Monday, May 16, 2011

3 days old, Shiff on Inflation, gold, and Bernanke's "crack type printing' game

No time to write tonight. Believe it or not, I'm still negotiating with insurance companies in regards to the claim after some idiot ran a stop sign and hit me. Ontario should rename its province to JOKE, b/c its a fucking joke.


  1. what the f is the deal with this crap???

  2. No fight club tonight? Come on SGS suck it up and show us how tough you are. Just kidding dude you must be busted up least your hands/mouth still works.

  3. Ontario does have its shortcomings, to say the least.
    Go west young man! Get yourself a 'Kesler' jersey, put a Canuck flag in your window, and say to hell with those insurance adjusters and point the snout of that bloody-but-unbowed road warrior towards the setting sun.

    Once you see the Fraser emptying into the Pacific and you see the Stanley Cup crowds in the streets, you will have arrived. I'll meet you wherever you like and buy you lunch.

  4. Wow, I've been to Ontario during my time in the military. I was stationed at Ft. Drum in northern NY state.

    Hope everything works out, SGS.

  5. @Strannick... what juniors are you long? any of sgs picks? heartland, fire, or tinka?

  6. I got my wrist slapped for mentioning the juniors im in here, and will abide by the sites' rules.
    I'd be happy to chat, but dont know how to...

  7. do you have yahoo messenger? im @ jcm23152000.

  8. Tinka folded like a wet burrito today.

    Mining stocks are sucking wind in general.

  9. no messenger. do you have an email?

  10. dunno which way silver is gonna go.losing close to $25,000 .now that's lots a money in Indian Currency!!!!!!1biggest mistake was trading w/o stoploss.Paying a margin of $5000 and losing $25,000 man that sucks.

  11. Indosil, it hurts doesn't it?
    Down a similar amount here.
    just closed thinking myself lucky to have avoided losing more, only to see it shoot up 5 mins later.
    Feeling sick.

  12. @Addlestrop
    yeah man.nbut i still haven't booked the loss..still have that glimmer of hope.waitin for a turnaround for averaging around $30.what do u say?

  13. Really not sure where the bottom of this is going to be now.
    So much contradictary information out there.
    Everyone appears to be offering "best guess"
    Anyone got any ideas?????

  14. You guys....THIS is a massive concerted RAID on everything silver/gold, and the small miners take the biggest hits because THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE their mantra:"miners going down".

    SHIT, man.SGS just bought more tinka last week.HOLD mother-fuckers, HOLD! USE NO STOPS.BUY/HOLD, period....

    MORE dips coming, too.MORE opportunities to buy for instance UXG at bargain-basement prices when all the smoke clears.


  15. SILVER(spot)
    If it closes below $33.06 near term, it is going lower.
    Long term support gets violated at $26.00, they are taking this thing down to $20.00 level, but if they do that expect $5-$15 daily trading ranges RIGHT WHEN THAT happens.

    And, IF that happens HOW STUPID you gonna feel when you LET THEM STOP YOU OUT!!

  16. LCBO is what gets to me in Ontario

  17. Check out this article for a summation of silver, where its going and whats happening.
    The guy gives a compelling case for why we are currently rangebound around 1500 and 34-35 and why we will NEVER trade below these numbers, as they are the ongoing result of putting the genie back in the bottle after gold and silver were running away, and their continued temporary existence is simply to usher in QE3, after which, the Deluge (into metals and their miners)

  18. look at that bullshit, im gonna guess that until the 21st those cocksmacks are gonna have their way with silver going lower.. just hit 33.5

  19. I created a song for all of us silver bugs out there. Hopefully to cheer us up. The fight never stops. From my blog in Shanghai it's called the Silver Liberation Army Anthem. I hope it goes viral. Who knows...

  20. lol, I just realized Im shorting everything now, Nasdaq, s&p, dax, papersilver and a little oil.

    The only thing Im long is food commodities.

    When this potential SHTF-week^3 is over,
    I´ll be considered respected or retarded.

    Your choice!

    (Got even more bullions today, at "only $55/ounce this time :)

  21. Question: If we changed it to: "Steroid baseball, antibiotic hot dogs, insecticide laced apple pie, and government owned Chevrolet." Would that fuck up the song?

  22. My dealer is more or less respecting Gold paper price. Silver is a completely different story, It was cheaper to procure ASE at 39 USD spot price than right now.

    This is astonishing.

    I should mention, this is one of the few (perhaps the only dealer) that is offering immediate dispatch. Many other dealers are sold out.

  23. Hmm.... I think $26 to $28 is certainly possible. I think the authorities wanted to hammer the commodities... especially after Ben B's speech.

  24. With High Frequency Trading (ever since this raid began the silver volume of open interest has gone supernova, more than a year's production in a day) the cornered Banks like JPMorgan just ping pong orders back and forth relentlessly driving the price down through bonafide traders.

    Normally, you would have a regulatory body to stop this manipulative behavior. Instead, we have the CFTC run by Goldman Gary Gensler, and Commisioners like Jill Sommers whose creditentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree from the midwest, and serving as an intern for Republican candidates in the 1980s.

    The wacky and wildly wonderful unintended outcome of this corrupt farce, is that it inadvertenly pushes down the price of physical silver, which is genuinely terminal short supply.

    So, for the kind of folks who dont take the Federal Reserve or Tepco and their word, it provides a momentous buying opportunity.

  25. On a happy note. As the price keeps getting mullered, a 10% drop is less actual $ than the day before, hahaha!

    I want to sell to buy again when its cheaper. But I do not want to miss the snap back, either!

    It feels to me they are pulling back a rubber band right now!

    Maybe they are not worried about the snap back, because when that happens they plan to have no food you can afford, so people will not be able to eat Gold and Silver and so nobody will be interested in buying!

  26. Just bought 6 Buffaloes for 35/ea. at my local coin shop.

  27. Lucky bastard Tom...

    In other news, why dont we see this kind of "anomalies" in the mainstreem media?

    Happend yesterday in Antarctica.
    (Note that the emergency ligths are turned on after a quick blackout)

    Solar storms are now hitting all over the place, just wait until some big city (i.e Wall-street wannabees) are being hit, it will cause a very psychological downturn in paper\stocks.

    I will seriously safeguard the solar map-pages to be able to predict any bigger delivery directed towards the earth, that will go boom!

  28. walp86, solar storms have great potential to harm TPTB. I would love for some storms to start knocking out satelites. I would just cover myself in silver and hope for the best!

  29. thanks skrannick, that was a great link/article ... exactly what should be written about PMs, not the maloney gold to 5000 hype, that is reverse alex jones bullshit... im sorry when i see that stuff my spider senses smell hemingway's built in shock proof BS detector quote... buy/hold/believe