Wednesday, May 25, 2011

October SLV calls looking goooooddd

APKT puts okay still, it fighting the MA here, if market is weak tomorrow it will go down. GLD calls look splendid, SLW calls fabulous, Tinka bid strong still. Let me know if you are making money!


  1. of course you should have bought these days ago when we were at $33-35.

    I may actually hedge and buy some puts and this run may run out of steam for an hour when Blythe decides its over.

  2. LOL not sure if its a glitch but the comex just added 37 million ounces of physical to the inventory, LOL. OKAY.

  3. Yes, PSLV doing good, PHYS plodding upward, but I sold AGQ at 168 on monday morning when the $ was exploding thinking silver was about to tank ( WRONG ). So I knobbled myself there. And now Fidelity hve still not reimbursed the sale, so I have no cash for the last 2 dasy, arrggghhh. I need to drop Fidelity! Any better brokers?