Saturday, May 7, 2011

Feeling doomed, weak, or ass kicked in last weeks trade? Listen to James Dines make you feel good.

Click here to watch this...


  1. No! I feel incredibly invigorated!!

    I picked up junk silver at 23 time facle value ($29.74 per oz.) and three rolls of unc. Eagles for $700 per roll from a guy who tried to sell them to me two weeks ago at $1,350 per roll!! He couldn't find anyone who wanted them now!! Ha ha ha. The panick is good for me!! I'm waiting for the next round of margin hikes in June.

    I don't have the time to get into the paper game right now, nor do I think a newbie to commodities should try to enter at this point.

    When it fell to less than $35, I hit all my contacts who were asking way to much. They all sold. I guess they didn't have the stones for it. One guy said, "I'm not a gambler." The hell he's not!! He was trying to sell it to some poor stiff whom he was selling a pipe dream to at $14 over spot. Welcome to the other side of the coin, fucktard!!!

    Best regards,
    (Who is still working harder than a two-bit whore on a forty dollar night on getting more this weekend!)

  2. Dines is Da Kine.

  3. A great cartoon about the Fed:

  4. @ Ledbed... Here is what my broker quoted me on May 4th. Obviously those prices have changed since then but I wanted to see if this is what your are doing. This looks more like call "spread" and not an outright option.

    Any interest in a December silver call spread at this point? Some options for you below. We could always spend more, less, or take a pass depending on what your thoughts. Let me know.

    December Silver:

    45/46 call spread: $1600 bid / $1900 offer

    46/47 call spread: $1400 bid/$1650 offer

    47/48 call spread: $1350 bid/$1600 offer

  5. First let me start by saying I don't know squat about PM's except what I read on this blog. I bought my first 100 oz of silver 2 months ago when spot was $36.00. I got caught up in the frenzy and bought 10 more oz when spot was $46.00. Today I found a tiny local shop that has no eagles on display but when I asked the elderly gentleman that owns the shop if he had any, he opened his safe and had a boat load that he sells at $2.00 over spot. I bought 20 more oz. today. My question to those with knoweledge is, Now that the small players have been flushed out, do the Banksters have anymore tricks they could use to drive down the price. Because if their bag of tricks is empty, the only thing that should influence price from here on out is demand. Is this correct? If so, demand will go through the roof once the average Joe figures out his fiat is worth less and less while the printing presses are running. SGS thanks for the blog it is both entertaining and insightful.

  6. what do you guys think of the scrap aspect, i guess 4/5 million ounces of scrap a month?

  7. sprotts interview ...

  8. 2pac4ya: my bad. I can see how what I posted came off wrong. I don't do spreads. I buy (or sell) outright. Price any/all options BETWEEN 50 and 65. I think you can make a good profit between now and the 3rd week of November (when the expire). If you want to do spreads, by all means, do so. I'm just a simple guy.

  9. Feeling quiet the opposite of "Doomed..." Bought silver and gold on Friday as soon as my dealer opened his doors. Placed orders for increase in PSLV. Jumping into the following jr miners for Monday--TK, GPL and GMLFF. So, not at all "defeated". Don't forget to listen to Dan Norcini in the Weekly Metals Wrap while your over at KWN. He nailed this past week and has some great insight to the coming week. DN was all gloom doom last week and is very upbeat about this coming week, especially Monday.

  10. Steve, you're assuming the dumbass public is even paying attention. This community is gonna be the "new" wealthy. This post once had some back & forths about how frustrating it is to get people to wake up. It is almost impossible when food inflation is going through the roof, and gas is around $4/gallon. You're in physical, you're doing WAY better than 99% of the people ON THE PLANET!!

  11. Ledbedder,

    I'm not a gloom & doom guy but it just seems like the perfect storm is developing for a financial collapse in the U.S.. When I talk to people I work with about the out of contol debt and the artificial propping up of the economy through quantitative easing, they look at me like I'm an alien. (not one from Mexico but from another planet)

  12. I am a doom & gloom guy. The U.S. collapse will be breathtaking (my guess: hyperinflation). The silver you bought recently may just save your life. You translate that how you'd like. Again, congrats, you got some!

  13. Bill Haynes of CMI on the KWN metals wrap..

    Retail got it right, they were selling the last 3 months. Of course, I bought at 45 and 46 (incl; premiums) average cost is now about 30!

    He says his vaults are FULL of all that as sold....Eagles are a wait, but the rest is all readily available....Buyers were starting to come in at these levels. Still wants to see things stabilize.

    Says we're near the start of Stage 2 and metals will go much higher. He said that in the 70's -80's time frame, its about like 1976-77, so we have a few years to go..

  14. SGS, why do my posts have a little garbage can to the right of the time stamp? Am I the next "Weather Unit"?

  15. Led,

    you can show people where Colin Powell admits he got duped (personally I think he lied on own, he was also a shill for the My Lai massacre) and the sheep will still say that Hussein had WMDs ... I could go on and on. Babs Olson's calls were proved faked in the Moussaoui trial by FBI records yet her lying ass X-hubby claimed again on the Today Show (following the OBL death hoax) he talked to her on the phone (2xs) ... shit is amazing what people swallow... the usa is absolutely laughed at worldwide ...

    I have tried and tried to get best pals, family etc in metals for years: NOT ONE has.

  16. I'm committed at this point. After I pay my monthly bills any extra fiat is going to physical. I kinda feel like Gollum from Lord of the Rings persuing "the precious".

  17. I'm 28 and last night i got suckered into going out with some of my work buddies. It amazed me how clueless they are. Their one priortiy was to get tanked, and smoke. their financial education consisted of their 401 (k) and nothing else. the thought crossed through my head last night what if I'm (we are) wrong? And then eventually it hit me and a strong sense of confidence came to me that the decisions I (we) are making are going to set us up for ultimate success and happiness.

  18. It is an amazing feeling, isn't it 2pac4ya? When you believe, the confidence is amazing. Keep it up, and don't let anyone bring you down.

  19. 2pac4ya, one last thing. I know this is a blog about PM, but your last post struck me a little. First, going out with friends isn't a total waste. You never know who you might need to watch your back. Second, try to educate them. I have converted 2 people in the last 18 months to buy is a great feeling. Last, regardless of how much money we make, happiness is in your heart & mind. Money doesn't mean a damn thing if you're lonely. Learned it the hard way.

  20. @ ledbed... I understand what you are saying and I'll leave it where it with your thoughts.

    However I would like to comment and explain myself in more detail. When i stated, "the decisions I (we) are making are going to set us up for ultimate success and happiness" money wasn't my motivation for saying that.

    I am hoping that this the beginning to the end of corruption and that what needs to be exposed is exposed. Personally, it is difficult for me to be truly happy with the corruption that exsist. I hope some, who have the resources, and are committed to helping, are able to become the new TPTB and make things right for all. This will lead to ulitmate success and happiness for the masses.

    Go Pacquiao!!!

  21. Had to brag... went and bought 40 ounces more today... this is the stash so far.. I think its a good start for a poor military guy.

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  23. @2pac4ya

    don't you ever wonder sometimes if the hip-hop world knew about precious metals? i am prepping to start a PM blog for the urban world to get hip to this crucial shit.

    go pac!!!

    and fighting to get your friends to get onto PM, it's a lot of work, but i have to tell you, getting them to the other side, you win karma points in a big way. taking my friend's grandma to the shop on Monday! OWWWWWWWW

    @ledbetter, you see that trash bin next to your name on your posts because that's your option to remove your comment.

  24. 2pac4ya...I'm a sophomore working a my econ major and it amazes me how clueless or close minded people can be. Take my intro to econ teacher...he was telling the class that oil was at a comfortable 60 dollars a barrel!!! Don't know what world he's living on...I've tried bringing up PMs a few times but he's convinced real estate is where you make money.

    On a happier note I've had a great time bringing people on board or "converting" them over to PMs. Don't have much experience on the options side so it's all been physical.

    Have limited funds so we usually put together a group order and split it up. You'd think it was Christmas morning when they open up their first box of phyz

  25. Patrick Nice You tube ! Keeps Stacking.. Have converted quite a few people to buy precious metals.. I've had a couple that have called me recently that I have been working on for over a year and are now getting interested.. It's funny though,, some of the ones you'd think would listen don't, and others that don't even really know you,

  26. @4seat... good for you using your limited funds to get some PM. In regards to your college professor, it doesn't surprise me at all. in fact, you could probably save yourself the 20-30k tution per year and learn more valuable lessons in the real world. Education is extremely important but when tuition is through the roof one has to wonder is it worth it? Hopefully the investments you and your buddies are making can help with some of the debt after you get your degree. Enjoy yourself and figure out a way to work for yourself when you graduate.

  27. Neophyte here since January when I started buying silver. Small change really as I don't have a lot of money to play with or confidence in my knowledge of the markets. Does anyone have any experience with It seems like a good option if you're willing to trust someone to store your metal for you. Am I wrong? SGS, thanks so much for everything you are doing via this blog.

  28. @ paid in gold...

    "don't you ever wonder sometimes if the hip-hop world knew about precious metals? i am prepping to start a PM blog for the urban world to get hip to this crucial shit."

    you probably will have a better chance with the inner city people converting them to PM than middle class americans. inner city people are probably more defiant to the establishment so they would probably be more receptive than middle class americans. who knows though. good luck with your blog.

  29. Welcome newbie. There is a phrase that goes on around here from time to time. "If you don't hold it, you don't own it." Nobody holds your coin but you, cause in the end, if it's not under your watch, it's not going to be yours.

  30. yep it does feel good to change peoples lives for the better from like starving dead to possibly surviving and being rich... hahah im fucking tired of defeating my holy fucking god retarded "professors" i had to hammer this fucking moron political science teacher recently .. she was going on about how we can save money by doing this and that and we dont need the computers running at night ...

    "hey i might be confused.. why is it so important to save energy?"

    dumbfuck undergrad stupifyer "because we need to save money"

    "ohh but wait why are we at war?"

    ^&$%^$ $%^#$ " the war has nothing to do with the schools budget"

    i hammered her hard after that but jesus WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE.. i comfort my group of informed friends saying "dont worry all the retards will be dead within a few years"

    fucking terrible

  31. why the fuck am i still at school? 2 majors 2 minors taught me less than what i have learned just checking in with sgs a few times a day


  32. @blflowers1 Thanks bro! Yeah I hear ya.. I have converted three people... out of like 20 ha ha.. but that is better than not trying at all! Its just hard, people are so sheepish... but I will keep stacking.. and trying :O)

  33. Hi

    I live in australia and I've bought a lot of unallocated silver bullion from the perthmint. I was just wondering, is it safe to leave it at the perthmint - or should i allocate the bullion into physical and ship it all to melbourne where i live? (would cost like 7-8k)

    I'm really unsure about everything because I'm not sure about where the AU dollar is heading and how bad it'll be over here.


  34. PAID IN GOLD: Just get Jay-Z and Beyonce to buy silver and those 2 alone could send the prices higher! Is he really worth more than a billion? Good luck with your blog when you get it up and running.

  35. Hey Julius. Try to get your hands on physical. I have heard/read both good and bad things about Perthmint. When things turn bad, I wouldn't trust ANY organization. Damn, the Aussie fiat has been crushing the U.S. fiat. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  36. I saw an episode of How It's Made that showed how the Austrailian dollar was made. I didn't realize that it was made out of plastic. I've been joking with my friends here in the US that our money costs too much to produce, and that we would have to start making ours out of plastic. Turns out that they beat us to it.

    Although there is something.... let's say 'appropriate'... about turning oil into fiat money.

  37. Hey Julius,

    I just got some silver (and a little gold) from the Perht Mint last week. I had it delivered to Melbourne as well.

    Though, if your shipment is 7-8k, then damn man, you ar emaking my effort look a little pathetic. multiplying what I paid (including insurance), you'd be looking at about 150 kilos for that ammount.

    If you have the ability to hold that much physical safely then that’s probably the way to go. However, IMO if you were to store bullion offsite from anywhere, then the Perth Mint would probably be your safest bet. I don't know anything about their internal workings, but because it's a state government owned and guaranteed operation, I would say they are fairly legitimate.

    In any event, do what makes you feel more comfortable. Holding that much physical runs the risk of someone taking it, so its not like there is a completley safe option. But you also have to consider the holding fees.

  38. Thanks Xannon for your advise. It's just that personally I'm a little unsure of the end game and what i should do. If i were to exchange for gold later, then the transport costs would be much less. Or maybe in the end I eventually sell it all for AU dollars???

  39. Well I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone around here to advise you to keep it in the mint, but considering your position in both quantity and strategy, then its probably a viable option.

    Of course, there is nothing stopping you from shipping a few kilos to keep on site while you leave the majority of it in Perth.

    Consider it a hedging of sorts.

    But again, with risks to both options, you just need to make a judgment call and do what makes you feel the most comfortable.

  40. Need some help. How in the hell is silver up .96 and gold up 22.30 at 6:39 am EST (Sunday).

  41. Never mind. My eyes must be going bad. Didin't see the little date stamp on the bottom of the chart.

  42. A sweet article:

    Bargain hunters to pounce on cheap silver

    "..Silver buyers seem undaunted by last week's 20%-plus crash in the price and may be hunting for bargains when the market reopens tomorrow.

    Despite the plunge from just below $50 a troy ounce to end the week at less than $38, silver's fan club, which includes many smaller investors, is keeping the faith..

    Read more:

  43. Hope I don't get flamed by posting this link.
    It does seem logical.

    It's just insecurity I suppose.
    But is it possible?
    Are we the ones being played with instead?

  44. The banks would love you to feel your the one being played, so should sell silver.
    Ultimately, Greenspan's decades of low interest rates caused huge unpayable debt -government, personal businees. Instead of letting everyone go broke, Bernanke printed like crazy. This will cause hyperinflation. Like Dines said, 'governments hate gold because it forces them to balance budgets'.
    Great Dines listen.Thanks

  45. Radical, you have got to realize something: they want you to throw in the towel. The guy that wrote that super long post probably doesn't own an ounce of anything. You've got to look at the VERY big picture. You think China, Russia, India give a rats ass about the crap our worthless, corrupt exchanges are doing? The Bernake and the Morgue seem to have unlimited money, but combine all the countries that do want silver & gold & they crush those corrupt fools. This past week hurt...hurt real bad. If I were to guess, some lite buying starts tonight, and by the end of the week, a gain. Stick to your guns, keep reading from credible people. BTW, for anyone shaken, go to Miles Franklin's website and sign up for their free e-letter. I know it helps me stay on track/positive. And to part: gold & silver has been used for money for THOUSANDS of years! That ought to tell you something. Could be another interesting week.

  46. When the market opens tonight, we're gonna see what this past week has done to these fucks. Im damn sure that the entire world just bought up all the physical during that drop, and hopefully, when this bitch opens we see a nice fat fuck-you finger going skyward to past $50/oz in less than 20 min. They fuck us, we fuck them. I locked in 400 oz this past week, and they will be delivered tomorrow via Apmex. Yea...Ive heard a bunch of people say that Apmex banks with JP Morgan. Good. They can have my fucking fiat back, I'm taking back whats mine.

  47. @Julius Reade One option is for you to sell Perth Mint and re-buy at ABC in NSW. They have allocated and unallocated. Here is the info I have

    Australian Bullion Company - Storage and Security Update
    May, 2011
    If you’ve been to the ABC Bullion website today, you may have noticed that we have changed our approach to storage and insurance rates.

    Unfortunately we have been forced to introduce nominal annual metal storage & insurance fees ( - for new investments only, in 2 of our ABC Bullion Storage accounts).

    The rising costs of vaulted storage & insurance have necessitated this move.

    If you can spare a minute, I’d like to explain what our new storage and insurance fees are, and why we have had to increase them in the context of the current surge in demand for precious metal storage.

    Our new storage and insurance fees apply to all new bullion purchases and are payable annually.

    These fees are generally tax deductable for investors.

    Bullion stored with us currently will not be charged the new fees until the end of the annual period from when you purchased your bullion. We will be sending another email advising you of when your anniversary date is due for bullion storage fee renewals.

    It is never nice to introduce fees, however I believe you’ll find our storage and insurance rates still lead the industry in a like-for-like comparison.

    Your New Storage Rates
    We have introduced new annual storage fees for Premium Secure Storage (previously known as Premium Storage) and we now introduce fees for Secure Allocated Storage (previously called Allocated Storage) storage types only.
    Some Accounts Not Impacted
    The increased rates do not apply to all orders.

    For example, if you “pick up in person” or have bullion “delivered to your door,” these changes will not affect you.

    And if you invest in Secure Bulk Vaulted Storage (known as unallocated bulk storage) then there are no fees for this option.

    There remains no charge for storing bullion in our “Bulk Vaulted Secure” account type (unallocated bullion).

    ABC Bullion Storage Fees Remain Attractive
    I’ll now explain what the new fees are, and why I still believe ABC Bullion offers you the most attractive bullion storage packages in Australia.

    On a like-for-like basis I hope you’ll find our fees remain very reasonable indeed.

    The fees for storage and insurance are listed below, and I encourage you to compare these rates with other reputable bullion traders because they are designed to remain extremely competitive.

    Annual Metal Account Storage & Insurance Rates
    Rates include secure vaulted storage and full replacement value insurance from Lloyds of London. Fees also include GST.

    Premium Secure Storage (allocated numbered bars)
    Gold, Platinum, Palladium $18.50 per oz
    Silver $20.00 per kg
    Secure Allocated Storage (allocated bars)
    Gold, Platinum, Palladium $12.50 per oz
    Silver $16.00 per kg
    Secure Bulk Vaulted (unallocated bulk storage)
    Gold, Platinum, Palladium $0
    Silver $0
    As you can see, these fees are very reasonable. You can find our detailed rates and storage types listed on our website on our Storage & Security page.

    Compared to other well-known bullion suppliers in Australia, you will save up to 100% on our allocated accounts (while storage and insurance in our unallocated accounts remain free of annual storage fees, where others charge significant fees).

  48. continued

    Also, if you compare our rates to the cost of using private vaulting facilities, you will find them even more attractive again.

    How Storage and Insurance Rates Work
    Annual rates, where applicable, are payable in advance (as you purchase your bullion and choose storage as the delivery option).

    The fee will automatically be applied on an annual basis for each new stored investment and your storage & insurance fees will be reviewed each year.

    Remember, these new rates are only for your new investments and for existing storage that is due after the 12 month anniversary.

    But at this point you may be thinking: why has ABC Bullion decided to increase storage fees now?
    Why New Fees
    There are two main reasons we had to introduce fees for storage and insurance.

    Firstly, the market has (understandably) become very interested in silver, which takes up MUCH more vault space than gold.

    This means we’re running short of secure space and are arranging new vault capacity, unfortunately at higher cost given the market demand.

    Secondly, the booming prices of both gold and silver have forced our insurance costs up.

    The good news: our rates remain very low, thanks to our significant size in the industry.

    Why Choose ABC Bullion Storage & Insurance
    Despite the fees I am outlining for you today, I still believe you will be very happy if you choose to use ABC Bullion storage and insurance. Here’s Why:
    Our fees are still the lowest in the market on a like-for-like basis
    Stored ABC Bullion is insured for full replacement value by Lloyds of London
    We offer guaranteed immediate buy back of your account metal.
    In Conclusion
    I know you’d prefer not to be paying any fees at all for bullion storage and insurance. Some of you may also be feeling a little surprised by these increased charges.

    However I hope this note has explained why we’ve been forced to introduce fees for some storage and insurance types.

    We look forward to looking after you personally when you next make an investment in bullion. If you are considering making an investment, you can find some great deals online right now.

  49. UK PHYZZ® Update:

    My dealer is working Sunday to keep up with demand.

    Dealer no longer offering Maples / Grizzlies (I wonder why!)

    Premiums on coins have gone up for a second time ... during the weekend. Un-f**king-precedented. I have never seen this before.

    I'm concerned the conspirators might try something when their market opens tonight. Please take all necessary precautions.

    I'm very concerned about the Uruk-Hai rumor mills (news agencies). I'd take headlines with a grain of salt next week.

    Got Phyzz®?

  50. UK PHYZZ® Update 2:

    Premiums at my dealer have gone up again!!

    This is mad. Never before have I ever seen this.

    I got ASE 25.87 GBP Friday, it went up to 27.11 GBP Saturday, then 27.14 GBP this morning, now it's 27.20 GBP. All prices exclusive of VAT at 20%.

    Crazy. Period.

    Got Phyzz®?

  51. I have almost no experience trading equities in any form but I started buying physical silver about 2 years ago. I'm still buying phyzz but I have a few $K I don't mind losing and I bought some AGQ. I have a few questions if you don't mind:

    Am I right in thinking that I can approach it like physical in terms of when to buy/sell?

    I understand it's leveraged but won't the trend save me from bad timing?

    What's the downside to AGQ assuming I get out before the street price of physical silver diverges from the spot price?

    I've been told that even if SLV defaults, AGQ's price will stay correlated to spot (which could in turn go higher?). True?

    I bought AGQ last week at $185 and I'm tempted to get a bit more next week. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me that it represents a good way to earn some fiat for later phyzz purchases.

  52. Can I ask a question of this group, because I know you'll know the answer. Who has the most silver? Is it China? And if India or China wanted to step in and buy all the remaining silver they could locate, who would they be buying from and how would this affect the market? Is it dispersed amongst several entities, or is there someone who could actually crunch the supply in one fell swoop?

  53. Watch out for silver and gold price if the debt ceiling is not raised in the short term!

  54. First post...

    Does anyone have any data on the age differential between goldbugs and silverbugs.

    My pet theory is that goldbugs are baby boomers; old, on the verge of retirement, in retirement, and filling coffins. Silverbugs, are younger people (mostly under 45s) you get on blogs like this and on youtube.

    One big reason younger silverbugs are buying silver is because they can't afford gold, because it's being hoarded by baby boomers. The price differential between gold and silver is huge. Young people are getting used to silver as a store of value.

    So what happens when all the goldbug baby boomers want to sell their gold all at once, because their eating dollar shitcake, or are just dying and their relatives want to realise their wealth? Who's buying? If the silverbugs are mostly young people, they're not going to have the money to buy gold because they're already big in silver.

    This theory is quite possibly very simple to refute...

  55. This right here is some funny ass shit.

    Now its really funny money.

  56. what a great day, watching PJ and Kobe implode for a Mav sweep ... congrats to Jason Terry who went nuts, coached against him here in Seattle and is a class act!

    here's a great link on the OBL/Obama deal, short listen from someone on inside ...

    Get in on the value and buy more PM!

  57. Well, I'm getting ready to "fill a coffin" and I have percentage-wise more silver than gold. I AM nervous about it due to the manipulation of the silver market and reading that big article arguing against silver (I forget the guy's name, starts with a "C").

    Part of the nervousness is that this is all a big shock near the end of our days and it's a helluva adjustment to have to figure out how to hedge yourself so you can afford healthcare as you are getting older and have medical issues. If you're young, you have a longer timeframe to adjust as things go down the tubes.

    We have been savers, so our problem is making it last since we have no jobs anymore.

    I hope things aren't as crappy when you are the meantime, it's no joke to those of use who really taxing our energy to try to survive...

  58. Oh shit, the Chindustralians are going Berzerk, we´ll be back to $40 in no time, but if silver hits $50, Obama-Nuke will set in.

    Until then, my plan is to buy around $30, and sell just below $50 (paper wise that is) and continue to accumulate myy precious!

  59. Hi SGS, there was an important post re silver at It is long as is typical for comments at fofoa, but it is worth the effort. It challenges several of our fundamental assumptions. It questions the assumption that there is a shortage of physical silver. Also, it suggests that the silver market is cornered (cornered is way more than price suppression or manipulation) by the bullion banks. This follows from the fact that only 5% of silver delivered worldwide is delivered by the Comex (so how relevant is what happens on the paper Comex market?). 10% is delivered by the Perth Mint. Almost all silver is traded in OTC markets. The LBMA is not an exchange. It is an association where deals are made amongst the bullion banks behind closed doors, and then executed on OTC markets, not on the Comex. Thus the bullion banks have complete control of what happens to silver and there is zero transparency. the idea that there is little deliverable silver and all we need to do is wait for a short squeeze driving the price to the moon may be false. Check it out.


  60. SGS...

    Here's a TINKA drilling 3D video

  61. SGS...

    Here's a TINKA 3D drilling video

  62. SGS...

    Here's a TINKA 3D drilling video

  63. Garry: do you care to expand on this? Also, I believe there is about .5% chance of the ceiling not being lifted. Most politicians are cowards are are afraid to be labeled by the mainslime media as uncaring.

  64. It's the 1 week ass kicking anniversary. Lets hope this week is a little less insane!

  65. On My 18th, Hong Kong say FO the CME and Comex scam called SLV ETF. People in Asia will have the opportunity to say to the American Bansters Piss Off to your scams and arbitrary raising rates and offering people like Soros advanced warning... Piss off to your corruption:

    Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange's 1 Kilo Gold Contract To End Comex Gold Futures Trading (And "Bang The Close") Monopoly

  66. On May 18th people in Asia have an alternative to the corrupt CME/Comex. They will be able to trade there own silver on their own exchange. They are tired of being slaughtered by the the sluts on Wall Street: Poor multi-Trillionaire George Soros will not have insiders telling him when to sell...

  67. @highrise,

    I think the "crease" story is a convenient cover. I think that the original plan was to switch back to a 40% gold standard with these bills, but someone decided to pull the pkug at the last second.

    The excuse that they are giving is that they can't check every bill by hand. That is rediculous. Are we supposed to believe that the current bills that they have been printing for the last 30 years are checked by hand? That they don't have millions of dollars of computerized scanners that can test and reject bills in milliseconds?

    I promise you that we are not getting the whole story here. (suprise....)

  68. Everyone remember a couple of weeks ago when someone here suggested looking at because they had eagles @ $49? I ordered 200 ozs & had them tell me the next day they couldn't fulfill my order. I just checked for shits & huge giggles how much they are selling for now thinking I could rub it in. Those ass donkeys now want $89/oz! WTF?

  69. SGS, glad you posted that link to the Dines interview. It was my favorite of the week on KWN. I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on his remarks on drug cartels. April body count was 1400 and I remember Dmitry Orlov saying something about the cartels having a place of authority in post-collapse USA. Makes me wonder if there will be any black swan events associated with that or just a steady worsening.

  70. READ this story from PLAYBOY about what "REALLY" happened to the HUNT BROS! Sounds earrily the same as TODAY!


  71. @John Corbit: What is an "Over-The-Counter" Market?

    Very interesting that the conspirators still think their Uruk-Hai is going to make a difference? Did they know their margin hikes were useless?

    At least, I started the day with a pleasant laugh.

    Nervous wrecks, if you want a guaranteed return, why not just invest in a bank fund or something? Silver is not for you.

    Got Balls?

    Silver, let's get physical!

  72. What blows me away is that as the price of silver was going vertical, my main, siver stocks were going down. Now that silver has had a serious correction, those stocks have made some decent gains. WTF?

    Granted, they're all junior exploration stocks but give me a break.