Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello World! Welcome to the begining of the 4th inning in this silver trade...

I had such a dandy day. Busy as fuck, but dandy. Dandy b/c I got to send out my favorite text messages to those who still think I'm:

a. a fuckin idiot
b. mental
c. dont know what I'm talking about
d. full of shit

The texts read something like this:
"Hey fuckos, remember when I told you to buy silver at $15, well today it hit $48. Godspeed"


1. Seriously? Should I wait to see if it goes up?
2. What!? Really?
3. I cant I just bought a $330K house, no money left.
4. I dont do your conspiracy crap stop sending these to me.

So there you have it. Those who actually listened to me text ME first about updates, pricing, news etc. It truly is an amazing feeling.

As I was eating breakfast, I said to my wife, "I really want things to fall apart you know..." She said (like a true house wife, 'The View' and ET tonight watching sheep, "Why? Wouldnt that be bad for other people who havent bought silver and guns?"

And there you have it folks. She knows just as much as I do about the silver trade, state of the union, and the impeding doom, and she still, somehow, gets mind fucked while watching that goddamn ZOG tube machine spew out its fucktrocious brain altering messages. Imagine how many helpless sheep there are out there?!

CRIMEX reports from yesterday still read the same for both Silver and Gold: ZERO dealer deposits. Case closed.

I will be releasing the new junior for tomorrow. Its coiling so much, and the market has missed it up until now it makes me sick. The only ones who havnt missed it is Sprott as they own a few shares so to speak. Sorry for the suspense I am still putting the finishing touches on it.

This shit is about to get real fuckin serious come monday. I have been praying everyday for a $2-3 sell off as the charts are WAY over extended...but it hasnt come. The last time I bought phyzz was at $43, which seems like an eternity ago (3 days). Keep stacking, I doubt they will be able to avoid a complete collapse for the June/July deliveries, and if they do the fiat price will be to the moon. You will see $5 days soon in silver. It will be like the first time you stuck it in the pink. Epic.

Anyone wondering why the mining shares arnt moving? Read below.
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Have a great Easter weekend, dont send me chocolate or eggs or other perishable foods, you know how to thank me.


  1. Can you all take a look at what BrotherJohn has to say today? Would love some of you big hitters (SGS) to weigh in on the "unusual" activity going on over this weekend.

    Best to all

  2. Yo SGS I think you're great, excellent sense of humor...I only buy phyzzzzzz, but you help me me keep on track with your level of sane insanity...

  3. SGS, for spending money I keep a bit in an ETF called, its 200% leveraged silver bull and you can use your TFBA.

    Not for the long haul, and I have no expectation of getting physical, my portfolio is 95% physical gold and silver, but hey this is like 25% gains a week, gotta keep some cash for groceries.

    If your prediction of $5 days comes true, you can keep $15k in your TFBA, your looking at $5k a week tax free. Not too shabby.

  4. $5? You're getting soft SGS! We'll see $10 days before long.

  5. normalcy bias abound. so funny to hear the overbought nonsense.

    i am long this trade big time (half a mil in PM).

    not sure i buy the JPM bankrupt story but do buy they are scrambling to cover.

    question i have for all is why dont you think they are hedged with futures to some degree? Max thinks they go down at $47, Bob Chapman thinks around $50, but what if they have been hedging on the way up. help me see how they go under.

    i get if they cant produce the physical they are in default. but couldnt they extract pain from potential hedging?

    i am not sure where i read the comment about "how are they (JPM) avoiding taking a loss"? one of my workmates thinks the gov't is backing their position. he doesnt believe JPM's auditors would miss a mark to market given Arthur Anderson/Enron debacle. all comments are welcome.

    happy easter all.

  6. I'm relatively new to all this, but have been reading these blogs for quite some time now... thank you to all for helping prepare those who want to!
    Question - are austrian philharmonic silver coins good to collect or should i stick to silver rounds (same price as the austrian) or US silver eagles at a few $$ premium per coin?

    Thanks! - Matt

  7. SGS,
    Your wife and mine must be sisters. The View.. gees I hate those bitches.. I always rag on her, why are you watching that crap? Oprah, etc. to damn funny . Glad to know I'm not the only one. I feel the same way as you. phyzz, farm, totally self sufficient, I am ready for this M f'r to collapse. I first got on to the silver train in 2003 after I got Ted Butlers book from investment rarities. I bought all the phyzz I could at 5.00. I told numerous people, only a few listened. I had one dickhead, my sons hockey coach, take the book. a week later he brought it back to me and said its just taking up room on my kitchen table.. I was joking with my wife and said I would love to send that richard cranium an email and say hey remember that big silver book you had taking up to much room on your table? silver was at 5.00 then, guess where it is now dipshit... I'm right there with ya. Becuase of your silver bears video I jumped into options and have done VERY well. I will be thanking you soon. Between you Butler, Turd, brother john f and endless mountian I am doing well. Got the M1A cleaned and ready. Kit is ready, and I am ready to rock.. let this damn thing burn down so we can start over again soon and rid this world of cocksucking theiving bankers. RON PAUL IN 2012.

  8. oyy. im a late comer to silver. didnt have any wise types in my life to show me the silver path. it took me just a small bit of reading sierras words about silver actually to convince me. that and QE2 finally pushed me into the rabbit hole. since then ive tried to get my bro and pops into it. i keep reminding them of the price. hell i pushed the brother on the jan 2011 low and he sounded convinced... then it kinda struck me. it really takes some stones to abandon your fiat for something if you still value your fiat the most. its no wonder people listen but dont act. they still think the dollar is valuable. it goes hand in hand perhaps with the view brainwashed mentality. that show is horrible and those retards espouse some of the most mind numbing shit ever. and people applaude because its a pc correct opinion? cmon. so im the only stacker i know. i spend my free time scrounging through peasant change to fish out as much free silver as i can ontop of my purchases. i cant get enough...

  9. Matt... silver is silver.. buy whatever you can. 90% US pre 65 coins are your best choice. you bet more silver for the money. Next I would get maples or eagles. Any silver is better than no silver.

  10. Bob Chapman interview today.

    Awesome, skip first 1:30. After that, COMEX default, silver, coming, etc.

  11. Here

  12. "It will be like the first time you stuck it in the pink."


  13. hey sierra,

    I just opened a options account and tips or suggestions?

  14. Where are you seeing $48? Today was strange - I see $47.73 on the global but wasn't 100% sure if that was "real."

  15. Matt, while you are dicking around trying to decide what to buy, all of the categories you list as options are rapidly disappearing. Every thing you mentioned is worth buying. If it is silver, buy it while you can still trade federal reserve slave note for real money. Silver is money. The dollars you are clinging to while you try to decide which form of real money to trade them for are running very low on half-lifes. Whether what you buy says NWT, Majestic, Canadien, Philharmonic, US, Kookaburra or fucking Botswana, as long as it is real silver, it is 1 more ounce than 99% of the people in the world are going to have. Just do it.

    This is when you will find it is like the first time you "stuck it in the pink", and you will become addicted to it. If their is any silver left in exchange for federal reserve slave notes at that point, you will own coin silver, philharmonics, maples, eagles, and even those fiji things with the big turtle, Bars, rounds ......................ANYTHING but fiat! Break your cherry Matt, it could save your life.

  16. Massive news: The News UNIT

    I'm news gathering some silver news you will want to check back and see. SGS is right on!....developing....

  17. Malcom,
    I would listen to SGS or Turd for those suggestions. I am looking to see if there is a pullback monday or tuesday then I will buy July calls 5.00 out of the money from where ever the price ends up. I am not a pro like those other guys. DD....

  18. TFBA = Tax Free Brokerage Account

    In Canada every year since 2008 you can put $5k into stocks/ETF's, and all profits are tax free.
    Its 3 years old, so you get $5k x 3 years = $15k

  19. BullionDirect still has Silver Eagles in stock @ $51.30.

  20. KITCO and MONEX are completely sold out of Silver Eagles.

    Kitco has silver Austrian Philharmonics. it's gonna be an interesting weekend, that's for sure!

  21. mockra
    Buy what you can, when you can.. Sell everything you don't need.. You need water,food, gun, bullets, and some silver.. That's what I have done, and keep on plugging.. Your eyes are open to the truth.. Just keep seeking more Truth ! Truth is Knowledge, and you will be a better Man !

  22. What the hell? Who is oilbull? Where is the chart data coming from? Why is it not reflected in Kitco's charts?

    This now makes me question which chart data I should be trusting. Come Sunday night at 5 PM, where is the price of silver going to be? Kitco's ~46 or Silverprice's ~47?



    If you go there, it appears to be trading NOW. I don't understand... What's going on?


  24. Apmex has sold hundreds of 100oz bars and thousands of silver eagles in the past 2 days.

  25. Malcolm,
    I wouldn't touch SLV with a 5000' long pull. If you want to get in an etf I would go with PSLV.

  26. Fiat means Nothing, Just Buy ! Take it out of the hands of Saps, Businesses, who ever will hold it, to watch JP Implode ! This next week, I'm going to drive a water well in my front yard.. With a Pitcher pump (hand pump) for my neighbors, in case we loose everything.. Making friends in these time will be important ! A Busy front yard, could be a safe front yard.. Act Very Poor, and have some compassion.. It could just save your life !

  27. sierra,
    I know a lot of ppl are still using SLV options, not that I would ever buy the stock!

  28. its kinda funny, I enjoy looking thru the reader's posts and all, but there were many many before you that had the same prescience about about silver and gold ... I think you tone it down a tad, you'd invite better karma ...

    Don't forget 95% of the people are and always will be sheep, it's just the way it is ... only 20% of people cant be hypnotized ... only 5% of the colonists resisted the British and formed a tipping point .... you can ban me or whatever, but for my two cents, your hubris at times works against you, like constantly asking for a tithing ...

    I gotta think most people bought silver and gold long before you came on scene ... for those you helped, if they want to give you their money (money they earned and had to "gamble with" for metals), thats their choice ... but truth is, if they were looking, they woulda heard your spiel at 50 other places ...

    peace out

  29. Been stocking the food and polishing the guns. Honestly can't believe The USA will collapse, but the numbers don't lie. Sooner or later the world will be too broke to loan money for grandma's.

    Been debating purchasing some more silver, but have been waiting for a dip. Been on the fence since 44.50.

  30. What up Monday ?! Better be a comex default or currency crash ! I'm getting bored waiting for these things..

  31. That Fence is on Fire, under your Ass ! Phyzzz is Drying UP ! Don't wait toooo damn Long ! The Correction for "Physical" Silver will be, Mostly UP ! So JP keeps your head out of the game by shorting it ! Where will it be in a Month !

  32. Another excellent Bob Chapman interview, 4-22-11. He reports buying more silver himself, today at $47.50.

    "It's a very unusual situation. They can't cover (the short position) in silver." He goes on to say JP Morgan / HSBC have 3 options....

  33. Yes, as SILVER GOES UP, the Federal Reserve SHITS themselves even more!! US$ collapse is imminent!

    SEE my blog for more details:

    (you guys would be up 100%+ if you would have followed last weeks post I made there)

  34. Hey Silverbull,
    I saw that post but could find the symbol.

  35. You guys kno any sites where u can buy silver and pay with credit card, that ships to canada?

  36. Hey, Silverbull,
    Can you recommend any option newsletters, or commodity plays?


    I have been watching the USGS - United States Geological Survey on silver production for a few years. Last year silver production was modestly strong until NOV-DEC 2010. We were supposed to have a better year than 2009, but it turned out to be less.

    According to the Silver Institute the United States produced:

    2009 = 39.8 million ounces
    2010 = 38.6 million ounces

    If we look at the past year in US silver production:

    JAN 2010 = 113,000 kgs
    FEB 2010 = 92,000 kgs.
    MAR 2010 = 116,000 kgs.
    APR 2010 = 110,000 kgs.
    MAY 2010 = 105,000 kgs.
    JUN 2010 = 102,000 kgs.
    JUL 2010 = 105,000 kgs.
    AUG 2010 = 104,000 kgs.
    SEP 2010 = 102,000 kgs.
    OCT 2010 = 115,000 kgs.
    NOV 2010 = 91,000 kgs.
    DEC 2010 = 98,700 kgs.
    JAN 2011 = 94,100 kgs.

    As you can see in the past 3 months silver production has fallen below 100,000 kgs. JAN 2011 compared to 2010 was almost 18,900 kgs. less or 17%. That's huge. If this keeps up we could see 33-35 million ounces in 2011 US Silver production.

    There are so many black swans coming down on the USA, the cheapest silver one will ever own, is paid for bullion in ones hands.

  38. Malcomb:

    I don't pay for newsletters.

    Commodity plays? Dude, it is all fucking going UP!

  39. I LOVE COTTON HERE....if you must know....

  40. Hey SGS, you ever have Trader Dan Norcini's blog on your daily read list? Made some good cash on his charts and been loading on physical as a result.

  41. Well, since the fiat US Dollar is made up of 80% cotton, I don't blame you, SilverBull. Here is the thing (I believe). All of these fiats being "printed" is electronic "printing". They cannot afford to physically print all of the dollars, cause we'd all be walking around naked (no clothes). HA!HA!

  42. SGS,

    We keep looking at the dollar and wonder when its going to crash. The dollar index is a measure of the dollar relative to other currencies. I'm not sure that you will necessarily see a freefall in this index. Is the Euro such a strong currency? Is the Yen such a strong currency? Both of these seem to have been "pumped up" lately. The index is a reading of comparing one shit currency to the others. I think the index could go up alot and still have Gold and Silver and every other commodity rise as well. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  43. Abnormal are correct. The US Dollar index is the U.S. vs., I believe 6 other big currencies. So, yes, gold & silver can rally against a sinking dollar Index

  44. Dollar index: (1) Euro {EUR} (2) Yen {JPY} (3) British Pound {GBP} (4) Canadian Dollar {CAD} (5) Krona {SEK} (6) Swiss Franc {CHF}

  45. I mentioned this yesterday on Turd's blog, but I just ordered 2 more 2011 $5 Grizzly's (.9999) yesterday for $40 delivered. I have one at the moment as well as three 2011 ASE's that I got for $32.50.

    This is part of a promotion where you can only get 1 at a time. Not sure if SGS is cool wil me posting the details, so I'll leave it to who is ever interested to come to me. Not making anything with this, have no ties to it what so's just a kick ass deal and though I'd share.

    Email: barnz008 hotmail com

    I'll be sending out a group email later today with the details.


  46. May futures silver contract expires on Tues. 4/26

  47. I am sorry, I meant to say the options on the May silver contract

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. Btw when I say mid 20s I mean in cents... I agree its worth a look.

  50. news unit you are lame as hell

  51. cheapest place to buy phyzz. $1.50 /spot

  52. @Mufc: I have bought silver in Canada from a few times. Seems okay to me. Any other Internet sellers in Canada that folks can recommend? I have no decent silver dealers locally...

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  54. Cycho,

    Why do you think bullion will outperform stocks the coming three months?

    The stocks haven't been on fire during 2011.

  55. Cyco: its not Cream minerals stop pumping on here thank you, you know the rules.

  56. Any tips on buying physical in the UK? We are hit with 20% tax!! Takes the fun out of watching the price rise.

  57. It sure does, 20% means if we buy 5 coins in the UK, we effectively have to hand over one to the government so's they can bomb more brown people. Not a good investment...

    If you are spending enough money, go to Germany, there they just have 7% sales tax. Under EU law, you can only be taxed one time on an EU purchase, so you can bring the coins back in your vehicle, declare them legally and safely and not be hit for any more taxes.

    Try coininvestdirect dot come, they have pretty much Europe's lowest prices most days, and are eager to sell to higher-taxed Europeans face-to-face at their cheaper tax rates. For a few thousand ounces, it would be WELL worth the long trip and the fees for the ferry or tunnel fees to get there.

  58. Eg chet,

    $65.55 for each 2011 Silver Grizzly if you buy from in the UK, $60.23 if you buy face-to-face in Germany.

    A saving of $2,660 each 500-ounce box.

    Bet these VAT rates scare the shit out of our USA cousins...

  59. Sorry wasn't pumping SGS. I don't own Cream anymore but Sprott is an investor.

    I will list below reasons why I think bullion will outperform stocks. I also have a good article on it which you should read if you haven't

    1) bullion demand is strong worldwide and trades 24 hrs... manipulation is possible but is becoming increasingly difficult versus mining stocks - I think they will continue to be more successful surpressing mining stocks which are less liquid and, thus, more prone to manipulation

    2) End of QE2 - in this scenario which is what I think will happen, all asset-classes sell off (even PM although it will be to a smaller extent). Mining stocks in this case will correlate just like other equity stocks and take a significant hit. When you factor the fact that many miners have a high beta, you can see where I am going.

    At some point, I think miners will be a great investment. But my money right now is not with them (I like AGQ if you are looking for levered returns). I think after the mining stocks take a huge hit in 2) above, that's when I will be buying hand and fist.

    IF you have more questions, feel free to let me know. These are all my opinions but I enjoy healthy debate and listening to all sides to avoid group think and confirmation bias.

  60. STOP PRESS What the fuck is happening... I just checked the Silver prices from CoinInvestDirect (one of Europe's biggest mail-order suppliers).

    As you are aware, in the EU each member country has differing sales taxes (VAT) on Silver. Eg in UK it is 20%, Germany is 7%.

    Well I have checked checked the prices to ship to Spain or Ireland, and get this, these countries are liable to a FURTHER 10% 'handling' on the net-charge! WTF!!!!

    That's sales taxes PLUS another 10%
    I haven't check all the other countries, it does NOT seem to apply to the UK - which is 20% sales tax anyway.

    This only applies to Silver coins, not gold. What the hell is going on? Why are Spain, Ireland (and no doubt other countries) now being screwed for another 10% on top of sales taxes?

  61. I think bullion will outperform mining stocks because physical market is now becoming more difficult to manipulate versus junior mining stocks, which are less liquid and thus more prone to manipulation. Also, end of QE 2 means asset prices will decline and junior mining stocks will trade similar to equities. With most junior mining stocks with a high beta, the decline will be more pronounced.

    If you want a leveraged play with bullion, go for AGQ but beware of tax implications. That's what I am doing. Physical and AGQ. I will move over to mining stocks once the decline sets in. Mining stocks are more of a 7th inning play in my opinion, especially given the amount of volatility we will see in the next couple of months.

    I also have a great article on my blog about Bullion over Mining stocks. Check it out if you like (I hope this isn't spamming, I actually think the article is a good read).

  62. @Jack thanks man. Great interview.

  63. Cycho - John Embry (he of Sprott Silver), in his recent KWN interview, suggests the entire junior mining sector short selling may end soon and "violently" so. Don't vacillate too long dude.

  64. malcom send me ur email ill send u a nice NL i get

  65. Tell those that will listen. Those that don't want to listen. Move on. Their done.

  66. next options expiry... the 28th?

    that should be the next little dip i suppose in silver

    if i can allocate 500 into forex 20-1 leverage at a nice low hopfully ill secure a safer spot as it ups with less risk of closing out at 250

    but fakk gmxr's earnings release is may 9th .. what i was waiting for my move!

    may 10-20th i wonder where silver will be at ... SUPPRESS IT A LITTE LONGER COLLEGE STUDENT TRYING TO SAVE AND BUY FOOD /SILVER FOR FAMILY (holds up card board sign with that written*)

    ahh fml

  67. To all that emailed me, check your inbox.

    I had one genius accuse me of scamming. Never should have said anything in the first place. From now on, I'll keep collecting physical at well below spot to myself. Have a nice fuckin day, now...

  68. Golden Tag??....Hope it does better than its lame duck, over diluted jv partner ECU...

  69. China selling last of US Dollar holdings this week. No longer holding any US Treasurys.

    This scenario is very possible and makes my head spin thinking about it.

  70. "America given to the Chinese"

    Impossible to do. Think about it. How can the Federal Government give anything away? First the States are Sovereign Entities of their own, for a protect them. Second, any treaty or property requires Senate approval, which never happened. The Constitution does matter here. Just another commie planting BS to some gullible guy who posts it.

  71. Can anyone here tell me how to buy 1 futures contract through the comex? I have an account through interactive brokers and have never traded futures, but have traded stocks and forex plenty... Sick of not having enough fiat to buy physical, so i'd like to multiply my fiat to buy physical on 5000 oz's.

  72. The Constitution does NOT matter because it has been effectively DEAD for almost 2 decades.

    RULE OF LAW is dead.

    CIA, NSA, HS , etc... are just trying to figure out how to tell all the gun-owners in this country that the US CONSTITUTION is dead.

  73. @UK

    Thanks for the tips but I'm a few hundred coins away from buying 500 and flying to Germany. Hopefully work will take me there soon. I hope the tax man enjoys wasting my 20%.

  74. The Collapse of the USA is on its Way

    As we type here discuss topics like brokerage accounts, options, silver investments and etc, the USA heads closer towards collapse.

    Yeah, I know, its almost Easter and why the Negative Vibes? Well, its a perfect occasion for this sort of thing. Why? Cause if you think about it, what is a better way to deal with the celebration of Jesus rising from the Dead by looking for pathetic easter eggs. Kind of lame don't you think. God hath a sense of humor.

    Anyhow, each passing day as gold and silver become money again, the systems of every day life here in the Grand US of A are pushed further to disintegration. I can name so many reasons, but here is just another lovely one:

    Staph found in half of US meat, suggests antibiotic overuse

    According to the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, samples of meat and poultry taken nationwide show that almost half were contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus. This type of Staph bacteria is linked to various human diseases.

    The results of the study, which found that 47 percent of the meat and poultry tested was contaminated with the Staph bacteria, may be the result of the meat and poultry industries relying too heavily on antibiotic drugs.

    The study has also raised concerns that the widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed is rendering the industrial farms breeding grounds for drug resistant bacteria that can move from animals to humans.

    I remember hearing on Coast to Coast Am several years back some slob who was a supposed REMOTE VIEWER said by a certain date, must of the animals we use for meat will be gone. There will be some sort of wipeout or disease. This article looks like we may be seeing that sooner than later.

    If you folks are banking on SILVER being your biggest concern and investment, you might want to wake up and smell the staph infection. Silver will be a great store of value, but when the FAN HITS THE won't put decent quality food on your table or keep that Crack Head Lunatic from stealing your wife and food.

    Happy Easter

  75. SilverBull: Not dead yet. And you mentioned why...gun owners.

  76. SRSrocco...ever hear over 212 degrees? Ya know, the fucking boiling (and destroying) point. Go read.

  77. Sorry, I think now it is 220 degrees

  78. louie_manogue, I have the same question and I just started to use Schwab. I don't do futures for to much risk for a noob like me but I do do options. I just play the SLV call, puts.

    All I know so hope it helps.

  79. @Jasper
    Yea, i'm gonna figure it out soon. About to start a job where i'll be able to dable with the futures market so can't wait to start trading hard core.