Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anyone buy?

I gave out a buy signal on Friday morning. I bought phyzz and $38 SVL calls. Anyone take these trades? You should be up some fiat!

I'll check in later, there is a whole lot of fuckall going on other then Greece noise.


  1. Bought physical at $35 and feel good. I stay away from the paper. No experience.

    Thanks SGS!!

  2. Do you agree with Turds view that the price will drop to 35-36 next week ?

  3. Silver is now day by day. Could see $45 next week could see $30. This is why options are great. Guess the right way get paid 500%. Dont, loose $500. Makes investing easy.

  4. haha, you know I was there with you... Even front ran you on the calls. Got some Phyzz over the weekend... Dabbled into Maples for the first time!

  5. Omfg, My Swedish brooker "lost" it's connection with Canadian Hinterland,
    "It just went offline, we have been working on this all day without success"

    -this is a good omen I suppose!


    Small indication of weakness in SLV, SELL SELL SELL!

  6. Paper is poverty. It is only the ghost of money and not money itself. - Thomas Jefferson

    Got Phyzz? - Mr. SGS

    Classic. Utterly classic.

  7. I'm with you, SGS. Sheeeit, I BEEN with you, kid.

  8. @unky
    "Do you agree with Turds view that the price will drop to 35-36 next week ?"

    Take a look at the drop in 2008. This has served as a good guide. http://www.marketanthropology.com/p/chart-lab.html

  9. brought friday morning 2000 july slv40 calls. thanks SGS. And ready to sell when silver touch $40.

  10. I bought some AGQ @ $185 with my gambling money. I've been buying phyzz for two years.

  11. bought more phyz at 36. well, with the credit card had to pay more from apmex but out the door at 38 not too bad.

  12. @SGS or anyone else who can assist

    I am:
    43% Phyz Silver
    28% Phyz Gold
    11% AGQ
    9% SPXU
    10% Fiat

    Looking to put 10% fiat to work on buying calls to eventually unload for Phyz.

    #1) Any thoughts on doing this in my Fidelity IRA
    #2) I have an employer 30 day holding period. is purchasing calls advisable given this constraint?
    #3) Can you recommend what exactly I should buying, SLV, AGQ...?

    Thanks in advance

  13. SLW just reported doubling profits. Stock under priced, but climbing.


  14. I bought around @ $35.10. My AGQ is up 14.66%. i wish I had sold a little earlier, but can't complain.

  15. I have some june 42 calls that i bought on friday. Didnt want to be out of the game on the suspected bounce up early this week. up about 40% (didnt bet big on this in case it went the other way). A part of me wants to hold in to tomorrow, but if we see some significant strength into the globex i might sell in an hour or two and buy some small insurance puts again.

  16. Yep I'm in the UK but when gold hit £900 and silver £20 (only for the briefest of times that Friday morning) I bought me a nice big bar of silver. Thanks SGS you nailed it good!

  17. Bought over the weekend....so $35.50 or so. I accumulate in small lots at to DCA my spread.

    Just curious those who own both gold and silver phys what your ratio is. RIght now my ratio is about 45:1 (45 oz silver to 1 oz gold). Looking to keep it around 40 or so going forward.

  18. I know sgs has a link to this, but its not easy to know what to spend time watching and READING with 1000 options... max keiser hit one out of park, part 2 was best ... makes me wonder with all the cheating/lying our gov does on everything if we are kidding ourselves that the metals will run to where they should ...


  19. Anyone know why the dollar is still up so much?

  20. You guys every follow the webbots? Anyway, mid may is supposed to be a turning point of sorts.

    Hi Clif-

    Looking forward to your interview on the web bot forum in June.

    In ALTA 1309 Part 1 Posted March 13, 2009 page 4 you wrote

    "[Gold/silver] - rises after May, say around the 14th or so, relative to the totality of global currencies."


    In TSOTTC vol 10 page 13 you wrote

    "Early May is indicated to be [jumpy], and [filled with irregular spikes] of anomalous (outside of normal ranges) activity] in [markets] globally such that [officialdom (and minions)] will be [pressed] and [sweaty] in acting as the [voice/face] of the [markets] over the first 14/fourteen days of May.

    Question: Are these 2 reports written more then 2 years apart focused on the same time period?

    It would seem to indicate the silver price suppression of last week will not last much longer come May 14?

    Clif's Answer:

    Yes. That is a correct understanding. One derived from longer term data sets, which are
    usually the most reliable in toto. The second comes from immediacy sets, which are usually
    more filled with details. Mid May tells the tale. Maybe that Turi is to be found as quite correct
    about the date, May 16...but i still have reservations about his understanding of the
    complexity of seas we now sail. Nonetheless, his astro shows mid May as big jump, and our
    data points to a big shift in complexity spilling out over everyone. The suppression activity is
    being stressed to breaking by the efforts required of the manipulators at the end of the cycle.
    Sic semper tyrannis.

    ...developing...LOL couldn't resist

  21. holy mother of fuck!!! i just realised that someone thats related to me now through a wedding is a Financial Associate at JPMorgan Chase


  22. JP,

    heard Chapman say last week that there is some big G-conf in europe coming up soon and that they are gonna try to devalue the euro, so that will look like the USD will sprout temp muscle.

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  24. Mathematical modelling of stock price fluctuations is becoming quite interesting at this point, recently I was reading a paper on "Reaction-Diffusion-Branching models of stock price fluctuations".

    As much as I respect such attempts, my theory is that the complexity arises from the fact that none of these modellers take conspiracy, collusion and corruption into account.

    I plugged in some empirical mathematical variables which I believe account for conspiracy, collusion and corruption and I'm getting pretty good results. Does this mean there is conspiracy, collusion and corruption in the markets? I think so. I encourage other members of the community to look deeper into this.

    The assumption that the markets are influenced by rational people has to be revised in my opinion. It is not embarrassing to start modelling some of the "conspiracy theory" claims. They yield some very interesting results. I urge a more considerate view of these alternative ideas.

    I still maintain that the price drop last week was unpredictable. Many forcing factors were affecting the price and none of them were "rational" or "natural".

    Everyone saying "it's time for a correction" is analogous to me claiming something inevitable and when it happens, I take credit for it. Read all the articles that "predict" a correction and evaluate how ambiguous their claim was. It's like me saying "some time this week, someone is going to have a headache" and when one of you has a headache, I can take credit for accurately predicting it. Of course, you'd think my claim was ridiculous, but how is it any more or any less ridiculous than Barron's saying, it's time for a correction and one is going to happen soon? Without someone tipping them off to make us think the drop last week was "normal", I really don't know how they were able to foresee 5 margin hikes (unless one of the clowns making the decision is on their speed dial).

    The use of "financial bodies" and "mainstream media" to influence stock price is also another interesting venue to explore.

    My conclusion is that the financial system is a rigged game. Unfortunately, it relies on non-instinctual human greed (materialism) and ignorance to flourish. I hope this will change, for if it does not, we've got problems ... big problems.

    Edit: fixed typo.