Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Embry- Look for $125 silver

...Well let’s say gold goes to $2,500 which I don’t think is an outrageous statement in the face of what is going on, and the gold silver ratio falls to 20 to 1, well that puts silver at $125...People that were top-calling in silver and gloating when it got taken to the cleaners, I don’t really think they really understand the dynamics of the market.”

I cant make this shit up...Click here ...

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  1. my silver prediction from the 21st: MACD cross-over late on the 26th (19:00 UTC) and a take down of resistance at $39.45 and subsequent break out in after-hours continuing through NYMEX open on the 27th. Failed move by the shorts at 3:15pm EST followed by upward movement.