Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wildcat Silver Corp Ticker WS.V or WLDVF

Ready to blow.

I just bought at $2.32. The chart says up. Giddy up!

Once that yahoo at $2.34-.35 leaves this is going to fly


  1. What do you think of the performance of over the next year or so? Do you think it will out pace PSLV?

  2. Nice. So is this how you typically find breakout plays in the juniors? Purely based off of technical chart reading?

  3. sometimes. If I need it to be quick for an in and out within 2-3 days TA is the best way.

    Something like Tinka is longer term.

  4. sgs... do you think $2.38 is a fair price? how long are you haging on for?

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  6. gary i am currently trading the back/forth price movement of pslv and zsl

    pslv is, at least as far as my research has done, a good safety if the comex crashes.. and (doing right after) after i find out the next margin hikes etc that may knock silver down heavily in june my i plan on selling 3/4 of my PSLV moving it to ZSL and after a reasonable bottom moving right back into pslv and other miners..

    i do have a question for SGS,

    is there any other dates besides the margin hikes i should know about in regds to silver smack down?

    i do see a pattern of the price getting relativ large drops at once around 12am, 3am, 6am, 10am,

    any further insight would be greatly appreciated

  7. oh and your question:

    yes it appears that pslv is outperforming slv and on some days even AGQ which i find facinating

  8. Used this for PSLV sell signal, moved to CEF on Apr 20 and we know how that worked out!

  9. darth ,

    a lot of us got killed in may i feel ya on that


    thanks to sgs for introducing me to the TSI trader's blog.. ive been using the TSI 4,7 and i dont think i will find anything quite as uncanny as that index..

    cant seem to find the next margin hike dates im gonna have to call the cme lord

  10. sgs, you think this is going to take off?

  11. This is off-topic, but to @Walp86

    Sup bro, hope you're not losing hair over those earthquakes! I was wondering what oil stocks you're doing calls on. I'd like to learn more about oil so would like your opinion! Thanks!

  12. BOTH stock and bond markets,2nd & 3rd in maniplulation rank behind silver, look like they want to turn over to the downside. Well, I bought my e-mini put about 2 weeks ago..but bonds are THE key. Any technical followers out there probably are seeing what I am seeing. Maybe they are doing their best before the "claim" QE2 has ended!! ;)

  13. HZU - Horizon is pulling something. My 'stop loss' orders are not getting executed. I have to change to a sell order or wait indefinitely.

    Be very cautious when trading HZU or (most likely) HZD. cheers

  14. 2pac: Is this a serious question...?