Thursday, May 5, 2011


$37.50 is breached.

I have sold 100% of my PUTS. Flat calls. I am waiting this out. Looks like $37 about to get tuned.

Welcome to the big leagues...I have no idea where this will end. Pick a number.


  1. Its gone through the bottom of the wedge I drew.
    Really needs to come back.
    But the way it looks, it ain't gonna do that.


  2. got putz? Well yeah i agree with you SGS - at some point youd THINK in a 'normal' market thered be some sort of bounce, yeah? This selloff has been brutal and whatever 'overbought' excuse you want to float here (which i admit are valid), this was completely exacerbated by ridiculous margin hikes all the way down. Even CNBC goons were talking about how unprecedented that was in a worried sort of tone (did they finally go long silver? hah).

    Im going to keep my puts in place until theres some clear evidence of some sort of bottom forming. Though with this hard of sell off, the bounce up will probably be more like a V...


  3. I'm saying it'll get below $25 at some point so that million dollar better can get in the money.

  4. Bet Peter Schiff's phone is ringing off the hook from those fast money jerkoffs.

  5. Rogers – No. I worry about silver, not parabolic yet, I hope something stops it going up. I don’t know what could cause a correction, but you never know what could cause a correction. (4/21)

    Come on Jim, you know exactly what can cause a correction and they have done everything in their power to do cause a correction.

    I'll bet it can get as low as $25... then what SGS?

  6. At what point would you get back in, in terms of going one way or the other?
    If this question is as unclear to you as it is to me when I read it, what I am asking is what would have to happen for you to load back up on more puts, or go full fucktard long on some calls? What sort of confirmations do you look for?

  7. $30 - $32 ? SGS, I think you put out an important point that the dollar needed to roll for silver to go past $50 which I don't think TPTB wanted to see happen. I'll bet they pull in the reigns everything. I still think the PM reaction during Ben B's talk scared the be-jesus out of them.

  8. If it gets past $25 I'm selling the house to buy silver!

  9. SGS~
    On a different note. I know you love TK, as a miner. It is currently at .53 with a low of .52. You said that .50 looked like good support. Do you believe that jumping in around .50 make sense? Trader Dan and James Turk have both said that the miners, once the dust settles, are going to be unbelieveable in their movement to the upside. Do you also subscribe to this line of thinking--given the latest "Bears" video, Vol 6? Or do you believe the asswipes will continue the criminal activity with the miners AFTER they have stripped the CRIMEX of all of the metals?

  10. What do I get if I win?

    I'm going with $31.56.

    Seriously, though; what a Godsend!

    I buy a lot of phyzz off of Craigslist. People are panicking! I'm waiting until it goes under $35 and then I'm going full bore, baby!! Like a two-bit whore on a forty dollar night!!!

    Here's an ad I placed last week that made it for a whole day before it got "Prohibited". All derogatory terms and cursing I learned here. Thanks SGS :)!


    To all of you greedy, stupid, sleazy fucktards who are trying to sell your Silver Eagles for $10 and $20 over spot.

    Here's a link to buy them at $4.25 over the current spot price:

    Now suck me off you dickshit lips; you smegma-eating fucksquibbles! And if you do me nice, I just may give you a reach around!

  11. Monkey: I was biten once in 2008, I will never be biten again. I have hedged. I have no idea where this is going. All I know, is that come June/July, there should be no metal left to buy, and the comex should have issues.

  12. lol someones a little hyper today but ill check the link... bulliondirect i hear is staying loyal to spot price so..

  13. Watch for $US resistance at around $74.40 - .60. Also watch for SI support at the 20ema on the weekly chart at around $35.87. Below that watch 35.28, 33.80, and 32.50, imo & fwiw. (I'm a technical guy and although some might find this useless it's what I have to offer. Just trying to help the team here).

  14. Nice Rich.
    But do you take into consideration the upcoming ObamaNuke?

    Below $36 now, I feel very bad for making so much Monopoly money on this, +50% today.. yet

    Edit: Of course I ment OsamaNuke

  15. 35.90???

    Boys, this is getting really, really awful now. A longtime uptrend has been broken. Ridiculous. Expecting a heavy bounce back. But not before next week.

    What I'd like to know from those fuckers at Comex? The margin is getting close to 15 per cent of the underlying value. This is a joke, a normal rate would be 4 to 6 per cent. They will regret what they did. Soon. And big time.

    Stay away from this madness and watch it from the sideline until we see three days of constant levels. Then slowly get back in. At 32 USD that will be, ie. we lost three months of gains. I don't care. It will bounce back, cause: Nothing has changed. The USD is fucked, Silver is rare, JP Morgan wankers and Blythe gobbling my dick.

  16. I'm only posting my technical take. Not considering anything else.

  17. SGS~ It appears, according to what I have read, you are right about no metal being left come June/July (June in my opinion). There is only enough silver to fill 6500 contracts (33m oz), and with over 77k OI's for July, that means less than 10% need to stand for delivery. I am not sure the criminals can run off 70k buyers, but, anything is possible. And JPM did manage to "payoff" just under 300 contracts yesterday--according to Harvey Organ.

  18. I know Rich, Im just fooling around.
    There is no nuke, and if it were, it definitely won't be blown off on 11\05 2012,(1105 is 2012 upsidedown) and it will surely not be in Denmark or France.

    In other news: What will Chindustralia do tonight? Ah, it doesnt matter.

    I just dropped my shorts.

  19. you guys can all thank me now.. I just bough ZSL after not having the balls to do so the past two days.. we should have a nice reversal now!!!

  20. Hahah, unthought known:
    But that contradicts my selling just now of my 2 day supershorts, now it could really drop like a stone if things turn out as they always do for me on the stock exchange.

    So, whos the biggest looser of you and me?
    (I honestly think it's me in the long run).

    I will place my next bet tomorrow after Chindustralia points the way.

  21. well, i didnt get into silver till about $30 so if blythe and others could please get off their ass and drive the price down to about $5 that would be great. I can than get to the business of filling my bathtub with PM.