Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costco, Silver, Bin Laden


  1. I respect this gentleman, but I lost a lot of respect when he opened his mouth about Osama. His response should have been,

    "What effect is his latest death announcement going to have on the precious metals market, specifically silver?"

    When he opens his mouth that the Osama story real and we need to watch out for people who build their reality on denying many things the government says because it keeps building and gets crazy, he really lost me.

    History has repeatedly shown that government lie and deceive the people to consolidate their power and then attempt to expand the lands they rule by war and conquest.

    Ever wonder why ALL ALL ALL governments given a long enough time will turn on their people? Ever wonder why the people turn against their government in acts of rebellion and insurrection?

    It is precisely because the government builds its legitimacy on lies and then to protect those lies it must repress and eventually assassinate its owns citizens/subjects.

    That is exactly what is in the process of happening in North America as anyone that speaks out against the crimes the US Government commits is now considered a domestic terrorist and Lieberman & McCain are pushing legislation to strip these people of all legal protections & rights and detain them indefinitely.

    So, please Weekly Telegram stick to silver analysis. When you talk about something you are clueless over, it hurts your credibility.

    Though he is spot on in the whole Costco do you want fries with that-do you want to supersize that-can I get you a credit card with those fries/supersize?

    Thank you for the post SilverGoldSilver.

  2. Deter, Your a fucking Idiot. Everything is not a Conspiracy. He's totally right. You people drive yourself nuts looking for shit that isn't there. With the media now a day's its almost impossible not to get busted in one. For example the raid at the compound. Some guy tweeted it from where it was going on next door to his house and unknowingly. Why do you think they bothered giving so much information? Because it's impossible these day's to hide something like that. Who doesn't have a phone with a camera/ tape recorder and video. with such a high risk whats the point? Where's the gain? They don't play by the rules and they get voted out. Are they self serving of course but they're not out to get you. All it takes is a little logic. A NWO Gov out to get you. lol That's not even logical. Stop smoking pot and wasting your energy on being a paranoid fucking azz clown and try spending your time on reality and/or something that really fucking matters.


  4. deter,

    you are a 100% right, check this video sometime, slide it to 3 mins where it starts getting good ...

  5. I'm not saying I buy into the Osama conspiracy theories... but the world spends _10_years_ looking for one of the most infamous men in history - and then the US Navy just throws away their only proof he's dead after only a few hours? Without asking any unbiased observer to examine their proof? How could you do that and not realize it's going to invite all kinds of controversy and doubt? Who was the genius who made that bone-headed decision?

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  7. @John

    Which story are we supposed to believe and not question least we be resigned to the designation of conspiracy theorists:

    1. Osama returned fire and died in a glorious firefight, beofre it was admitted that he was unarmed and died standing, only now to be reported that he lunged for a weapon. v1, v2, or v3?
    2. Osama used his wife as a human shield, Osama did not use his wife as a human shield, some woman of an unknown relation to Osama sacrificed herself by stepping in front of Osama drawing USAF fire. v1, v2, v3?
    3. Osama's son was killed on the 3rd floor, Osama was killed on the 1st or ground floor, Osama was killed in the Bunker on both the 3rd & 1st floor simultaneously as reported by multiple news agencies at the same time?
    4. One of Osama's sons was killed as early reported, only to be retracted for another one.
    5. Osama was living in the $1,000,000 compound only to have that refuted by local property tax estimates and real estate agents saying the value was actually no more than $250,000.
    6. Pakistan was a joint parter in the raid, until he was, but later reported that he was, only to be finally ruled not part of the operation, but were credible enough to give BBC a play by play account of what happened despite being left out because they could not be trusted, yet they secured the compound and cordoned the area as it was happening, but they were not involved all of this at the same time.

    There are more inconsistencies, but I ask you which version should I believe and WHY? If they lied about the last one, why should I believe this one? If they revised and then recanted the revision for another revision or a reversion to the previous statement after recanting it, what should I believe?

    People like you are the reason the government gets away with the tyranny and increases the amount every year because you buy the propaganda.

    I ask John, what are you doing reading this blog, that challenges the government official media version of the whole silver trade, thereby asserting a conspiracy theory, while defending the Osama conspiracy theory?

    Does that make any sense John?

  8. I like this guy but seriously what a pussy with the Costco stuff. Costco rocks. People get pushy sometimes in sales - it's the nature of the business. He did the right thing pushing back but my impression is he went into the place planning to be a dick. One bad experience with a pushy broad and he's trashing the whole outfit for a pack of scammers. Ghey. Grow a pair and get over it.

    I'm with him on the conspiracy outlook. Some conspiracist's ideas about what is really going on holds some water but most are exactly how he describes - looking for any other story than the official version no matter what it takes to make it fly. That's retarded. It always sounds more ridiculous than even the most transparently false official version of the story. And most of the time they don't even have the correct official version of the story in their argument (eg OBL's burial at sea was per Islamic ritual - no, that was nothing to do with islamic rites jackasses, go read the report again). Talk about dumb Americans.

    I have to say I didn't like the burial at sea either.

    Inconsistency is not surprising considering the massive reporting going on about it. Media is as desperate as that Costco lady to report any bullshit they hear and more. I don't like that either but it doesn't automatically point to a hoax or cover up. Try pulling together an accounting of a simple traffic accident and you'll recognize this inconsistency in the fucking media of all places to be anything but unexpected.

  9. Us Canadians just laugh at you guys getting all wound up about Osama and Obama. Chris is right on, the world is on fire, and whether one guy is dead or not, and whether another guy was born here or there, well it just really doesn't matter.

  10. @Jfrancis wrote, "Inconsistency is not surprising considering the massive reporting going on about it. Media is as desperate."

    What your statement fails to address it not that the media, but the White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan's statements were later contradicted by White House Press Secretary Carney's statements. The media did not miss report what was said, what was said by the official was contradicted later by what was said by a 2nd official.

    Making an excuse for contradictions is making an excuse for lying. It is attempting to justify the lies that are being fed through the airwaves into the idiot boxes around this world. When are people going to demand the truth, not lies, not propaganda, not agenda biased information, but the truth.

    You are here to get the truth from SGS on silver, but justify the lies the contradictions on Osama?

    Is that not schizophrenic?

    If SGS gave out contradicting information every other post, or every 3rd or 4th post would you still be coming here?

    Would SGS have any credibility if he was caught red-handed lying even once for many people?

    But somehow it is different, a different standard for the MSM?

    Where is the congruence and consistency in that?

    Why do you come to this post rather than get your information from MSNBC, CNBC, WSJ, et al?

    Does that even make sense?

  11. John,

    Osama has been dead for ten years, CIA insider confirmed along with at least five independent other sources. It's clear to me you are literally braindead and brainwashed. I don't say this lightly unless fact proves the truth. You have no chance against the truth which is reasoned from the facts. Osama has been dead for at least ten years.

  12. detersbb,

    Absolutely excellent post and dead on right !!!!

  13. @deter: My intention wasn't to make excuses for anyone. My point was that the inconsistency in accounting an event that took place in the dark of night on the other side of the world under total secrecy just a few days ago is not a surprise. I don't deny the possibility of alterior agendas, etc as evidenced by the inconsistency and any thinking man, as yourself, should be suspicious. They should have the story straight and they shoudn't have buried the bitch at sea immediately after the fact. But these things don't prove jack shit other than our leaders don't have their shit together. No surprise there either.

    Believe me, I respect your points and agree that the specific issues you point out are, well, egregious and intolerable (schizophrenic even) given the magnitude of the event. I know the US gov't is capable of the worst. Nevertheless, I can't jump to the conclusion that the reports are complete or partial lies and certainly not jump on the cover-up/hoax bandwagon because of them, although their significance isn't completely lost on me either.

    Even SGS doesn't get every call on silver EXACTLY right. I look to MSM for info too. It's not a great analogy either since SGS's reporting is coming from himself rather than multiple outlets and a multitude of intermediaries and communications. I got your point anyways though.

    I can't believe it but it sounds like I'm defending the government. Fuck that. I'm just weary of the broke-ass fairy tales people are conjuring up surrounding OBL that are as or more full of schizophrenia as the official accounts (excluding alternate explanations that make some kind of sense). And I'm getting too off-topic and long winded for this blog in this discussion. :-)


  15. Hiker Man: It matters a whole fucking lot if you're an American. Obama is a Marxist/socialist/Leninist (without the mass killing, well, except supporting abortions) Our Congress people are as corrupt as you can get. Prove he's not "qualified" to be President and all of the shit he has signed into law goes bye-bye.