Wednesday, May 25, 2011

McCoach on Tinka-NICE

"Tinka is a junior exploration company based in Vancouver,Canada which has two primary projects; one that is a silver play and the other a copper story. The silver project, which is the flagship of the company, already has an inferred 20.3 million 43-101 compliant resource that is located near surface and appears very economic for mining.

This project is known as the Colquipucro property and consists of 46 contiguous mineral tenements covering an area of over10,000 hectares of land. This property is located in the richly mineralized silver-lead-zinc belt of Central Peru.

The company historically has completed a 15 hole, 2,670meter Phase I drill program at Zone 1. All but one hole intercepted above cut-off grade, and results included 60 meters grading 135 g/t silver, 44meters grading 95 g/t silver from surface, 66 meters grading 83 g/t silver from surface, 10 meters grading 625 g/t silver, including 6meters grading1,003 g/t silver, 8 meters grading 551 g/t silver and 12 meters grading4% zinc which is open at depth.

What makes this story so much more exciting is that with minimal shallow drilling, it looks like this resource could quickly grow to 50 million ounces of silver in the next few months, all near surface! In addition, further exploration upside could be achieved by going to depth and along the trend at surface taking our resource numbers even higher.

In the exploration business, 50 million ounces of easily accessible silver is nothing to sneeze at, particularly at current silver prices. I view this story as a leveraged proxy on the price of silver. As the silver price heads higher, the price of TK will head higher as well.Exploration success that adds ounces to our bottom line number should take our share price north of $1.00 very quickly.

As of right now, the company has a drill rig on site at Colquipucro and drilling is underway. The company announced this in a press release last week stating the following in italics:

Tinka Resources Ltd. has commenced diamond drilling at the company's Colquipucro silver project, west-central Peru. The first oftwo holes to test the eastern side of the Ayawilca zone was collared on Saturday, May 21. These two holes will total approximately 700 meters depth, and following the completion of these holes, the rig will move to zone 1to test the northern extension of the NI 43-101-compliant resource,drilling a minimum of five holes and approximately 500meters.

Afurther eight diamond holes, totaling approximately 1,600meters, will then be completed at the Ayawilca zone. The Ayawilca zone is located about 1.5 kilometers south of zone 1, just next to the same major fault system that appears to be a structural control for themineralization at zone 1. Positive results at Ayawilca have the potential for significantly increasing the global silver resource on the property.

Andrew Carter, president, says: "We are pleased that this important step is under way as it will allow the company to test the northern extension of zone 1 and also the undrilled Ayawilca zone.Results will be released as they become available."

Please go to the company website to view the corporate presentation that shows detailed maps of the area. You can also access this presentation by clicking on the following link

The Colquipucro project is already a discovery that should be able to quickly add ounces in a rising silver market. More and more, investors are starting to look for solid opportunities in silver where they can get great leverage at a decent price. TK in my opinion has thegoods, (good share structure, growing high grade economic resource, and good exploration upside) to fit the bill for investors wanting more exposure to silver.

For the last ten years, gold has been the best performing investment in the world. And in my opinion the yellow metal will continue to do very well for many years to come. But silver will be the best performing investment for the next ten years and highly leveraged,economic silver plays that go all the way to become a producing mine will make investors a fortune! TK has the formula we are looking for with a great jurisdiction for doing business and very little downside risk given our current 43-101 compliant resource.

The company also has a very interesting early stage exploration copper property smack dab in the middle of the Colelco Trendin Peru, known to host some of the biggest copper deposits in the world. This property has been sought after for many years by the management team of TK, who finally was able to acquire the project last year.

Any solid copper exploration story is sure to get us some traction as the company announces activity on such a project, but for now Colquipucro is where we want to focus our efforts to get our share price moving. The current drill program is designed to show the market our resource numbers could grow significantly with minimal drilling.

I have been looking at any and all silver stories I can find right now. With drilling currently underway however on TK’s flagship project, I think now is the time to introduce MS subscribers to this exciting new story that could deliver significant gains in the very near term.

I am recommending for immediate purchase shares ofTinka Resources up to the
.65 cent level as a STRONG BUY."


  1. Remember what Peter Schiff said about "inferred." Tee-hee.

  2. an inferred 43-101 is better than 90% of the juniors out there reading on fuck all.

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  6. Is MacCoach talking .65 Canadian or US?

  7. Buy @.65? You mean we did wrong buying @.43? ;-)

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  8. Before we all start sucking each other's d!cks on TKRFF, remember Janszen has thrown in the towel on Ag and FOFOA isn't a big fan of the white metal either. Since my largest physical position is in Ag and my largest paper holdings are SLW & CEF, I can safely say I'm a believer in Ag.

    History tells us the Orient values Ag over Au which is the opposite of the Occident. And we all know which sphere is ascending and which is descending. But the EE won't give up their hegemony on Ag manipulation without a fight, so Ag believers, be prepared to stomach some violent price action in the months ahead.

  9. I bought 6000 shares last week. Buying more this week.