Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need a big swinging dick to come in here please at $37.50

Ben is talking now, lets see what happens. They may trigger stops off under $37 for a split second and that may be the end, if its not, we are going to $32 by monday.


  1. So the guy with a $1 million short on $25 silver in July doesn't look like such a dumbass afterall. Maybe he's a big boy who was told how they were going to take silver down below that $ threshhold and oh what a genius he would look like making that call in the midst of a parabolic silver run.

  2. This is fucking nuts... if it hits 32-35, i really hope we all come together and buy up every last physical oz on the planet.

    And how the fuck did the USD just jump up .43???

    I had a dream a few weeks ago prior to the drop that silver got slammed down to $4.00/oz...

  3. Quotes are fucked...I cannot execute options trades as borker account is rebounding orders, this is G-A-Y

  4. Turn fucker, turn USD/CHF went straight up like my flagpole hard-on.
    Silver has made a U too, fuck I hope this is it.
    Amsterdam Colin

  5. POSX jumped as Trichet held rates....Euro took a dump. Seems whenever a central banker speaks their currency shits.

  6. I hate to say it, butjust sold all my PSLV.
    I was in at $37.50 and cannot loose my paper useless cash for now, I do not know where this is going.
    If I see a floor or any bounce I am back in, but at the moment we are in free fall.
    I am a long term bull, but cannot loose anymore until we see something solid stopping this massacre!

  7. The big swingin' dick is definitely in there. RSI divergence at the spot lows here @ 37.13 with some nice volume coming in.

    Watching 36.83 area for next support if needed.

  8. Sold my May 6th PUTS for 137% gain overnight, will start to look at where this is goign to I can buy phyzz

    Congrats Blythe!

  9. Guys, there is no support. Fundamentals, no matter how compelling, simply do not hold water anymore. The assholes running the show simply plug the computer numbers to be whatever the hell they want them to be. It's best just to buy phys and stop trying to understand why things are the way they are. You'll just drive yourself insane.

  10. Gratz SGS! I'd have played along if I knew anything at all about options.


    This will put everything into perspective!
    The US is scared shitless about Gold/Silver cause it kills there paper ponzi

  12. OC15, I understand your point of view, but if you were being attacked with M-16's and you had a shotgun, would you use the shotgun or just give up & run out and let them shoot you?

  13. We are Weimar - 1922

    "During the first half of 1922 the Mark stabilized at about 320 Marks per Dollar accompanied by international reparations conferences including one in June 1922 organized by U.S. investment banker J. P. Morgan, Jr.[12] When these meetings produced no workable solution, the inflation changed to hyperinflation and the Mark fell to 8000 Marks per Dollar by December 1922. The cost of living index was 41 in June 1922 and 685 in December, an increase of more than 16 times."

    Yes, TPTB can push it down much further, but they can't win the end game. Get it? The more they push it down, the more foreign ownership there will be. It will crash. Even if there is an Executive Order, as was the case with gold in '34, who would turn it in? They might get silver, but they'll have to take a whole lot of Pb with it!

    Keep the faith!!! And for God's sake... BTFD!!!!!

  14. Buying phyzz is me hunkering down and loading my gun. Trying to time markets and ascertain what sociopaths who run them are going to do is me trying to run between their bullets before I get my hands on them. Either way you die, loading my gun seems alot slower way to go. But if you're good at dodging bullets, more power to you. I'm not that good. I just wouldn't try to understand what insane people are doing or how they get away with it.

  15. As the bears have said all along, buy the physical. I don't buy silver as an investment, I think of it as insurance. I have a shit load of physical that I won't sell, unless it's for food when the SHTF. Six more days until 05/11/2011! Are you prepared?

  16. No worries. I buy physical knowing it's a store of wealth, so not overly worried whether I catch the bottom or not. Trading the markets is a fun game and a good gig. Just have to understand that it is just a game and you can't do it with emotion.
    Blythe is doing traders an incredible favor... make nice fiat on the downside and use it to buy phyz at depressed prices, a double positive.

  17. IMO
    What I see here is the same cycle we have always seen with Greenexpand. First low rates and "liquidity", until the heat rises. Then Greenie would step in and raise rates and drain liquidity until he was capable of repeating the cycle.
    Today obviously rates are at zero and that option is almost gone. Small manipulations in rates are still possible (@ZH use puts to lower rates along the yield curve).
    Instead "we have a thing called the printing press".
    With it we create inflation, and devalue the dollar. Those excess dollars can be used to step into the market when the "heat" once again rises to nosebleed levels and "create" DEFLATION. We know it is an illusion as G&S, w/o suppression, have smelled it and reacted. So now we see Oil, G, and S down, the Dollar up, and the illusion of deflation is on again. The Question now is how long will the Bernank be able to push this string. He got a little support from jobs# today. Deflation will once again be the problem. QE the solution. "We don't see inflation". This will only work for a very short time IMO, as the ammunition needed for this manipulation grows exponentially, and with lower and lower return. ie the dollar bounce will be minimal, yet total will convince the sheep that we may be exiting the worst. For sure a lower gas spice will be seen as turn for better by sheep that cannot see beyond their next text message.
    I remember that sage advice from decades back "Don't fight the FED".
    WE know that it is THE only good fight out there.
    We Also know that we need to time that fight to expose the fraud of the system and win. Silver physical is the key.
    Up until this point I did not think it necessary to resort to calling the Calvary to complete the job.
    I think now IT IS TIME!