Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TINKA Resources TK.V / TKRFF Update

-drills to be turning May 15-17th, weather pending
-Heavy buying on silver's WORST two days in recent history
-MACD about to turn higher
-RSI about to turn higher
-bouncing off MA
-close above .55 would be bullish

Look okay here...might have found some support around .50. Let see what happens.


  1. I think you are correct.
    Action already may have broken downtrend flag.
    Nice call on this miner!

  2. I will probably regret this a year from now when my Tinkas goes ballistic, but, should I put even more money into them now?
    How high can these rockets go? 5x? 10x? 100x?

    I know a large Swedish mining company that went 12x, and I missed it by 10 friggin cents...
    I wont miss such a opportunity this time however!

  3. once we get those drills back we can then determine how big the resource is. I say 50-100 mill oz's. Its still trading as if silver is worth $5/oz today.

  4. Ok, then Im gonna squeeze every change I can spare out of my glory hole! ;D

    PaperSilver is still struggeling between 40-42.. doesnt look so strong to me.

    SGS: Can you tell me if I have got this all wrong, but I think I have read somewhere that Canadian Bullions are better than American Silver Eagles... why? I wanna buy, and eagles are the cheapest\most common over here in Sweden.

  5. Eagerly awaiting a bargain for TK, my bids are in. GBP is at a good level against CAD. Good day to get some!

    Also looking into procuring some more phyzz® today!

  6. silver is going to 30... glad i sold most of my miners last week.... this precious metals market is fucking VICIOUS!!!

  7. walp86 - Canadian maples were struck in .9999 purity. an american eagle is struck .999(3) purity. One isnt any better than the other in terms of its silver, they both should contain 1 troy ounce. its all about what you prefer and what is catching bigger premiums down the line.

  8. Mockra, ah, thanks! :) Thus I can buy!

    I though still believe that ownning US bullions in the future, will be like holding nazi gold post WW2, but it can of course always be remelted.

    Gee wiz..both dollar AND papersilver dropping now..

  9. @unthought known: I'm glad you sold your miners too. I'm not saying that to be mean. We need investors with balls of steel right now, so I'm relieved the nervous hands are slowly being flushed out of the system.

    If you can't take the risk then don't. When I invest fiat in silver, I forget about it. It's gone, just like when you buy a consumer good. POOF, no more.

    If you can't get into that mindset then why are you investing in silver?

    I'd love to see some of you guys doing some spread betting :) That would be quite funny.

  10. @walp86: I think you should buy whatever silver appeals to you most - but it can't hurt to have a mix. I usually buy ten 1oz every payday, and last time I ordered 2 Philharmonics, 2 Grizzlies, 2 Leafs, 2 ASEs, and 2 Pandas. They all look nice, but I find the Philharmonics kind of bland. On the other hand the Pandas are a surprisingly beautiful coin - the quality of the artwork is really outstanding IMHO, and I like the way the toned versus glossy finish gives the panda bears an authentic "black & white" look.
    The trouble is the premium on pandas is at least $5 more than a Leaf, so it's kind of hard to justify spending the extra money to buy them when you could just buy more phizz instead...