silver
    Posted: May 04 2011 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: May 4, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Filed under: General Editorial

    My Dear Extended Family,

    My daughter was hospitalized yesterday. She is fine now, but it was dicey last evening.

    This note is being written in the hospital to tell you to please relax.

    Margins will continue to rise on the COMEX until it reaches the cash price of silver. This works for the shorts as their hammer on the silver market reduced the equity of low cost positions. The efficacy is short term and made no difference whatsoever in 1980 as the silver market made its highs. What broke silver in 1980 was a unilateral change (novation) of the silver contract which went to "sellers only." Under contract law that is simply not permitted. They got away with a violation in 1980, but the corporate changes in structure at the COMEX that have occurred since 1980 makes the COMEX less able to pull that trick off successfully in 2011.

    Silver is simply being silver. Silver did help gold therefore the 25% drop in value has to pressure the gold price.

    The USDX is simply having a weak rally off a totally oversold on every internal indicator short side trade. The dollar has no future. The supply wishing to diversify is simply too big to allow any rally to have legs.

    I have told you silver is a game. That being said, it it is a great game. Certainly as the silver price approached the 1980 high, you might have considered selling 1/3.

    The high trade on silver was $54 in 1980. Silver’s round numbers are at $50 and $100. Both will function as such in trading.

    Silver is not money. It is simply too bulky to be freely and universally fungible. After this short play, which had to follow the spike intermediary top, silver will rise as fast as it did again.

    The Hedgies are having their way with the gold shares, but logically this is coming to an end. When you can buy companies whose resources are three times the company’s present capitalization, the share is getting unreasonably cheap.

    The ratio of GDX versus GDXJ is starting to favor the juniors which is a major heads up event.

    What you have witnessed is not at all shocking. If you traded 1968 to 1980 you would know this is just silver being silver.

    Relax. Put a french curve on silver and you will see the bottom change in trend event.

    The only thing I don't agree with is selling 1/3 of ones silver when it hit $50. I will sell 1/2 of my silver when we reach the 15/1 mark.

  25. @coconutrumplus ... check out the below film if you haven't already seen it. its a god damn fraud and the american people sit on their asses loving every min of it. i hate to say this but they deserve everything they may get.

  26. @2pac4ya... thanks but link not working...

    @zepster... But what do we got to lose ? Bring it out on the table and see what we may get. Corner him and may be they may have to do something or make JPM slow down.

  27. @coconutrumplus... the documentary is Inside Job and was the 2010 best doc by the f'n academy. Goldman and the director probably got together after the movie but it is still a good doc for everyone.

  28. coco,

    I hear you but prob is Barry Soetero brought OBL home for the sheep, it's laughable but that's what 80% of people swallow IMHO ... His odds on my gambling site went from -125 to be reelected to -150 the next day ... not much shift, I grant you, but that's all it could've been = wag the dog, 3-shell habeas corpus

    I would love to see Cynthia McKinney as our Prez (dichotomous upgrade on the 'black' card Barry, and Hillary the skirt), & Jesse T or Kucinich as VP ... Cindy Mac, with O'keefe, have called out Israel and aipac etc many times, they nut/ovary up ... Obama was burped by the Chicago Jews, check out the Weather Underground doc on YT, check out who William Ayers's pops was. Check into Man's Country, with their 2 lifetime members Soertoro and Rham E. (who turned down a scholly from the Joffrey: can you say jette?!)

    Barry boinked Donald Young (dead, gangland style, case never solved) and BJ'd Larry Sinclair in a limo... this is a sick twisted f*cked up country led by psychopaths marionetting sheep with NLPs and Dancing with the Stars to graze peacefully until their 401Ks go incendiary ... [Don't even try watching CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE]

    Gawd, I'm glad I grew up in the 60s. And FWIW (for the ad hominem slingers in here) no, I have never smoked pot, drank, and I bike everywhere, no car.

  29. ---the avg american would rather want their 55' hdtv than have true freedom.---

    That's complete horseshit. The average America currently believes he has both. Once presented with reality, he will fight!

  30. To all those bashing Americans: Your own shithole has the same problem. Look in the mirror you pukes.

  31. @Jack... I'm not even going to go there man and I'm American. I'm glad you are more positive about our country than myself.

  32. @jack don't be to hard on those that bash the US. It's not you and I they are bashing. It's the hollyGoo ZOG representation of the US they are bashing.

  33. The moral of the story is hold what silver you have and F-disc your HD and come back here in 50 years. Go home and take the bullet in the head and hope in your next life time the nightmares are not as bad as these. Repeat slum dogs until they are all gone in 10,000 years and have moved onto a new and glorious planet. What gives you the right to breath the free air of earth bitches? Be thankful you were invited to clean their toilets. It's over folks, until this evil empire is destroyed. The same evil empire that is hell bent on starving all the middle and lower class people of the world! You are shit - know your master, bow to his voice, and clean his shitter!

  34. I realize that this note is out of context for the topic here. It must, however, be stated that I have never been so embarrassed as an American as I am today, as it was the first occasion for me to see our First Lady dancing to a piece of popular music. I was ashamed by her performance, as she has stated that she was herself ashamed to be a American, before her husband was elected.

    Michelle Obama should be mortified to call herself a black woman, lawyer or not. The purported 'first black lady' does not have the soul of a female lawyer, much less that of a modern negress. Her movements are as stiff and whitebread as those of a nervous Vassar College freshman. Neither does she possess rhythm, which should be natural to her demographic class. Michelle Obama is a freak of nature, neither really nigger nor American.

    I have more natural soul in my single right foot than the First Female of this geographic division. Being a 57 year-old singer/dancer from New Orleans, I can dance circles around Alice the Goon. Oh, I should realize that I'm not a Member of the Bar. Sue Me!

  35. Alert! Great News! Silver is in full effect once again as backwardation is going up big time! The same scenario is a repeat what happened earlier this year when silver got pummeled back in the low 30s back into the 50s.

  36. I am also American, but our country has been stolen by lawyers and politicians. This is not the same country I grew up in.

  37. @Creole fukkin plu-leeze. Hold your head up. You don't have to apologize for anything. Those puppet clowns are not us. Get off your knees America.

  38. Blythe is even stiffer than Michelle. She dances like QEII, after having absorbed her morning meds. Imagine why Charles needs to hear the dirty talk from Camilla, just in order to erect his staff. These Brits have no soul. They are SCURVEY, and limeys to boot. Michelle Obama is a brit wanna-be.
    Blythe wanna-be a cool dancer on Soul Train.

  39. Buy the motherfuckin giant motherfuckin dip motherfuckers.

  40. Knowing how much they control the game, I'm beginning to wonder if even holding physical is a winner's game. Once they expend all of their bullets via margin hikes and it still doesn't quell the demand/price for it, do you think they let us get away with that? Walk away with our pockets full of the shiny while the price goes up exponentially in fiat? They're left holding their dicks with a bunch of paper and bone dry exchanges. Little guy wins in the end. I suspect something much more sinister is in the pipeline. Do we think there's "no plan" after this trick is over? Highly doubt it. There will be some scheme (I have no idea what that might be) to make owning physical more of a burden than trading the slave paper they want us to use. If I make the rules to the game and I see you trying to circumvent the rules I change the rules. And if I see you trying to quit my game to win at your own, then I make playing your own game worse than getting kicked in the nuts at playing mine.

    Does this make sense?

  41. It makes sense, but the real fact is this: We have scared the living shit outta these pigs. They are desperate now. They are going to do ANYTHING to re-attain as much physical silver as they possibly can by lowering the price and hitting peoples sell points. What they don't realize, is that there is a whole army of motherfuckers like me and you out there, just salivating over $20 silver again... they are hoping that when it is $20/oz, THEY will be able to buy it all up. Little do they know, we have been waiting for a full-on attack of this precious metal market. If they do get their hands on it, and we have the rest, they will raise the price so we settle for fiat, in turn increasing the spending power of the dollar. They are in a serious catch-22 right now, but they are blinded by their own greed and don't expect this army to recover, regroup, and retaliate.

  42. HR408,

    in theory I totally agree, but what's distressing is we keep needing converts and from I saw anyhow in my city and on TV around the usa, the sheep are dumber than they have ever been ... red white and blue ball too OBL, it was truly sickening, threads etc, the tipping point needs more soldiers to overthrow the Darth... the bottom line, will we get them if the guys holding the Hoyle like you said can blackline old rules?

  43. 2 more rate hikes today bitchezz, and the rate hikes aint over. Sell you phyzz and buy corn or rice to eat Mofos, it's over Obama and his banking cabal wins. Silver is dead like Osama with a bullet between the eyes. You are watching the final breath of a dead commodity! They write the rules and they have all the power. Bend over and clean the shitter and lick the seat. The next to fall will be gold, then Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iran ect, then oil. And you will be lining up at Wal-Mart for conscription to fight their oil wars for bread and brown water! Kiss the bitch good bye. The only thing that will save your ass is a massive CME (solar flare) that fries the entire planet and all our slave masters. Skynet is here!

  44. Something that I have thought about is that after the jig is up, the fraud is unequivocally exposed, that there is much less silver out there than the trading would lead one to believe, that the exchanges are broke, there will be a small window of time where the price will soar to ridiculous amounts (a few months), before the government steps in, calls the price purely speculative and out of control for example, and bam fixes the price of silver in the public at $5/oz so "everyone can afford it", as though we were buying it as a collectible. Who wants it then? Who wants a piece of metal that has been fixed to a destroyed currency at an artificially low price? After you've been forced to sell your stash for a few hundred bucks and the elite have all the metal "price unfixed"

    My point is if these guys really are ZOGs, you don't get to walk away the winner, defeating the system, discovering and stacking real money, protecting your wealth, converting your physical to the new currency at a much better rate than the millions upon millions left holding paper that was crushed by hyperinflation. I don't think any small fries like us get to win at this.

    Their doing shit now with these daily margin hikes we didn't think they'd do. Think they'll not find a way to make owning physical a worthless exercise as well...devaluation, heavy taxes, confiscation, something else. I think the punishment for trying to get out of their game will be worse than letting them kick your ass at it.

  45. OC15- Realize though, silver is much more than just a coin or a bar, it has more uses than countable on a centipede. Human technology, as sad as it seems, is ushering in a new era of cleaner, more viable uses for everything from Apartment Buildings to Zoo's and a shitload of whats in between uses silver... (Silver just so happens to be a very major part of the solar industry: China alone needs 130 million ounces of it each year to sustain their production of panels.) The price will continue to rise, and yes, there will be a selling point, but when you do it, it will be for possessions, not paper promises.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. so the question has to be asked, dont kill the messenger/questioner ... are all these semi-celeb gurus, chapman, keiser, celente, maloney, (any other name you want to toss in) all gatekeepers for the Matrix?

    just asking?

  48. Sorry about your Flyers, my Wings took it on the chin today, too. Sucks!

  49. Colin,

    I like Chapman and Keiser, due to them have been in the Matrix!

  50. how do i find out in advance when they are doing margin hikes on silver i fell on my ass hard in forex silver

    any sites i can go to that give the info on margin hike dates?

  51. You can sign up for notices at Comex's website

  52. Wohah! Its falling quickly!
    Time to enter Cameltoe position on my shorts!

  53. SGS
    I'll like to see that AIG video if you dont mind chucking it up on youtube. Thanks in advance!!

    Great article as well. I aint selling anything. Definitely looking to buy more tho.

  54. OC15 said...
    "the government steps in, calls the price purely speculative and out of control for example, and bam fixes the price of silver in the public at $5/oz so "everyone can afford it", as though we were buying it as a collectible. Who wants it then? Who wants a piece of metal that has been fixed to a destroyed currency at an artificially low price?"
    There are plenty of buyers outside USA.

  55. Using the July silver futures (SIK11). 52 week high=49.845 52 week low=17.57

    Fib. retracement targets

    50%=33.71 (this is the one to REALLY look for)
    61.8%=29.90 (we'll all be ready to give up by then)


    I am a chart fanatic. I have done retracements on thousands of charts. Yes, it even works on silver & gold. When it hits 50% retracement, I will be pricing December 50 calls like a mother f'er. Yes, it is leveraged, but as you know, the most you can lose is your premium.

    And to leave you all with a HUGE glimmer of hope. In technical analysis, "gaps" eventually get filled. Do yourself a favor and look up: SIN11, SIU11 and SIZ11 see all those GORGEOUS gaps? Well, boys and girls, those are gonna get filled, so, sit back...let the prices drop some more and smile, smile, smile. I know I am.

    BTW, I also own physical.

  56. I sympathize with the nervous wrecks on this blogs. I wish there was a way to calm you down, however, that doesn't look like an easy task.

    One of the few consolations in this debacle is people are really beginning to start listening.

    If their margin hikes were working so well, why do they have agents here trying to instill fear and doubt in your heart?

    The reality is, the hikes are not working (which is why they put them up twice yesterday). The people are beginning to see.

    I'm the kinda guy that likes to put my money where my mouth is. A few months ago, I started spread betting using a different paradigm to view the world. A model where there indeed is a small group of conspirators trying to eradicate the middle class and create a society where there's only subjects (us) and sovereigns again. Needless to say, I'm making a lot more fiat now. So, if you think this conspiracy stuff is BS, put your money where your mouth is, I'll see you in the spread betting arena.

    Bilderberg Group [1] meeting coming up soon. Will be interesting to see what they're up to this year.

    Just keep buying, spot price is just a number. Your liberty is not.

    [1] They exist and they have a web site:

  57. I meant SGS, sorry, it was early!

  58. ty malcom if i know the dates of the hikes and use the tsi well enough i wont get caught like i did on forex in a bull trap.. oh what a disaster

    on the positive side ill think twice before getting careless


  59. IAmPhoenix, please tell what the dates are if you know them. :)

  60. @ Jack, I agree with you that Americans will eventually step up to the plate. I enjoy my 50 inch TV screen as it makes it possible for me to watch my Bruins kick the shit out of Philly. But my sense is that Americans will riot and demand change when all oppressed peoples throughout history have rioted, when they go hungry. Even after the events of the last week, I never even considered getting rid of 1 oz. of physical. Why? Because it feels better than holding paper. All of you capitulating remind me of that band of queers in "The Holy Grail" skipping around while the song is playing, "Sir Robin, Sir Robin, he was a coward and a faggot, when trouble came he ran away......"
    I have watched a whole bunch of people pretty much praying for a dip like this so they could buy more cheap physical, and now that they have got it, they cry like babies. Would you crybabies like some soothing lotion for your pussies? Or, are you going to man up, and go buy the fuckin dip? Fags.

  61. I kept thinking about these lyrics last night:

    Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
    Came down upon his head.
    Clang! Clang! Maxwell's silver hammer
    Made sure that he was dead.

    I wish I had sold my AGQ a little sooner. Oh, well. I'll wait for the bottom.

  62. Here is the Sir Robin link for those of you requiring soothing lotion:

  63. Thank you. I am still a working stiff (cause I am a GREEDY BASTARD), and I got 1 minute to log on..but, I do appreciate it.

  64. lot of sites getting low on inventory....especially APMEX

  65. Englehard 1 oz going for $10-12 over spot on e-bay.......the demand is obviously still there for physical

  66. walp

    today margin hike

    then we should see a big buying spree from india on may 6-7 (am i correct on that?)

    then on the 9th another margin hike

  67. I know crap about silver, but I do know a little about TPTB, and it's this. They setup the shit show, and they have all the cash in the world. They will never be broke. So what do they want: control. Absolute, Forever, Permanent. They want stupid bitches eating a dick and never complaining. And a sky rocketing silver price threatens that total control. Margin hikes are no different from the riot squad sent to fuck up an anti war demonstration.

    Personally, I say fuck those bitches, and fuck yeah to SGS on pushing for an unmanipulated market. If all we got is throwing rocks in the street, let's throw fucking boulders.

    Also, last weekend, I sold a $2 slice of cheese pizza for 3 1964 and 1 1968 Kennedy half dollars. Stupid kid bought a $56 slice of cheese...well, $49 today. I'm still happy.

  68. Don't get me wrong. I'm not selling a 1/10th of an ounce of my phyzz and I'll continue to buy more as long as I'm financially able to as it seems like the only way you theoretically have a chance. Just be aware it's not likely the ants get to ride off into the sunset on the coat tails of the giants, even if there are only a few of us. Always remember, the name of the game is control.

  69. P.S. Thank you very much for this informative blog SGS. I know alot of work goes into it.

  70. currently 36.48. Took out the Fib 38.2% at 37.52. Next (and the more important) 50% @ 33.71 Good luck all. I wouldn't BTFD until July (futures) SIN11 hits very near 33.71.