Monday, April 11, 2011

ask yourself how many 4%+ days we've had on the upside..?


  1. Waiting to pull the trigger at 39 for some Grizzlies

  2. @Derek 39 looks like a great spot!

  3. SGS, do you have any suggestions for us from the EU (central EU) on how to accumulate physical? We have shitty dealers with 10-25% premiums already on them + 20% VAT tax, so the price is full retard over spot (40-45%).

  4. @Garjek. Amsterdam gold allows you to store physical within the confines of Schiphol airport so you don't pay the tax. There are also other bullion dealers that you can buy from in an allocated account. Then you'll have to pay storage and insurance costs. There's still counterparty risk of course.

  5. Talk about Buiying the dips...
    I just came back from my local bullion dealer..
    Sold out 100oz Silver Bars,
    6 week wait on 1kg Silver Bars,
    Only had 5kg Bars available and 1oz coins. BTW, there was a line up outside the shop, something I have never seen before.

  6. @Collin: no way I let them keep my physical.
    When things starting to go loose it will be impossible to enter the well secured area of the international airport to collect your PM's

    @Garjek: Just look on the internet and buy bullion from a local dealer, accept the premiums and keep it safe.

    NT: wow... a line up, selling or buying :-)overhere in Western Europe average Joe is still sleeping concerning PM's if 1 out of 100.000 owns some, it's a lot.

    As I write....going straight up again!

  7. @Garjek: What is wrong with getting old DE/AT/FR/PL/CZ circulation silver coins _below_ spot, and forget the premiums, VAT and other scam on fancy new production alltogether?

  8. Firedollarz,

    I already have back in december. Just trying to find cheaper options for further buying.

    Silver @40.640 ATM, rising.

  9. @Garjek

    Check out Alexiscom1 at youtube. He sells from Canada and will ship to the UK. Honest guy, good prices, good selection, though only small bars/coins.

  10. @Garjek
    b/c of a change in law, we have to pay 19% VAT on silver coins since the start of 2011 (it had been 6%) in the Netherlands.
    Lucky us we have ze germans as a neighbour and they still 'only' require 7% VAT. As i write there are MLs going for €32,10 (perhaps lower if you look for it) with spot being €27,98. There is shipping to all EU members. Don't want to do a commercial, but look for "anlagegold or - silver" (investment gold) with google and you should be able to purchase at some better prices. Good luck and leave some available for the rest of us ;-)

  11. IMHO, 4% down days vs the 1% up days is a sign of a healthy bull market. I clearly remember the huge down days during the tech bubble and then the opposite of huge percentage up days during the tech collapse bear market.

  12. @Garjek @All

    Sign up to petition EU to remove VAT from SIlver
    Extract from

    What is needed is an effective challenge mounted at the EU level to give silver the same status as gold & to allow silver to be what it wants to be: an effective means of savings & investment for the vast majority of people who can no longer afford gold. Silver should be an instrument the ordinary person could put in their ISA just like stocks & bonds. In these uncertain times, a government that is serious about looking after the interests of its people should have little trouble in finding the end of VAT on silver throughout Europe a cause worthy of joining. is a website set up to help make that happen. It’s a simple proposition: “Removing the VAT on fine silver bullion, (to bring physical investment silver bullion into the same VAT free status as investment gold / savings accounts / ISA's / bonds / stocks and all other monetary investment vehicles), will enable the ordinary people of Europe to once again own real silver as a liquid asset.”

    It’s a powerful idea: one which, especially in these uncertain times, would enable everyone to save & invest in an instrument of real worth. At the very least, it is clear (& the EU should make it even clearer) that no VAT should be paid on silver legal tender coins whether they’re from Austria, Australia or anywhere else in the world