Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Schiff on S&P outlook on the Dollar


  1. Tracking the price of silver? I have a last of +$0.33. It just keeps grinding up day after day, but when it drops, it falls off a cliff. In addition to the wonderful what you posted, it would be really interesting to see the slow grind up v, sharp drop off in the numbers on a chart and see if there is also a correlation between large volume contract trading days too.

  2. @sgs do you think we are going to have a great buying opportunity for phyzz next week with the talk of coming off QE2?

    I find it amusing hearing these ridiculous people on cnbc downgrade gold and boast about the dollar here. It may shake out the weak but our growing community will be watching with popcorn ; )

  3. If QE2 ends, the USA will be a third world country by July.
    If they do end it, it will be for a month as the DOW approaches ZERO, and they will re institute some more QE.

    Theres no way out of this other than to print a new currency and trade in your old notes for new notes. The Saga continues.

  4. Check this interview out. They are talking to a guy named Mark Dow. He thinks the Fed is getting it right, that things will turn around and he stays clear of gold and silver!


    Its clear there is still disinfo out there saying its a cycle and not a game changer.


  5. I must say that this is one fucking kick ass time to be alive to be able to experience all of this. The crazy man in me has always wanted some danger and unpredictability from the day to day shit. I say bring this fucker down. I'm ready. Its going to be fun.

  6. OK, now I understand....check out this fucks last sentence to his bio.

    Enough said....

    Mr. Dow is a portfolio manager at Pharo Management LLC, a Global Macro hedge fund with an Emerging Markets focus. Prior to joining Pharo, he was a portfolio manager at MFS Investment Management, where he managed a variety of fixed-income funds, with special emphasis on Emerging Markets. Previous to that, he worked as an Economist at the International Monetary Fund and at the US Department of the Treasury.

  7. did I miss the new junior release, I don't think I have miss an sgs post in months, but I haven't read anything. Anyone know?

  8. How the hell can I buy the dips when there ain't no damn dips?

    Should I be buying now or waiting for a dip - decisions - decisions....

  9. @Horsyguy - Just buy. Price means nothing.

  10. @Spencer, He has not said anything about it yet

  11. @MUFC, Thanks for the response, I am getting antsy!

  12. would be curious to see how many people here (I am one) stumbled into the PM concept to save your FRNs while exploring False Flags and other government shenanigans?

    ... I started hearing a lot of experts like Chapman, Noel, Keiser, Maloney, Schiff, Celente etc etc, all saying the same thing. I waffled for about six months, having a very limited income but save well, and then dumped most of my savings into gold and silver three years ago ... I'm not gonna be a millionaire, but least I sleep sounder knowing I have insurance.

    Best Karma to all :)

  13. gregg

    Sounds like we had a similar fall down the rabbit hole. All it takes is that one conversation/video/article to make you start asking questions, and you can suddenly see through the bullshit.

    Anyways, I hope you also threw some of that limited income into food, water, guns, etc.....

    Good luck

  14. @gregg
    I studied bullshit keynesian economics at uni for 4 fucking years to discover Peter Schiff in my final year (09). Since then I been buying small amounts of physical and only really convinced my olds to do the same. I dont have a lot of money as been travelling but they have purchased a pretty tidy sum. Im kind of banking on them for any I need if shit hits the fan in the near future, if not then I will be fine on my own.

    But yea after Schiff came Faber and Rogers etc all very amazing people who I greatly admire. If only I could get those 4 fucking years of my life back. Makes me sick

  15. Oh dear. Wake up this morning and gold is killing above $1500 and the US$ has broken that underlying 74.60, currently 74.36. Holyfucksticks batman, it is on!!!!!

    Silver blows through $44 like a fart through a screen. The 8-10 am hours our time shall be interesting. FUBM. FUJD.

  16. JEEEESH....look at the DOLLAR, OIL, GOLD and SILVER this morning

    US DOLLAR -57 @ 74.49
    OIL +$1.34 @ $109.62
    GOLD +$9.90 @ $1505.60
    SILVER +$.65 @ $44.61

    CONDITION RED for the Dollar.

  17. The dollar is finally tanking, I suppose the world expected this so the plunge team was allowed a controlled decent to make the system look real and not completely manipulated. Seriously, any dolt with money has an adviser and they are well aware the US debt & S&P warning is a scam. It does confirm to us the extent and systemic corruption. Got to give Schiff credit for keep his cool! Can only bode well for steady movement to safety and PMs.