Tuesday, April 19, 2011

1,000,000 hits, SGS thanks you/CRIMEX NEWS

Just a quick note that before I get up tomorrow I will be delighted to see that my counter says 1,000,000. I started doing daily and nightly updates on here Mid February after the 4th Bears Video was released. So in 2 1/2 months we have attracted the best of the best here, and trust me, the worst of the worst. I thank you for your continued support, you really do know how to thank me. I also am very grateful of the continued donations that pour in; some are $5 some are $50 and I had one for $1000. I am assuming since the first Bears video, someone is making some fiat money from the shit I spew on here. Thank you.

And just if anyone is keeping track, that is probably the last time I will leave a paragraph absent of the word fuck, or some form of derivation of it.


Yesterdays Gold and Silver Comex saw another ZERO deposit into the Dealer inventories. This is extremely alarming. We have no idea how they are settling, and this is probably why we are at 5000 year highs. Nothing else really matters right now other than this; ZERO coming in, lots going out.

Sprotts PSVL 22.95%. Nuff said.

I have compiled some data that you will see below (thanks to My wife and Mr. Monty for their hard work)

Silver Gold Silver Data

The first set of pages for the gold Comex is crucial. We have finally plotted what we have been screaming about for the last 6 months. Notice that when the volume increases in Gold (ESPECIALLY BETWEEN 225K-245K), the ratio or likelihood of that day being a down day (or red day) increases. Now the opposite is true; as the volume declines you will see that the likelihood of the price that day being green (or going up) increases. Silver is also something to note as green days are abundant between volumes of 30K-60K.

Thus, when the bankers DO NOT supply the unbacked, fraudulent, un regulated CFTC naked shorts, we see normalized supply and demand (WHICH ARE GREEN DAYS!) once they step in and supply the fuck out of the paper, the likely hood of gold going down that day increases.

I have supplied all the raw data for others to rip and use, if anyone can correlate this data to find more anomalies please do so and send to my email at mrsilvergoldsilver@yahoo.com.

Thus, Gold should be no less than $3500 today, and silver at $110 without paper intervention.

Its on like Donkey Kong motherfuckers.

Thank me lots.


  1. SGS...also alarming is that the COMEX/CME is now delaying the warehouse report as to the dealer every day now....smells like napalm in the morning to me....

  2. Nice research to support your hunch. Lo and behold, high OI volume days are just banksters rushing in to supply unbacked paper like you said.
    Now if the @#$%$ CFTC actually did their job, this would be impossible.

  3. Oh Blythe, Oh Blythe where out thou? Give me my daily drubbing

  4. Blyght is busy backhanding orphans today, she couldn't come out to play. She made me tell Himey that she contracted Rickettsia while waiting in the express line at Walmart. She was all out the suppositories she has been taking (orally) to suppress the hemorrhoids she contracted after she spent the night... Oh forget it... SGS I take full credit for the 1,000,000 hits... Totally Kidding ;) Congratulations on the success of your blog :)

  5. Any word on the new junior?

  6. > Notice that when the volume increases in Gold (ESPECIALLY BETWEEN 225K-245K), the ratio or likelihood of that day being a down day increases. Now the opposite is true; as the volume declines you will see that the likelihood of the price that day being going up increases.

    Aren't these the same thing? (increase volume = red decrease volume = green). Therefore it's not the opposite - right?

    Just wanted clarification.

  7. Plotted percent difference in Silver price versus volume along with a trend line. Most basic analysis ever! Decreasing price with volume is present but weak.

  8. So...where do we go from here? Correct or push to 50?

    That's the ?

  9. SGS, You haven't mentioned your DHS friend yet this week. Did you get a chance to talk to him? Probably nothing, but Kevin over @ cryptogon.com put this little tidbit out today, DHS wants ~350,000 detention pamphlets printed & delivered by 29 April - http://cryptogon.com/?p=21864

  10. department of homeland security

  11. Jesus, how the fuck did that not hit me. Spoke with the master last night, he will be having dinner with him this week. Dont worry, anything I get is always reported to you guys.

  12. Cool, does this mean that 1 million people now have the word "fucktron" in their vocabulary? Good job SGS! LMAO

  13. Wow 1,000,000 hits and donations to boot! That's amazing!

    I just went over 10,000 hits on The News UNIT Blogspot in one month and my best day was slightly over 1,000 recently.

    I'm small potatoes. :-)

    Take care....developing...

    The News UNIT Blogspot

    As for SILVER and GOLD. We are now on our way to the BIG LEAGUES. If you don't have physical it will get expensive here but if you wait much longer it might be too late. I'm going to cover this coming up on The News UNIT. Stay tuned!

  14. Will the dollar downgrade affect QE3? One would think the FED would act prudently, but the rock & hard spot say keep inflation high print more, print more, and keep shorting Treasuries! Conflicting messages! Ah... urinate on it & buy the dips!

  15. Jon, the link you provided was not asking for delivery of copies by april-29th. The inspection copies are due in late May.

    Also, if they are going to "do something big", why bother to ask for quotes ? They are not going to pay for it anyway, they should very well just tell any shops to print the copies and tell them a net 60. By the end of the 60 days, there isn't account payable to pay whatever the fiat currency that may be.

    If you are really concern, I think you should start booking plane tickets and hotel and watch the fire from overseas.

  16. Congrats on the success of this blog!
    And thanks for all the info...even if sometimes I don't understand all of it, I do feel a lot more secure knowing that you are out there and simple folks like me can glean the general trends!


    1 MONTH = 0.0843% +0.0696
    2 MONTH = 0.1233% +0.0781
    3 MONTH = 0.1705% +0.0948
    6 MONTH = 0.3088% +0.0318
    1 YEAR = 0.6945% +0.0334

    This is a BIG MOVE. All the other metals have 2 or more ZEROS after the decimal point.

    SIlver is up $.33 in the foreign markets. Looks like TE-HAUS did us right by taking delivery of $1 billion in gold bullion.

    Nothing like telling all the Business departments in all the Univerisities that their teaching model is F*CKED.

  18. I noticed that there were 0 delivery's to the dealers inventory in the month of April .

    What is the significance to this? Are they saying they have more than enough silver? or no silver?

    Harvey said:

    ""the silver comex yesterday came in at 185,250. In ounces, this is represented by 925 million oz or 132% of annual silver production.""

    If this is true why would they settle in cash?

    Makes no sense to me .