Thursday, March 31, 2011

You dont sell your gold , you spend it


  1. OK, I get what he's saying, to SPEND the gold after a new system is in place! Seriously, I can't comprehend how this would work!

  2. Good video SGS. The only question is when all this happens.

    My fear is the clueless in office will have a complete collapse before they get serious about a new currency system. But once it's in place...

    If you have Gold and Silver, you can exchange it for the new currency and then spend that new currency. The only question is what will be the exchange rate (1 ounce = how many new dollars) and how much a new "dollar" purchases compared to the old dollar.

    Let's say the exchange rate is 2,000 to 1. So one ounce of Gold = 2,000 old dollars to 1 new Gold dollar. So a car costing 25,000 old dollars now costs $12.50 new Gold dollars. The dealer won't accept ounces of Gold (probably), so you need to exchange to the new currency first.

  3. Just found Marc Faber's latest report. It's a good lengthy one worth a listen to. I have no interest in Jim Cramer, or listening to the usual talking heads of the Jew York ZOG Squadron. :-)

    I'm updating stuff constantly and Marc has some gold comments in here that are very good: Ignore Cramer!

    The News UNIT

    SGS (hint): I figured this out: When you post a video go into the EDIT HTML and find your video tags. It will usually say something like <object class="BLOGGER:-youtube-video"....and a whole bunch of other stuff....
    LOOK FOR THIS: height="420" width="640" and play with those number CHANGE THE NUMBERS to fit your blog center there and it won't overlap.

    I figured that out and it works great.

  4. Yeah, no real difference between getting a quadrillion dollars for your ounce of gold, or a quagsnillion dollars.

  5. There is still much turmoil in the behind the scenes per Benjamin Fulford regarding the new RESERVE CURRENCY.

    Latest I recall was an exchange rate of like something 1/50 gram of gold per us$.

    According to his latest a reserve GOLD-backed currency is already in place & is possibly the main topic of the G-20 meeting going on in China "in secret", again, per Benjamin Fulrord who was just on rense (with TIM Rifat's separate commentary two hours right before).

    If memory serves, about 6 months ago maybe more Benjamin stated the hong Kong dollar was the premier candidate for reserve currency status.

    ALL I know is some slimey banksters stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from every citizen of these united STATES & elected officials helped conspire this fraud upon all our posterity.NOT only did WE collectively get robbed, but our children owe money ad infinitum as things stand!


    Drive a SILVER STAKE into the VAMPIRIC-banksters hearts.


  6. @SB So maybe I'm not the only one who looks forward to Rifat twice a month?

    BTW is cobalt-60 considered a precious metal?

  7. I agree in principle with the video. I would never swap my physical for fiat.

    I don't agree with the attitude that we have to wait for a new currency system devised by the very people whose policies have been so dastardly.

    I say we make a new system. There's enough of us to agree a modern LETS. The challenge is instigating the debate.

    Imagine how much fairer a system we create for ourselves would be. Why is everyone waiting for new policies to be enforced on us? What makes you think they would be better?

  8. So I'm led to believe there is already a US Dollar being printed that is covered with "messages" referring to Gold.

    So maybe the whole thing is about to make a left turn and "take a walk on the wild" side soon.

    I think the USA will default and immediately go onto a "Gold Standard" leaving China with loads of worthless "paper" and "up a creek without a paddle".

  9. Jack, thanks for the math!

    Now, we are buying silver, but what will they be doing with that???

    This is all so mindboggling to me! First it was buy gold, then buy silver, now it would seem that holding more gold for this new dollar would be better than having silver??

    This is way beyond me at this point....

    All I know is that with your example I could buy 8 cars....ARGHHH, is that enough gold to have to actually survive retirement on?

    The big question is now about the silver!

    And the fiat we have....eek!

  10. Chris seems like a good dude. Great advice on not selling your gold for fiat.

    If any of you want a deeper understanding of the true value and purpose of gold, spend some time and read through FOFOA's blog. Not only will you walk away with a better understanding of gold, you'll also learn a lot of other very important pieces of valuable info on how things work and how everything fits together. VERY good shit, if you have the time(*days!) and desire to understand more deeply.


  11. Thanks, Devin, will visit there again...
    Need time to get through it all, though!

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  13. @Yousif- I'm 100% in agreement with you about the fact that somthing has to change and be taken away from , as you put it "the very people whose policies have been so dastardly."
    I think that's been recently attempted by Bernard von NotHaus / N.C..
    His coins look pretty good too.

    How about starting a petition stating disapproval with the way von NotHaus was treated along with Constitutional rights that were ignored by our government while placing condemnation over his head. I say SHAME on them !