Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you have phyzz, relax. If you are sitting in stocks other than Tinka, it may be that time.

HMI had a good run from .17-.24
FAU has breached support, I am no longer holding this (market related has nothing to do with the company and its plans for production, technically its under my loss limit)

Tinka is a fuckin champ, I will be buying more on any market selloff, as news is coming soon.

So there it is. I have warned you. I am preparing you. I think we are going to experience what its like when the life support plug is pulled (QE).

My portfolio is as follows:

Many many ounces of Phyzz and I will be buying and have been buying at these levels, if we go any lower, I would suggest buying as much as possible b/c online wait times will go to 3 months soon.

I am long Tinka and will remain long and buy the dips.

Thats it. I sold my AMZN PUTS for 70% gain in 3 trading days.

I will be looking for interesting trades soon. one that is catching my eye is RIMM as that looks like death, so I wouldn't mind buying calls on that for shits and gigs as its way oversold.

WARNING: Being long in this market is now risk on. Hedge your bets.

Know one thing...you better start collecting as much phyzz as possible. I think that something decently big is going to happen by October. Keep stacking, and stack on ANY weakness here.


  1. Some people are stacking zim dollars:)
    This guy is really funny and I guess he paid a lot for his stash:



    Of course he is joking, don't do this keep stacking PM.

  2. SGS,

    How about puts on the S&P e-mini, or on the over all market?

    I sold out all my miners but Tinka, FR and holding CORN ETN.

  3. Why October? Have you heard something?

  4. Possible attention from press release this morning keeping Hinterland from diving like other small miners?


  5. October b/c if Beeny doesnt come up with another $1 trill by then, market goes to ZERO and then he will eventually print anyway

  6. So what do you think about NEM and AEM

  7. Long TKRFF 4.34%
    Long phys AG 40.28%
    Long phys AU 29.09%
    Long SPXU 10.61%
    Long AGQ 5.69%
    Long Cash 9.74%

    verification word = sphookd... very true!

  8. You tell us to relax, then say "market goes to ZERO." Interesting polarization.

    I'd love to load up on SPXU and short the S&P like a mofo, but I don't have that kind of throw away fiat ATM. My AGQ entry will be when spot touches $28. I'm well loaded on silver phyiz. Will reload on gold at $1460 otherwise I'm good there too. Have sell orders on some long stocks, just need another mini rally here to end the week.

  9. "You tell us to relax, then say "market goes to ZERO."

    LOL, hedge my friend HEDGE!!!!!!

  10. I believe that nations still fight wars and that “peace in our time” is really a myth. The war is waged different this time though. There is only one way to destroy the greatest empire and army the world has ever witnessed. Use GREED to destroy its currency. That is what is being done to America right now.

  11. @SGS

    I know you're not a financial adviser. Here are the stocks I own. Would you personally sell these right now (with the exception of Tinka) and buy phyzz?


  12. @ adam... you are getting fuc*ed... I can sympothize. good luck!

  13. @2pac

    I'm confused. I feel like this is 2008 all over again, but I find it hard to believe selling my small portfolio of junior miners is a good thing.

  14. Adam,

    go here http://kingworldnews.com/kingworldnews/Broadcast/Entries/2011/5/14_Louise_Yamada.html

    And listen to this lady. The main thing you need to take away is that the miners are cyclical and will not be up until, their season, starting in August.

    There are other ways to profit. May I suggest that you open a options account, virtual if you have no experience. As the market dips, margin compression set in, lowered earning reports, QE ending, there are tons of deflation plays until QE3 starts. So, you can make money, the question is do you hold your miners until Aug, and lose say another 10-20% off your portfolio? Or take your loses and try to make them up in the mean time?

  15. Adam, I will try to look at thte charts later, but I was laughing hard at the fact the you asked if I was an FA..LOL I'm laughing b/c 99.999% of all FA are even bigger sheep than the idiots they are selling mutual funds to, LOL, they wouldn't have a clue to hold or sell these buddy...LOL I'm literally on the floor.

  16. It would be nice to see silver get through $34 an oz tonight! @ adam... if we see a run through $34 we may be able to make a little fiat on the miners. however, if this breaks $33 look out below. Its never a bad idea to be on the sidelines waiting for right time to get back in. should be an interesting summer to say the least.

  17. @SGS...

    I said, "I know you're NOT a financial advisor..." I didn't want you to have to go thru the whole "I'm not a FA" speech before making a suggestion. Thanks in advance for looking into things.

    My portfolio of Junior miners is small. It's not like I have $1,000,000 in it. I'm wondering if I should sell some of the miners and go long the $VIX.X or short something but not sure WTF I should short.

  18. @Dorin, don't laugh. When hyperinflation hits, the USD will be 1:1 with Zims, so this guy will be part of the elite ruling class compared to people with retirement accounts. :)

    - Joshua

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  20. @2pac Thanks for the advice

    @malcolm Thanks for the link (I like Louise Yamada)

    @SGS Thanks for everything

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YgEObJWrmJ8#at=1792

    Lindsey William The Boss

  22. @ adam... I'm in the same boat as you man. don't have a huge portfolio of miners but am trying to figure out what to do with them. I'm long SPXU and I rode the wave of penny stock that went up 60% in the last two days. so while the miners got hammered I broke even. break through $34 and lets make some $ back!

  23. What do you think about PSLV and PHYS. THey are closed end funds, fully audited and backed, but technically paper!

    But you can only get your phyzz delived if you own a shit load of either.

    Do you think these are going to crash like everything else?

  24. With gold off the lows and silver trading higher, today King World News interviewed Peter Schiff CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Europacific Capital. When asked about the pullback in gold Schiff remarked, “I think it’s a buying opportunity...I do believe the US economy is slowing down, in fact I think it’s going to slow a lot more than people realize. But for that reason I think that quantitive easing will not end over the summer, in fact I think the Fed is going to step it up. QE3 could be even bigger than QE2 and that’s very bullish for precious metals and very bearish for the dollar.”

    When asked about the Mexican central bank purchase of 100 tons of gold Schiff replied, “What surprises me is that more central banks aren’t buying even more gold. Central banks are loaded up with depreciating dollars, they need to buy gold instead. The crazy thing is that I’m even hearing talk about the US selling its gold to help fund its debts. That would be the worst thing we could do. The last thing we would want to sell is our gold, I mean if we sold that then that would be it, we would have nothing. The dollar would just become complete confetti.”

    When asked about silver specifically Schiff stated, “Remember it went up to $50 from $30 almost as fast as it came down. I think if you just take a look at the long-term trajectory it’s still a big bull market. I think that $50 high is not going to hold...We are going to take that ($50 high) out and move a lot higher. We are suckering a lot of new short sellers into the market as people are comparing it to a bubble now or 1980, the Hunt Brothers. I don’t think what we’ve had so far is anywhere close to what happened in 1980. We might get to that point at some time in the future, but we’re not there yet.

    We’ve created sufficient nervousness and anxiety in the market and enough shorts that we should have a nice wall of worry that we can climb, and ultimately a pretty good short covering rally. I think a lot of the people who have shorted this selloff in silver are going to lose a lot of money...We could have a dollar crisis as early as this fall and if we are having a dollar crisis then I would be expecting silver prices to be making new highs.”

    Regarding mining shares Schiff had this to say, “A lot of these juniors are lower than they were five years ago, some of them are lower than they were ten years ago. You wouldn’t even know that we are in a bull market in gold, you’d think it was still a bear market. I own a lot of them and not a single one of them has ever split. To me it doesn’t sound like a bull market when you don’t have any of your stocks splitting and I’ve owned them for ten years. You remember the internet stocks, I mean there were internet stocks splitting every week. There’s no bubble activity going on in these mining stocks, hardly anybody owns them.”


  25. Regarding miners, I can take the loses. For TSX, most of my portfolio is in TK and HMI, I invested a token amount in FAU for giggles.

    Given that the amount with FAU is insignificant (50% loss is not life-threatnening for example), I'll wait this out till August and make a new decision there. If it's still not doing too well then I'll write it off as a loss.

    Phyzz, I'm seeing mind boggling numbers at my dealer. It was cheaper to get ASEs at 39 USD paper spot price. This is moving from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    Very few dealers are offering immediate dispatch of ASEs. I'm not buying from any dealer where there is a waiting period.

    The situation is getting dire. I kid you not.

    PS. Don't forget about the Greek Default. It's becoming more and more likely that it's now a question of "when" rather than "if".

  26. Here is some fuckin bullshit for California's gun laws...

    Open Carry Ban Bill Passes California Assembly and Goes to the Senate Public Safety Committee


    So I guess we just dont open carry... now we conceal. Kinda hard to stuff a Mossberg 500 down my pants, but everything is worth trying once.

    I am so sick of this planet. I seriously welcome a planetary disaster to WAKE people up, so they realize what truly matters and what doesn't. Sorry for my pessimism, but I honestly have a hard time finding anything worth living for when the masses are glued to their facebook account bullshitting about what fucking team won last night. ITS NOT YOUR TEAM! YOU DIDNT DO SHIT FOR THEM! "WE" DIDNT WIN SHIT! THEY DID...

    ahhh.... time for another Hop Stoopid....

    In other news.... I have zero fiat. I dropped 85% of my last paycheck on phyzzzzzzzz.... decided that was more important than paying rent on time. Cmon Silver Gods... drop that shit to $20/oz for a few months while the good people left on this planet are able to get their hands on some more of your real money. Then QE3 pops in, the dollar gets pissed and shit on, and metals explode like the Challenger. Ok... Im done. Have a good night folks. Thanks again SGS

  27. http://www.caseyresearch.com/articles/silver-price-least-you-should-worry-about

    I heard some disturbing reports about silver supply last month that I felt every investor should know. And while precious metals are currently in correction mode, the long-term concerns with supply won’t disappear anytime soon. In attempt to get a handle on the bullion market, I spoke to Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, who has contacts that run deep in the industry. What he sees everyday might just compel you to count how many ounces you own…

  28. Highrise,

    Look up E-L-E-N-I-N = Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near!

    That fucker caused the earthquake in Japan.

    You, and I not fucking kidding, may have your wish!

  29. Now thats one of the most paranoid SGS post yet!
    Me like-e! :)

    Rich: Thanks for sharing Schiffs thoughts, especially on mining stocks!

    I hereby share my crazy portfolio as well:
    40% Silver mining stocks :|
    30% Sell options on S&P, Nasdaq, DAX and SLV.
    10% Buy options on brent and food.
    10% Swedish Crowns
    10% Physical silver only :(

  30. Malcom... Actually... HAARP caused the Japan Earthquake... I have the data fields (which are now erased) from their website that shows a strong 2.5hz signal running for about 20 hours that day, as recorded by the University of Hong Kong. I also have the data showing that HAARP also caused the Haiti earthquake back in 2010. If Nibiru was close, we would be able to see it by now. I've done a shit load of research on Planet X/Nibiru, and quite frankly, i was intrigued by it for a while, but if it were headed our way, someone would have spilled the info. The best info / pics i've found came out of the Scott-Admunson base in Antartica. SOMETHING will happen in 2012, most likely a planet wide flase flag attack with the media claiming it is the end of the world... the E.L.E. will be caused by our own shitty powers that be.

  31. walp86,

    dude u need more phyzz! seriously

  32. @malcolm are you being serious about "Nibiru"? That fairy tale is a figment of the imagination of someone who experienced sleep paralysis [1]. If you don't know what that is, get yourself clued up ... fast.

    There are many more mundane reasons for increased tectonic activity. Reasons which are based on very sound theories and previously observed phenomena.

    Just for your information, PENICs [2] have used cosmological events to con people in the past and I would not be surprised if they would and are doing it again.

    What are the effects on commodities, well a large scale "natural" disaster would devastate food supplies. I wonder, in a scenario like that, what would you need most? Food and safe drinking water coupled with a means of protected your resources. Would Ag and Au be viable barter items when no one has anything to eat? Their paper price would certainly go through the roof, but I don't think the markets would be that important in a world like that.

    @SGS apologies for off topic post, I did try to make it somewhat relevant. I will not pursue this topic further.

    [1] People come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful stories during sleep paralysis, from Alien abductions to flying outside the house. It's intriguing (particularly the neural activity), but completely irrelevant to current topic.

    [2] PENIC stands for Parasitic Egotistical Narcissist Ignominious Conspirator, my suggested alternative for the rather inconspicuous PTB.

  33. @Yousif - I wouldnt go as far and say "fairy tale", it is documented throughout the Sumerian histories that there was at one point a 10th planet, where the Annunaki lived, and came down to earth, spliced their DNA with early man, and used them as slaves to mine gold for their home planet. Most of the stories the Sumerians wrote about were regurgitated into what we now know as The Bible.

    Off topic, I know... apologies... but people... get your facts straight. Whether its about gold or god, there is no room for disinfo here.

  34. LOL,


    yes, I'm in the believer camp :) but I'm an atheist.

  35. Malcom, how do you know that Im not a multi billionare and that 10% would be roughly $10M ? ;) Okey, would still suck to lose all that fiat in a crash.

    Yeah, I know I need more, but Im just a poor Swedish student atm with $400\month debt free "salary".

    However I have a farm, own water supply, a wind mill, and I will invest in solar panels this summer. When SHTF I would be pretty well prepared, with or without phys.

    I also have a bunch of survival skill books, spread out over the Swedish coutryside, in my summer cottage, on the farm, my parents house etc.
    Lol, speaking of that, my parents house was actually built by Mormons during the cold war, which includes a big nuke proof room below the basement, that is now a nice wine cellar! :)

    I´ve been trying to tell my parents to stock up that cellar with food before prices skyrocket (smart long term deal at least), but since they are still riding the Swedish wave of mass fortune-bubble, they don't care at all.

    Sometimes it almost feels as if this is my philosophy\religion, and Im trying to convert people.

    However, I cant blame the targets, considering how I react to Jehovas knocking on my door early in the morning..

    But people tend to change their minds very fast though if certain "events" occur, like mass power outage followed by temporary food shortage ^^

    Coming soon to your neighbourhood!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s-Ew1UeWy8 - Saõ Paulo 15 of may.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhN9N86jm_Q - Portugal 15 of may

    (I suppose most of you have already seen the one in ForthWorth 15 of may

  36. Well, sound like your better perpared than most, hell 99% of the population. Good work!

    I mean, I too was lured to leverage of the miners, but Im now over 50% metals, made a crap load on miners from Aug till now :(. Ill be back later this summer if there is one..

  37. Peter you are the best, that interview on cnbc was amazing, their faces! priceless they must love cuz they did not try stop you...

  38. @walp86

    What in the heck are all those colorful explosions? Are they generators blowing up?