Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Battle of the Somme

We knew going into this week, it would be intense. If you would have asked me 72 hours ago if I thought Silver would be at $42 from $48, I would have told you that you are nuts.

I would like to give you a quick history lesson, and then tied it into our enemy.

Today reminded me of July 1st, 1916. The battle of the Somme which occurred in the The Great War, suffered 60,000 British casualties in one day. It was stated that because the men that fought in these tight knit battalions were all from the same towns, the psychological impact was profound. Surprisingly they grew stronger from the worlds worse defeat. That day also saw history, like we are seeing in the unprecedented volume in the comex, in which a new weapon was used-the tank.

The powers that be are fighting a paper war right now. He who wins gets to control the ponzi for a little longer. And when they feel threatened, they bring out the new weapons, margin hikes.

If you feel like you caught a few hand grenades today, you are not alone. I too have been blinded by greed. We have eaten at the trough like pigs since January. It time to take a rest...or is it?

This is the story that I keep hearing in the news and its mind fucking is it not? I mean I keep telling myself silver should already be at $120/oz. We have run into a tank today, now we have to regroup. It will take all of us to formulate, conspire and work as a unit to advance the line. One mile at a time, we will get to that river were we can all rejoice, drink wine, and look back at this battle and laugh amongst ourselves in a tight knit group surrounded by positive supportive community here to work as one unit. If you see a fellow soldier go astray because he caught a hand grenade, help them. If someone has a question, lets try to work as one to answer them.

Buckle up your helmets gentlemen-bayonets fixed, the river is still 6 miles away...


  1. I'm guessing the drive down is to allow JPM to pick up SLV to cover their shorts. That being said, if I'm right, high prices are right around the corner in SLV when orders come in at massive, massive quantities.

    This will be backed by paper funneled through BB to cover directed inflation fire fighters at JPM. How bad/good will this be? Speculations?

  2. hard to do battle with the liars and thieves that control the money supply...for we are limited as to our supply line and they are not..only way to hurt them is to not buy their paper..zero none..two sides to a trade so eliminate our side and let them"eat cake"..fuck the CRIMEX...seems to me to play their paper game continues the battle..non-combative is a tactic...just a thought...a physical man I am

  3. great analogy, SGS ...

    I too am an avid history bug ... I know the guy who does this program at Oracle, and suggested this guest after reading the book, TARGET PATTON .... give it a listen, my small treasure to you ... It's an amazing story.


  4. What is the goal? How do you define victory?

  5. I'm a Private E-1 Lead the Way !

  6. Hmmm.. during the failing of a paper currency, governments result to all sorts of things - banning precious metals, enforcing use of the script for payments. I'm not surprised. The downside is the end game for our currency... not pretty.

  7. I heard on Wide Awake Radio tonight that TPTB will try and knock the paper price down to the 31.50-32 range. From there, we will see 20+ Up days and no slowing down from there. End Game. Personally, I would LOVE for them to knock it down under 35.

  8. If we think that the short-term move is down for SLV, shouldn't some of us be holding SLV puts? There are significant odds that the EE will help silver visit 30.xx soon. It would be like capturing enemy artillery and then turning it on them.

    I have more 100 oz JM bars on the way from fiat profits being long SLV calls since March. I truly am glad that I locked in physical from paper.

    What I gathered from Bear VI - The Revenge of the Retard, the physical will win over any paper version of silver.

  9. Dont let this little stint get under your nail. Fuck em all. If they aint with us, they against us. So fuck em.

    From here on out, as it should have been all along, just buy when you can. It doesnt matter if you buy 1 oz or 100 oz. Just buy when you can. Take delivery and stash that shit.

    Gold, Guns, and Grub. What more does a man need?

    Oh yea... pussy.

  10. Fast mover,

    for the short being, however, paper covered rock... but it will turn. :)

  11. a ww1 analogy is a scary thing. charging into machine gun fire and getting slaughtered is more like it =/ might as well be a charge of the light brigade analogy.

    anyway, I really hope we do not see much more of a meltdown. I finally convertered some of my family and its going to be incredibly hard to convince them that they are not on a sinking ship.

    My mother is already giving me hell. Trying to convince her that Peter Schiff says its a good time to buy doesn't do me much good when that same guy didn't say sell, its about to go down 20%.. yeah that's her argument.

    I am trying to put my finger in a cracking dam right now. we need price stablelization badly.

  12. They were just about to get severely, SEVERELY FUCKED had silver broke thru $50.62.

    JPM woulda flash-crashed, as they have leveraged their own JPM stock to allegedly margin their short positions.ALL they have done is POSTPONED the inevitable crash of JPM.

    WHERE are all the soldiers that would buy the dips?

    WTF soldiers? BUY MONSTER BOXES and put them into the grave faster!



  13. By the way, the recent recorded high for SILVER PUBLICLY(I and 2 online buddies chatting together saw it streaming on kitco chart) is $49.93!! They changed it about 15 minutes later!! FRAUD within even kitco!

  14. The battle just faught was/is against PAPER TIGERS!!

    (get my drift soldiers?)

  15. Reporting for duty SGS!
    I'm buying all the phyzz I can afford every 2 weeks, I don't give a flying fuck what the price is neither.


  16. I love it when she goes low, c'mon baby you can go lower, do it, c'mon do it honey I'll throw some more money at you...just go lower.

  17. @RumbleGuts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm with you also, I don't give a flying fuck what the price is, every pay check I offload almost everything I got. I did predict a week or two ago though that I believe this is a false move up which is designed to entrap all the longs then they slammed it down very hard and fast using Osama as the excuse in order to CLEAN UP big time. This will be followed by a sustained downtrend for awhile. Not to worry though, they do this in the forex on a DAILY basis. After they have built up enough contracts they will do it all again, if there's any hard core down moves BUY!

  18. The only way to stop the enemy's "tank" is to stop trading and buy just physical.

  19. SGS, lets stop the fast walk shit across No-man's land and let us in on the action. Let us know when you cover some of your calls and place a few puts (after you do of course) I don't buy this never sell shit you threw out before. Everyone sells once they get their price! The spread is what we can buy more Phyzz with.

    Signed, Passchendaele

  20. Exactly. It's like getting scared of a paper tank with paper soldiers in it. Just blast the f*cker with REAL grenades. We don't need to be afraid. We are real. Our ammo is real. They have nothing

    Fall back to trench 38.5 everyone!

  22. Yeah, they might have Barron Von Richthofen but we have Billy Bishop. We see this fascist battle from the ground but a big decisive battle will be fought in the futures and options clouds where the big money standing for delivery. From our 6 mile range the fundamentals have not changed:
    > FED fiat printing (inflation) = higher PM
    > Value of fiat is falling
    > Supply and demand has not changed (Ag deficit - Comex empty)
    > Full backwardation growing
    > No Silver flowing in or out of Comex Vaults for 6 weeks (default eventually)
    > Corrupt Comex/CME raising rates to flush out speculators!
    > No CFTC controls over the massive shorts held by JPM (corruption)
    > Global tensions middle east
    > Global natural calamities continue
    > 25 manipulation lawsuits against JPM
    > China and India loading up on PM
    > China dumping $2 Trillion treasuries
    > FED is the last remaining buyer of Treasuries
    > Silver is not just an industrial commodity it is historic money and a historic safe haven

    Writing is on the wall for continued US dollar devaluation, the US fiat is dying a death of a thousand cuts! PM will continue to rise because they are a global currency not American alone. I agree with the Bears eventually spot physical will break away from paper as phyzz shortages continue become acute, at which the point the Comex will become irrelevant and Billy comes home victorious! So the ground troops continue to BTFD.

  23. As I said last month, if price hits 50, then falls to 30, but it's all just a minor trend wave on the way to 100 and beyond.... then who gives a damn?

    Only highly leveraged holders are losing any money right now. Those who hold physical are still holding a scarce and undervalued resource and long-term unleveraged holders merely have a smaller unrealized P/L.

    Big picture, this was a much needed (and believe me that it was coming sooner or later) selloff to shake out the weak hands who didn't understand why they were buying silver other than chasing momentum.

  24. @ Louie Hahahahaa, Hit'em hard brutha!