Saturday, May 7, 2011

Paging Blythe, cancel your mothers day festivities, Silver OI at 134,804, Paging Blythe

You can lie, you can cheat, you can steal, but you cant stop people from wanting their physical metal. I assume everyone by now is aware of this incredible news, that after this week when my beloved metal, silver, got shitfucked from $50-33 in 5 trading days and 5 margin raises from dickslappers at the CME whom of which are owned by God (the JP Morgue), we still managed to increased the OI (open interest). Now one would postulate that since the bubble has certainly burst, and that CNBC warned us about this, we would wake up today to maybe a sub 110,000 OI on silver. Quite the opposite, to be frank, we now sit at 134,804.

This doesnt really surprise me, those who have any clue whats going on are now lining up again at $35, $33, $20, $1 it doesn't even matter what the price is, to trade in their fiat for the metal.


-5100 round figure deposited to Dealer account (why is it always 6100 or 5100?)

-Friday volume 177,135, Thursday volume (the day we all got fistfucked (no lube))226,412...nothing shocks me anymore...its 161% of annual global silver production.
-Deposits to dealer, ZERO
-registered CRIMEX silver now under "33 million oz" whatever the fuck that means
-24.073 million oz of silver removed from SLV in the last 3 days. Right.

COT report:

Silver: JP covers 5094 shorts, BUT this does NOT include Wednesday on. Lets see if on that infamous Thursday raid, they covered more at fabulously low, fair market capitalist, naturally occurring, prices. Again, WHY ARE THEY COVERING AT THESE HIGHS IF THE BUBBLE HAS BURST?

More later I have a wedding I need to get back to so a newly wed couple of age 24 and 25 can bask in their newly found $30,000 debt. Got MORON?

Quote of the Day: "Job gains largest in 11 months, but jobless rate up"

You know how to thank me, always appreciated.


  1. Good video. Bob Chapman knows what's going on.

  2. This is why I don't trade futures. Those god damn cocksuckers will try to screw you at every turn.

  3. so Bob says they didnt cover any shorts?

    If thats the case, then they will push the price down further?

    Perhaps I misinterpreted him.

  4. Mike Maloney on the volatility:

  5. Ironically, the lower the price, the greater the demand for physical!

    Maybe the 'best' thing for the COMEX/JPMorgue to solve their little vault inventory problem is a paper price of >$500!

  6. Okay...I'm expecting it to get to $29 or below. Anyone else hear of this?

    Here's what I've read so far.

    There's this from Brian Hunt's Market Notes:

    "Silver is now trading in the low $30s. But the mindless "silver is in a bear market" headlines are wrong. A little more weakness into the high $20s will be cause for us to buy."

    Jeff Clark, of the Growth Stock Wire stated:

    "It won't be a straight shot lower for the metal. In fact, after the recent violent selloff, silver is oversold and poised for a temporary, short-term bounce. But I suspect once that bounce is out of the way, silver has lower to go."

    Anyone hear anything similar?

  7. Silver will now rally to 41.00 or so. Next another big down leg to take silver between 20.00 to 25.00. JPM and the rest of the crooks will have covered 90% of their shorts. Then they will jump sides and go long. SGS talked about those 48.00 SLV October calls. What about 38's when silver is at 25.00 or less. THERE IS GOING TO BE A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY TO BE MADE LATE SUMMER EARLY FALL. SILVER TO OVER 100.00 BY HALLOWEEN.