Monday, April 11, 2011

CFTC meeting, Blythe active with cash, CRIMEX is broke 100%


-gold front moth OI drops by 808 contracts, but ONLY 72 deliveries....this did not happen a year ago people. Once you start reading into this more, you see the cash manipulation, and why the crimex is broke, has no metal, and is the biggest financial fraud going right now.
-ZERO deposits to dealer, this is unreal, its gone full retard now there is no stopping this
-some jackass deposited 165,145 oz to the JPM vault...ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? Thats like farting into your hand (aka a scubbie snack) and then smelling it (no correlation to the JPM vault) but you get my drift?

-OI from friday again uptrend continues to 144,923
-94,419 volume, and we wonder why we went from $42-40, LOL, dont you get it?
-ZERO deposits, just epic
-withdrawals are 652K, nuff said

SLV GLD nothing today. Nothing. Nothing silver at $42. Nothing. Nothing today. Okay got that point across I hope.

Well just another day in the books of Blythe. If you really read into Harvey's Reports, you can see cash settlements everywhere. These cash settlements starting appearing about 8-9 months ago. Albeit, to Kid Dynamite's surprise, that it was the smoke, and now its an all out fire. I will say it again, and again, and then when June rolls around and we have another 20 million ounces to be served within 5 days it will be there end of there road.
After talking with a friend of mine today we had conflicting ideas that had been rbought to us from other well to do fund managers. On one hand his fund manager (400 Bill) said the $US is fine, we will, quote "just monetize our way out of this."
I would like to first dissect this. If we are monetizing to get out of 'this,' that means something has to give...drumroll....the $US and this is coming from a guy that is regularly on CNBC (I'm not mentioning names).
My guy told me, "The $US is dead, Gold at $2000 is not out of the question by year end."
I guess this is what makes a market.

Onto options. It seems there was a story on ZH about some trader that made a million $ bet that SLV (NOT THE TRUE PRICE OF SILVER) would hit $25 by July. This, in my opinion, is a trader who is up over 10 million on the trade, and has been told to buy insurance with puts. You have to think, someone wrote those puts too, thus taking the other side of that trade. To be honest with you, I think its all this point they are trying to do anything to suppress the price. Remember one thing; Silver should already be over $100/oz in inflation adjusted figures.
With a huge raid in the Commods one would want to see the $US did not. So, one of these will rally again in the next 12 hrs. PM's or $US. You choose. I really dont care anymore. I just keep buying, and buying. Nothing has changed.

Those who are wondering about TINKA, the MACD has crossed, and big blocks were flashed on the ask. This is like the beginners guide to painting charts and moving stocks in the directions you want them. My buds are in to buy more in the mid .50, goldbless if it gets there.

CFTC meeting...I have been told some things. And this time I'm not going to repeat them. Just be in front of a TV. Have your stinkies in just in case. Buy the dip and while you are buying it if the $US is not rallying, you are money.

Overall. Nothing has changed. Nothing to worry about. Go watch American Idol or whatever 'get your mind off of paying bills and mortgage" shows are on tonight.

QUICK NEWS: You know how to thank me!

William Gross now shorting treasuries, Yeman, Egypt, Seria, etc etc still being shot to death, Level 7 Japan-holy fuck.


  1. Hey, SGS, i love ya but... when you can...can you for the sake of us us to understand..twat the f it is you mean with some of the technical ideas you toss around and then say nuff said know what I mean...etc..I know it slows you down but I'm trying to understand this thing better and when I'm in a gang, say with Blythe, I'd like to talk pretty to her and with some knowledge, while I'm reaming her...Thanks for your ocassional indulgence...Tom

  2. Quick question.
    Any thoughts on what happened to the Backwardation? We went form 100%B to partial B. Has sentiment changed because of traders are looking to take profits? Thoughts please?

  3. Fukushima, yikes ! And.. it's not under control. 4 reactors vs. Chernobyls one. Mess.. mess.. mess... I think they are just going to have to entomb the entire site with boron and concrete - truly a disaster for the Japanese.

  4. Buck...backwardation is manipulated also. Its easy when you have a bottomless pit of money to do this ie JPM.

  5. Just shit my pants again. Here in New Zealand, Govt just bailed out the insurance company covering most of the Christchurch earthquake. Only months after spending 1.2 Bil (hey, there's only 4 million people here) on rescuing a finance company. Thanks SGS, it's all making sense.

  6. We were due for a pullback in silver after the last 2 weeks. The pull back in tinka is heavier then I was expecting, although still within it's trend. Tomorrow we will see if the 9 day holds and acts as support. Personally I could use a nice little bounce, between tinka and a few other positions, I got my shit pushed in today.

  7. Hey SGS,

    Run down the significance of the following for your new devotees (like me):

    Volume, low vs high?
    OI, what is a significant number?
    What is more retarded than full retarded? Double full retard?


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  9. SGS, are you almost ready to post your new stock pick?

  10. Does anyone here have any crab cream? Blythe gave me crabs.

  11. Hi,
    My friend in Sydney and I (in Japan) just ordered 1oz x 700 Perth Mint coins via Sydney based dealer yesteday.

    My friend was told the delivery will be next week. (somehow) But Perth Mint official site already says "Sold Out".

    Got one question about CFTC hearing tomorrow. The agenda says:-

    "The Commission will consider a proposed rulemaking on the following topic:

    • Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps for Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants "

    Does that mean they only talk about the above topic? Or does it cover "position limits in the silver market"?

  12. IS:"Volume, low vs high?
    OI, what is a significant number?
    What is more retarded than full retarded? Double full retard?

    ANy volume over 75K in silver usally means its a down day due to massive unbacked paper thrown at it
    any volume above 200K in Gold, same thing.

    The OI = open interest, higher the better in most cases, silver OI keeps climbing

    There is only one thing higher the full retarded, that is the end game arrival.

    Tokyo: I bet they wont even show up, if they do they will talk about how important other things are. I will be shocked to see position limits issued. They will avoid this at all costs till the real default occurs, then they will do it, which will, as many of you have figured out, too late. If we see it tomorrow, our prays have been pray hard tonight if you are a religious man


    I looked at the short interest on the slv that just updated today. Here's the following:

    Ishares Silver Trust $ 39.21
    SLV -0.65

    Short Interest (Shares Short) 22,644,000
    Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 0.8
    Short Interest - Prior 24,155,800
    Short % Increase / Decrease -6.26
    Trading Volume - Today 77,595,566
    Trading Volume - Average 26,748,600
    Trading Volume - Today vs. Average 290.09 %

    As you can see the Short Interest fell about 1.5 million shares (22.6 million from 24.1 million). This is quite interesting as the price of silver has risen from the $34 range to $40 today.

    Furthermore, the two most prior the total short interest in the SLV was about 18 million. During Feb when the price of silver went from about $27 to $34 the short interest raised approx 6 million shares to the 24.1 figure.

    Again, it is interesting we see a reduction in Short Shares on the SLV when the price has moved up to the $40 price.


    There is more to worry about then the price of silver. Supply chain desruptions are going to get out of hand now that JAPAN is now a NET IMPORTER. Japan supplies 60% of the silicon wafers in the world. By May they forecast 200,000 a month will be cut.

    Japan supplies a great deal of import electronic parts to many different manufacturers in the world. This will have a bigger impact than most are forecasting.

    JUNE-JULY gets real ugly. GLOCKS are a nice addition to your bullion collection.

  14. Okay, I pray hard tonight under the radio active Cherry Blossom trees here in Tokyo. And let's see some miracle happens!

  15. Sold SLV and UCO today after quite a ride. I'm going to wait! Everything is always uncertain but right now I keep hearing about a correction from Marc Faber on the S&P500 that I think it may be true.

    What about gold and silver? I phoned a MAJOR SUPPLIER today. People are buying and people are selling. I haven't listened to some recent news because I was making news myself the last two days in Iowa and Wisconsin.

    So I have to catch up on my blog too:
    The News UNIT

    I think the best thing to do right now is trade electronically the way you see fit and don't overlook holding onto physical metal and acquiring as much as possible.

  16. What you said. It sounds important, something I would like to understand better but like 11Comments said and others thought, a bit too lingoistic to capture you meaning. Could you dumb it down a bit for the uninitiated. I teach Physics and I do it all the time. I can do the algebra in my head but I don't. Thanks

  17. I'm praying for a steep correction.
    We all know how this is going to end, whats wrong with another buying opportunity?

  18. Under $40, love it, $US up a tiny it even more

  19. Quick! Silver is on sale! 39.99, get while it's hot, will not last long at these prices!!!

  20. It didn't last long. Right back up again. I really think it's going to $50 soon and you will see intraday swings of $3-$5 as it moves up further. It will certainly create some great buying opportunity for physical here and also great trades.

    I'm going to go a bit longer once oil gets slammed here in the short term and load up on a pile of physical and and equal amount of virtual silver and gold.

    I'm absolutely convinced we will see $65US silver in July.

  21. Tomorrow could be an excellent buying opportunity when (not if) the CFTC favors JPM is their rulings.

    Go get ya some!

  22. Tokyosilver-try Bullion Bourse in Perth next time. They usually give a pretty decent price on bulk silver coins from the perth mint and royal canadian mint for that matter.

  23. "some jackass deposited 165,145 oz to the JPM vault...ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? Thats like farting into your hand (aka a scubbie snack) and then smelling it (no correlation to the JPM vault) but you get my drift?"

    Haha. No, but thats ok. We'll be staying upwind of that drift.
    Speaking of drift, when's that new up and comer junior gonna drift into our cupped hands?